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Self help

Author : Samuel Smiles
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Empowerment of Rural Women Through Self Help Groups

Author : B. Suguna
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All over the world there is a realization that the best way to tackle poverty and enable the community to improve its quality of life is through social mobilization of poor, especially women into Self Help Groups. Ever since Independence a number of innovative schemes have been launched for the upliftment of women in our country. Indian Government has taken lot of initiatives to strengthen the institutional rural credit system and development programmes. Viewing it in the welfare programmes of Ninth Five Year Plan (1997-2002) and shifting the concept of Development to Empowerment. The Indian Government adopted the approach of Self Help Groups (SHGs) to uplift the rural women. The empowerment of women through Self Help Groups (SHGs) would lead to benefits not only to the individual woman and women groups but also the families and community as a whole through collective action for development. The book will be highly useful to students of social studies especially Women Studies, Social Work, Sociology, Economics and also to the students and research scholars specialising in Human Development and NGO s and also other functionaries dealing with women.

Self Help Books

Author : Sandra K. Dolby
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Based on a reading of more than three hundred self-help books, Sandra K. Dolby examines this remarkably popular genre to define "self-help" in a way that's compelling to academics and lay readers alike. Self-Help Books also offers an interpretation of why these books are so popular, arguing that they continue the well-established American penchant for self-education, articulate problems of daily life and supposed solutions for them, and present their content in an accessible rather than arcane form and style. Using methods associated with folklore studies, Dolby then examines how the genre makes use of stories, aphorisms, and a worldview that is at once traditional and contemporary. The overarching premise of the study is that self-help books, much like fairy tales, take traditional materials, especially stories and ideas, and recast them into extended essays that people happily read, think about, try to apply, and then set aside when a new embodiment of the genre comes along.

Self Help The Understanding of Life

Author : Vladimir Zivkovic
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“Self- Help: The Understanding of Life” is another insightful reading from Vladimir Zivkovic, the author of books “Modern Relationships” and “The Book about Divine-Self”. How to improve your low self-esteem? Where all these modern life problems stem from? How to overcome them and stay on the right path in this crazy world? Further on, it reflects on the issues of the modern man with Self, God, morality, and authorities. The author offers real-life examples to help readers answer these currently burning questions and regain their lost spirituality and confidence. The author mainly talks about our attitude to everyday life and shortcomings of the modern life philosophies which have separated man from its true nature and purpose. The main goal of being happy has turned into great confusion of various teachings and into pure hedonism and an egotistic striving for some kind of success and fame or just to simply pleasure and indulge oneself and one's appetites for worldly pleasures. In this book, is presented a positive spiritual discipline that is free from ego and that will aid a reader to keep one's mind open for the important questions in life. Eventually, it turns out that we look for happiness in the wrong places all the time - the main goal of being happy is not focused on ego, but on making others happy most of the times. Our transient time and memory are another reason to make us question our ways in the world and what we really want to focus on in our lives. Keep in mind that everything that is worthy will not come easily. The change starts with you and it takes lots of work. We should just stop rushing towards materialism and continue moving on at a steady pace towards our true nature and purpose.

Cancer and Self help

Author : Mark A. Chesler
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Written for and about the special population of parents of children with cancer, this book explores the remarkable effectiveness of self-help groups and profiles their rapid rise as a resource complementing traditional health care. Mark A. Chesler and Barbara K. Chesney draw on their own experience as members of such groups and on a combined thirty years of research on self-help. They provide essential information for families of children with cancer (and other chronic life-threatening illnesses), for health-care professionals working with them, and for scholars of self-help and psychosocial processes in health care--including explanations of how self-help groups function, why they are effective, and how they can be created and maintained. The authors show that, through self-help groups, parents can learn coping skills, find personal affirmation and mutual support, and share the wisdom gained from their experiences. Chesler and Chesney find that group participation improves parents' coping capabilities in the face of terrible odds and fosters an increased sense of empowerment as they care and advocate for their children in an increasingly complex health care system. Cancer and Self-Help distills the experiences of more than fifty self-help groups and their members over twelve years. It also places cancer self-help groups in a larger context, comparing them to other social movement organizations and to other strategies for personal coping or change. The book includes the voices of individual parents and professionals recounting their experiences; detailed examples of group activities, programs, operating procedures, and organizational structures; fundamental, how-to information on forming a self-help group; comments on the roles and dilemmas of health care professionals in these groups and on the medical care system as a whole, and interpretations of these individual and organizational dynamics.

Self help Support Groups for Older Women

Author : Lenard W. Kaye
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This collection of essays and reviews represents the most significant and comprehensive writing on Shakespeare's A Comedy of Errors. Miola's edited work also features a comprehensive critical history, coupled with a full bibliography and photographs of major productions of the play from around the world. In the collection, there are five previously unpublished essays. The topics covered in these new essays are women in the play, the play's debt to contemporary theater, its critical and performance histories in Germany and Japan, the metrical variety of the play, and the distinctly modern perspective on the play as containing dark and disturbing elements. To compliment these new essays, the collection features significant scholarship and commentary on The Comedy of Errors that is published in obscure and difficulty accessible journals, newspapers, and other sources. This collection brings together these essays for the first time.

