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For more than 40 years, Computerworld has been the leading source of technology news and information for IT influencers worldwide. Computerworld's award-winning Web site (, twice-monthly publication, focused conference series and custom research form the hub of the world's largest global IT media network.


Author : Bill Bergstrom
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PESHTIGO is a novel about an American holocaust. In 1871 the town of Peshtigo, Wisconsin, was a thriving lumber town where wood was gold. People came from all over America to make money, some came to take advantage of others. On a Saturday night in October a storm ripped through Peshtigo with winds of 70-100 miles per hour. Survivors described it as a tornado of fire. Within hours not a single building stood in Peshtigo and 800 people lost their lives. This is a story of the people of Peshtigo and the surrounding areas and their struggle for survival.

Slim for Life

Author : Jillian Michaels
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Stop battling your weight and slim down for life with this no-nonsense, insider’s plan from America’s health, wellness, and weight-loss guru: Jillian Michaels. She has helped millions lose weight and feel great, and now she can help you, too. Bestselling author and Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels swore she’d never write another diet book. But she realized that with all of the conflicting, overly complicated information being thrown at you each day, what you need is a clear, simple plan that cuts through all the confusion to deliver amazing results, fast. This book distills all she’s learned about diet, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle to provide anyone seeking to be slim, strong, and healthy with an easier path to achieving dramatic body transformation. No nonsense, no gimmicks, just actionable advice that gets incredible results fast!

Shades of Gray

Author : Christopher Szatkowski
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Set in the heart of sprawling Los Angeles, Shades of Gray is a depressingly intimate, horrifically kaleidoscopic novel about two roommates-one trying desperately to secure a future she desires, as the other dives into a gluttony of excess to avoid the predictable nine-to-five, post-college adult world he's now an unwilling member of-who become entangled in bizarre episodes of sexual oddity, bankrupt morality, and human frailty, each in the vivid backdrop of a city gripped by a serial of a merciless serial killer. Lindsay, a graduate student and aspiring writer, is in love with her friend Kaspar who may or may not be a murderer, and her roommate Shea, a respected up-and-comer at Industrial Insurance Group, who is gay most of the time, drunk most of the time, high most of the time, and on a constant caroming quest to find his own mystery man, each crossing paths with The Murderer, and each experiencing the darkest side of macabre torment. Shades of Gray, Christopher Szatkowski's third novel, is the spectacular downfall of slightly regular people.

Bugotu English English Bugotu Concise Dictionary

Author : Walter Ivens
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Bugotu is spoken on the southern coastal portion of Santa Isabel, one of the thirty islands which make up the British Solomon Islands, located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. This dictionary is a recording of the language spoken by the island's native inhabitants. It comprises 4,700 Bugotu words, and an index of English vocabulary is included.

Donovan McNabb

Author : Richard Worth
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An introduction to the life and career of NFL great Donovan McNabb.

Come Whatever Storms

Author : J.M. Snyder
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In the near future, a deadly flu-like virus decimates the Earth's population. The few who remain struggle to survive without electricity, fresh food, or any other amenities they once took for granted. John “Court” Courtland and his best friend Ronnie Densch are two such survivors. Court has never known a time when Ronnie wasn't in his life. They grew up together. But it's only as they begin to move forward in the post-apocalyptic chaos of Virginia that Court realizes he's in love with Ronnie. Always has been, and always will be, even if he never lets himself admit it out loud. Ronnie is a private, inscrutable man who lets no one close to him except Court. With winter coming on, Ronnie wants to move farther south to warmer weather, and Court follows without question. Along the way, they're joined by other survivors, a ragtag bunch all looking for guidance. As they travel, they hear faint radio signals from Fort Sumter, South Carolina, where a rebuild effort is underway. The world Court once knew has changed, leaving behind a dangerous and lawless landscape. But come whatever storms, he knows he can weather them with Ronnie by his side. Will Sumter turn out to be everything Court hopes for and more? And will he find the courage to tell Ronnie how he really feels before it’s too late?

