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Self Hypnosis For Migraines

Author : Daisy Jayes
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The book synthesizes scientific knowledge about hypnosis to relieve migraine headaches and how to do it. A recent meta-analysis of 18 studies showed an average of 75% of participants experienced "substantial relief" for their symptoms through hypnosis, and overall shortening their path to relief. In this book, a certified hypnotherapist with a personal history of debilitating migraines offers readers hope with the step-by-step, easy-to-learn-and-practice self-hypnosis solution that worked for him and continues to work for his clients.

Migraine Relief with Hypnosis

Author : Katherine Hardy
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Migraine Relief with Hypnosis shows those suffering with migraines how hypnosis can free them of migraines and finally have peace of mind, insight, and energy to take care of themselves and their family. Kathie Hardy’s lifelong struggle with chronic migraine headaches ended when she discovered 5PATH® Hypnosis and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis. After leaving her career as a registered nurse and becoming a full-time hypnotherapist, Kathie Hardy now helps clients ease all types of pain through hypnosis. In Migraine Relief with Hypnosis those suffering with migraines learn: How they can solve their problem and never lose another day to migraines What hypnosis is and how can it help them have more time for themselves and their family Why hypnosis works so quickly and effectively for pain How hypnosis can help them identify emotional stresses in their past that lead to physical pain today and how to deal with them once and for all How doing self-hypnosis for a few minutes every day can give them energy, clarity, and enthusiasm to take care of themselves and their family

Immediate Natural Migraine Relief

Author : Curt Devos
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The book synthesizes scientific knowledge about hypnosis to relieve migraine headaches and how to do it. A recent meta-analysis of 18 studies showed an average of 75% of participants experienced "substantial relief" for their symptoms through hypnosis, and overall shortening their path to relief. In this book, a certified hypnotherapist with a personal history of debilitating migraines offers readers hope with the step-by-step, easy-to-learn-and-practice self-hypnosis solution that worked for him and continues to work for his clients.

All Natural Migraine Relief

Author : Hee Vermeer
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The book synthesizes scientific knowledge about hypnosis to relieve migraine headaches and how to do it. A recent meta-analysis of 18 studies showed an average of 75% of participants experienced "substantial relief" for their symptoms through hypnosis, and overall shortening their path to relief. In this book, a certified hypnotherapist with a personal history of debilitating migraines offers readers hope with the step-by-step, easy-to-learn-and-practice self-hypnosis solution that worked for him and continues to work for his clients.

Personality Traits as Predictors of Success with Self hypnosis for Migraine Headaches

Author :
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The Capacity for Status (Cs), Achievement via Independence (Ai), and Achievement via Conformity (Ac) scales on the California Psychological Inventory (CPI) were used to predict treatment response to self-hypnosis for migraine headaches. These scales measure perseverance and motivation, and it was predicted that high scorers would respond better to treatment. Twenty migraine patients were recruited from the Neurology and Pain Clinics at a Midwest veterans' hospital. They were categorized into High and Low groups using a median split on their CPI scores. Participants kept a baseline headache diary for 4 weeks. They were then trained in self-hypnosis and given a tape for home use. Participants were encouraged to practice the technique twice a day for 20 minutes and to continue keeping headache diaries for an additional 4 weeks.Baseline analysis indicated low scorers took more headache medications than high scorers ( p

Suffers From Migraines

Author : Ellis Costanzo
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Migraine is a primary headache disorder characterized by recurrent headaches that are moderate to severe. Typically, episodes affect one side of the head, are pulsating in nature, and last from a few hours to three days. In this book, a certified hypnotherapist with a personal history of debilitating migraines offers readers hope with the step-by-step, easy-to-learn-and-practice self-hypnosis solution that worked for him and continues to work for his clients. The book and free downloadable 24-minute hypnotic induction make it easy for you to learn the entire system, with step-by-step lessons that will change the way you look and (most importantly) feel about migraines, forever.

