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Scared of the Dark

Author : Drac Von Stoller
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Michael was the youngest in his family, just eight years old and loved to watch his favorite TV show called Dark Shadows. Michael's older brother David and his sister Susan would constantly sneak up while Michael was watching Dark Shadows in the dark and scare him. Even though his brother and sister did a good job scaring him, what really scared Michael the most was the vampire Barnabas Collins. At night when Michael would get under the covers he would shake like a leaf and slowly pull the covers over his head. Michael's bedroom didn't have a door which scared the living daylights out of him. One stormy night when Michael was lying in bed trying to sleep, he saw a black cat walk across his window just as the lightening lit up the sky. Michael would jump out of bed and run down the hall to his parent’s room to sleep in their bed until morning. Michael's parents would tell him to stop watching Dark Shadows and maybe his fear of sleeping in his bed alone would diminish. Michael said, "I wouldn't be so scared if my brother and sister would stop teasing me. Every now and then I would pull the covers slowly down below my eyes just enough to turn my head and see my brother walk across my doorway dressed in a cape and tell me he was coming to get me soon. I would just pull the covers over my head and shake like a leaf and pray for daylight." The next night as Michael was lying in bed the caped figure went passed his bedroom doorway and the figure said, "Soon, very soon, you will join the dead." Michael said, "That's it!" and jumped out of bed in terror and ran down the hall yelling for his parents. Michael burst into his parents’ bedroom and dove in the covers shaking like a leaf. Michael's father said, "What's the matter? Michael." Michael replied, "He's back and this time he said I would be joining the dead soon."

Scared of the Dark It s Really Scared of You

Author : Peter Vegas
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Scared of the Dark? It's Really Scared of You is a picture book that playfully unpacks a common childhood fear. You may be afraid of the dark . . . but did you know that the dark is actually afraid of YOU? It's true! The dark spends its days hiding from the light in your underwear drawer. The dark thinks you look scary. And the dark may be difficult to see when the sun goes down, but it also has its fair share of redeeming qualities. • A go-to read for kids who are afraid of nighttime • Personifies darkness to help younger readers shift how they see the night • A humorous and soulful picture book by Peter Vegas and acclaimed illustrator Benjamin Chaud Scared of the Dark? It's Really Scared of You reassures the youngest of readers that the dark is more relatable—and appealing—than ever imagined. Fans of the award-winning illustrator Benjamin Chaud will love adding this one to the collection. • A good pick for parents, grandparents, and caregivers of reluctant readers • Resonates year-round as a go-to gift for birthdays, holidays, and more • Perfect for children ages 3 to 5 years old • Great for teachers and librarians who want to teach there are no monsters, just friends • You'll love this book if you love books like Orion and the Dark by Emma Yarlett, The Dark by Lemony Snicket, and The Berenstain Bears by Stan and Jan Berenstain.

Alone and Afraid of the Dark

Author : Michaele Clour
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This book follows one persons struggle to grow up in a house of violence and abuse. It chronicles all those decisions when we are at the crossroads of life and fail to make the right choices. It shows clearly how thinking with ones heart instead of ones head can lead to disastrous outcomes in life. It further documents the cycle that abused children may follow in seeking partners for life. It is full of heartbreak and success and clearly shows one persons path of perseverance and unconditional love for her child.

Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of the Dark

Author : Katie Tsang
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The brilliantly funny third SAM WU book - the bravest scaredy-cat in the world! Perfect for reluctant readers and fans of Pamela Butchart. Sam Wu is NOT afraid of anything. Except for quite a lot of things. Like ghosts. Sharks too. And also THE DARK! And so when Sam goes camping in the woods with his friends and cousin Stanley, who knows what scary kind of things they’ll face . . .? Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of the Dark is the third book in this brilliantly funny and accessible new series - perfect for newly confident readers, fans of Pamela Butchart and Julian Gough's Rabbit and Bear. Also by Katie and Kevin Tsang: Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Ghosts - 9781405287517 Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Sharks - 9781405287524 Katie and Kevin Tsang met in in 2008 while studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since then they have lived on three different continents and travelled to over 40 countries together. They currently live in London. Kevin was born in Copenhagen and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of Sam Wu's experiences are based on Kevin's childhood (he's feeling much more confident now). Katie was born and raised in Southern California. She has previously worked at Booktrust, the UK's largest children's reading charity, and also writes YA fiction as Katherine Webber.

Afraid of the Dark

Author : Donna Anders
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As a single mother struggling to get by in a tough neighborhood, policewoman Jessie Cline knows she can't protect her son from the streets forever. For his sake, she takes a job as assistant police chief in a small island town off the coast of Washington state where she lived as a child. But her search for a safe haven will lead her toward more danger than she ever imagined. Even as Jessie tries to start anew, the secrets of her family's painful past -- and her own troubled life -- return to haunt her and threaten her son. Someone on the island knows Jessie very well, and will do anything to drive her away. They will stalk her. They will frighten her. And if she cannot unravel a sinister disappearance that connects her past to the present, they will kill her...

