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Seeking God Together

Author : Alice Fryling
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Experienced spiritual director Alice Fryling presents an overview of what group spiritual direction is and how it is practiced, offering practical step-by-step guidance for those who would like to start, lead or particpate in group spiritual direction.

Seeking God Together

Author : David Stoop
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Through many years of counseling married couples, David Stoop has discovered that most "Christian" marriages fall far short of the kind of spiritual intimacy God intended. He provides 12 key principles to remedy that deficiency.h

Pursuing God s Will Together

Author : Ruth Haley Barton
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Church boards and other Christian leadership teams have long relied on models adapted from the business world. Ruth Haley Barton, president of the Transforming Center, helps teams transition to a much more fitting model—the spiritual community that practices discernment together.

Fresh Encounter a 28 day Devotional Guide

Author : Henry Blackaby
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How We Seek God Together

Author : Linda J. Clark
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Presents the results of a study on the worship, music, style, and piety of three African American United Methodist churches in Massachusetts in the early 1990s.

Waiting on God

Author : Brian Bridge
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A Retreat with Benedict and Bernard

Author : Linus Mundy
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Benedict of Nursia hungered for a better way to God and lived that example with his Rule. Six hundred years later, Bernard of Clairvaux appeared on the scene to return Western monasticism to its roots. Both Benedict and Bernard challenge seekers to reduce the God-and-us relationship to its essence, just as Christ's gospel dictates, by way of love, pure and simple. Available now.

Practicing Discernment Together

Author : Lon Fendall
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To discern is to hear and understand Gods voice as articulated by the Holy Spirit, resident within us. Discernment is a necessary precondition for faithfulness to Gods leadings. This is as true for groups as it is for individuals, which means it is true for congregations and businesses that want to obey Christ.Group discernment is an essential ingredient of anything that Christs followers seek to do together. Even the smallest Bible study group or informal gathering makes decisions. That decision making carries with it the potential of strengthening the spiritual depth of each member of the groupbut it also makes misunderstanding, division, and even the complete destruction of the group possible.We invite you into an exploration of the ways God wants to enrich, instruct, and guide groups of believers called into common endeavors....As those of us who have experienced the wonder and joy of this process can attest, decisions arrived at by discernment truly witness to the fact that God is God and that faithfulness is an amazing journey.from Practicing Discernment Together

Spiritual Compatibility in Dating

Author : Alice Fryling
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Alice Fryling shows, through personal example and biblical teaching, why Christians should not marry nonbelievers. Includes five "mini" studies on marriage.

In Him All Things Hold Together Seeking God s Grace in Scripture and in Life

Author : Thomas A. Bierovic
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In Him All Things Hold Together is the third book in Rev. Tom Bierovic's three-volume collection of sermons, Seeking God's Grace in Scripture and in Life. Rev. Tom's sermons touch the heart and enrich the mind with their creative storytelling, beautifully crafted writing, and faithful attention to the scriptural message. This book is composed of two parts: Part One, A New Heaven and a New Earth, includes 10 inspiring sermons drawn from the book of Acts, the epistles, and the book of Revelation. Part Two, Before Jesus, includes 10 sermons on lessons from the Old Testament books of history, psalms, proverbs, and prophets. Of course, sermons are best experienced as they are preached in worship, but reading the sermons in this collection is the next best thing to hearing Rev. Tom preach them in church. We are confident that you will enjoy and benefit from these inspiring messages!


Author : Carrie Ward
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Christian parents have a responsibility to make sure their children know and love God's Word. But what if you struggle as a parent to read the Bible yourself. How can you pass a love for God's Word along to your children if you struggle with it yourself? That was Carrie Ward's story. Until God gave her a plan to help her develop a consistent time in the Word, right along with her children. Readers will walk together with Carrie Ward, an everyday mama, as she journeys through the Bible with her small children one chapter a day. As her children re-enact the Bible stories readers will be able to see Scripture through the eyes of a child. Parents will learn how to impart God's truth to their children day by day, and will see its transformative power on their families. Together: Growing Appetites for God is an easy read and includes helpful tools for scripture memorization and charts to follow progress through the Bible. A True Woman Book The goal of the True Woman publishing line is to encourage women to: Discover, embrace, and delight in God's divine design and mission for their lives Reflect the beauty and heart of Jesus Christ to their world Intentionally pass the baton of Truth on to the next generation Pray earnestly for an outpouring of God's Spirit in their families, churches, nation and world

Seeking God

Author : Esther De Waal
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A new edition of this contemporary spirtitual classic in which the ancient and gentle wisdom of the Rule of St Benedict is explored in realtion to the demands of modern living and the importance of balance between prayer, work and study.