The secrets of hypnosis

Author : Alex Master
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Do you suffer from a chronic pain disorder? Do you have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or another condition that leaves you in constant pain? Are you one of the millions of people that have tried everything to lose weight but haven’t been able to lose weight and keep it off? Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to finally quit smoking? There is one treatment that can help with all of these conditions and more. Hypnosis. The medical community used to laugh off hypnosis as a parlor trick that magicians did to amuse children at birthday parties or entertain people in night clubs by making other people say stupid things or act in funny ways. And Hypnosis can do that, but it can also significantly improve your healthy. Even though Hypnosis is not a very common medical treatment in the West it’s been used in various forms of Eastern and primitive medicine for centuries. As the West rediscovers many ancient healing practices like homeopathy and herbal medicine Western medical doctors and alternative therapy practitioners are rediscovering the benefits of using hypnosis to treat patients that don’t respond well, or don’t respond at all, to traditional Western medicine. Studies have found that hypnosis can have a positive impact on many different medical conditions including those associated with chronic pain and fatigue. Psychologists have used hypnosis for a long time as part of psychological evaluation and treatment of patients. Some psychologists think that hypnosis is a form of dissociation, but that is a topic of great debate within the psychological community. Anecdotal evidence proves that hypnosis can be a great help when treating the psychological aspect of physical problems like addictions or dealing with the emotional and psychological aspects of diseases like Fibromyalgia. Because disorders like additions or Fibromyalgia have both psychological and physical components patients that suffer from these disorders must treat both the physical and psychology causes for the disorder. Hypnosis is usually a safe and effective way to treat both parts of the problem at the same time. Even though the medical and psychological communities are split on the effectiveness of hypnosis as a medical treatment there are millions of people that it has helped who will tell you that it works. Table of contents Introduction What is Hypnosis? Can Everyone be Hypnotized? Stage Hypnosis How Stage Hypnotists Fool Their Audiences The Tricks That Stage Hypnotists Use Stage Hypnosis Vs. Hypnosis for Health The Top Ten Benefits of Hypnosis The Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis 1. Will I still be in control of myself? 2. Am I surrendering my free will if I get hypnotized? 3. Can I be hypnotized without my consent? 4. What happens if I can’t come out of hypnosis? 5. Can I hypnotize myself? 6. Does hypnosis work on children? 7. Is hypnosis just New Age hooey? 8. How many problems can I cure at once using hypnosis? 9. Do I need to see a hypnotherapist more than once? 10. Is hypnosis safe? Types of Hypnosis Traditional Hypnosis Ericksonian Hypnosis Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Hypnosis Treatment for Physical Conditions Hypnosis and Pain Relief Hypnodermatology Hypnosis and Sleep Disorders Hypnosis and Psychotherapy Psychological Conditions that are Commonly Treated with Hypnosis Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Hypnosis for Weight Loss Hypnosis for Eating Disorders Hypnosis for Migraines Hypnosis for Anxiety Hypnosis for Stress Related Illnesses Hypnosis for Depression Going to a Hypnotherapist vs. Self-hypnosis Ten Questions to Ask a Hypnotherapist 1. How Long Have You Been Practicing? 2. Where Did you Study/ Get Certified and How Many CEUs Do You Complete Each Year? 3. What Experience Do you Have Working With Issues? 4. What is Your Process? 5. How Many Sessions Will I Need? 6. How Much Does it Cost? 7. Do You Teach Self-hypnosis? 8. What Products Do You Sell? 9. What is Your Success Rate? 10. Do You Ask Clients to Do Homework? Tips for Finding a Hypnotherapist What to Expect in a Hypnotherapy Session Self-Hypnosis Five Most Common Self-Hypnosis Mistakes Beginner’s Make Tips for Creating Hypnotic Suggestions Basic Self-hypnosis Techniques The Stairs The Bridge Tips for Self-Hypnosis Hypnotizing others Becoming a Hypnotherapist Conclusion

