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Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life

Author : Charles R. Swindoll
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A devotional companion that helps you grow close to God through every season of life, in every condition of the heart.It challenges and encourages you to discover what's truly important in your own life.

Pick Up the Pennies

Author : Michael T. Goskowski
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"Pick Up the Pennies" is a story. The philosophy of this story may seem very simple and practical; but for Michael T. Goskowski, it became a light that guided his life. Goskowski's childhood years were difficult as his entire family struggled to rise above poverty and degradation. For fear of working in the coalmines, Michael learned to do his best to seize a better future for himself. Growing from boyhood to manhood during the Great Depression and World War II presented unique challenges that helped create an interesting life and an interesting man. "His aggressiveness and optimistic attitude toward the future kept him focused always on achievement and progress." Readers will follow Mike Goskowski's life through his boyhood and his coming-of-age as a soldier in World War II. They will experience the ups and downs of his family life as Goskowski struggled to hold onto his faith and realize his dreams. By the end of this book, your pockets will be full from learning how to "Pick Up the Pennies."

Season of Life

Author : Jeffrey Marx
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The bestselling inspirational book in which the author reunites with a childhood football hero, now a minister and coach, and witnesses a revelatory demonstration of the true meaning of manhood. Joe Ehrmann, a former NFL football star and volunteer coach for the Gilman high school football team, teaches his players the keys to successful defense: penetrate, pursue, punish, love. Love? A former captain of the Baltimore Colts and now an ordained minister, Ehrmann is serious about the game of football but even more serious about the purpose of life. Season of Life is his inspirational story as told by Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Jeffrey Marx, who was a ballboy for the Colts when he first met Ehrmann. Ehrmann now devotes his life to teaching young men a whole new meaning of masculinity. He teaches the boys at Gilman the precepts of his Building Men for Others program: Being a man means emphasizing relationships and having a cause bigger than yourself. It means accepting responsibility and leading courageously. It means that empathy, integrity, and living a life of service to others are more important than points on a scoreboard. Decades after he first met Ehrmann, Jeffrey Marx renewed their friendship and watched his childhood hero putting his principles into action. While chronicling a season with the Gilman Greyhounds, Marx witnessed the most extraordinary sports program he’d ever seen, where players say “I love you” to each other and coaches profess their love for their players. Off the field Marx sat with Ehrmann and absorbed life lessons that led him to reexamine his own unresolved relationship with his father. Season of Life is a book about what it means to be a man of substance and impact. It is a moving story that will resonate with athletes, coaches, parents—anyone struggling to make the right choices in life.

The Seasons Of Life

Author : Victor Dauda Tarfa
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For you to move forward, you have to know and understand your current location. Life has seasons, and we get stuck in a season for so long because we do not understand the right tools and systems to get through at move on.In this book we look at the different seasons of life, understanding your current location, breaking free from frustration of being stagnant and breakthrough to cultivate a better you. Victor Dauda Tarfa is an award winning international transformational speaker, mentor, corporate MC and Seasons Coach. He is the founder of 'The Victor', a transformational network with a vision to inspire.

The Seasons of Life

Author : Connie L. Harris
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The book tells of a young girl who was brutally raped for years. She found her way to Jesus, and he set her free from the bondage and chains of sin and shame. She goes on to tell of the miracles God performed in her life, now that she has learned to trust him.

Seasons of Life

Author : Dr. D.K. Olukoya
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The Seasons of Life

Author : Paul Tournier
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In the light both of the Bible and of modern science we are confronted not with an abstract and generalized man, but with men who are concrete and personal. They are always in their context, in a certain relationship to the world, to others, and to God. They are always changing. This changing is made up of seasons, stages in their lives, each of which has its own characteristics and peculiar laws. It is in this life story that God's plan may be accomplished. This is what is intimated by the title The Seasons of Life: a man in movement, continually undergoing change, a man living in history, unfolding from his birth until his death. The very movement implies meaning in life.

Replication of Anterior Teeth in the Four Seasons of Life

Author : Klaus Müterthies
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A guide to creating full-coverage crowns that include age-specific characterizations. An atlas format of over 260 colour photographs depicts the step-by-step technical procedures for fabricating one tooth for each season of life.

Understanding the Spiritual Seasons of Life

Author : David Swan
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Spiritual Seasons

Author : Evon Horton
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God's supernatural work often follows a seasonal pattern. If you're not careful, you can miss the seasonal processes of the Spirit, and the blessings that accompany them. These seasons impact everything in life: relationships, workplace, and connection with God. If you are to flourish in every season, it's vital to recognize and partner with the flow of God's work. Spiritual Seasons will help you discern God's unique seasonal movements and align yourself with Him, so that you can receive every promise and provision released by His supernatural grace. In this inspiring message, Dr. Evon Horton helps you to recognize what season you're in, embrace God's specific path for this time, and flourish in His abundance no matter what circumstances you're encountering. Learn to navigate each spiritual season: Winter: stand fast and prepare for breakthrough. Spring: see the promises of souls. Summer: position yourself for miracles. Fall: anticipate Heaven's provision and blessing. God has a good plan for every season of your life. Partner with Heaven and watch His purposes unfold!

