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Santa Cruz Trains

Author : Derek R. Whaley
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Once there was an endless redwood wilderness, populated by only the hardiest of people. Then, the sudden blast of a steam whistle echoed across the canyons and the valleys-the iron horse had arrived in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Driven by the need to transport materials like lumber and lime to the rest of the world, the railroad brought people seeking out new ways of living, from the remote outposts along Bean and Zayante Creeks to the bustling towns of Los Gatos and Santa Cruz. Bridges and tunnels marked the landscape, and each new station, siding and spur signaled activity: businesses, settlements, and vacation spots. Summer resorts in the mountains evolved into sprawling residential communities which formed the backbone of the towns of the San Lorenzo Valley today. Much of the history of the locations along the route has since been forgotten. This is their story. Third Revision (February 2016) Addenda available at Exclusive CreateSpace Discount: Enter MU236Q6V into the coupon code field and get this book for $5.00 off! Offer only valid through CreateSpace. Review this book at GoodReads (

Rails of California s Central Coast

Author : Walter Rice
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Diversity is the prime characteristic of the California Central Coast's many rail operations. Readers will be attracted by the varying scope of Central Coast--Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Luis Obispo Counties--rail systems. They range from local horsecar services and the narrow-gauge electrified plant railroad that served the Santa Cruz Cement Company at Davenport to the Southern Pacific Railroad's Coast Line and its engineering marvel Cuesta Grade, highlighted by the world-famous horseshoe curve. Local streetcar systems and long-ceased regional railroads are part of the area's rail legacy. Rare historic images blended with contemporary photography chronicle the region's railways from times past to the present.

The Monterey Bay Shoreline Guide

Author : Jerry Emory
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"Healthy oceans are critical to the future of all life on Earth, yet by and large the underwater world remains hidden to us, unknown and mysterious. The mission of the Monterey Bay Aquarium is to inspire conservation of the oceans, and this series of books is intended to further that goal. By helping people discover their connection with the natural world, we hope to foster a lifelong commitment to learning about and caring for the oceans on which all life depends."--Julie Packard, Executive Director, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Santa Cruz Monterey Illustrated Handbook

Author : Henry Meyrick
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Tourist Trains Guidebook

Author : Trains Magazine
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Provides reviews and listings for a variety of railroad museums in the United States and Canada.

Santa Cruz County California

Author :
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Appendix to the Journals of the Senate and Assembly of the Legislature of the State of California

Author :
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Encyclopedia of Western Railroad History California

Author : Donald B. Robertson
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Distributed by the University of Nebraska Press for Caxton Press This book includes 368 pages of maps, photographs and technical data on the history of railroading in California. There are detailed reports on dates of operation, mergers, miles of track, maximum grade, gauge and rail weight. It also includes the histories of thousands of locomotives.

California Central Coast Railways

Author : Rick Hamman
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Report of the Board of Commissioners of Transportation to the Legislature of the State of California

Author : California. Board of Commissioners of Transportation
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Report of the Board of Commissioners of Transportation

Author : Board of Commissioners of Transportation of the State of California
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Santa Cruz Los Gatos Rail Corridor Feasibility Study

Author :
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Roaring Camp Railroads

Author : Beniam Kifle
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In 1963, Norman Clark officially opened Roaring Camp to the public. Since then, it has become a popular and well-known destination for tourists and rail buffs from around the world who wish to visit and ride on its 100-year-old steam trains. Isaac Graham, who constructed the first powered sawmill and the first whiskey distillery in the American West, settled the area in the 1840s. Graham was notorious for his boisterous antics, and his settlement became known as a "wild and roaring camp." Clark arrived in the area in the mid-1950s with $25 in his pocket and the dream of preserving a piece of early California. Clark's dream included a plan to construct an 1880s railroad town, complete with an authentic narrow-gauge logging railway. Over the last 50 years, Clark's dream has been continued and expanded, now incorporating two railroads, one of which dates to 1875.

Combing the Coast 2 Santa Cruz to Carmel

Author : Ruth A. Jackson
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Santa Cruz County Place Names

Author : Donald Thomas Clark
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Railroads of Los Gatos

Author : Edward Kelley
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The picturesque town of Los Gatos stands between the once verdant orchards of the Santa Clara Valley and the forested slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The narrow-gauge South Pacific Coast Railroad arrived in 1878 and, within two years, laid track over the mountains to carry passengers, redwood, and tons of ripe produce. Less than a decade later it was purchased by Southern Pacific, and completely converted to standard gauge by 1909. Invigorating business and industry, the railroad remained a vital part of the economy of Los Gatos for over 80 years. Although the era of commercial rail ended in 1959, Billy Jones and his scaled-down Wildcat Railroad" still offered weekend rides at his ranch to guests, including Walt Disney. The Wildcat still operates in two local parks today."

The Passenger Train in the Motor Age

Author : Gregory Lee Thompson
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"In his insightful study, Gregory L. Thompson examines the demise of passenger trains and the rise of buses in California and demonstrates that railroad management's shortsighted response to the growing use of automobiles contributed to its own decline." "After peaking about 1910, the use of intercity passenger trains rapidly gave way to the onslaught of the automobile. For the next three decades, railroad managers tried, but failed, to adapt the passenger train to the new competition. Although previous studies have suggested that regulation and a conspiracy between rail and bus management played a significant role in the decline of the industry, Thompson reaches a different conclusion. Focusing on the California operations of two major railroads and the largest intercity bus company in the United States, he demonstrates that railroad management failed to accurately assess the demand for its service and the costs of providing it. According to Thompson, railroad management's faulty planning and its misleading accounting system eventually did the passenger train in, while superior corporate planning within bus companies led to their success." "Based on previously unseen data, The Passenger Train in the Motor Age offers an illuminating portrait of a critical time in railroad history."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

A Researcher s Digest on F A Hihn and His Santa Cruz Rail Road Company and Related Subjects

Author :
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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Author : Chandra Moira Beal
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"First comprehensive book about the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: Fred Swanton, "Father" of the Boardwalk; Cocoanut Grove ballroom; eliminating sin-- liquor and skimpy bathing suits; Neptune Casino-- tragic fire and reconstruction; famous salt water Plunge & Natatorium; Giant Dipper wooden rollercoaster; Casa del Rey luxury hotel; Pleasure Pier & Cottage City; Looff's 1911 Carousel; Seaside Company origins; Thompson's Scenic Railway; the Balboa 'pleasure ship'. Includes over 175 historic photographs and much more!"--P. 3 of cover.

Los Leprechauns de Santa Cruz

Author : Carmen de la Luz Luna
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The Leprechauns settle in Santa Cruz, New Mexico, a vortex of magical energy, where they live and thrive for centuries. They have a need for help one day and seek out the local curandera. They have other friends in northern New Mexico. The locals have their own legends about the tiny magical people that the Native Americans call kachinas. Together, they rid Santa Cruz of pendejos. With a little luck, the clan MacTavish could make it rain gold--magic gold!