Scared of the Dark

Author : Liza Alexander
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After watching a scary movie, Ernie is afraid to go to sleep.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Author : Alvin Schwartz
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The iconic anthology series of horror tales that's now a feature film! Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is a timeless collection of chillingly scary tales and legends, in which folklorist Alvin Schwartz offers up some of the most alarming tales of horror, dark revenge, and supernatural events of all time. Available for the first time as an ebook, Stephen Gammell’s artwork from the original Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark appears in all its spooky glory. Read if you dare! And don't miss More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and Scary Stories 3!

Wish Dog Tales Afraid of the Dark

Author : Lisa Shelton
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Wish Dog Tales: Afraid of the Dark is the first book in a series that tackles real-life issues that children face every day. The Wish Dogs grant children's wishes in fun, yet realistic ways.Afraid of the Dark is about a little girl named Katie, who hears noises and sees shadows at night that frighten her. The Wish Dogs, Sophie and Gracie, come to her aid by trying to discover what is actually making the noises and shadows. With their help, Katie is able to see there is nothing to be afraid of, and she becomes braver in the dark.When Katie wakes in the morning, there are two stuffed dogs on her desk that look exactly like the Wish Dogs, making her wonder if her adventures were real or a dream!Lisa Shelton lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with her husband, daughter, and her own Wish Dogs,

Little Kiwi Is Scared of the Dark

Author : Bob Darroch
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It's night-time and Little Kiwi is out for his first walk with his mother. The only problem is, the night is full of scary noises and Little Kiwi is terrified of the dark! Even when he meets other night creatures like morepork and possum, it makes no difference - the night is far too scary for him. But what happens to Little Kiwi when he decides decides to venture out during the day? An abridged board book edition of this popular story, which will introduce Little Kiwi to a younger audience than ever before.

I m NOT Scared of THE DARK

Author : Patrick McNulty
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Leo thought he knew the dark. He had no idea. For eight year old Leo Sparks moving into his grandmother's house has been a nightmare, and it's about to get worse. Feeling brave after rescuing his sister from Grandma's dreaded basement, Leo decides to sleep alone in the creepy old house without his trusty night light. When nature calls in the middle of the night, Leo will have to summon up every ounce of courage to overcome the monsters hiding under his bed, invisible tripping hazards, and wild animals, as he faces off against his number one fear of all time: The Dark I'm NOT scared of THE DARK is the second installment of the early chapter book series featuring Leo Sparks that encourages kids to be brave, be confident and keep moving forward.

Who s Afraid of the Dark

Author : IglooBooks
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Who's Afraid of the Dark is a soothing tale about a little fox whose mother shows him all the wonders of the night until he's no longer scared

Lightning Year 4 Poetry Anthology Know What I Mean

Author : Pie Corbett
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Lightning provides: 32 books with 3 levels of differentiation per book; whole texts that provide NLS genre coverage; linked themes across fiction, non-fiction and the wider curriculum; focussed teaching support for each book including comprehension and writing activities; and a teaching and practice CD that provides opportunities for ICT.

Primary Assemblies for SEAL Volume II Tough Issues

Author :
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Scary Stories Complete Set

Author : Alvin Schwartz
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The iconic anthology series of horror tales that's now a feature film! The three Scary Stories books come together in this ebook collection to form a timeless collection of chillingly scary tales and legends. Folklorist Alvin Schwartz offers up some of the most alarming tales of horror, dark revenge, and supernatural events of all time. The ebooks in this collection feature Stephen Gammell’s artwork from the original Scary Stories books. Read if you dare! Includes Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, More Scary Stories, and Scary Stories 3.

Uncle Trev and the Whistling Bull

Author : Jack Lasenby
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It's the 1930s. Our storyteller is crook in bed trying to get over a long sickness and wanting to go back to school, when Uncle Trev arrives to let Mum go out and do the shopping. Uncle Trev tells one story after another about the animals out on his farm, and about his neighbour Gotta Henry. He also goes through Mum's cupboards and helps himself to all her gingernut biscuits and Louise cake. If you think Mum should be grateful to get out of the house, she's not. When she comes home, she chases Uncle Trev and his dog, Old Tip, with her broom and threatens what she'll do to 'that man' next time he comes in.

Doctor Who Fear of the Dark

Author : Trevor Baxendale
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On a moon of the ruined planet Akoshemon, an age-old terror is about to be reborn. Something that remembers the spiral of war, pestilence and deprivation – and rejoices in it. The Fifth Doctor joins a team of archaeologists searching for evidence of the planet’s infamous past, and uncovers more than just ancient history. Forced to confront his own worst fears, even the Doctor will be pushed to breaking point – and beyond. An adventure featuring the Fifth Doctor as played by Peter Davison and his companions Tegan and Nyssa