The Seasons of a Man s Life

Author : Daniel Jacob Levinson
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Reveals a definite developmental pattern of specific, age-linked phases subsequently shown to affect the lives of all men, shaping behavior and governing emotional states and attitudes

Four Season

Author : Yves Saintelo
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I am qualified to write this book because I didn't choose to write, writing chose me. That is why I feel I will be successful. The other author is in the navy trying to provide for his family, and representing this country proud. He helped bring me up along with my mom, my number one fan. They took turns being my father, and now I am a respectable young man. The pain of reminiscing compares to none other than a broken heart. With my heart split in two, I might as well be a man apart. Although I carry the full burden I'm half the man I used to be; even further from being half the man I should have been when I had you.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Author : Subhankar Banerjee
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Photographic documentation of the necessity to preserve this precious area.

Seasons of a Woman s Life

Author : Normajean Hinders
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A woman's life is a recurring series of emotional, biological, and spiritual transitions. Helps women feel at peace with the way they experience life as distinct from men.

Seasons of Life

Author : Leon Kreitzman
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The natural world is full of rhythms. How do birds know when to return to their nesting grounds? What effect do the seasons have on our wellbeing, and how does the season in which we are born affect our subsequent life chances? How did humans get the idea that there were seasons 50,000 years ago? Seasons of Life explains why the seasons occur, the impact of seasonal change and how organisms have evolved to anticipate these changes. For although we mask the effects of seasonal changes by warming our homes, lighting our nights, preserving foods and storing water, we cannot hide from them.

Seasons of Life and Learning

Author : Vincetta DiRocco Dooner
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The Seasons of Life

Author : Jim Rohn
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"In this book, Jim shows the parallels between life and the changing seasons. To realize that the seasons will change without fail and what we can do to utilize each seasons to get the greatest rewards. It is basically based on the parable of the sower and the reaper. What to do in one season, to ensure success in another season. **Great for those who are going thru difficult times personality or financially, because it helps them see that this ""winter"" in their life will eventually give way to """"spring.""A book of ideas and observations that attempt to place life, its events, purpose, opportunities and challenges into perspective. A book that is intended for reading by all people.Topics Include* The Cycles and Seasons of Life* The Effect of Environment on Circumstance* The Value of Attitudes* The Constant, Predictable Patter of Change* The Spring* The Summer* The Fall* The Winter* Defeat-The Best BeginningJim, what awesome, amazing life-changing stuff. You have added a richness to my life that I will be forever grateful for. My best response is to incorporate as much of your teaching as possible into my coaching programs. One of my coaching clients has had his life completely changed by listening to your tapes and reading your wonderful book ""Seasons of life"". Even his 9 y.o. son now goes off to sleep at night with your tapes playing. God bless you. -- Brian MaguireAs usual, this is great food for thought. This material is making a significant difference in my life. I read a book recommended by Jim Rohn, while baby-sitting some computer systems during the Y2K turnover. I worked from 8 PM until 5 AM and I was amazed how much I was able to absorb while working all night. I think it is going to be a great year and I feel that I am already ahead for the year. I love the phrase ""the book you don't read won't help you"". Boy, did that wake me up! Many thanks for the truly inspirational material on 'Cultivating an Unshakable Character' and the 'Seasons of Life'. -- C. Naseer Ahmad, Azizia International Inc.Mr. Rohn is my favorite speaker. I especially enjoy the topic ""Seasons of Life"". It really a affected my life by adding so much understanding about life. Thanks. -- Jim WilsonI bought The Seasons Of Life and The Treasury of Quotes from National Telephone Communications Company for training and it helped me grow in all aspects of life. -- William A. Kalpakoff, Luresnmore.Com"

The Seven Seasons of a Man s Life

Author : Patrick M. Morley
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Seasons of a Leader s Life

Author : Jeff Iorg
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Seminary president Jeff Iorg looks at the life of Peter in the Bible to explain and inspire the seasons in a leader's life: learning, leading, and leaving a legacy.

Seasons Transitions in Your Life and Walk with God

Author : Richard Hattingh
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Face the challenge of change with confidence! Learn how to manage transitions victoriously, and with sufficient spiritual wisdom and revelation to be adequately prepared for success in a new season.