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School Leadership

Author : Stuart C. Smith
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Emphasizing the school leader's role in student learning, this new edition covers the principalship, accountability, leadership effects, distributed leadership, political leadership, resource allocation, and more!

The Business of School Leadership

Author : Larry Smith
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The role of school principals and their executive staff has changed rapidly and radically over the last decade. They are now required to be, not only leading educators, but also effective business persons. The reality is, however, that most school leaders have little if any formal training for these business roles and very limited personal experience in managing these matters. This book assists school leaders in developing the understanding, knowledge, and skill of business processes that they need to perform this 'new' role effectively. The book does not aim to convert school leaders into accountants or entrepreneurs or marketing specialists. What it provides are the key principles and tactics of business operations that school leaders need if they are to effectively manage both the educational and business imperatives of their schools. In a sense, it is intended that this book should become the 'business bible' for school leaders - the single reliable resource they can turn to on a daily basis to assist them in addressing business issues.

School Leadership

Author : Benjamin Piltch
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Parents, lawmakers, supervisors, and unions are among the many constituencies that demand influence, if not control, of the educational process. How does the school administrator balance all the needs of the various groups and still remain true to the ultimate, though most powerless constituency: the students? Through case studies and anecdotes based on real-life experiences, the authors share the ups and downs of the educational world, seeking to find the balance that is most effective in ensuring success. School Leadership:Case Studies Solving School Problems details decision making and actions taken that dramatically affect the success of students and schools as well as school systems. This second edition continues and improves on the first edition with a series of new and timely school leadership case studies that require the reader to reflect on the variety of issues that cross the principal's desk every day. The reader will find the case studies and anecdotes highly absorbing. They are so real, fraught with complexity, and will require the reader to use a sophisticated decision-making process.

School Leadership International Perspectives

Author : Stephan Huber
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Recent research into school effectiveness has corroborated the theory that the school leader plays a pivotal role making their school a successful institution, and is most often cited as the key factor in a school’s development. Reflecting the importance it is given in the today’s education landscape, this book explores the latest trends in school leadership from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Each chapter provides insight into an aspect of current research, with detailed case studies coming from as far afield as Hong Kong and Canada. In the context of the ever-increasing burden of responsibility placed on education management to safeguard and enhance the quality of education they provide, school leadership is now a core concern of policy makers. In addition, most countries are undertaking fundamental education reforms that will have a major influence on the nature of school leadership. Offering the most up-to-date research on this central issue, this book will both inform and shape the debate.

Coherent School Leadership

Author : Michael Fullan
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While leaders may desire or have been told that they must put certain structures into place in order to enhance their leadership capabilities, they may not know exactly what structures are needed, or the skills that are required for implementation. Authors Michael Fullan and Lyle Kirtman go beyond simply telling you what you need to put in place to enhance leadership—they detail the route to successful leadership. Coherent School Leadership will show you how to combine the components of Fullan's Coherence Framework (the Framework) with Kirtman's 7 Competencies for Highly Effective Leaders (the Competencies) to drive coherence—the shared depth of understanding about the nature of the work and how it impacts the results desired for student achievement—to change the culture in schools from reactive to proactive. Fullan and Kirtman, whose work is based in practice, will: - Show you how to use specific competencies to drive coherence - Provide examples that show how other leaders have successfully created coherence - Guide you through the day-to-day distractions/stresses so that you can stay on course - Show you how to use the Competencies in relation to the Framework Taking a world view of the forces that could destabilize education and the work of coherence, Coherent School Leadership will show how proven frameworks such as the Framework and the Competencies can help you cope with even the most complex scenarios.

The Nature of School Leadership

Author : Paul W. Miller
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This book explores school leadership through a cross-cultural comparative lens, drawing on data from 16 countries located on five continents. The book gives a voice to both primary and secondary school principals, who discuss the nature of their work and explain their understanding of school leadership, strategies used to support their leadership, and how they 'do leadership' in a time of unprecedented change. The book highlights a number of important elements in school leadership: that it is personal and internally-motivated; change oriented and entrepreneurial; dependent on the qualities and motivations of school teachers; dependent on environmental factors related to economy, geography, political stability; heavily influenced by policies within and outside the field of education; and dependent on partnerships within and outside education. The book provides an authoritative cross-cultural account of what school leaders regard as school leadership. It will be essential reading for students, researchers and policy-makers in the fields of educational leadership and management, in particular those with an interest in comparative and international research, school leadership, and education policy.

