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Secondary Education in England 1870 1902

Author : Prof John Roach
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In this comprehensive and extensively researched history, John Roach argues for a reassessment of the relative importance of State regulation and private provision. Although the public schools enjoyed their greatest prestige during this period, in terms of educational reform and progress their importance has been exaggerated. The role of the public school, he suggests, was social rather than academic, and as such their power and influence is to be interpreted principally in relation to the growth of new social elites, the concept of public service and the needs of the empire for a bureaucratic ruling class. Only in the modern progressive movement, launched by Cecil Reddie, and the private provision for young women, was lasting progress made. Even before the 1902 Education Act however the State had spent much time and effort regulating and reforming the old educational endowments, and it is in these initiatives that the foundations for the public provision of secondary educational reform are to be found.

Cyril Norwood and the Ideal of Secondary Education

Author : G. McCulloch
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Tracing the life of Sir Cyril Norwood, one of England's most prominent and influential educators, this book investigates the historical development of secondary education in England and Wales during the early Twentieth century.

Secondary Education and the Raising of the School Leaving Age

Author : T. Woodin
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The progressive raising of the school-leaving age has had momentous repercussions for our understanding of childhood and youth, for secondary education, and for social and educational inequality. This book assesses secondary education and the raising of the school-leaving age in the UK and places issues and debates in an international context.

Education in Britain 1750 1914

Author : W. B. Stephens
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School and Society in Victorian Britain

Author : Richard Aldrich
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Drawing on hitherto-unused sources this book represents a shift in the historiography of British education. At the centre of the investigation is Joseph Payne. He was one of the group of pioneers who founded the College of Preceptors in 1846 and in 1873 he was appointed to the first professorship of education in Britain, established by the College of Preceptors. By that date Payne had acquired a considerable reputation. He was a classroom practitioner of rare skill, the founder of two of the most successful Victorian private schools, the author of best-selling text-books, a scholar of note despite his lack of formal education, and a leading member of the College of Preceptors and such bodies as the Scholastic Registration Association, the Girls’ Public Day School Trust, the Women’s Education Union and the Social Science Association.

Education in England and Wales

Author : Franklin Parker
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Originally published in 1991, this title was begun just before passage of the Education Reform Act of 1988 (ERA 88), which was implemented in the 1990s. This major act along with still-in-force provisions of the 1944 Education Act (with its 17 amendments) comprises the statutes governing education in England and Wales. The study reflects both the criticism and the praise showered on that important legislation, particularly in the Brief History and School Structure sections, and in Chapter 1 with its longer than usual annotations on ERA 88.

A Century of Education

Author : Richard Aldrich
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Education is a country's biggest business and the most important shared experience of those who live in it. A Century of Education provides an accessible, authoritative and fascinating overview of the role and nature of education in the twentieth century. Eminent historian of education, Professor Richard Aldrich has assembled a team of contributors, all noted experts in their respective fields, to review the successes and failures of education in the last century and to look forward to the next. A succinct overview of twentieth century social, economic, political and intellectual developments in the first chapter is followed by chapters on ten key topics. Each chapter has four sections: a review of the educational situation in 2000; a similar assessment in 1900; changes and continuities throughout the century; and a conclusion reviewing the lessons for today and tomorrow. This is a work of information, interpretation and reference, which demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses of education during the twentieth century and identifies educational priorities for the twenty first. For anyone interested in what has become the most important Issue of our time, this unique book is set to become a classic text.

Politics and Culture in Victorian Britain

Author : Peter Ghosh
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In the last twenty years one of the classical arenas for British historical writing - the politics of Victorian Britain - has ceased to be an obvious or self-evidently important subject. Facing up to this challenge, the historians who have contributed to this volume explore central aspects of that history. They continue to uphold the centrality of politics to Victorian Britain, but suggest that politics must be viewed more broadly, as a concern pervading almost all spheres oflife, just as Victorians themselves would have done. In this way politics penetrates into Victorian culture. 'Politics' can lead us into the ideas governing political action itself; political ideas; international relations; the eduction of men and women; the writing of history and of literature;engagement with past political theorists; and the ideas behind professionalization. Such are some of the themes taken up here.The specific occasion for these essays was as a tribute to the memory of the late Colin Matthew, one of the most eminent recent historians of Victorian Britain, who was himself determined to uphold the contemporary relevance of Victorian political tradition, and to explore the interface between 'politics' and 'culture'. Reflection on his intellectual achievement is a second distinctive component of this book.

Communicating Physics

Author : Josep Simon
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The textbooks written by Adolphe Ganot played a major role in shaping the way physics was taught in schools. Simon's Franco-British case study looks at the role of two of Ganot's books. The study is novel for its international comparison of 19th-century physics and for its emphasis on the communication of science rather than on the science itself.

History of Education

Author : Deirdre Raftery
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Specially commissioned to mark the 40th Anniversary of History of Education, and containing articles from leading international scholars, this is a unique and important volume. Over the past forty years, scholars working in the history of education have engaged with histories of religion, gender, science and culture, and have developed comparative research on areas such as education, race and class. This volume demonstrates the richness of such work, bringing together some of the leading international scholars writing in the field of history of education today, and providing readers with original and theoretically informed research. Each author draws on the wealth of material that has appeared in the leading SSCI-indexed journal History of Education, over the past forty years, providing readers with not only incisive studies of major themes, but delivering invaluable research bibliographies. A ‘must have’ for university libraries and a ‘must own’ for historians. This book was originally published as a special issue of History of Education.

