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Schizophrenia The Positive Perspective

Author : Peter Chadwick
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This fully revised second edition of Schizophrenia: The Positive Perspective uses biographical sketches and essays to discuss schizophrenia and related conditions, providing advice on methods of coping, routes to growth, recovery and well-being, and how schizophrenia can be viewed in a positive light. It also explores the insights of R.D. Laing and discusses how they can be applied to contemporary ideas and research. In this expanded edition Peter Chadwick, a previous sufferer, builds on his earlier edition and introduces new topics including: Cannabis smoking and schizophrenia. Psychoanalytic approaches to psychosis and their extension into the spiritual domain. Using cognitive behaviour therapy in the treatment of profound existential distress. How experiences on the edge of madness can be relevant to understanding reality. Schizophrenia: The Positive Perspective encourages hope, confidence and increased self-esteem in schizophrenia sufferers and raises new questions about how schizophrenia should be evaluated. It is important reading for anyone working with schizophrenic people including psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and other mental health professionals.

Figuring the Self

Author : David E. Klemm
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Provides a systematic overview of the topic of self in classical German philosophy, focusing on the period around 1800 and covering Kant, Fichte, Holderlin, Novalis, Schelling, Schleiermacher, and Hegel.

Question Reality an Investigation of Self Humans Environment PART 1 Global Distribution

Author : Victoria Minnich
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Question Reality is an arduous journey of re-organization of the mind of an anorexic, academic female in fight for her own physical and mental survival. In the process, she re-invents the wheel of ecology and science, in consideration of human interactions with the environment. Written in a synergistic, humorous dialogue between two graduate students--Terra the Biogeek and Buz the Geobum--who venture on a fictional road trip up the California Coastline. Part 1 of a two-part edition.

Self Earth and Society

Author : Thomas N. Finger
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Our era is experiencing unparalleled and rapid transience. The twentieth century began with the telephone and ended with e-mail. People change jobs and homes a half-dozen times or more in their lives. Air and water pollution are threatening the well-being of the earth itself. Wars, their multiplying refugees, and political crises are tearing societies apart. If there is a key word for our era, it might be alienation. Amid increasing and often chaotic complexity, individuals struggle to attain an integrated, stable self with durable relationships. An expanding ecological consciousness reveals our estrangement from the earth. Societies are internally divided by clashing political and economic perspectives and processes. This profound and important book recognizes and reveals the connections among these three alienations. Thomas Finger undertakes a probing “critical conversation” with culture and develops his own public theology. Each alienation is analyzed in depth through the writings of “secular” authors. His theological construction draws neither on modern philosophy nor worldviews, but, perhaps surprisingly, on Scripture. To support his emphasis on Christ, Finger engages the skepticism of the much celebrated “Jesus Seminar.” He rejects the widespread claim that Christianity’s transcendent God is largely absent from the world and legitimates human exploitation of it. For transcendence means that God is different, but not distant, from the world. Finger then examines the roles of Jesus’ Father and Spirit in his earthly ministry. In this and later scriptures, these three act, and interact, in a salvific manner that can only be divine. This means that his Father and Spirit also suffer with Jesus in his death, and with all creation, as Jürgen Moltmann brilliantly explains, and accompany him in his resurrection. This also means that the creation exists in God, as some feminists maintain, and originated as the overflow of God’s love and character into a realm which was hardly distant from God, yet very different. In addition, this entails that every human self and the process of becoming a self, as God’s creations, must be respected, as indeed must all earthly creatures, and the basic structures needed to form and maintain any society. “Theological developments in the last decade have done much to critique misguided biblical interpretations which would justify unbridled human exploitation and abuse of creation. But work in exploring how an understanding of a trinitarian, transcendent God results in creative and caring relationship between humanity and creation has been less developed. “In discussing these matters with Dr. Finger, I am convinced that his proposed work holds the promise of meeting an important need within global theological discussions today. Further, I know that Dr. Finger is fully capable of accomplishing this project. Thus from my vantage point, where I have the opportunity of hearing theological discussions on these subjects from the major Christian traditions and from throughout the globe, it is clear that Dr. Finger’s proposal will fill a theological void, and enrich our search for truth.” —Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, Executive Secretary, Commission on Church and Society, World Council of Churches, 1988-1994, General Scretary, Reformed Church in America, 1994-2011

Being In Being For Being With

Author : Clark E. Moustakas
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This text examines a series of pervasive themes of human existence and the challenges of being and relating. Areas investigated include: the nature and meaning of being different; possessiveness and being possessed; and dimensions of loneliness, mystery and self-disclosure.

