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Secret Weapon

Author : Kevin Freeman
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Explores the theory that America's enemies were responsible for the global financial crisis that began in 2008, claiming that a foreign agenda of economic terrorism successfully crippled the United States' economy.

Secret Weapon

Author : Elise Noble
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As Director of Special Projects for a global security firm, Emmy Black is well acquainted with trouble, but she didn’t expect to run into a proverbial nightmare in small-town Oregon. The place is just hills and trees, right? But a quest to help an injured woman soon leaves Emmy fighting for not only her own survival but the lives of many others too. When Nine came to Baldwin’s Shore, the former member of a Russian hit squad had two goals: to hide and to heal. But someone else has the same idea, and the consequences threaten to upend Nine’s carefully crafted existence. With the appearance of old friends and enemies as well as a madman intent on provoking a war and—most disturbingly—an unfamiliar feeling that might be love, Nine is left with one burning question: can an assassin ever truly retire? Secret Weapon is a romantic suspense crossover between Blackwood Security and Baldwin's Shore. Keywords: Kick-ass heroines, Vigilante justice, Strong women, Special forces, Private investigator, Women sleuth, Assassin, Security, Humor, Humour, Romantic suspense, Romantic thriller, Small town, Second chance

The Secret Weapon

Author : Beatrice N. Ofosuah
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The "habitat for divinity" is a house of prayer, built on a foundation of total dependence on Him and closed in by walls of faith. To construct it is a way of life - a life lived in intimacy with God, a life of knowing God as savior, healer and redeemer of lives and cities. It is not a home meant to confine God to live within the four walls of the church, but rather it is a place from which His Spirit moves and works in the area around it. A thriving hours of prayer will impact individual lives, neighborhoods and cities; it will yield unity, mercy and salvation; and it will be an oasis of hope reconciliation. Dr. Beatrice N. Ofosuah is an international motivational speaker, best-selling author, lecturer, educator, and business consultant. Traveling extensively throughout the world, Dr. Beatrice is an anointed Vessel of God, ordained and licensed. A renowned certified/licensed professional counselor addresses emotional disorders and critical issues affecting the full range of human, social and spiritual development. The central theme of her message is Feeling and Healing of your Emotions and transformation of followers into leaders and the maximization of individual potential. She is founder and president of Hope -4- Women Ministries USA, Europe, and Africa also an Apostolic General to the International Entrepreneur Women Ministries and Business Leader. Pastor Beatrice has earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Counseling & Theology from Thereupon University, St. Thomas, US Virgin Island and an Honorary Doctoral Degree in Divinity for outstanding leadership from Christian Ministries Association in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Her Secret Weapon Mills Boon Vintage Intrigue

Author : Beverly Barton
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THE AGENT: Burke Lonigan, weapons expert and world-class charmer THE MISSION: To destroy a dangerous traitor, while defending his woman and child!

God s Secret Weapon

Author : Alisa K. Brown
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England s Secret Weapon

Author : Amanda Field
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England's Secret Weapon explores the way Hollywood used Sherlock Holmes in a series of fourteen films spanning the years of World War II in Europe, from The Hound of the Baskervilles in 1939 to Dressed to Kill in 1946. Basil Rathbone’s portrayal of Holmes has influenced every actor who has since played him on film, TV, stage and radio, yet the film series has, until now, been neglected in terms of detailed critical analysis. The book looks at the films themselves in combination with their historical context and examines how the studio ‘updated’ Holmes and recruited him to fight the Nazis, steering a careful course between modernising the detective and making sure he was still recognisable as the ‘old Holmes’ in clothes, locations and behaviour.

Writer s Secret Weapon

Author : Cheyenne McCray
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At some point all of us find ourselves staring at a page, needing some idea sparker to help us move forward. Maybe it’s an unusual pet’s name, or a career in a particular field, or the right type of weapon for a scene. Maybe you're struggling with finding the right character goal or motivation, ideas for adding in the five senses, or your character's physical description. Along with useful tips for all fiction writers, you’ll find lists of quick ideas for story components to keep you going throughout the process—whether you’re just starting your outline, putting together the character biographies, in the middle of your novel, trying to meet a deadline, or stuck with writer's block. Writer's Secret Weapon presents quick ideas to get you going in a number of areas. While we all know how to Google, it’s harder to come by fast and easy rules. This guide saves you hours of searching, especially when you don’t know where to start. Discover the kind of information new and veteran authors need at every stage of their career! -- “The Writer’s Secret Weapon is a one-stop shop for brainstorming, story planning, or simply sparking creativity. Tons of plot, character, scene, and story arc writing prompts packed into one space! Sure to get you started on a novel or unstuck from the middle of one.” – NY Times bestselling author Jennifer Ashley

The Secret Weapon

Author : Michael Campbell
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Stalin s Secret Weapon

Author : Anthony Rimmington
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Stalin's Secret Weapon is a gripping account of the early history of the globally significant Soviet biological weapons program, including its key scientists, its secret experimental bases and the role of intelligence specialists, establishing beyond doubt that the infrastructure created by Stalin continues to form the core of Russia's current biological defense network. Anthony Rimmington has enjoyed privileged access to an array of newly available sources and materials, including declassified British Secret Intelligence Service reports. The evidence contained therein has led him to conclude that the program, with its network of dedicated facilities and proving grounds, was far more extensive than previously considered, easily outstripping those of the major Western powers. As Rimmington reveals, many of the USSR's leading infectious disease scientists, including those focused on pneumonic plague, were recruited by the Soviet military and intelligence services. At the dark heart of this bacteriological archipelago lay Stalin, and his involvement is everywhere to be seen, from the promotion of favored researchers to the political repression and execution of the lead biological warfare specialist, Ivan Mikhailovich Velikanov.

The Secret Weapon of Africa

Author : Yao Foli Modey
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It was in the middle of the harmattan season, and the weather was hot and humid. The scorching rays of the sun had sucked the moisture out of every plant in the land and had turned the green leaves into dark yellow in color. Many of the leaves had fallen to the ground and had begun to decompose into dark loamy soil--rich, fertile land, innocent and untouched. And that was the way it was in ancient times. That was the way it was until the Oburoni slave traders arrived on the continent and changed everything, imposing their greed and guns on the inhabitants. The dry, humid air left many people panting for breath and sweating profusely. The women complained bitterly, the children suppressed their discomfort, but the men simply ignored the weather because they had bigger problems on their minds. They'd been thinking about the death and the devastation that the Oburoni intruders, these uninvited aliens, had unleashed on the land.