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The Secret Garden of Spirituality

Author : Ann Rennie
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The Secret Garden of Spirituality is a book about hope and living life well and purposefully so we can extract the holy marrow of all that we're given in the blood and bone of our ordinary humanity. It is a book that offers glimpses into eternity and explores in a whimsical way the secret garden of the soul. There are words of advice and commonsense, reflections and recollections and an abiding belief that faith enables us to find the heaven within and to live that out in the world.

Secret Garden

Author : Veronica Red
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A common thread that connects us all to the world and each other is the use of our physical senses to experience the particular energies of the earth element. Working closely with the energies described in astrology of earth sign children, this story is designed to embrace the child’s deepest desire in life for security, connection, and comfort through a natural and innocent attraction to nature. This book has been carefully and beautifully created to capture the natural characteristics and energies of earth sign children in order to allow shared connection to their internal and external selves by using a touch of magic, spirituality, and poetry.

Hidden Lives Secret Gardens

Author : R. Terry Schnadelbach
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hidden lives / secret gardens is a synthetic history about gardens and human sexuality. Written in an accessible style for the garden enthusiast, the serious landscape designer, and those interested in the lives of international celebrities, the book explores the very roots of Modernism as begun in Florence, Italy in the very first year of the twentieth century. For the past twenty-years, R. Terry Schnadelbach, FAAR, Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Florida, has researched the Modernist era in landscape architecture. He authored a book, Ferruccio Vitale, Landscape Architect of the Country Place Era, on the Florentine landscape architect, who brought to America both the formal garden as well as its first Modernist landscapes. In hidden lives / secret gardens, Schnadelbach exposes the engaging and intertwined lives of a group of expatriates, their secluded hillside villas and secret new gardens that ushered a new direction in garden design. Three successive new gardens at Villas Gamberaia, La Pietra and I Tatti were among the earliest Modernist landscapes and were an inspiration many landscape professionals in Britain and America. While hidden lives / secret gardens manuscript focuses on the revival of the Renaissance aesthetic in Florence and paints a picture of each garden's history, it explores the new and emerging field of sexual psychology through the hidden lives of the Villa's owners and designers, revealing their artistic life styles, their commercial and sexual mores.

Higher Vibrational Spirituality

Author : Tanya Jopson
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Is life living you or are you living life (authentically)? Knowing the difference enables you to live a personally fulfilling reality? In this enlightening book is a complete presentation of a spiritual process that will empower us to live a spirit-guided-life. When we live life guided by spirit, or as one with our higher-self, we are then living life authentically. This guidance works well, if we trust it, and is often known to come from our higher-self, an aspect of our total energy-body or our unseen existence, and it is always divinely connected to that which created us. In order to experientially know this part of ourselves, we can apply a simple but effective evaluation of our own work. Is our work forced, planned, intentional, and thought-led, or is it inspirational, intuitive, natural and spontaneous? This book delivers a message of love and guidance for the ascension of human life. Wherever we find our-self, there, too, is the Creator's presence, in stillness, as it awaits our recognition. Our choice is: do we recognize life in this moment, from physical world dominance, or from a fully engaged spiritual world presence? The dramas of life are simply the mirror of our mind and will eventually be replaced with the reflection that mirrors the Creator's intent. To suffer in life is a challenging but valid lesson, when it leads to an expanded awareness. When we can detach enough from allowing the phenomena of thoughts, emotions, identity, concepts and ideas to dominate, we gain engagement of a higher resonance, one which is above the frequency we are now experiencing. Our perception then clears enough to illuminate a far greater reality, one filled with joy, love, compassion, being, inspiration, intuition, peace and unity, where we know, "We live in the world, but not of the world." The words within these pages will help you quickly see through situations and experiences to illuminate the dynamics of the frequency scale and its connection to each person's individual spiritual path. This scale extends beyond the measuring capabilities of the scientific world. Within these pages we will venture on both sides of the veil and illuminate just how the veil eventually disappears, bringing spirit-led life into our daily reality. Our perception of reality is incredible because whatever is contained within, will also be found in our daily life. In the case of our perception being filled with dramatic life content, we actually thicken the veil over the clear action of our I AM presence. Should we work to clear the lens of perception, our I AM presence filters in causing more transmutation and clearing as we simultaneously ascend the vibrational frequency scale. Whatever is on the lens of our perception is guaranteed to be manifest and returned as what we recognize as our reality and our world. Patience is essential to any spiritual unfolding, and reading these words gives you the space to ponder and compare, see and expand, and then, finally, consciously accept if you choose to be one with the consciousness of this intelligent, creative life-source that is the Mind of God.

