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The Sea in World History Exploration Travel and Trade 2 volumes

Author : Stephen K. Stein
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This two-volume set documents the essential role of the sea and maritime activity across history, from travel and food production to commerce and conquest. • Provides a broad survey of the importance of the oceans for all of human culture and civilization, including coverage of diverse cultures such as the Polynesians, Vikings, Minoans, and many others • Describes the voyages of the great explorers and places them in a broad multinational and multicultural perspective • Traces the human use of the sea over time, noting activities and historic events such as piracy, the slave trade, fishing, and whaling, as well as describing commerce in ancient and modern contexts

World War II at Sea An Encyclopedia 2 volumes

Author : Spencer C. Tucker
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The war at sea was a key aspect of World War II, one that is too-often under-studied. This comprehensive encyclopedia shares current understandings of the struggle to control the seas during that conflict—and it opens our eyes to the reasons sea power continues to be of critical importance today. • More than 450 A–Z entries • A comprehensive chronology • Numerous illustrations of individuals, weapons, and battles • Maps • A glossary of naval terms • A comprehensive bibliography, plus cross-references and suggestions for further reading at the end of each entry

French Banking and Entrepreneurialism in China and Hong Kong

Author : Hubert Bonin
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Many books have addressed the economic and financial history of Hong Kong, and the imperialist conflicts in the key Chinese port-cities but very few books have explored French initiatives and performance in this area, beyond diplomacy, geopolitics or cultural issues. In this book, Hubert Bonin confronts arguments about "the great divergence", "the first globalisation", and forms of "economic patriotism". He gauges the competitive edge of French companies and banks, their struggle with British domination (HBSC, Chartered, shipping, trade houses/hongs) and their resistance against competitors from other countries (Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, USA, or Russia). The book delves into studies of management abroad, therefore mixing broad geo-economic issues with precise business history and deep banking history. The connections between French interests in China and Hong Kong and the colony of Indochina are established too. A second part of the book is dedicated to the case study of Hong Kong, as the British colony acted as a hub for Asian and European interests at the heart of connections with mainland China and some neighbouring territories (Indochina, etc.). This is essential reading for academics interested in banking and business history, the history of entrepreneurship, as well as, those involved in the contemporary history of China and Hong Kong, in the assessment of world-wide geo-economic competition between European powers in Asia (Great-Britain, and France), and in the first stages of economic "modernity", along European models, in emerging modern China.

Earth s Landscape An Encyclopedia of the World s Geographic Features 2 volumes

Author : Joyce A. Quinn
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This unusual encyclopedia brings together in-depth information on more than 450 natural geographic features from around the world and offers an array of creative tools to promote critical thinking and classroom discussion. • Provides a one-stop reference for students of geography and environmental and earth sciences • Offers global coverage of diverse features, whether terrestrial, aquatic, geological, ecological, or physiographic • Includes an overview of the various kinds of landforms of the world, how they are formed, and how they continue to change over time • Explains each feature's origins and significance, as well as major environmental issues in which it's involved • Indicates the importance of features to the development of Western science and contemporary scientific thought in fields such as evolutionary biology, paleontology, plate tectonics, and climate change • Features a "Top 10s Appendix" to provoke student interest through statistics such as the tallest mountains, largest lakes, and longest rivers

Handbook of Coastal and Ocean Engineering

Author : Kim Young C
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The handbook contains a comprehensive compilation of topics that are at the forefront of many of the technical advances in ocean waves, coastal, and ocean engineering. More than 110 internationally recognized authorities in the field of coastal and ocean engineering have contributed articles in their areas of expertise to this handbook. These international luminaries are from highly respected universities and renowned research and consulting organizations around the world.

Sustainable Planet Issues and Solutions for our Environment s Future 2 volumes

Author : Barbara J. McNicol
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Sustainable Planet is a two-volume resource that provides comprehensive coverage on the world's most pressing environmental issues, their impact in countries around the world, and how—or if—they are being addressed. Sustainable Planet: Issues and Solutions for Our Environment's Future examines contemporary challenges to sustainability, including population, climate change, decreasing biodiversity, land degradation, and water quality. Each chapter analyzes one of these challenges by first providing an introduction to the topic as well as key concepts to provide readers with a basic understanding of the issue. Essays deepen comprehension by investigating different aspects of the challenge. Case studies written by experts in the field follow. Each case study considers how a specific country is affected by the particular issue as well as the measures the country is taking to find solutions that will provide for a more sustainable future. The final chapter of the book explores sustainability at a global level by examining, through annotated primary documents, a number of multinational initiatives and alliances intended to create a more sustainable planet. Delivers comprehensive content that builds on introductory material, culminating in case studies that examine real-world problems and solutions Examines the most important global sustainability issues as addressed by the United Nations and a number of sustainability degree programs across the country Provides annotated primary documents, furthering understanding of the issues explored in the book Includes interesting facts relevant to the discussion in sidebars generously sprinkled throughout the text

Russia Country Study Guide Volume 2 Economy Industry Regional Development

Author : IBP, Inc.
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Russia Country Study Guide - Strategic Information and Developments Volume 2. Economy, Industry, Regional Development

World War II Sea War Volume 13 New Guinea Normandy and Saipan

Author : Don Kindell
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In April, May and June 1944, there were three major areas of naval conflict: In New Guinea: United States (US) and Australian forces landed at Aitape and Hollandia, then at Arare, Wakde and Biak Island. In Europe: The battle for the control of the English Channel heated up. The German navy attacked what they thought was an Allied convoy along the English southwestern coast. They had actually stumbled upon Operation TIGER, the Allied training exercise for the upcoming Normandy landing. RAF Bomber Command mined Biscay, Bretagne, La Pallice, Lorient, Brest, Cherbourg, Le Havre, Den Helder, Texel, the Friesian Islands, the German Bay, Kattegat, Kiel, Swinemünde, Gotenhafen, and Pillau. The Allies initiated Operation NEPTUNE to conceal the real Allied landing location from the Germans. All this culminated in the Allied landing in Normandy, France, in Operation OVERLORD. In the Pacific: The US landed on Saipan, considered Japanese territory, in Operation FORAGER, which caused the Battle of the Philippine Sea.

Russia Justice System and National Police Handbook Volume 1 Criminal Justice System and Procedures

Author : IBP. Inc.
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2011 Updated Reprint. Updated Annually. Russia Justice System and National Police Handbook

World War Ii Sea War Volume 12 Anzio Kwajalein Eniwetok and the Admiralty Islands

Author : Donald A. Bertke
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