Self Hypnosis Tame Your Inner Dragons

Author : Noel Eastwood
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Psychotherapist, Noel Eastwood, takes you on an inner journey of self-discovery and healing. He draws upon numerous case studies to demonstrate how ordinary people can overcome limiting beliefs and traumatic experiences using self-hypnosis. The author illustrates how to use exercises from NLP, Inner Child, Gestalt therapy, Arnold Mindell's process therapy, Jungian psychotherapy and traditional Taoist meditation techniques. Journey into your deep unconscious using simple self-hypnosis techniques to uncover the dragons feeding on your sadness, loneliness, anxiety, anger, and fear. Learn how to tame your dragons and release yourself from limiting beliefs. Embedded in this book are a multitude of simple tools and techniques of self-hypnosis that can change your life, develop undiscovered talents and allow you to live fearlessly. The author's message is that we are empowered by choice and never limited by fate. The book is loaded with a wealth of true stories from elite athletes, age regression, past lives, children's problems, imagery and remote viewing, working with archetypes, stress reduction and many spiritual and psychic growth exercises. Combining 30 years of experience with self-hypnosis, psychodynamic psychotherapy, guided imagery, and meditation - this book is fast becoming a classic in the field of mind control and spiritual growth. It includes chapters for elite sports, martial arts, guided imagery for your child's nightmares, anxiety and weight loss scripts, how to heal your inner child of trauma, astral travel and how to develop your kundalini - to name just a few. Reviews "An incredible book, utterly riveting, absolutely magical!” SP "I really liked this book and thought it was a good read. If you are someone that meditates I'm sure you will also find it interesting. It's not that long and not very expensive so for me it's like, why not? I'm a big fan of self hypnosis as I used it to achieve a beautiful birth several years ago. Since then I have been kind of doing my own thing meditating but this book really helped me expand my mental exercises. It essentially gives a ton of different ways to explore your own psyche. I find it to be a very helpful guide to self hypnosis. The chapter on scary dreams tremendously helped me navigate this problem with my 5 year old daughter. Now each night before bed she gets so excited to go to her personal Fanstasyland, where we often deal with the things that are troubling her in a safe and self-empowered way. For this reason alone it was worth it to me.Also I'm a lifelong student of astrology and I loved his combination of these two worlds, astrological archetypes and deep meditation. Good stuff." AT "This a fun book to read. Noel's writing style is informative and flows nicely. I have the Kindle version. Buy it you'll like it!!" MK "Digs deep into the issues of life, be it struggles or challenges. noel not only explains the roots of inner dragons, but also describes how to identify them. Living with Dragons is an insightful and practical look at the negative thoughts and emotions that can impede our lives on a daily basis. This book will not only help you shed light on things you may have tried to hide, but it will also guide you towards practical steps to slay your Dragons. No matter what negativity fills your inner World, Living with Dragons will help you move towards it, face it head on, and squash it." C "This work is a vital and necessary tool for anyone wishing to understand and confront their 'inner demons'...or 'dragons' as Noel so aptly names them. His prodigious experience as a clinical psychologist is clearly apparent here, yet it is not couched in confusing medical terminology but instead with mythologies we all know, and instructions on 'how to' that are so very easy to read and to understand. In fact he makes it hard not to want to attempt this journey inward, and to meet those inner dragons that we all have somewhere within. Herein he gives invaluable directions on ways in which to make this inward journey via trance and self-hypnosis methods, both safely and productively. The examples he gives are not only fascinating but intensely engaging in every way. This work is inspiring, exciting and riveting, and I strongly recommend it." S

Personal Change through Self Hypnosis

Author : Pamela Young
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Get help with: • Confidence and communication • Assertiveness • Smoking • Eating disorders • Study issues and exam nerves • Pregnancy and childbirth • Insomnia • Breast enlargement • Sporting enhancement • Anxiety, panic attacks • Job interviews • Fear of flying • Depression • Broken heart • Skin problems • Headaches • Nailbiting • Pain control • Drug and alcohol problems • Tumours • Seasickness • Anger Management

International Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis

Author : Graham D. Burrows
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Clinical Hypnosis has proved successful in a variety of clinical situations. This handbook, with its practical approach, covers both the scientific and clinical aspects of hypnosis providing information on a range of available psychological and physical treatments. * Explains how to learn and apply hypnosis in clinical situations * World renowned editors * Comprehensive coverage of relevant issues This title will be invaluable to practising psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, medical hypnotists and mental health care workers.

Multidisciplinary Management of Migraine

Author : César Fernández-de-las-Peñas
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Another selection of the Jones and Bartlett Series: Contemporary Issues in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine Multidisciplinary Management of Migraine: Pharmacological, Manual, and Other Therapies is the first textbook focused on the multidisciplinary treatment of migraine including pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches. This comprehensive text discusses epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of patients with migraine headache integrating clinical experience and expertise with current evidence-based best practices. The authors are worldwide experts recognized in migraine and headache with experience in academic, research, and practice settings. Multidisciplinary Management of Migraine: Pharmacological, Manual, and Other Therapies reviews the options for medical management of patients with migraine by way of: pharmacological interventions; musculoskeletal interventions including muscle and joint–centered interventions, manual therapy, and dry needling; and complementary and alternative medicine techniques including naturopathy, acupuncture, and placebo. With a multimodal and multidisciplinary approach, this comprehensive resource provides a variety of therapeutic tools for students and practitioners to provide excellent care and medical management of patients with migraine headache. Key Topics: • Theories of migraine pathophysiology • Sensitization mechanisms • Migraine triggers • Examination of the cervical and thoracic spinal joints • Pharmacological interventions • Musculoskeletal interventions • Alternative medicine techniques This textbook is perfect for completing a headache library combined with tension-type and cervicogenic headache. Browse additional titles in the Jones & Bartlett Learning Series Contemporary Issues in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine, at:

