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Secret Projects of the Luftwaffe in Profile

Author : Daniel Uhr
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The Second World War was a time of tremendous technological progress in aviation with innovations such as jet engines and swept wings being brought in as engineers on all sides desperately sought every possible performance advantage. In Germany, the quest for better aircraft resulted in some astonishing designs - everything from bombers with forward-swept wings to ramjet fighters and disposable rocket-propelled interceptors.In Secret Projects of the Luftwaffe in Profile, renowned aviation artist Daniel Uhr has brought the original German construction sketches and three-views of these designs to life like never before - offering a whole new perspective on images previously only seen as black and white line drawings.Accompanying Daniel's artworks is a full description of the competitions and requirements which produced such a huge number of innovative and unusual designs during the war, as well as descriptions of the designs themselves, written by German Second World War aircraft development specialist Dan Sharp and based on the latest historical research.

Secret Projects of the Luftwaffe Vol 1 Jet Fighters 1939 1945

Author : Dan Sharp
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Germany’s air ministry was quick to grasp the potential of the jet engine as early as 1938 and by 1939 several German aircraft manufacturers were already working on fighter designs that would utilize this new form of propulsion. Rocket engines too were seen as the way of the future and companies were commissioned to design fighters around them. As the Second World War began, the urgent need to bring these advanced new types into production saw a host of innovative aircraft designs being produced which would eventually result in Messerschmitt’s Me 262 jet fighter and the Me 163 rocket-propelled interceptor. And as the war progressed, efforts were increasingly made to find better ways of utilizing jet, rocket and latterly ramjet engines in fighter aircraft. Aviation companies from across Germany set their finest minds to the task and produced some of the most radical aircraft designs the world had ever seen. They proposed rotating wing ramjet fighters, arrowhead-shaped rammers, rocket-firing bat-winged gun platforms, sleek speed machines, tailless flying wings, tiny mini fighters and a host of others ranging from deadly looking advanced fighters to downright dangerous vertical launch interceptors. Secret Projects of the Luftwaffe Volume 1: Jet Fighters 1939-1945 by Dan Sharp, based on original research using German wartime documents, offers the most complete and authoritative account yet of these fascinating designs through previously unseen photographs, illustrations and period documentation from archives around the world.

Luftwaffe Secret Projects

Author : Dieter Herwig
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This eagerly awaited companion volume to the enormously popular volume on fighters looks at the might-have-been strategic German bombers. Filled with transatlantic jets and projects that were on the drawing board or in prototype form at the war's end. Full color action illustrations in contemporary markings and performance data tables show vividly what might have been achieved had the war continued beyond 1945.

Luftwaffe Secret Projects

Author : Walter Schick
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Designs from Germany's aerodynamics engineers detail proposed military aircraft, including wing span and area, aspect ratio, length, height, weight, speed, and armament

Lufthansa to Luftwaffe Hitlers Secret Air Force

Author : Peter Dancey
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This book provides a complete history of the clandestine WW II Luftwaffe and its origins under the patronage of Lufthansa, secret training of its personnel in Russia and Italy. Combat proving of its airplanes with the Condor Legion during the Spanish Civil War. Units, deployments, personel, airplanes and sub-types, thw 'secret weapons' and the world's first combat jets. Hitler's less than cordial relations with Goring, the RLM and German Aviation industry


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Jet Prototypes of World War II

Author : Tony Buttler
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While World War II raged, pioneering aircraft and engine designers were busy developing the world's first practical jet-powered research aircraft to test and prove the new technology. This book examines the aircraft that paved the way for Germany's Me 262 and Britain's Meteor - the world's first jet fighters. Throughout the war, Germany, Italy and Britain engaged in top-secret jet programmes as they raced to develop the airpower of the future. Various experimental aircraft were trialled in order to achieve the goal of producing an effective engine and fighter that could harness the potential of the jet power. These included the German Heinkel He 178 research aircraft and Heinkel He 280 jet fighter prototype, the famed British E.28/39 research aircraft built by Gloster Aircraft as well as the stillborn E.5/42 fighter and E.1/44 Ace fighter prototype, and finally the remarkable Italian Caproni-Campini N.1/CC 2 research aircraft. Illustrated throughout with full-colour artwork and rare photographs, this fascinating study examines the fore-runners to the military jet age.

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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British Secret Projects

Author : Tony Buttler
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Describes the design, development, and usage of British jet bombers since 1949.

Sack AS 6 Source of Nazi Germany UFO Claims

Author : David Myhra PhD
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Much has been written about the alleged existence of Nazi flying saucers or disk-shaped flying machines from World War II, however, despite claims of a few would-be obscure former Nazi aviation designers from about mid-1947 and on, there are no original first-hand historical accounts or documents to support these claims. The closest aircraft to fit these descriptions is the Sack AS 6 V1, by a farmer and model builder/flier Arthur Sack, whose AS 6 and Sack himself disappeared completely in 1945. Enjoy reading and viewing the rare photographs about the truth about Nazi Germanys' "Flying Saucers".