School Leadership that Works

Author : Robert J. Marzano
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Describes a variety of leadership responsibilities that have an effect on student achievement.

School Leadership and Administration

Author : Allan Walker
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This text calls for a broader approach to comparative educational administration: one which uses culture as the principle means of analysis. The articles collected by Allan Walker and Clive Dimmock detail the educational practices and outcomes of other systems while taking into account the mediating influence of culture. In this way, these essays stress the specific aspects of the cultures studied, and map out common ground for the study of administrators' values, beliefs, and actions.

Understanding School Leadership

Author : Peter Earley
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Written in a clear and readable style, the book contains an extensive exploration of leadership models and management strategies and is based on the latest research.

School Leadership

Author : Gerald Rupert Grace
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This book advances the new field of educational leadership--that of policy scholarship. It examines the ways in which concepts of educational leadership and management have evolved historically and culturally and reviews contemporary debates about the nature of school leadership. These debates involve cultural conservatives, New Right marketeers, democrats, community educators, feminists, and critical theorists. The policy-scholarship approach goes beyond the policy-science perspective. This new approach relates surface social phenomena to the deep structure of historical, cultural, political, ideological, and value issues; and it represents the view that a social-historical approach can illuminate the cultural and ideological struggles in which schooling is located. The book presents fieldwork accounts from a study of 88 headteachers in primary and secondary English schools. It describes how headteachers face new power relationships, new curriculum responsibilities, and management and marketing cultures that generate moral, ethical, and professional dilemmas. The book contains 12 chapters, 2 of which examine the unique situations of Catholic and women headteachers. (Contains 210 references.) (LMI)

Differentiating School Leadership

Author : Daniel L. Duke
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Use “organizational diagnostics” for applying differentiated leadership to four high-level priorities: preventing school decline, turning around a low-performing school, sustaining improvements, and designing a new school.

School Leadership

Author : Professor Gerald Grace
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This text provides a study of the education policy scholarship of leadership. It examines the ways in which concepts of educational leadership and management have evolved historically and culturally, reviewing contemporary debates about the nature of school leadership.; The question of what school leadership could and should be is at the centre of political, ideological and educational debate in many societies. These debates involve cultural conservatives, New Right marketeers, democrats and community educators, feminists and critical theorists as well as school governors, headteachers and teachers, parents, community members and school students.; These debates are reviewed and the theoretical context is illuminated by fieldwork accounts derived from the research participation of 88 headteachers working in English schools, both primary and secondary. Such accounts provide an insight into the challenges of contemporary school leadership as headteachers face new power relationships, new curriculum responsibilities and management and marketing cultures which generate moral, ethical and professional dilemmas for many of them.

School Leadership Effects Revisited

Author : Jaap Scheerens
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This highly detailed study maps four decades of evolution of the concept of what constitutes effective school leadership. It analyses the theoretical background to these developments and advocates the utility of thinking of a ‘lean’ form of school leadership that is comparable to the concept of ‘meta-control’. A wide-ranging survey of the empirical research literature on leadership effects includes the presentation of results from earlier meta-analyses as well as a new meta-analysis on some 25 studies carried out between 2005 and 2010. This survey demonstrates that older reviews and meta-analyses were predominantly based on so-called ‘direct effect’ studies, while more recent studies have tried to quantify the indirect effects of leadership, mediated by other school variables. While acknowledging the relatively small total effect of leadership on student outcomes, the study does identify promising intermediary factors which, stimulated by specific leadership behaviours, impact on student performance. The book ends by drawing out wider implications for educational practice and policy, presented under headings such as ‘schools need leadership’, ‘the toolkit of the school leader as a meta-controller’, ‘the special case of turning around failing schools’ and ‘efficiency of school leadership’. In passing, the authors make several suggestions about potentially fruitful next steps in researching the effects of school leadership.