Clinical Meditative Hypnotherapy

Author : Ashok Jain
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Hypnotherapy is quickly becoming an extremely valuable tool in almost all aspects of mind-body health at the clinical, psychological, and psychiatric levels. This book is written with professionals in clinical hypnosis and other alternative mind-body therapists in mind, however individuals can also use it for self-help to stop smoking, lose weight, reduce pain, improve memory, relieve headaches and allergies, understand and reduce stress, eliminate stuttering, enhance self-esteem, overcome fears and phobias, cope with cancer, and many more mind-body symptoms. The book gives simple and practical techniques to quit smoking with and also without using hypnosis, as well as discusses how to understand and resolve stress, rather than just managing and reducing it. The author also discusses dreams - how to understand, interpret and use them for mind-body health. The approach adopted in all the techniques recommended in this book is scientific, meditative, and simple to follow.

Beating Headaches and Migraines

Author : Ivo Velli
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Headache is a complex phenomenon. Anything that helps lower stress levels and encourage relaxation can be beneficial. While painful and annoying, the majority of headaches do not indicate a serious disorder and in many cases may be relieved or eased significantly by hypnosis. This CD helps to prevent and cope with headache and migraine symptoms.

The Self Hypnosis Handbook

Author : Noel Eastwood
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Handbook of Medical and Psychological Hypnosis

Author : Gary Elkins, PhD, ABPP, ABPH
File Size : 48.18 MB
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A unique, state-of-the art, interdisciplinary resource on clinical hypnosis in psychology and medicine This is the only up-to-date, comprehensive interdisciplinary resource on clinical hypnosis research and applications in psychology and medicine. Authoredby hypnosis experts worldwide, it encompasses state-of-the-art scholarship and techniques for hypnotic treatments along with hypnosis transcripts and caseexamples for all major psychological disorders and medical conditions. In easily understandable language, this desk reference addresses theories,neurophysiology of hypnosis, hypnotherapy screening, measurement of hypnotizability, professional issues, and ethics. Individual chapters present hypnoticinductions to treat 70 disorders including anxiety, depression, pain, sleep problems, phobias, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, menopausal hotflashes, Parkinson's disease, palliative care, tinnitus, addictions, and a multitude other common complaints. The guide also examines the history and foundations of hypnosis, myths and misconceptions, patient screening, dealing with resistance, and precautions tothe use of hypnosis. It examines a variety of hypnotherapy systems ranging from hypnotic relaxation therapy to hypnoanalysis. With each application thetext includes relevant research, specific induction techniques, and an illustrative case example. Additionally the resource covers professional issues,certification, hypnosis in the hospital, and placebo effects. Key Features: Presents state-of-the art hypnosis research and applications for a wide range of psychological and medical disorders Encompasses information on 70 disorders with relevant research, intervention techniques, and case examples Authored by an international cadre of experts Provides an interdisciplinary perspective of both the mental health and medical communities Addresses certification, ethics, and other professional issues

Contemporary Hypnosis Research

Author : Erika Fromm
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Since 1979, when the second edition of Erika Fromm and Ronald E. Shor's classic Hypnosis was published, the field of experimental hypnosis has expanded enormously. Filling the need for a definitive reference that incorporates the plethora of ideas and methodologies that have emerged over the last 13 years, this completely new volume continues in the Fromm-Shor tradition by presenting an authoritative survey of contemporary hypnosis research, methodology, and theory. To provide the reader with an even-handed, complete treatment of all currently prominent research areas and theories in one book, chapter authors were selected to represent the entire range of the field. Divided into three parts, the book first reviews both the theoretical perspectives and history of hypnosis research. Chapters in Part II cover empirically based theories with discussion of dissociation, psychopathology and psychological regression, as well as explication of a social-psychological approach and an ego-psychological theory. Surveying the broad areas of hypnosis research, Part III presents chapters on an array of topics including research design and considerations, phenomenology, neuropsychophysiology, and methodology in psychological research. Situational and personality correlates of hypnotic responsiveness and the effects of hypnotic procedures on memory are examined, and the relationship between hypnosis and creativity is discussed. Other subjects covered are the experiential method, self-hypnosis and personality, clinical research, and the measurement of hypnotic ability. In addition, the editors have gathered the book's over 1,450 references into one large bibliographic section, making this an ideal resource that will be used often and easily. Veteran researchers and theoreticians will find the chapters on theoretical paradigms and programmatic research in this scholarly resource both informative and challenging. Students and beginning researchers will find CONTEMPORARY HYPNOSIS RESEARCH to be the perfect hands-on tool, providing them with conceptual underpinnings, methodological perspectives, and scholarly documentation. Psychologists, social workers, physicians, and other clinicians who wish to gain better empirical and theoretical understanding of the field will find it an excellent reference.