Hush Hush Parts 1 2

Author : Becca Fitzpatrick
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Try as she might, Nora can't escape her dark and deep attraction to the mysterious, arrogant Patch Cipriano. But things aren't adding up - Nora is having terrifying hallucinations. Patch knows far, far too much about her. As dark, death-filled secrets are revealed, Nora begins to realise that her new-found love comes at a cost. It might just kill her. Praise for Hush, Hush: 'A rollercoaster of twists and turns...a great, new and different novel' Sunday Express 'A fast-paced, exhilarating of paranormal romance should be rapt' Publishers Weekly 'Absolutely brilliant!' Praise for Crescendo: 'Dark, sexy and compelling' The Bookseller 'Great sexual tension… hot, tense and moreish' The Bookbag

Bu uel s The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

Author : Marsha Kinder
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A study of Luis Buuuel's Oscar-winning masterpiece The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie.

Rewriting the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean

Author : Robert L. Adams Jr.
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This volume considers the African Diaspora through the underexplored Afro-Latino experience in the Caribbean and South America. Utilizing both established and emerging approaches such as feminism and Atlantic studies, the authors explore the production of historical and contemporary identities and cultural practices within and beyond the boundaries of the nation-state. Rewriting the African Diaspora in the Caribbean and Latin America illustrates how far the fields of Afro-Latino and African Diaspora studies have advanced beyond the Herskovits and Frazier debates of the 1940s. The book’s arguments complicate Herskovits’ insistence on Black culture being an exclusive reflection of African survivals, as well as Frazier’s counter-claim of African American culture being a result of slavery and colonialism. This collection of thought-provoking essays extends the concepts of diaspora and transnationalism, forcing the reader to reassess their present limitations as interpretive tools. In the process, Afro-Latinos are rendered visible as national actors and transnational citizens. This book was originally published as a special issue of African and Black Diaspora.

Country Home

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The Language and Iconography of Chinese Charms

Author : Alex Chengyu Fang
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This book offers an in-depth description and analysis of Chinese coin-like charms, which date back to the second century CE and which continued to be used until mid 20th century. This work is unique in that it provides an archaeological and analytical interpretation of the content of these metallic objects: inscriptive, pictorial or both. As the component chapters show, these coin-like objects represent a wealth of Chinese traditional folk beliefs, including but not limited to family values, social obligations and religious desires. The book presents a collection of contributed chapters, gathering a diverse range of perspectives and expertise from some of the world’s leading scholars in the fields of archaeology, religious studies, art history, language and museology. The background of the cover image is a page from Guang jin shi yun fu 廣金石韻府, a rhyming dictionary first published in the ninth year of the Kangxi Reign (1652 CE). The metal charm dates back to the Song Dynasty (960–1279 CE), depicting two deities traditionally believed to possess the majic power of suppressing evil spirits. The stich-bound book in the foreground is a collection of seal impressions from the beginning of the 20th century. Its wooden press board is inscribed da ji xiang 大吉祥 by Fang Zhi-bin 方質彬 in the year of bing yin (1926 CE).

The Secret to Southern Charm

Author : Kristy Woodson Harvey
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Set in the charming town of Peachtree Bluff, “a compelling, beautifully drawn tale of love, hope, and small-town secrets” (Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times bestselling author) following a trio of sisters and their mother as they discover a truth that will change not only the way they see themselves but also how they fit together as a family. Sloane’s world crumbles after receiving the news that her military husband is missing in action. She can barely climb out of bed, much less summon the strength to be the parent her children deserve. Her mother, Ansley, provides a much-needed respite as she puts her personal life on hold to help Sloane and her grandchildren wade through their new grief-stricken lives. But between caring for her own aging mother, her daughters, and her grandchildren, Ansley’s private worry is that secrets from her past will come to light. But when Sloane’s sisters, Caroline and Emerson, remind Sloane that no matter what, she promised her husband she would carry on for their young sons, Sloane finds the support and courage she needs to chase her biggest dreams—and face her deepest fears. Taking a cue from her middle daughter, Ansley takes her own leap of faith and realizes that, after all this time, she might finally be able to have it all. Lyrical, warm-hearted, and charming, “Kristy Woodson Harvey has delivered another masterpiece with the second book in her beautifully Southern, evocative Peachtree Bluff series” (Kristin Harmel, author of The Winemaker’s Wife).

