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Political Insults

Author : Karina V. Korostelina
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Five women entered the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow and began a performance of a "Punk Prayer." Young people fried eggs on the eternal flame near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ukraine. A small island in the Japan Sea provoked a diplomatic spat between the leadership of Japan and South Korea. All of these incidents are examples of politically motivated insults that escalated into surprisingly significant clashes. While the field of conflict analysis has looked extensively at the dynamics of insults between individuals, it has largely ignored the more complicated dynamics of insult committed between groups, often of uneven political and social power. In this book, Karina V. Korostelina offers a novel framework for analyzing the ways in which seemingly minor insults between ethnic groups, nations, and other types of groups escalate to disproportionately violent behavior and political conflict. Insult can take many forms. Yet, as this book shows, it is always a social act mutually defined between groups, and it has the power to destabilize and redefine social and power hierarchies. Korostelina identifies six different drivers of political insults, producing a theoretical model for analyzing intergroup insult and conflict. She uses her model to explore each of the incidents above, among other recent conflicts, to explicate the complicated dynamics that figure within them. The book concludes with practical suggestions for analyzing and resolving complex conflict situations.

Scrambled Insults

Author : Bridget Stanko
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Adult word scramble at it's best! Unscramble the most shocking insults. No one is left out, everyone has been the subject of ridicule, jokes, slurs and bullying. This book of scrambled words and phrases shows words are nothing more than letters and no one should let words bully them into tears or worse. Insults can be used for political gain, to take down a host or celebrity or to manipulate and control a lover. The irony will be if someone finds an insult in this book and thinks it's about's not. No one has the corner market on insults. No one. Everyone has been insulted, no matter the race, creed or lifestyle. Our hope is you will realize insults are just a person with low self esteems way of trying to feel better....nothing more, nothing less. Words cannot hurt you if you don't let them. Words are just a jumble of letters. Remember that when you are feeling blue after someone said something mean about you. Stay strong. After scrambling all these insults, we shredded the answer key. That is what we think of insults. They should be scrambled and should you find one, it's just letters, nothing more. Have a great day, keep your chin up and know you are loved by many!

Detective Agency Alba Nuova

Author : Girolamo Nuvola
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Action, sleuthing and suspense – This book packs an explosive hit of all three. When impossible crimes take place, ex-army captain Alex Falco is first to be called on the scene. His piercing eyes and uncanny insight are always invaluable, seemingly insignificant details become vital. Captain Falco's talents on the team can make or break a case. Falco and younger sister Clara lose both parents in a traumatic accident while still young. They are fostered by newly-weds Maurizio and Virginia. A new happy family, living and growing together in a beautiful house on the outskirts of Rome. The siblings enjoy a happy carefree childhood in the secluded countryside, yet right on the doorstep to the chaos of the eternal city. A life running on familiar grooves and seemingly safe from harm. A privileged and cushioned existence where it seems nothing could ever go wrong. This all changes one Sunday, January 2012...the day two desperate criminals break into their home...

Scramble on the Edge

Author : Kerry L. Hyman
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Wrestling is one of the most grueling combative contests in sports. The challenge is the one-on-one battle inside the 38 circle. It can be a tough challenge that takes everything you have; both physically, and mentally. What does it take to train and condition to compete against the best, straining every fiber against a determined, skilled adversary for six long minutes? What price are you willing to pay to prepare for such a battle? When have you done enough to gain that rare commodity: confidence? Let Kerry L. Hymans Scramble on the Edge take you on a fascinating wrestling adventure. The story revolves around a bunch of high school wrestlers who work hard to reach their wrestling goals set in a town whose in-crowd finds their fulfillment in the pursuit of instant gratification. Driven by the fanatical coach of the feeder program whose passion is fueled from the regrets of his own squandered youth, they buy into a radical wrestling commitment that propels them to the top. The story focuses on Jason Grable, a wrestler who has done everything right in his pursuit of a State Wrestling Title only to find adversity from places he never expected: a jealous co-captain, an indifferent school culture, academic deadlines and time restraints, a girlfriend who doesnt get it, and even his high school coach. Everything comes to a head during his final post season, juggling crisis upon crisis, careening on a collision course with the returning State Champ. It is a story about wrestling, but it is a compelling study of the energy it takes to propel a program from obscurity to the top, and the human bonds forged in an atmosphere of total commitment, love and the power of friendship. It is also a story of betrayal and the politics of high school sports.

Memory Limitations in Sentence Comprehension

Author : Sabrina Gerth
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Toward a Rhetoric of Insult

Author : Thomas Conley
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From high school cafeterias to the floor of Congress, insult is a truly universal and ubiquitous cultural practice with a long and earthy history. And yet, this most human of human behaviors has rarely been the subject of organized and comprehensive attention—until Toward a Rhetoric of Insult. Viewed through the lens of the study of rhetoric, insult, Thomas M. Conley argues, is revealed as at once antisocial and crucial for human relations, both divisive and unifying. Explaining how this works and what exactly makes up a rhetoric of insult prompts Conley to range across the vast and splendidly colorful history of offense. Taking in Monty Python, Shakespeare, Eminem, Cicero, Henry Ford, and the Latin poet Martial, Conley breaks down various types of insults, examines the importance of audience, and explores the benign side of abuse. In doing so, Conley initiates readers into the world of insult appreciation, enabling us to regard insults not solely as means of expressing enmity or disdain, but as fascinating aspects of human interaction.

The Scramble for China

Author : Robert Bickers
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In the early nineteenth century China remained almost untouched by British and European powers - but as new technology started to change this balance, foreigners gathered like wolves around the weakening Qing Empire. Would the Chinese suffer the fate of much of the rest of the world, carved into pieces by Europeans? Or could they adapt rapidly enough to maintain their independence? This important and compelling book explains the roots of China's complex relationship with the West by illuminating a dramatic, colourful and sometimes shocking period of the country's history.

Peregrine Scramble

Author : Sir Henry Vere Huntley
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Author : Tom Neil
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Finally the full-length memoir of Battle of Britain and Siege of Malta hero Tom Neil, one of the last fighter pilots alive today, who shot down fourteen enemy aircraft

The Insult

Author : Rupert Thomson
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One of David Bowie's 100 Must-Read Books of All Time It is a Thursday evening. After work Martin Blom drives to the supermarket to buy some groceries. As he walks back to his car, a shot rings out. When he wakes up he is blind. His neurosurgeon, Bruno Visser, tells him that his loss of sight is permanent and that he must expect to experience shock, depression, self-pity, even suicidal thoughts before his rehabilitation is complete. But it doesn't work out quite like that. One spring evening, while Martin is practising in the clinic gardens with his new white cane, something miraculous happens ...