Spirituality Religion and Aging

Author : Holly Nelson-Becker
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Spirituality, Religion, and Aging: Illuminations for Therapeutic Practice by Holly Nelson-Becker is a highly integrative book written for students, professionals in aging, ministers, and older adults themselves. Readers will gain the knowledge and skills they need to assess, engage, and address the spiritual and religious needs of older persons. Taking a fresh approach that breaks new ground in the field, the author discusses eight major world religions and covers values and ethics, theories, interventions, health and caregiving, depression and anxiety, dementia, and the end of life. Meditations and exercises throughout the book allow readers to expand and explore their personal understanding of spirituality. Referencing the latest research, the book includes assessments and skill-based tools designed to help practitioners enhance the mental health of older people.

Spirituality Ethics and Relationship in Adulthood

Author : Melvin E. Miller
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This vibrant collection of papers by an interdisciplinary group of authors -- psychologists, theologians, and social scientists -- presents brilliant new perspectives on spirituality, ethics, and relationship. In their diversity of views, their Intellectual and spiritual dynamism, the authors bring power and hope to this subject so central to the human experience.

Women and Spirituality in the Writing of More Wollstonecraft Stanton and Eddy

Author : A. Ingham
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This comparative study graphs the feminist theological trajectory of the religious writings of four eclectic, but similar, women: Hannah More, Mary Wollstonecraft, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Mary Baker Eddy.

Secret Medicines from Your Garden

Author : Ellen Evert Hopman
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A guided exploration of herbal lore and healing plants found in yards, forests, meadows, and hedgerows • Draws on traditional knowledge and remedies from around the world, including Native American, Celtic, and Egyptian traditions • Provides simple recipes to safely make herbal remedies from local plants and honey for first aid, immune support, and treatment of common ailments • Details the “triangle” formula-making system of William LeSassier • Explains how to work with plant spirits, herbal astrology, and Animal Spirit Medicine Weaving together ancient wisdom, mystical folklore, and modern plant research, master herbalist Ellen Evert Hopman explores the many uses of flowers, trees, common weeds, and ornamental plants for food, medicine, spiritual growth, and magical rituals. She reveals the herbal lore surrounding each plant, drawing on traditional knowledge and remedies from around the world, including Native American, Celtic, and Egyptian traditions. She includes recipes throughout so you can make medicines from wild and domesticated plants easily found in yards, forests, meadows, and hedgerows, and she discusses what to plant to ensure you have leaves, berries, and flowers all year. The author reveals how to quickly intuit an unknown plant’s properties using the signatures of plants--universal indications and contraindications based on the form, color, and location of a plant. She includes an in-depth section on honey and Bee Medicine, allowing you to appreciate the labors of these plant-dependent insects. Exploring the magical role of herbs in ancient ritual, Hopman provides recipes for Egyptian temple incense and their sacred medicine known as “Kyphi” or “Kaphet,” used to purify the body, banish insomnia, and promote vivid dreaming. She explores shamanic Plant Spirit and Animal Spirit Medicine as well as herbal astrology. She also explains the “triangle” formula-making system of her herbal mentor William LeSassier to help you develop custom herbal remedies tailored to a person’s unique strengths and weaknesses. Showing how to easily incorporate wild plants into your life to receive their healing benefits throughout the seasons, Hopman reveals the power of the bounty that Mother Nature has provided right at our doorstep.

The Secret Garden

Author : Maḥmūd ibn ʻAbd al-Karīm Shabistarī
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This book, by an almost unknown Persian sage of the 13th century, rapidly became, and has ever since remained, one of the greatest classics of spirituality in the East. Five hundred years after it was written, two travelers introduced it to the West. This version was translated by Johnson Pasha in the 19th century from a text prepared for the Aga Khan.

Integrating Spirituality in Health and Social Care

Author : Wendy Greenstreet
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This practical guide considers spiritual care as an explicit component of health and social care and takes into account not only religious, cultural and spiritual views but also the value of music, art and other creative therapies.

Encyclopaedia of Islamic Spirituality Manifestations

Author : Seyyed Hossein Nasr
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Heaven in a Wild Flower

Author : Vera P. Glenn
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Sharing reminiscences of how her garden has sustained her, Glenn reveals what the cycles of nature can teach us about our own nature. The book's title - taken from William Blake, "To see a world in a grain of sand / And Heaven in a Wild Flower" - refers to the sacred peace, love, and wisdom available to every spiritual seeker in tending a garden.