Imagine Yourself Well

Author : Sean F. Kelly
File Size : 39.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Imagine Yourself Well: Better Health through Self-Hypnosis is a remarkable view of hypnotherapy as a scientifically recognized treatment art. Based upon their extensive practice and clinical research in therapeutic hypnotic techniques, the authors have constructed an effective handbook articulating the therapeutic use of hypnosis by depicting word-for-word what transpires during a session. The fascinating series of carefully worded transcripts of hypnotic exercises will enable the reader to correct specific self-destructive habits (e.g., overeating and smoking), common psychological problems (insomnia and various phobias), chronic physical conditions (arthritis, back pain, high blood pressure, and migraine headaches), and performance anxieties (athletics and public speaking). The theory underlying clinical practice, including the key point that all hypnosis involves self-hypnosis, is explained in lay terms, and each exercise is grounded in sound cognitive, behavioral, or psychodynamic principles.

Diagnosing and Treating Common Problems in Paediatrics

Author : Michael Oneill
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This remarkable new guide is the first hybrid text of its kind that adopts the traditional method of medical education and fuses it with an evidence-based approach. It covers, in great detail, all of the common conditions seen in primary and secondary paediatrics. Skilfully designed for easy revision and reference, each chapter is devoted to a symptom, commencing with the objectives and essential relevant background material followed by history and examination. In the management section specific questions are posed and evidence based responses are offered, ensuring both patients and their parents are satisfied. Uniquely, in the majority of cases, evidence from randomized controlled trials is given. To facilitate comprehension, revision and examination preparation, chapter includes a series of multiple choice questions and meticulous answers. It also includes an invaluable clinical slide and X-ray collection outlining key radiological features of many of the clinical conditions described to further aid understanding, recognition and diagnosis. Diagnosing and Treating Common Problems in Paediatrics is a highly comprehensive primer of how to learn and evaluate knowledge and then translate that knowledge into practice. It provides paediatric consultants and students with the confidence, professionalism and unique communication skill required to work effectively with both children and parents, ensuring successful treatment and outcomes.

The End of Migraines 150 Ways to Stop Your Pain

Author : Alexander Mauskop
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Alexander Mauskop, M.D., is the founder and medical director of the New York Headache Center. He is also a Professor of Clinical Neurology at the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. A leading authority in the field of headache medicine, Dr. Mauskop has lectured widely throughout the world. The End of Migraine: 150 Ways to Stop Your Pain is a comprehensive resource based on Dr. Mauskop’s extensive experience in treating thousands of patients with migraine. In addition to scientific evidence, clinical observations, and practical suggestions, The End of Migraine describes and evaluates the immense amount of information available about every imaginable option that has been shown to impact the occurrence and treatment of migraines. The 150 approaches to ending migraine pain include non-pharmacologic treatments such as avoidance of triggers, diet, physical and behavioral measures, neuro-modulation, and various supplements. It also describes and ranks a wide range of acute and preventive prescription drugs, from the traditional to all of the latest innovations and treatments. The book is written in a clear, concise, and accessible style. Dr. Mauskop’s warm, reassuring voice enables the reader to feel that they are sitting with him, hearing his advice first-hand. Above all, readers of The End of Migraine: 150 Ways to Stop Your Pain will, perhaps for the first time, feel that they are not alone, because there is hope. The book is directed not only to those suffering from migraines but also to neurologists and other health care providers who treat migraine patients.

Hypnosis for Chronic Pain Management

Author : Mark P. Jensen
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This online workbook covers hypnosis treatment for chronic pain, including migraines, back pain, and tension headaches, among others. It explains how to use these techniques to manage chronic pain and increase quality of life and health. Used in combination with the programme described in the corresponding therapist guide, this workbook teaches self-hypnosis skills for lessening pain, enhancing sleep, and improving mood.