Understanding Self help mutual Aid

Author : Thomasina Borkman
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Self-help groups have encountered fierce criticism as places where individuals join to share personal problems and to engage in therapeutic intervention without the aid of skilled professionals. These groups have flourished since the 1970s and continue to serve more people than professional therapy. Yet these groups have been criticized as fostering a culture of whiners and victims, and not using professional help as needed. Thomasina Jo Borkman debunks this commonly held assessment, and also examines the reasons for these groups' enduring popularity since the 1960s--more people attend these meetings (word?) than see professional therapists. What accounts for their success and popularity? Understanding Self-Help / Mutual-Aid Groups is the first book to describe three stages of individual and group evolution that is part of this organization's very structure; it also reconceptualizes participants' interactions with professionals. The group as a whole, Borkman posits, draws on the life experiences of its membes to foster nurturing, support, and transformation through a "circle of sharing." Groups create more positive and less stigmatizing "meaning perspectives" of the members' problems than is available from professionals or lay folk culture.

Marketing Strategies Financial Viability Of Self Help Groups

Author : K.Usharani
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Study conducted in Erode District, Tamil Nadu, India.

Self Help and Mutual Aid Groups

Author : Francine Lavoie
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Here is new information on the development of international and intercultural research on self-help groups. This book reflects the many developments which have occurred in the field over the past decade, emphasizing empirical research. Self-Help and Mutual Aid Groups provides specific research findings and honed concepts to help health professionals learn more about self-help groups and work effectively with such groups. More countries and ethnic groups are now involved in the self-help movement, and this volume increases knowledge of how different cultures react to and participate in self-help mutual aid and how self-help groups can be adapted to fit different racial or ethnic populations. Self-Help and Mutual Aid Groups explores the definition of self-help, the centrality of culture as a major factor explaining variability in self-help, the development of appropriate methodological tools, and the role and involvement of professionals. It brings together different traditions of research for the study of cross- and intercultural and inter- and intraorganizational aspects of self-help groups. Contributors who represent various disciplines, including psychology, sociology, social work, and nursing, discuss: a paradigm for research in self-help the development of self-help groups in Japan, Hong Kong, and the former East Germany the participation of blacks in Alcoholics Anonymous the participation of Mexican Americans in groups for parents of the mentally ill relationships between self-help groups and health professionals predictors of burnout in self-help group leaders characteristics of effective groups ways individuals change their world view through self-help participation Self-Help and Mutual Aid Groups is an informative and helpful resource for self-help researchers and teachers, students, and professionals who want to be more effective in their work with self-help groups across cultural and national lines.

Self Help for Nightmares

Author : Mary Burgess
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Entrepreneurship and Self Help among Black Americans

Author : John Sibley Butler
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This long-awaited revision of a classic work traces the unique development of business enterprises and other community organizations among black Americans from before the Civil War to the present.

Self help Approaches for Obesity and Eating Disorders

Author : Janet D. Latner
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Evaluating a wide range of self-help treatments, this is a comprehensive, empirically based clinical reference. Practical and useful, it discusses why approaches work (or dont work), plus how to help clients use them effectively. Broad, up-to-date coverage includes obesity, body image problems, binge eating, and bulimia.

Empowerment of Women Through Self Help Groups

Author : G. Sreeramulu
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The book is an in-depth study of Empowerment of Women Through Self Help Groups. It covers the problems and perspectives of Self Help Groups and suggest several measures. The study has evaluated the implementation of several schemes in Anantapur District in particular and in Andhra Pradesh in general such as rearing goats, dairying, petty business activities, making of soft toys and so on. The findings are very much encouraging, such as Women are now managing their families, Panchayat Raj Institutions, are able to concentrate on their children s education and health. Contents include: Introduction, Public Policy Theoretical Perspectives, Evaluation, Aims and Objectctives of Self Help Groups in Anantapur District, Socio-Economic Background of the Sample Study, Problems and perspectives of Self Help Groups, Performance of Self Help Groups and Conclusion. This outstanding Text-cum-Reference book will be of great use to Scholars, Administrators, Planners, Policy-makers, Statesmen and Students of Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Commerce and Women Studites.

Mental Health Self Help

Author : Louis D. Brown
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Building on earlier patient-empowerment movements, consumer- and advocate-driven mental health self-help (MHSH) initiatives currently outnumber traditional mental health organizations. At the same time, this apparent success raises significant questions about their short-term efficacy and their value to lasting recovery. Mental Health Self-Help assembles the state of the evidence on the effectiveness of MHSH, beginning with the individual and larger social factors behind the expansion of consumer-directed services. Clearly organized and accessibly written, the book traces the development and evolution of MHSH as both alternative and adjunct to traditional mental health structures, offers research-based perspectives on the various forms of MHSH, and identifies potential areas for consumer initiatives to work with—and help improve—mental health systems. Contributors weigh strengths and limitations, raise research and methodology questions, and discuss funding and training issues to give readers a deeper understanding of the field and an informed look at its future impact on mental health treatment. Individual chapters cover the spectrum of contemporary self-help initiatives in mental health, including: • Online mutual aid groups. • Consumer-run drop-in centers. • Family and caregiver groups. • Certified peer support specialists. • Consumer advocacy initiatives. • Technical assistance organizations. • Professional/self-help collaborations. Mental Health Self-Help is a bedrock guide to an increasingly influential aspect of the mental health landscape. Researchers studying these initiatives from a variety of fields including community and clinical psychology, and public health—as well as clinicians, counselors, social workers, case managers, and policymakers—will find it an indispensable reference.