Positive School Leadership

Author : Joseph F. Murphy
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This landmark book translates positive and asset-based understandings of organizations to develop a powerful model of school leadership that is grounded in both existing research and the complexities of life in schools. The authors - both senior scholars in educational leadership - apply insights from positive psychology to the role and function of educational leaders. The Positive School Leadership (PSL) model draws on the strengths of relationships among staff and the broader school community to communicate and instill shared values and a common mission. This book builds a compelling case for creating a more inclusive, less "mechanistic" approach to leadership. Designed to engage both the hearts and minds of readers, the text is organized around reflective questioning of educational practice and current assumptions about the purposes and goals of leadership in schools.

Quandaries of School Leadership

Author : Debra J. Touchton
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This book provides insights into the everyday practices of school leaders as told through the real-life stories of principals. The editors and their contributors blend practice with theory, helping aspiring leaders to discover that school leadership is not simply putting prescribed solutions into action, but a constant encounter with quandaries that demand thinking, responding, and adjusting to the situations at hand. Readers build their capacities to view quandaries from multiple lenses, consider a variety of responses, and draw conclusions based on perspectives that may vary from those initially identified. The chapter authors encourage a sharper self-awareness of what scholars value and envision about education, encouraging them to think about how to navigate decision-making through a variety of theoretical frameworks and practices while balancing their own leadership platform development.

School Leadership

Author : John R. Dunford
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This work challenges the notion that there is "one right way" to approach school leadership. Presenting key policies and approaches to organization and management of 14 school leaders from the UK and internationally, it seeks to reflect the diversity of approaches possible in given situations.

Collaborative School Leadership

Author : Philip A Woods
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This book takes the idea of distributing leadership in schools to a new level of understanding and practice. The authors address the complexities of leadership by putting forward two essential propositions. The first is the need to understand leadership as the outcome both of people’s intentions and the complex flow of interactions in the daily life of schools. The second is the need to integrate values of social justice and democracy into our understanding of leadership. Building on this insight, the authors show how leadership can be truly collaborative. The book also combines practice, theory and research and draws on the authors’ international experience. This book is an invaluable resource for reflection and change for everyone who contributes to and studies leadership – senior leaders, teachers, support staff, students and researchers.

Successful School Leadership Linking With Learning And Achievement

Author : Day, Christopher
File Size : 75.49 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book examines the nature of successful school leadership - what is it, what does it look like in practice and what are the consequences for schools and pupils. As well as providing a contemporary overview of international research and thinking about successful school leadership, it identifies similar and distinguishing features of successful leadership in different sectors; between heads of different experience; and between schools in different socio-economic circumstances. It introduces the notions of 'layered leadership' and 'progressive trust' as key features of successful leadership. Additionally it discusses issues of sustainability and resilience in successful school leadership. Finally it considers how successful school leadership connects to pupil success, exploring the leadership strategies used by successful heads in a range of primary and secondary schools whose pupil attainment results had improved over a three year period during their headship.

Essential School Leadership

Author : Gary Holmes
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Successful school leadership is not characterized by a particular style or method but by consistent commitment to a few very important principles. Above all, it demands vision and purpose. But these terms are evocative rather than explanatory. What can the school leader do to bind such concepts into a workable and effective approach? In this optimistic and accessible survey of leadership challenges, Gary Holmes has analysed the complex and often conflicting messages that bombard today's school leaders and distilled them down to five essentials: building vision and purpose; leading learning; managing people; dilemmas, problems and purposes; and accountability. Working from this five-point plan, and invoking case studies to good effect, the author builds up a model of leadership that balances the essential with the optional. While it is safe to say, for example, that without vision and purpose a school will certainly flounder, successful leadership still embraces a wide variety of individual interpretations and approaches within its core principles. This cogent and persuasive book deals pragmatically with the central issues of consensus, change, motivation and communication, and will prove invaluable reading for all middle and senior managers in schools, as well as educationalists and students of educational management.

Caring School Leadership

Author : Mark A. Smylie
File Size : 69.2 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Principles and possibilities to inform and inspire caring in your leadership practices! The values and themes in this book will help you fulfill your school leadership practices with a renewed recognition of the human side of schooling. Written for leaders at all levels, this research-based collection of ideas, strategies, and examples focuses on caring as what’s been missing from school improvement plans that produce academic success and socially and emotionally well-rounded students. In addition to insights and lessons about caring from educators and human service professions like nursing and ministry, readers will be introduced to themes of · Caring in interpersonal relationships with students · Cultivating schools as caring environments · Fostering caring in families and communities