Different People

Author : Orland Outland
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For Cal Hewitt, the expectations of his family and religion are paramount. For Eric Hamilton, life is an adventure to be experienced. But a friendship is forged from fleeting connections, a friendship with promise as natural, inevitable and welcome as home. Orland Outland, the author of the romantic best-seller Every Man for Himself, has created a heartfelt valentine to the notion that love comes quietly and often in the most unlikely ways.

Charms and Charming

Author : Svetlana Adonyeva, Saša Babič, Valer Simion Cosma, Maria Eliferova, Liudmila Fadeyeva, Henni Ilomäki, Toms Ķencis, Olga Khristoforova, Louise S. Milne, Davor Nikolić, Éva Pócs, Evelina Rudan, Alevtina Solovyeva, Eszter Spät, Josipa Tomašić, Inna Veselova, Vilmos Voigt, Deniver Vukelić, Zsuzsa Závoti
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In the book are presented studies of 18 renowned researchers focussing on the verbal aspects of everyday magic, placing in the centre the richest and most poetic manifestation of verbal magic – the charm or incantatio. Incantations are in Europe well spread folklore genre, which contain very old magical elemrnts. The book covers wide spectrum of regions, from United Kingdom to Russia and Iran, and includes also Slovenia. The researchers have devoted their attention to phenomenological and theoretical studies of incantatio, and have discussed various topics, from the origin of charms and ancient European magical practices, to the receptions and diffusions of different types of charms. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Knjiga ('Zagovori in zagovarjanje: Študije o magičnem v vsakdanjem življenju') je skupno delo osemnajstih uglednih evropskih raziskovalcev verbalne magije in zdravljenja z zagovori. Prispevki so posvečeni fenomenološkim in teoretskim raziskavam zagovarjanja, pri čemer avtorji uporabljajo številne metodološke pristope in obravnavajo zelo različne teme, od vprašanj izvora ustnega izročila do recepcije in razširjenosti zagovarjanja. Osrednja tema raziskav je zagovarjanje, ki je najbolj poetična oblika besedne magije. Zagovori so v Evropi še vedno razširjen žanr in vsebujejo zelo stare elemente magije. Poleg pestrega metodološkega spektra zaobjemajo študije tudi široko geografsko območje: od Anglije do Rusije in Irana, vključujejo tudi Slovenijo.

Charms and Charming in Europe

Author : J. Roper
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Historical records of charms, the verbal element of vernacular magic, date back at least as far as the late middle ages, and charming has continued to be practiced until recently in most parts of Europe. And yet, the topic has received only scattered scholarly attention to date. By bringing together many of the leading authorities on charms and charming from Europe and North America, this book aims to rectify this neglect, and by presenting discussions covering a variety of periods and of locations - from Finland to France, and from Hungary to England - it forms an essential reader on the topic.

Making Friends Third Time s a Charm Making Friends 3 3

Author : Kristen Gudsnuk
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Dany's sketchbook is at it again, but this time it's not Dany's doing Dany and Madison are living a new reality. Rather than best friends, the pair now believe they are twins -- and that isn't the only part of their lives that has been completely rewritten. Their mom is a novelist, their dad is a rock star, and Dany has suddenly become a diligent student. Things. Aren't. Adding. Up. Dany and Madison start sleuthing and discover that someone has drastically altered the universe Can the pair put things back the way they were, or is this magic beyond their control?

Energy Research Abstracts

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The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle

Author : Janet Fox
File Size : 66.77 MB
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An eerie gothic fairytale with a World War II setting and magic at its heart-- and the recipient of four starred reviews and multiple honors. Twelve-year-old Katherine Bateson believes in a logical explanation for everything. But even she can't make sense of the strange goings-on at Rookskill Castle, the drafty old Scottish castle-turned-school where she and her siblings have been sent to escape the London Blitz. What's making those mechanical shrieks at night? Why do the castle's walls seem to have a mind of their own? And who are the silent children who seem to haunt Rookskill's grounds? Kat believes Lady Eleanor, who rules the castle, is harboring a Nazi spy. But when her classmates begin to vanish, one by one, Kat must face the truth about what the castle actually harbors--and what Lady Eleanor is--before it's too late. Selected for the Spirit of Texas Reading Program, a finalist for the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award, and more, this tale of magic and power has charmed readers everywhere.