The Feminist Mystic and Other Essays on Women and Spirituality

Author : Mary E. Giles
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Spirituality and Addiction

Author : Steven L. Berg
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The Secret Garden

Author : Francis Hodgson
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"One of the most delightful and enduring classics of children's literature, The Secret Garden by Victorian author Frances Hodgson Burnett has remained a firm favorite with children the world over ever since it made its first appearance. The Secret Garden appeals to both young and old alike. It has wonderful elements of mystery, spirituality, charming characters and an authentic rendering of childhood emotions and experiences. Commonsense, truth and kindness, compassion and a belief in the essential goodness of human beings lie at the heart of this unforgettable story. It is the best known of Frances Hodgson Burnett's works, though most of us have definitely heard of, if not read, her other novel Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Art of the Garden

Author : Stephen Bann
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England has long been known as a land of gardeners. As such, the rich horticultural designs and and painterly experiments have proved to be of great inspiration for artists such as Turner, Constable and Freud, and this book celebrates their work and theyway in which they invoke the spirit of the garden.

The Art of Spiritual Rock Gardening

Author : Donna Schaper
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A fusion of reflections on the spiritual importance of rocks and stones in the world's cultures and religions and practical tips on creating and maintaining a rock garden. With illustrations from an internationally known garden designer and artist.

The Secret Garden

Author : Sheikh Mahmud Shabistari
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Shaykh Sa'd ud-Dīn Mahmūd Shabistārī was born around 1250 CE in Shabistār, near Tabrīz, in Iran. 'The Secret Garden' (Gulshan-e Rāz), one of two works of mystical poetry he produced, was composed in 1317 CE in response to questions on profound Sufi metaphysics sent to him by a contemporary Sufi Master, Shaykh Rukn ad-Dīn Husaynī Harawī, himself a renowned Sufi master from Azerbayjan. In this short, didactical poem of one thousand rhyming lines, Shabistari skillfully references the body of poetic imagery used by previous Sufi masters in their works and contributes significantly to the codification of the terms used by Sufis to signify the facets and realities of the journey to awakening to Reality. Shabistārī's penetrating answers cover a variety of themes on the Sufi path and the progress of the human soul and reflect the influence of the doctrine of the Unity of Being represented in the work of Ibn 'Arabi, among others. His exposition elucidates the interconnectedness of reason, revelation and unveiling in the symbolic garden that offers both the thorns as well as the heady perfume of spiritual awakening. Recognized as a classic of medieval philosophy and theosophy, 'The Secret Garden' was first brought to western attention in Europe in the 17th century, and continues to be appreciated as a masterpiece in the canon of Sufi literature. You ask me to explain to you what thinking is, as you are still confused as to its meaning. Thinking is travelling inwardly from illusory nonexistence to the Real -- that is leaving the separation of multiplicity for the gathered whole. Go and sweep out the house of your heart -- prepare a place for the Beloved. When you leave, He comes in and shows His majesty to your 'you', purified of yourself. Like the growth of the seed into the form of the tree, a line of movement develops from the inner point of truth into the outward form. When the traveller on the path has completed the circuit of return to separation, then his last point as man is joined to the first of the Real.

The Secret Garden

Author : Mahmud Shabistari
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The Secret Garden This work is important in that it contains all the principles of the science of tasawwuf in a concise form. Furthermore, it is the first translation freed of the centuries-old baggage of christian and orientalist vocabulary which has often obscured the teachings of Islam. Thus, instead of the 'mystic' statements of a 'Sufi Doctor', we have Shaykh Mahmud Shabistari's lucid exposition of the deen of Islam. He demonstrates in his analysis of the lower self how a man or woman can gain access to his or her reality: the step by step description of the method of purification leads to a spirituality and light which issues from the normal actions of everyday life, in other words a spirituality which is not 'ascetic' but rather the product of right living. Mahmud Shabistari (1288 - 1340) Shaykh Mahmud Shabistari lived in the Mughal capital of Tabriz from where issued the great flowering of the last period of Islam in which the balanced shariat was still the norm rather than the mongrel child of European law - applicable to the realm of 'real life' and trade - and 'religious' law - applicable to births, deaths, and family law. Dr. Asadullah Yate Dr. Yate (Cantab.) has translated works from Arabic, Persian, German and French, and, in collaboration with others, from Turkish. He teaches Arabic and Fiqh at the Weimar Institute, is a Founding fellow of The Muslim Faculty of Advanced Studies, and is active on the shariat board of the World Islamic Mint.

The Secret Garden

Author : David Meltzer
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A reissue of a long out-of-print collection of Kabbalistic writings from the Jewish, rather than the "occultist," tradition from Hellenistic times to the seventeenth century includes such well-known writings as The Sephir Yetzirah. Original. IP.