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Scream Angel

Author : Douglas Smith
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Think of human emotion as a geography, with peaks of pleasure and valleys of pain. Imagine a drug that flips the valleys and makes them peaks, too. You react now to an event based not on the pleasure or pain that it brings, but solely on the intensity of the emotion created. Pain brings pleasure, grief gives joy, horror renders ecstasy. Now give this drug to a soldier. Tell them to kill. Not in the historically acceptable murder of war, but in a systematic corporate strategy—of xenocide. They will kill. And they will revel in it. Welcome to the world of Scream. Jason Trelayne is a Screamer, a soldier forced to take part in the enslavement or death of entire races. But Trelayne falls in love with Philomela, a Scream Angel, an alien who produces the addictive drug. Does he love her for her beauty, for the drug she gives him, from guilt for what he has done to her people? And does she love truly him as she swears? Or is he simply her only hope for freedom, for her and her entire race? Forced to choose between freedom and love, what will they do? "...a multi-layered tale about a circus that features a pair of ‘angels’ who have the ability to produce a drug that produces pleasure based on intensity of emotion. Factor in that the owner of the circus is in love with one of the angels as well as addicted to the drug she produces, and the story quickly becomes one that holds the reader’s attention until the very end." —SpecFicWorld "Smith describes a disturbingly plausible military application for the narcotic ... The basic concept behind the drug strikes me as one of those rare ideas that seems at once so perfect and so natural that someone must have come up with it before; but if someone has, I haven't heard about it, and regardless Smith exploits the potential of the idea extraordinarily well here." —Strange Horizons "...remind[ed] me of the reasons I love the author’s writing: his characterisation, attention to detail and recurring themes of love, faith and redemption." —SF Crowsnest Reviews "A visceral work [...] a true pearl of the fantastic literature. Breath-taking." —Café de Ontem "The story has so many layers that I'm still sorting them out. And like an onion, I'm not sure if I'll ever find the final layer." —Tangent Online "A dark and powerful story with a first line that sets the tone for what is to come: 'They stopped beating Trelayne when they saw that he enjoyed it.' (A++)" —Fantasy Book Critic "Scream Angel was especially horrifying and compelling, and I wound up re-reading it again after I had finished the book." —Fluidity of Time

The Scream

Author : John Skipp
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Rock ‘n’ Roll. Hell. Two great tastes that taste great together. Long before Elvis gyrated on the Sullivan Show or the Beatles toiled the smoky red-light bars of Hamburg, music has been sowing the seeds of liberation. Or damnation. With each new generation the edge of rebellion pushed farther. Rhythms quickened. Volume increased. Lyrics coarsened. The rules continued to be broken, until it seemed that there were no rules at all. And as waves of teens cranked it up and poured it on, parents built walls of accusation to explain their offspring’s seeming corruption. Sex and drugs, demon worship and violence are the effects. Music is the cause. Or so the self-styled guardians of morality would have us believe. Meet The Scream. Just your average everyday mega-cult band. Their music is otherworldly. Their words are disturbing. Their message is unholy. Their fans are legion. And they’re not kidding. They’re killing. Themselves. Each other. Everyone. Their gospel screams from the lips of babes. Their backbeat has a body count. And their encore is just the warm-up act to madness beyond belief. It emerged from a war-torn jungle, where insanity was just another word for survival. It arrived in America with an insatiable lust for power and the means to fulfill it. In the amplified roar of arena applause there beats the heart of absolute darkness.

A Scream

Author : Shruti Bhattacharya
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Book 2 of 'The S Series' The truth of Arina’s life has been partially dug out However, what happens when the one responsible to dig out her truth, is suddenly confronted with the harsh reality?

Silent Scream

Author : Mina Leyla
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The three true stories in this book are about the three of the countless brave women in Turkey who fought against extreme and systemic political injustice and oppression, who did everything they could to protect their families and took enormous risks in pursuit of their quest for freedom.

The Scream in My Body

Author : Sezai Topal
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Scream Wolf

Author : Fritz Leiber
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“Now and then Mrs. Groener used to scream,” the big man explained, “when she’d been drinking heavily I’d leave the bedroom. It may have been a rebuke or summons to me, or a fighting challenge to the whiskey bottle, or simply an expression of her rather dark evaluation of life. But it had never meant anything more real than that—until tonight.”

Angels Scream

Author : Joseph Hutton
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Some things are best left undisturbed... Necromancers, revenants, even a summoned demon or two - they're all in a day's work for the men of the Echo Team and their enigmatic leader, Cade Williams. But nothing could prepare them for the fury they are about to face... When a Jesuit priest wanders out of the New Mexico desert, telling wild stories about a secret research installation and bloodthirsty demons hunting through its halls, the Echo Team is called in to deal with the situation. Their orders - investigate the facility, determine exactly what happened there, and deal with any infernal presence that might exist. But the being they encounter there beneath the desert sands has found a way to break the bonds of Hell itself and doesn't plan on going back easily. This time, their foe might prove to be too much for even the best the Templars have to offer. Fans of the Dresden Files, Mercy Thompson, and Jane Yellowrock will love this hard-hitting dark fantasy adventure that pits modern Templar knights against fallen angels and other supernatural enemies. If you like supernatural thrillers or dark fantasy with a touch of horror, this series is for you! Joseph Hutton, the New York Times bestselling author of Hunters Rise, presents the thrilling new Echo Team novel featuring Knight Commander Cade Williams and the men of the modern Templar Order. Don't miss it!

Scream of Halloween

Author : Justin Tully
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The Scream Of Halloween is the story of a young couple out on a first date together. They decide to go to the movies in order to watch the new Vampire flick The Scream Of Halloween, but what they hadn't bargained for was the voiceover announcing that the movie was interactive.Shortly afterwards they find themselves thrown into the horror movie they were just watching and the legendary Vampire Count Wilhelm Gory quickly starts killing those who had been watching the movie.The fun of the Vampire movie has turned into a desperate battle for survival with only one way out and that's over Count Gory's cold dead body. So be careful what movie you watch this Halloween it just might be the last one you ever see...

One Last Scream

Author : Kevin O'Brien
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New York Times Bestseller When You're Caught In A Killer's Web. . . Twelve women have vanished, leaving behind no trace or clue--their whereabouts still a mystery after eleven years. . . The Only Thing That Can Save You Is. . . Amelia Faraday is beautiful, smart, and a walking disaster. Suffering from blackouts, she also suffers from something worse--the feeling that she is personally involved in a series of deaths. One Last Scream. . . Now as a new series of murders begins, and she continues to suffer from blackouts, Amelia is left wondering if she is a cold-blooded killer--or a pawn in a deadly game that's only just beginning. . . Praise for the Novels of Kevin O'Brien "A fast-paced thriller. . .O'Brien's crisp, clear writing, and taut suspense elevate this above similar fare." --Publishers Weekly "Another page-turner."--Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Scream for Me

Author : Elizabeth Washburn
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Just when the first woman detective in South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, Elizabeth Bowlyn, thinks she has found small-town bliss, a sexual sadist serial killer has descended into her quiet town of Arcadia Lakes. He leaves a mutilated body practically in her backyard at the local golf course. Chosen to head up the task force charged with capturing Carver, Lizzie battles insecurities in her professional and personal life that jeopardize both finding the killer and ultimately her own fate.