Law and Society in England 1750 1950

Author : William Cornish
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Law and Society in England 1750–1950 is an indispensable text for those wishing to study English legal history and to understand the foundations of the modern British state. In this new updated edition the authors explore the complex relationship between legal and social change. They consider the ways in which those in power themselves imagined and initiated reform and the ways in which they were obliged to respond to demands for change from outside the legal and political classes. What emerges is a lively and critical account of the evolution of modern rights and expectations, and an engaging study of the formation of contemporary social, administrative and legal institutions and ideas, and the road that was travelled to create them. The book is divided into eight chapters: Institutions and Ideas; Land; Commerce and Industry; Labour Relations; The Family; Poverty and Education; Accidents; and Crime. This extensively referenced analysis of modern social and legal history will be invaluable to students and teachers of English law, political science, and social history.

The English Higher Grade Schools

Author : Meriel Vlaeminke
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The English higher grade schools formed a key part of an expanding 19th-century education system, but they threatened the vested interests of a powerful Establishment bent on reaffirming the status quo. The author analyzes the 1902 Education Act as a retrogressive move by which much was lost.

Schooling and Social Change Since 1760

Author : Roy Lowe
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Schooling and Social Change in England since 1760 offers a powerful critique of the situation of British education today and shows the historical processes that have helped generate the crisis confronting policymakers and practitioners at the present time. The book identifies the key phases of economic and social change since 1760 and shows how the education system has played a central role in embedding, sustaining and deepening social distinctions in Britain. Covering the whole period since the first industrialization, it gives a detailed account of the development of a deeply divided education system that leads to quite separate lifestyles for those from differing backgrounds. The book develops arguments of inequalities through a much-needed account of the changes in education. This book will be of great interest for academics, scholars and post-graduate students in the field of history of education and education politics. It will also appeal to administrators, teachers and policy makers, especially those interested in the historical development of schooling.

Routledge Library Editions Education Mini Set H History of Education 24 vol set

Author : Various
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Mini-set H: History of Education re-issues 24 volumes which span a century of publishing:1900 - 1995. The volumes cover Education in Ancient Rome, Irish education in the 19th century, schools in Victorian Britain, changing patterns in higher education, secondary education in post-war Britain, education and the British colonial experience and the history of educational theory and reform.

Education And The Market Place

Author : Terence H. McLaughlin
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This collection of essays debates the application of market principles to and within the context of education. The contributors are all leading figures in their field, presenting their ideas in an accessible style to the lay reader. Throughout, the educational and public policy issues raised by the application of market principles to education are closely examined.

London Clerical Workers 1880 1914

Author : Michael Heller
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This study is based on a wide range of business sources as well as newspapers, journals, novels and oral history, allowing Heller to put forward a new interpretation of working conditions for London clerks, highlighting the ways in which clerical work changed and modernized over this period.

Universities and the State in England 1850 1939

Author : Keith Vernon
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The question of the relationships between universities and the state is one of considerable current concern and debate. This book studies the development of the modern university system in England from the mid-nineteenth century to the outbreak of the Second World War, focusing on the role of the state. In this formidabe study, the author covers a range of key areas, including: * a review of the reforms of the ancient universities, the creation of civic universities and the formation of the federal London University * an examination of the co-ordinated system in the early years of the twentieth century and the inter-war period * an analysis of universities as modenising agencies of the state * a discussion of such issues as technical versus literary curricula, the clash between central and local authorities, and the output of universities in terms of the needs of the state and the economy. Students of history and education, academic historians will find this an informative and important text.

International Studies in Educational Inequality Theory and Policy

Author : Richard Teese
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Inequality is a marked and persistent feature of education systems, both in the developed and the developing worlds. Major gaps in opportunity and in outcomes have become more critical than in the past, thanks to the knowledge economy and globalization. The pursuit of equity as a goal of public policy is examined in this book through a series of national case-studies. The book covers many different global contexts from the wealthiest to some of the poorest nations on earth. It therefore offers a broad range of different theoretical and methodological approaches, and brings together extensive international experience in equity policy.

Bonds of Empire

Author : Anne Spry Rush
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An examination of how, from 1900 through the 1960s, West Indians employed their British identity both to establish a place for themselves in the British imperial world, and to negotiate the cultural challenges of decolonization as Caribbean peoples.

The Oxford Companion to Family and Local History

Author : David Hey
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The Oxford Companion to Family and Local History is the most authoritative guide available to all things associated with the family and local history of the British Isles. It provides practical and contextual information for anyone enquiring into their English, Irish, Scottish, or Welsh origins and for anyone working in genealogical research, or the social history of the British Isles. This fully revised and updated edition contains over 2,000 entries from adoption to World War records. Recommended web links for many entries are accessed and updated via the Family and Local History companion website. This edition provides guidance on how to research your family tree using the internet and details the full range of online resources available. Newly structured for ease of use, thematic articles are followed by the A-Z dictionary and detailed appendices, which includefurther reading. New articles for this edition are: A Guide for Beginners, Links between British and American Families, Black and Asian Family History, and an extended feature on Names. With handy research tips, a full background to the social history of communities and individuals, and an updated appendix listing all national and local record offices with their contact details, this is an essential reference work for anyone wanting advice on how to approach genealogical research, as well as a fascinating read for anyone interested in the past.