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Salem A Literary Profile

Author : Clara Petino
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This book attempts a profile of literary Salem by analyzing recurring themes and motifs such as real estate conflicts, the infamous afflicted girls, Salem's metaphorical significance in politics, the motif of ancestry tracing, the re-appropriation of the witch as a figure of female empowerment, and the fear of history repeating.

Dictionary of Literary Biography

Author : J. M. Brook
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Updates entries already published and supplements the Dictionary of Literary Biography series with entries on newly prominent writers.

Encyclopedia of Feminist Literature

Author : Mary Ellen Snodgrass
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An accessible one-volume encyclopedia, this addition to the Literary Movements series is a comprehensive reference guide to the history and development of feminist literature, from early fairy tales to works by great women writers of today. Hundred

My Literary Profile

Author : Helene Pilibosian
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Wisdom and Torah

Author : Bernd Schipper
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Taking the concepts of wisdom and Torah in the book of Deuteronomy as a point of departure, the essays of the present collection examines the relationship between wisdom and Torah in Wisdom literature of the Second Temple period.

America s Most Haunted Hotels

Author : Jamie Davis Whitmer
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Phantom footsteps pace the stairs at the Myrtles Plantation. A seductive spirit tugs on the sheets at the Copper Queen. Ghost children whisper and giggle at the Kehoe House. Journey into the mysterious world of haunted hotels, where uninvited guests roam the halls, supernatural sounds ring throughout the rooms, and chills run along the spines of those who dare to check in for the night. Join Jamie Davis Whitmer, author of Haunted Asylums, Prisons, and Sanatoriums, as she explores some of the most haunted hotels across the United States. From the Jerome Grand Hotel in Arizona to the Palmer House in Minnesota, each hotel is discussed in great detail, covering everything from the building’s history and legends to first-hand accounts of spooky sounds and smells, ghost sightings, EVP sessions, and more. You’ll also find photos, travel information, and everything else you need to plan your own visit to these iconic hotels.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Reference Index 1878 1985 Subject entries

Author : Halbert W. Hall
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A Dark Night s Dreaming

Author : Professor Matthew J Bruccoli
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A Dark Night's Dreaming opens by defining the shape of horror fiction today, illuminating the genre's narrative themes, psychological and social contexts, and historical development. The core of the volume focuses on the lives and major works of the six who have dramatically shaped the genre: William Peter Blatty, Thomas Harris, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Peter Straub, and Whitley Strieber. A final chapter analyzes the complex relationship between horror fiction and its adaptation to film. Looking beyond the tormented maidens, madmen, monsters, and other archetypes of the genre, these critics differentiate contemporary Gothic fiction from that of earlier generations while demonstrating that horror remains one of the most important and consistent strains connecting the diverse elements of the American literary tradition. They comment on the genre's enormous popularity and undeniable influence in American society and scrutinize its changing representations of women, monsters, and gore. The volume concludes with an extensive bibliography of primary and secondary works.

Fantasy Literature for Children and Young Adults

Author : Ruth Nadelman Lynn
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Offers brief descriptions of more than 3,000 works of fantasy arranged by themes, including ghosts, heroes, magic, time travel, toys, and witchcraft

A Righteous Cause

Author : Robert W. Cherny
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Three times the Democratic Party’s nominee for president (1896, 1900, and 1908) and secretary of state under Woodrow Wilson, William Jennings Bryan voiced the concerns of many Americans left out of the post–Civil War economic growth. In A Righteous Cause: The Life of Williams Jennings Bryan, Robert W. Cherny presents Bryan’s key role in the Democratic Party’s transformation from the conservatism of Grover Cleveland to the progressivism of Woodrow Wilson. Cherny draws on Bryan’s writings and correspondence to trace his major political crusades for a new currency policy, prohibition, and women’s suffrage, and against colonialism, monopolies, America’s entry into World War I, and the teaching of evolution in the public schools.

Drawn to Purpose

Author : Martha H. Kennedy
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Published in partnership with the Library of Congress, Drawn to Purpose: American Women Illustrators and Cartoonists presents an overarching survey of women in American illustration, from the late nineteenth into the twenty-first century. Martha H. Kennedy brings special attention to forms that have heretofore received scant notice--cover designs, editorial illustrations, and political cartoons--and reveals the contributions of acclaimed cartoonists and illustrators, along with many whose work has been overlooked. Featuring over 250 color illustrations, including eye-catching original art from the collections of the Library of Congress, Drawn to Purpose provides insight into the personal and professional experiences of eighty women who created these works. Included are artists Roz Chast, Lynda Barry, Lynn Johnston, and Jillian Tamaki. The artists' stories, shaped by their access to artistic training, the impact of marriage and children on careers, and experiences of gender bias in the marketplace, serve as vivid reminders of social change during a period in which the roles and interests of women broadened from the private to the public sphere. The vast, often neglected, body of artistic achievement by women remains an important part of our visual culture. The lives and work of the women responsible for it merit much further attention than they have received thus far. For readers who care about cartooning and illustration, Drawn to Purpose provides valuable insight into this rich heritage.

Reference Guide to Africa

Author : Alfred Kagan
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This third edition of the Reference Guide to Africa explains the most important resources for the study of the continent of Africa. It contains a general sources section and a larger disciplinary oriented section. All sources are annotated.

Guide to Reference Materials for School Library Media Centers

Author : Barbara Ripp Safford
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Lists the best reference materials in the arts and sciences that meet the needs of elementary, secondary, vocational, and junior college students and teachers.

The Harvard Guide to African American History

Author : Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham
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Compiles information and interpretations on the past 500 years of African American history, containing essays on historical research aids, bibliographies, resources for womens' issues, and an accompanying CD-ROM providing bibliographical entries.

Victorian Periodicals Review

Author :
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Magill s Bibliography of Literary Criticism

Author : Stephen L. Hanson
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Asian American Literature

Author : Bella Adams
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This critical study of Asian American literature discusses work by internationally successful writers such as Maxine Hong Kingston, Chang-rae Lee, Bharati Mukherjee, Amy Tan and others in their historical, cultural and critical contexts. The focus of the book is on contemporary writing, from the 1970s onwards, although it also traces over a hundred years of Asian American literary production in prose, poetry, drama and criticism. The main body of the book comprises five periodized chapters that highlight important events in a nation-state that has historically rendered Asian Americans invisible. Of particular importance to the writers selected for case studies are questions of racial identity, cultural history and literary value with respect to dominant American ideologies.

The Islamic Lineage of American Literary Culture

Author : Jeffrey Einboden
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Uncovering Islam's little known yet formative impact on U.S. literary culture, this book traces genealogies of Islamic influence that span America's earliest generations, reaching from the Revolution to Reconstruction. Excavating personal appeals to Islam by pioneering national authors-Ezra Stiles, William Bentley, Washington Irving, Lydia Maria Child, Ralph Waldo Emerson-Einboden discovers Muslim discourse woven into the familiar fabric of unpublished letters and sermons, journals and journalism, memoirs and marginalia. The first to unearth multiple manuscripts exhibiting American investment in Middle Eastern languages and literatures, Einboden argues that Islamic precedents helped to prompt and propel creativity in the young Republic, acting as vehicles of artistic reflection, religious contemplation, and political liberation. Intersecting informal engagements and intimate exchanges, Islamic sources are situated in this timely study as catalysts for American authorship and identity, with U.S. writers mirroring the defining struggles of their country's first decades through domestic investment in the Qur'an, Hadith, and Persian Sufi poetry.

The Journal afterw The Madras journal of literature and science ed by J C Morris

Author : Madras literary society
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Author :
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