Relations of the self

Author : Edmundo Balsemão Pires
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Sob o título Relations of the Self reúnem-se neste volume textos de grande qualidade, escritos para dar uma expressão mais exata às intervenções orais no Congresso Internacional ocorrido na Universidade de Coimbra em Março de 2009, promovido pelo grupo de investigação “A Individuação da Sociedade Moderna” da unidade de investigação em Filosofia da Universidade (L. I. F. – “Linguagem, Interpretação e Filosofia”) em colaboração com o projeto de investigação Bezüge des Selbst da Universidade de Potsdam. O propósito foi o de examinar o tema da auto-referência mediante um conjunto variado de pesquisas sectoriais que vão desde as análises histórico-filosóficas, aos estudos sistemáticos nas áreas de Estética, Antropologia, Filosofia da Mente, Filosofia Social e Política, integrando ainda investigações teóricas sobre o significado da auto-referência na Cibernética, nos mais recentes progressos sobre a Inteligência Artificial e sobre os Sistemas Sociais. O carácter multi-disciplinar do livro final é manifesto. Do ponto de vista formal, um dos aspetos atraentes da obra reside no equilíbrio entre as abordagens sectorial e sinótica, sobretudo porque raras são as circunstâncias em que nestes trabalhos o rigor analítico deu lugar a apressadas “visões de conjunto”. O leitor julgará por si. This volume brings together high-quality texts from the international conference that took place in the University of Coimbra in March 2009, organized by the research group “Individuation in Modern Society” of the Philosophy Research unit of that university (L. I. F. – “Language, Interpretation and Philosophy”) in collaboration with the research project Bezüge des Selbst at the University of Potsdam. The purpose was to examine the subject of self-reference using a varied cluster of sectorial studies ranging from historical-philosophical analyses to systematic studies in the areas of Aesthetics, Anthropology, Philosophy of the Mind, Social and Political Philosophy. It also included theoretical investigations into the significance of self-reference in Cybernetics, in the most recent progress about Artificial Intelligence and Social Systems. The final book is manifestly multidisciplinary in character. From the formal perspective, one of the most attractive aspects of the work lies in the balance between the sectorial and synoptic perspectives, particularly because of the rarity of the circumstances in which these works of analytical rigour gave way to hurried “overviews”. The reader will judge for him/herself.

Self Concern

Author : Raymond Martin
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Raymond Martin's book is a major contribution to the philosophical literature on the nature of the self, personal identity, and survival. Its distinctive methodology is one that is phenomenologically descriptive rather than metaphysical and normative. This is the first book of analytic philosophy directly on the phenomenology of identity and survival. It aims to build bridges between analytic and phenomenological traditions and, thus, to open up a new field of investigation.

Wisdom of the Eternal Self

Author : Sayyed Aamir Raza
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This book discusses the reality of human being by pointing out some of the very fundamental issues that remain hidden from the eyes of the modern and post-modern western thought. By elaborating Mulla Sadra’s concept of Soul’s origination from the body and its survival through the Spirit, this book explains how the human soul develops stage by stage in a gradual manner from a vegetative body in the womb. By using Mulla Sadra’s principles of causality, this book shows how God and his Angels create man and other species on the Earth without denying Darwin’s evolutionary theory. In this reference, the role of metaphysical worlds in actualizing human knowledge is also discussed. This book also shows how the human life is a journey back towards its origin i.e. towards God and how this journey would continue even after death. In this reference, this book also explains the principles on the basis of which human soul would continue its life in the post-humus world. This book also clarifies the benefits of focusing onto the self and how this focus may lead to the realization of the Eternal Self of God. In this way, it shows how it is not impossible to experience the post-humus conditions even before death. It also specifies what kind of lifestyle may possibly ensure the occurrence of such mystic experiences.

The Kurdish Question Identity Representation and the Struggle for Self Determination

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The book examines several models which have been advocated for a workable and acceptable solution to the Kurdish problem which would be absolutely necessary for stability in the West Asian region. The book evaluates how the more than two-decade long experience of Kurdish self-rule in a democratic framework in Iraqi Kurdistan affects the debate over the other Kurdish regions in West Asia. With Turkey’s European Union accession process contributing to the opening of the political space to ethno-nationalism, there is a need for a non-military solution to the Kurdish issue. The book analyses the role of Kurdish diaspora which plays a significant part in placing the Kurdish question on the European political agenda. It also examines the role of the Kurds in the aftermath of the Arab Spring and the changing geopolitics in the region. Now, the Kurds maintain the strongest platform in battling against the ISIS terrorists.

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Author :
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