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Language Processing and Second Language Development

Author : Manfred Pienemann
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Aims to provide a systematic perspective on some central psychological mechanisms underlying the spontaneous production of interlanguage (IL) speech. The text develops a framework that represents a theory of processability of grammatical structures, referred to as "Processability Theory".

Research in Second Language Processing and Parsing

Author : Bill VanPatten
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This volume is the first dedicated to the growing field of theory and research on second language processing and parsing. The fourteen papers in this volume offer cutting-edge research using a number of different languages (e.g., Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, French, German, English) and structures (e.g., relative clauses, wh-gaps, gender, number) to examine various issues in second language processing: first language influence, whether or not non-natives can achieve native-like processing, the roles of context and prosody, the effects of working memory, and others. The researchers include both established scholars and newer voices, all offering important insights into the factors that affect processing and parsing in a second language.

Second Language Processing

Author : Nan Jiang
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Second Language Processing: An Introduction is the first textbook to offer a thorough introduction to the field of second language processing (SLP). The study of SLP seeks to illuminate the cognitive processes underlying the processing of a non-native language. While current literature tends to focus on one topic or area of research, this textbook aims to bring these different research strands together in a single volume, elucidating their particularities while also demonstrating the relationships between them. The book begins by outlining what is entailed in the study of SLP, how it relates to other fields of study, and some of the main issues shared across its subareas. It then moves into an exploration of the three major areas of current research in the field—phonological processing, lexical processing, and sentence processing. Each chapter provides a broad overview of the topic and covers the major research methods, models, and studies germane to that area of study. Ideal for students and researchers working in this growing field, Second Language Processing will serve as the go-to guide for a complete examination of the major topics of study in SLP.

Cognitive Individual Differences in Second Language Processing and Acquisition

Author : Gisela Granena
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Cognitive Individual Differences in Second Language Processing and Acquisition contains 14 chapters that focus on the role of cognitive IDs in L2 learning and processing. The book brings together theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of cognitive IDs, as well as empirical studies that investigate the mediating role of cognitive IDs in various linguistic domains. Chapters include contributions from researchers working within second language acquisition (SLA), psycholinguistics, and cognitive psychology, sharing a common interest in the application of cognitive IDs to their respective areas of study. The interdisciplinary understanding of cognitive IDs presented in this book makes the book of interest to a wide readership of graduate students, faculty members, and academic researchers in the fields of SLA, psycholinguistics, cognitive psychology, and education.

Understanding Second Language Processing

Author : Bronwen Patricia Dyson
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This book aims to help researchers and teachers interested in language processing and Processability Theory (PT) to understand this theory and its applications. PT is an influential account of second language processing which hypothesizes that, due to the architecture of language processing, learners acquire second languages in developmental stages. This book lays out PT’s predictions and research on the development of diverse target languages – particularly English and Scandinavian languages – by learners of various categories. It discusses the typological issues facing PT and its contribution to an understanding of variation and cognitive constraints on pedagogy. However, the book also raises a critical eye to the literature which, after almost twenty years of evolution, requires explanation, clarification and, in some cases, extension. Why do some phenomena belong to different stages in different languages? Why are important types of variation under-represented? Is teaching as constrained as proposed in PT?

Second Language Processing

Author : James F. Lee
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Examines the problems facing learners in the second language classroom from the theoretical perspectives of Processing Instruction, and Enhanced Input. This title includes case studies from a range of languages including Japanese, Italian and Spanish, through which the authors suggest practical solutions to these processing problems.

Explorations in Second Language Acquisition and Processing

Author :
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This book presents cutting-edge research on the nature of grammatical systems developed by bilinguals and second language learners, as well as how speakers put these grammatical systems to use in processing language. The chapters provide a stimulating mix of theoretical contributions and experimental designs addressing a variety of research questions, such as learnability and access to Universal Grammar, native language influence, variability, and what propels language development from one stage to the next. Bilingual development is a special highlight here. The linguistic domains investigated are also extremely diverse, and include morphology, syntax, and language processing, as well as the interfaces between syntax and semantics and between syntax and discourse. The book covers the acquisition of an impressive number of languages including Arabic, Croatian, Chinese, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish as first or second languages. Through these diverse contributions, the reader will be able to identify and follow important new directions in which generative language acquisition is developing and expanding.

Lexical Processing and Second Language Acquisition

Author : Natasha Tokowicz
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Lexical Processing and Second Language Acquisition provides a comprehensive overview of research on second language lexical processing, integrating converging research and perspectives from Cognitive Science and Second Language Acquisition. The book begins by introducing the dominant issues addressed by research in the field in cognitive science and discussing the relevant models in the literature. It later moves toward exploring the different factors that impact second language lexical processing as well as cognitive neuroscientific approaches to the study of the issues discussed throughout the book. A concluding chapter offers a global summary of the key issues and research strands, in addition to directions for future research, with a list of recommended readings providing students and researchers with avenues for further study.

Understanding Second Language Process

Author : Zhaohong Han
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This is a collection of 11 analytical and empirical studies on the process of second language acquisition, probing a wide array of issues, from transfer appropriate processing to L2 default processing strategies, among hearing or deaf learners of a variety of target languages.

Working Memory in Second Language Acquisition and Processing

Author : Zhisheng Wen
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This unique volume offers a comprehensive discussion of essential theoretical and methodological issues concerning the pivotal role of working memory in second language learning and processing. It includes theoretical chapters, empirical studies providing original data and new insights into the topic, and commentary chapters which chart the course for future research.