Jesus Take the Wheel

Author : Stuart Migdon
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The practical biblical instruction found in Stuart Migdon's book Jesus Take the Wheel propels readers on a two-month journey that will literally transform the way they live their lives. Rich insights from the author's own life mixed with wisdom gleaned from the pages of Scripture combines to make reading this book an adventure that will be looked forward to each day. It's all about learning how to let God direct our lives. Readers will travel through stories from the Old and New Testaments, as well as reflections of the author. Jesus Take the Wheel is a valued resource for spiritual growth and discipleship. Believers will learn relevant tools for a God-directed metamorphosis.

SEEKING GOD Brings God s Miraculous Wonders into Our Lives

Author : Larry Bowers
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- The little recognized and acted-upon answers to this life's greatest adventures and rewards are found in the following pages. - You are being given the opportunity to learn and experience the following answers and mysteries and wonders of God. - Matthew 6:33 states, "But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." - Hear the voice of God! Extensive written instructions followed by multiple real-life examples experienced by the author in his life and ministry displayed throughout this book. - Angels Disclosed! Everything you ever wanted to know about angels (good and bad). Real-life stories and accounts. - Women! One of God's most precious gifts to this world and to mankind. The hand that rocks the cradle is beautiful, powerful, wonderful, and magnificent, full of love and compassion. Women are also some of God's most powerful and effective ministers throughout all creation. Gentlemen, I ask you, what would we do without women? - Miracles! Real-life miracles experienced by the author, his family and friends, as well as complete strangers. Seeking God is the key to experiencing your own miracles and having a closer walk with Him. In fact, this entire book expounds on how to seek God and experience the rewards of having done so. - Why, God, why? Finally, the answers some have been seeking their entire life to no avail. Especially, those that have lost loved ones, wondering why they passed from this life so young or for any number of reasons, or things that you just do not understand. This chapter, as well as the entire book offers you so much more knowledge and experience to help you as you set out on your journey, seeking God and experiencing the magnificence of our God; His son, the Lord Jesus Christ; and the wonderful Holy Spirit!

Seeking God s Will Together

Author : Shana Boshart
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This study will address why the church practices discernment, teach specific practices of discernment, and give congregations opportunities to practice what they have learned.The goals for this study include:1. Empowering congregations to build our competency for discerning matters of faith and life so that we can better proclaim and be a sign of God's reign in the world. 2. Outlining a process for biblical discernment in an Anabaptist/Mennonite perspective for congregations to learn from and practice applying to specific issues of our time.There are six units. Each unit has two parts: Teaching and Practice. In addition, each unit begins and ends with worship rituals and singing.

The Spirit Led Leader

Author : Timothy C. Geoffrion
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In our postmodern, experience-oriented culture, people are longing for greater authenticity, integrity, and depth in their pastors and leaders. Board directors, church members, and staff alike are all eagerly seeking leaders who effectively integrate their spirituality and leadership. Pastors and executives, however, often struggle with knowing how to integrate their spiritual values and practices into their leadership and management roles. Designed for pastors, executives, administrators, managers, coordinators, and all who see themselves as leaders and who want to fulfill their God-given purpose, The Spirit-Led Leader addresses the critical fusion of spiritual life and leadership for those who not only want to see results, but who also desire to care just as deeply about who they are and how they lead as they do about what they produce and accomplish. Geoffrion creates a new vision for spiritual leadership as partly an art, partly a result of careful planning, and always a working of the grace of God

Seeking God s Design

Author : Lowery, Richard H.
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Seeking God’s Design honors the 50th anniversary of The Design. It is focused around a series of audiotaped interviews that Disciples of Christ Historical Society President James Seale conducted from 1989 to 1993 with Disciples leaders who played important roles in Restructure. It provides historical context and offers a series of reflections from key Disciples leaders today, as we honor and critically evaluate the work of our predecessors while looking ahead to the next 50 years of our life as a church. Seeking God’s Design is the first volume of the James and Mary Dudley Seale Series on Disciples and Public Engagement, a partnership between the Disciples of Christ Historical Society and Chalice Press.