The Dark Ones

Author : Anthony Izzo
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The Shadows Are Preparing To Strike. . . Throughout history, the forces of darkness and light have battled for control of mankind. Living among us, The Guardians are capable of drawing light into a deadly weapon against The Dark Ones--those who inhabit the shadows, conjuring instruments of torture from the darkness itself. Sixteen years ago, guardian Charles Pennington buried the leader of The Dark Ones under an abandoned brewery in Buffalo, New York. Now Lars Engels has returned from hell, and The Dark Ones are gathering in numbers and power. Spreading their cloud of death across the region, they seek out the one soul who can stop them. . . Heading to Buffalo in search of her birth mother, Sara Pennington, granddaughter of Charles, is about to discover her true identity--and her ultimate fate. A guardian of intense power, she was taken into hiding as an infant. Now, she is the only one who can save the world from going to hell. . . "Izzo drags you into the shadows but doesn't leave you in the dark. A keeper." --Scott Nicholson on Cruel Winter Anthony Izzo received his Bachelor of Arts in English from D'Youville College. He currently resides with his wife and two children in Upstate New York where he is working on his next novel. When not writing, Tony enjoys reading, music, and playing guitar.


Author : Jason Segel
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"Coraline meets Monsters, Inc. in this delightfully entertaining offering from actor [Jason] Segel and co-author [Kirsten] Miller."—Publishers Weekly The hilariously frightening, middle-grade novel Nightmares! is a Texas Bluebonnet nominee and the first book in a trilogy about a boy named Charlie and a group of kids who must face their fears to save their town. Sleeping has never been so scary. And now waking up is even worse! Charlie Laird has several problems. 1. His dad married a woman he is sure moonlights as a witch. 2. He had to move into her purple mansion, which is NOT a place you want to find yourself after dark. 3.He can’t remember the last time sleeping wasn’t a nightmarish prospect. Like even a nap. What Charlie doesn’t know is that his problems are about to get a whole lot more real. Nightmares can ruin a good night’s sleep, but when they start slipping out of your dreams and into the waking world—that’s a line that should never be crossed. And when your worst nightmares start to come true . . . well, that’s something only Charlie can face. And he’s going to need all the help he can get, or it might just be lights-out for Charlie Laird. For good. Praise for Nightmares! Book one is a New York Times bestseller and Texas Bluebonnet nominee! "Charlie Laird, who learns fear will eat you alive if you feed it, makes an impression, and...readers will want to accompany him again."—The New York Times Book Review "A touching comical saga...about facing things that go bump in the night."—US Weekly "“[Nightmares!] succeeds at scaring and amusing in equal measure…[It's] sweet, charming, and imaginative."—Kirkus Reviews "Segel...and Miller build an entertaining, cartoony world full of scary (but not too scary) monsters, silly jokes, plucky kid heroes...with a promise of adventures to come."—Booklist "An engaging and creative story...woven with a generous amount [of] humor."—VOYA "There's humor and a fairly high ick-factor."—School Library Journal "Cleverly crafted...This novel presents just the right mix of 'scary and humorous.'"—ILA Literacy Daily

Si cology 1

Author : Si Robertson
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You know him from the hit A&E® show Duck Dynasty®—now you can enjoy Uncle Si’s tall tales, crazy exploits, and quirky one-liners in one raucous collection! “These hands are so fast, I can get your wallet before you know it. In a minute, you’ll be standing there buck naked and won’t know what hit you!” “Look here—if it wasn’t for my tripped knee, I’d be playing in the NBA today.” “Hey, Jack!” Any of these sound familiar? If they do—or even if they don’t—you’re in for a good laugh. The brother of patriarch Phil Robertson, Uncle Si has a limitless supply of stories about his childhood, duck hunting adventures, his days in Vietnam, and everything in between. Now the best of those tales are gathered into this roaring book. And as Uncle Si recounts his outlandish tales, he weaves in an up-close look into his personal life. You’ll learn about his childhood as the youngest son in the Robertson family, his college days, and how he came to use a green Tupperware cup for his ever-present tea.. And in many of these never-before-heard tales, Si openly talks about his wife Christine and two children, Scott and Trasa—who are never seen and rarely mentioned on the show. Sure to please die-hard fans and curious newbies alike, Si’s one-liners are presented alongside fun, expressive photographs, as well as photos of his family. As you learn about his behind-the-scenes life, this smattering of zany stories will have you falling over with laughter and retelling them to all your friends.

Archangel s Storm

Author : Nalini Singh
File Size : 36.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Enter New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh’s darkly beautiful world of archangels and immortal power, as a pact is sealed between two souls bound by blood, stirred by desire, and driven by vengeance… With wings of midnight and an affinity for shadows, Jason courts darkness. But now, with the Archangel Neha’s consort lying murdered in the jewel-studded palace that was his prison and her rage threatening cataclysmic devastation, Jason steps into the light, knowing he must unearth the murderer before it is too late. Earning Neha’s trust comes at a price—Jason must tie himself to her bloodline through the Princess Mahiya, a woman with secrets so dangerous, she trusts no one. Least of all an enemy spymaster. With only their relentless hunt for a violent, intelligent killer to unite them, Jason and Mahiya embark on a quest that leads to a centuries-old nightmare… and to the dark storm of an unexpected passion that threatens to drench them both in blood.