Cognitive Processing in Second Language Acquisition

Author : Martin Pütz
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This edited volume represents state of the field research linking cognition and second language acquisition, reflecting the experience of the learner when engaged in noticing, input/output processing, retrieval, and even attrition of target forms. Contributions are both theoretical and practical, describing a variety of L1, L2 and L3 combinations from around the world as observed in spoken, written, and computer-mediated contexts. The book relates conditions of language, task, medium or environment to how learners make decisions about language, with discussions about the application or efficacy of these conditions on linguistic success and development, and pedagogical implications.

Language Processing in Bilingual Children

Author : Ellen Bialystok
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A collection of papers that explore bilingual children coping with two language systems.

Lexical Processing in Second Language Learners

Author : Tess Fitzpatrick
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This book presents studies at the cutting edge of second language vocabulary research by authors whose work represents much of the current focus and direction of investigation in this area. Various aspects of L2 lexical processing, acquisition, and storage are explored in a groundbreaking series of relevant and replicable studies.

Second Language Sentence Processing

Author : Alan Juffs
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This addition to the Cognitive Science and Second Language Acquisition series presents a comprehensive review of the latest research findings on sentence processing in second language acquisition. The book begins with a broad overview of the core issues of second language sentence processing research and then narrows its focus by dedicating individual chapters to each of these key areas. While a number of publications have discussed research findings on knowledge of formal syntactic principles as part of theories of second language acquisition, there are fewer resources dedicated to the role of second language sentence processing in this context. This volume will act as the first full-length literature review of the field on the market.

Crosscurrents in Second Language Acquisition and Linguistic Theories

Author : Thom Huebner
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The term “crosscurrent” is defined as “a current flowing counter to another.” This volume represents crosscurrents in second language acquisition and linguistic theory in several respects. First, although the main currents running between linguistics and second language acquisition have traditionally flowed from theory to application, equally important contributions can be made in the other direction as well. Second, although there is a strong tendency in the field of linguistics to see “theorists” working within formal models of syntax, SLA research can contribute to linguistic theory more broadly defined to include various functional as well as formal models of syntax, theories of phonology, variationist theories of sociolinguists, etc. These assumptions formed the basis for a conference held at Stanford University during the Linguistic Institute there in the summer of 1987. The conference was organized to update the relation between second language acquisition and linguistic theory. This book contains a selection of (mostly revised and updated) papers of this conference and two newly written papers.

Research on Second Language Processing and Processing Instruction

Author : Michael J. Leeser
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This volume consists of a well-integrated collection of original research articles and theoretical/overview papers on second language (L2) input processing. The primary contributors are former students of Bill VanPatten from the past three decades, and the collection of articles is intended as a tribute to his career and contribution of bringing processing issues to the center stage of research in second language acquisition (SLA) and instructed SLA. The research and theorizing presented in this volume are the most recent in the field and represent innovations in approaches to L2 processing research, including the use of online methodologies (self-paced reading and eye tracking) in the experimental papers. In addition, the editors are recognized authors and researchers who have published on sentence processing, input processing, and processing instruction, and all three editors are either on editorial boards or are associate editors of major L2 journals.

Second Language Processing

Author : Cristina Baus
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This special issue is comprised of a selection of studies presented at the Language Learning Workshop: Issues on Second Language Processing held in Barcelona, Spain in 2015. Organized by the Center for Brain and Cognition (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) and sponsored by the journal Lanuage Learning, the workshop brought together prominent researchers in the field of language processing and bilingualism. Among them were Andrea Weber, María Teresa Bajo, and Narly Golestani. The contributions to this special issue are the result of the very fruitful discussions on various major issues of bilingualism. In particular, the nine articles included in this volume provide the most relevant experimental and theoretical evidence regarding second language learning as well as the linguistic and cognitive consequences of bilingualism across the lifespan. The contributions to this special issue are the result of the very fruitful discussions on various major issues of bilingualism. In particular, the nine articles included in this volume provide the most relevant experimental and theoretical evidence regarding second language learning as well as the linguistic and cognitive consequences of bilingualism across the lifespan.

Input Processing and Grammar Instruction in Second Language Acquisition

Author : Bill VanPatten
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This book provides an alternative to the grammar debate in second language acquisition theory and teaching. Accepting that language acquisition is at least partially input dependent, the author asks how grammatical form is processed in the input by second language learners and is it possible to assist this in ways that help the learner to create richer grammatical intake. He answers these questions and explains why traditional paradigms are not psycholinguistically motivated. Drawing on research from both first and second language acquisition, he outlines a model for input processing in second language acquisition that helps to account for how learners construct grammatical systems. He then uses this model to motivate processing instruction, a type of grammar instruction in which learners are engaged in making form-meaning connections during particular input activities.

Cognition and Second Language Instruction

Author : Peter Robinson
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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This an excellent introduction to psycholinguistics for applied linguists and language teachers

Language Processing and Simultaneous Interpreting

Author : Birgitta Englund Dimitrova
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This volume brings together papers from the areas of psychology, general linguistics, psycholinguistics, as well as from simultaneous interpreting. Their common focus is how theories and methodologies from various disciplines can be applied to the study of simultaneous interpreting, and also to suggest ways in which the study of simultaneous interpreting in its turn might contribute to knowledge in other areas. General topics dealt with include memory, language processing, bilingual processing, and second language acquisition. The articles more specifically focused on simultaneous interpreting discuss implications of the general topics and report on empirical studies on expertise in interpreting and on phonological interference in spoken language interpreting. Requirements for further interdisciplinary research in the context of simultaneous interpreting are considered. There is also a discussion of transcription conventions for simultaneous interpreting.