Self Help Inc

Author : Micki McGee
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Why doesn't self-help help? Cultural critic Micki McGee puts forward this paradoxical question as she looks at a world where the market for self-improvement products--books, audiotapes, and extreme makeovers--is exploding, and there seems to be no end in sight. Rather than seeing narcissism at the root of the self-help craze, as others have contended, McGee shows a nation relying on self-help culture for advice on how to cope in an increasingly volatile and competitive work world. Self-Help, Inc. reveals how makeover culture traps Americans in endless cycles of self-invention and overwork as they struggle to stay ahead of a rapidly restructuring economic order. A lucid and fascinating treatment of the modern obsession with work and self-improvement, this lively book will strike a chord with its acute diagnosis of the self-help trap and its sharp suggestions for how we can address the alienating conditions of modern work and family life.

Self Help and Support Groups

Author : Linda Farris Kurtz
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The first volume to address both self-help and support groups, and to provide a clear distinction between the two, Self-Help and Support Groups dispels misunderstandings and inaccurate assumptions about how they function, whom they attract and how they help participants achieve goals. Linda Farris Kurtz informs practitioners and students in the human services about the concepts, theories and research relevant to self-help and support groups. She provides practical advice and direction for working with these groups while analyzing self-help//support organizations on three different levels in terms of: the groups themselves; the group members; and the practitioners' interactions with the groups. In addition, this compr

Self Help

Author : Edward Docx
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Set between London and St Petersburg, Self Help is the absorbing story of a family - half-English, half-Russian - with many secrets and a dark, disturbed history. Masha Glover returns home from exile, where she died suddenly and alone. Her twins, Gabriel and Isabella, must come together and confront the contorted legacy of the past in the shape of their estranged, malevolent father, Nicholas, and the pitiless stranger, Arkady Artamenkov. Self Help is a beautifully-written novel, alive with feeling, intelligence and dark humour, and always directly engaged with the modern world.

Sustainability of Microfinance Self Help Groups in India

Author : Ajai Nair
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The major form of microfinance in India is that based on women's Self Help Groups (SHGs), which are small groups of 10--20 members. These groups collect savings from their members and provide loans to them. However, unlike most accumulating savings and credit associations (ASCAs) found in several countries, these groups also obtain loans from banks and on-lend them to their members. By 2003, over 700,000 groups had obtained over Rs.20 billion (US$425 million) in loans from banks benefiting more than 10 million people. Delinquencies on these loans are reported to be less than 5 percent. Savings in these groups is estimated to be at least Rs.8 billion (US$170 million). Despite these considerable achievements, sustainability of the SHGs has been suspect because several essential services required by the SHGs are provided free or at a significantly subsidized cost by organizations that have developed these groups. A few promoter organizations have, however, developed federations of SHGs that provide these services and others that SHG members need, but which SHGs cannot feasibly provide. Using a case study approach, Nair explores the merits and constraints of federating. Three SHG federations that provide a wide range of services are studied. The findings suggest that federations could help SHGs become institutionally and financially sustainable because they provide the economies of scale that reduce transaction costs and make the provision of these services viable. But their sustainability is constrained by several factors--both internal, related to the federations themselves, and external, related to the other stakeholders. The author concludes by recommending some actions to address these constraints. This paper--a product of the Finance and Private Sector Development Unit, South Asia Region--is part of a larger effort in the region to study access to finance in India.

Self Help

Author : Max Kirsten
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In Self-Help, Max Kirsten distils the powerful transformative techniques and processes he used to rebuild his life following two decades of chronic addiction. Max now combines these techniques with mind re-programming hypnotherapy to help thousands of people step out of their problems and become their own solution. Combining his unique vision with personal anecdotes and exercises that anyone can try, Max offers you the opportunity to help yourself find the unlimited power and resources you hold within. Amaze yourself with what you CAN do!

Handbook of Self Help Therapies

Author : Patti Lou Watkins
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This volume constitutes the first solidly research-grounded guide for practitioners wending their way through the new maze of self-help approaches. The Handbook of Self-Help Therapies summarizes the current state of our knowledge about what works and what does not, disorder by disorder and modality by modality. Among the covered topics are: self-regulation theory; anxiety disorders; depression; childhood disorders; eating disorders; sexual dysfunctions; insomnia; problem drinking; smoking cessation; dieting and weight loss. Comprehensive in its scope, this systematic, objective assessment of self-help treatments will be invaluable for practitioners, researchers and students in counseling psychology, psychiatry and social work, health psychology, and behavioral medicine.