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Scent of Lilacs

Author : Ann H. Gabhart
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The past issues of several citizens in a small town--the pastor, his daughter, his maiden aunt, and a coworker--all converge in this contemporary novel.


Author : Elise Vernon Pearlstine
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A fascinating exploration of the natural history of scent and human perceptions of fragrance from the viewpoint of plant and pollinator Plants have long harnessed the chemical characteristics of aromatic compounds to shape the world around them. Frankincense resin from the genus Boswellia seals injured tissues and protects trees from invading pathogens. Jasmine produces a molecule called linalool that attracts pollinating moths with its flowery scent. Tobacco uses a similarly sweet-smelling compound called benzyl acetone to attract pollinators. Only recently in the evolutionary history of plants, however, have humans learned to co-opt their fragrances to seduce, heal, protect, and alter moods themselves. In this wide-ranging and accessible new book, biologist-turned-perfumer Elise Vernon Pearlstine turns our human-centered perception of fragrance on its head and investigates plants' evolutionary reasons for creating aromatic molecules. Delving into themes of spirituality, wealth, power, addiction, royalty, fantasy, and more, Pearlstine uncovers the natural history of aromatic substances and their intersection with human culture and civilization.

The Scent of Lilacs

Author : Carolyn Wilson
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Newly married bride Laura Wainwright tries her best to settle into life at her husband's oppressive family manor despite his strange family, but when a series of "incidents" endanger her life she must discover what secrets the family is hiding.

The Scent of Lilacs

Author : Norma Davis Stoyenoff
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Smell Detectives

Author : Melanie A. Kiechle
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What did nineteenth-century cities smell like? And how did odors matter in the formation of a modern environmental consciousness? Smell Detectives follows the nineteenth-century Americans who used their noses to make sense of the sanitary challenges caused by rapid urban and industrial growth. Melanie Kiechle examines nuisance complaints, medical writings, domestic advice, and myriad discussions of what constituted fresh air, and argues that nineteenth-century city dwellers, anxious about the air they breathed, attempted to create healthier cities by detecting and then mitigating the most menacing odors. Medical theories in the nineteenth century assumed that foul odors caused disease and that overcrowded cities—filled with new and stronger stinks—were synonymous with disease and danger. But the sources of offending odors proved difficult to pinpoint. The creation of city health boards introduced new conflicts between complaining citizens and the officials in charge of the air. Smell Detectives looks at the relationship between the construction of scientific expertise, on the one hand, and “common sense”—the olfactory experiences of common people—on the other. Although the rise of germ theory revolutionized medical knowledge and ultimately undid this form of sensory knowing, Smell Detectives recovers how city residents used their sense of smell and their health concerns about foul odors to understand, adjust to, and fight against urban environmental changes.

The Scent of Snowflowers

Author : Rivka Leah Klein
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Memoirs of an Orthodox Jew (née Einhorn) from Szombathely. In 1942 she married Yaakov Klein from Ujhely, and they settled in Budapest. Yaakov found work in a textile firm. Soon after the Nazi occupation in March 1944, one day Rivka met Károly Bitter, whose wife Magda worked in Yaakov's firm. The Bitters were Catholics who offered to help the Kleins. Károly himself went into the countryside and brought one of Rivka's sisters and later a brother of hers (who he smuggled out of a ghetto) to Budapest. Rivka gave birth to a daughter in May 1944. The Bitters also had a little daughter. When roundups and deportations of Jews began, the Bitters took the Kleins and ten of their relatives to hide in the their own apartment. Later, the Bitters got another place to live and gave their apartment to the Klein and Einhorn family. Rivka, her husband, and her sister and brother had false papers and could go out to do errands and shopping. The others had to remain silent and indoors all the time. Presents a detailed description of what life was like for hidden Jews, and specifically Orthodox Jews, during the German occupation. When the war ended, the Kleins and Einhorns discovered that almost all the residents of their apartment building were Jews in hiding (all of them had been pretending to be good fascists and Catholics), and that it was built by a wealthy Jewish architect in 1942 specifically for the purpose of hiding his family. All of the residents of this building survived. However, other members of the two families were deported to Auschwitz and murdered. The Kleins later emigrated to New York.

The Genealogy of Values

Author : Edward Andrew
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Until the time of Karl Marx and John Stuart Mill, philosophers generally held economics to be an integral element of moral philosophy. These days, the language of values--moral, aesthetic, and cognitive--dominates philosophic discourse, even though contemporary philosophers rarely hold economics to be integral to moral philosophy. Examining the thought of Friedrich Nietzsche and the art of Marcel Proust, Edward Andrew provides the first sustained critical analysis of values discourse, an analysis that deconstructs its content and its form.

Scent of Lilacs

Author : Jane Bonander
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One of the first women doctors in America, Lexy Tate struggles to raise her daughter alone and is riddled with indecision regarding Jake Westfield, the man she has loved since she was a girl. Original.

Old Time Gardens Newly Set Forth

Author : Alice Morse Earle
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In this well-illustrated 1901 work, Alice Morse Earle describes the historic and modern gardens of the United States' north-eastern seaboard.

The Garden in Every Sense and Season

Author : Tovah Martin
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“Reminds us that the best way to get to know a garden is through our senses. Don't expect to make it through many pages before you feel an urge to run outdoors to reintroduce yourself to your own landscape.” —Michelle Slatalla, Gardenista So much of gardening is focused on seasonal to-do lists and daily upkeep. But what about taking time to just enjoy the garden? The Garden in Every Sense and Season urges you to revel in what you’ve created. From the heady fragrance of spring lilacs to the delicious silence of a winter snowfall, writer and lifelong gardener Tovah Martin explores the glories of her garden using the five senses. Her sage advice and gratifying reflections on the rewards of a more mindful way of gardening will inspire you to look closer, breathe deeper, listen harder, and truly savor the gifts of your garden.