Author : andy kurniawan
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It's not easy to find happiness, even demanded more sacrifice. It was three to four years early. I sought happiness to answer Allah Almighty, which then inspired me to create this book. The ones in this book is my journey to find happiness and peace of the world and the life hereafter. Why do I say the answer to my prayer Allah is making this book? One night in February, I sat in front of the house while enjoying a cigarette, about one o'clock in the morning; I ask Allah why not my intention to grant thee Allah is? I sat pensive and that's when there is a desire to make the book. I think any book? Child development books or what books? Then I answered hearts travel book you now live. Starting from it book was written. This book is a journey of a humble servant of Allah SWT, imperfect and stained with sin and guilt. I tried to share the experience, but do not attempt to teach or preach because my knowledge is still very little like a drop of dew on a vast ocean. Religious knowledge which I had only a few letters and memorizing the Qur'an were very little, but I tried to read the Bible and listen to the glorious every day. I am trying to practice Bismillaahirrahmaanirrahiim, although I do not practice it every day. Almost all the sins I have ever done. Arrogance and hubris I have ever done. I treasure the world almost won, but instead of feeling happy, I'm getting hungry with all those hungry people who think like sea water to quench thirst. Through the journey of Allah slowly happiness begins to rise within me. Hopefully the experience I have gained additional experience may be a provision for me personally and my brothers who read this book. Insha’Allah. In writing this book I found the book at the Scholastic bookstore called "The Know Himself, Who Know the Lord" Masterpieces "Jalaluddin Rumi". His writing is very inspiring to me to immediately write graffiti on my experience on a trip seeking Allah SWT.

Me Myself and I Seeking God

Author : Meosha Hudgens
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Drowning, Rhyme by Rhyme brings to life a Harlem woman's worst nightmare: that of her older sister and that of her estranged husband, both fixed on self-pity and vengeance and committing the most ruthless of all crimes. It's the story of a young woman's all too hate consuming all too non-forgiving of a mother who neglected her, and a father who molested her. The story of how she conceived two children by her father: a son she was forced to give up and a daughter she resorts to abuse. It's the tale of a young man's hate-driven malice, and disgust for a mother who molested him and a father who deserted him, and how this hatred turned to out of control rage. Drowning, Rhyme by Rhyme is a novel unraveled through poetry that lays bare a surprising world of sex, treason and, murder.

Seeking God In All Things

Author : William Reiser
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The practice of spiritual direction assumes a theology of the Holy Spirit, a theology of revelation and of the Church, and a theology of prayer. Seeking God in All Things explores each of these themes as the underpinnings of spiritual direction and examines what makes the Christian religious experience distinctive. Since not every experience of God bears a Christian imprint, William Reiser, SJ, asks whether and in what way a Christian might be ale to assist someone who is not Christian in developing his or her interior life. This question looks beyond suggesting the concrete steps a person might take in initiating, nurturing, and solidifying a way of praying. It looks, rather, toward the fundamental issue of helping others as they discover and deepen their relationship to the mystery of God. Chapters are It Is God Who Directs," *Imagining Divine Action in Human Lives, - *Where Do Holy Desires Come From? - *What's Distinctive About the Christian Religious Experience? - *Further Elements of Christian Distinctiveness, - *The Incarnation as a Starting Point for Spiritual Direction, - and *Should Christian Spirituality Move Beyond Jesus? - William Reiser, SJ, PhD, is a professor of theology in the religious studies department at Holy Cross College, Worcester, Massachusetts. Over the past twelve years, he has also served as an associate staff member at the Center for Religious Development in Cambridge. He is the author of Jesus in Solidarity with His People, published by Liturgical Press. "