Sailing Strategy

Wind and Current


Author: Ian Proctor

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1472901460

Category: Transportation

Page: 176

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Sailing Strategy is considered a racing classic. Long out of print, it has champions who have been petitioning hard for its reissue. It is considered the best book ever written on the subject, and presents in detail techniques which are still completely relevant and applicable today. The author provides a very thorough analysis and explanation of how to read the wind and currents in all conditions on a racecourse, and explains how a good knowledge and understanding of their vagaries by the racer can be used advantageously to enhance boat performance on the racecourse, and carry both helm and crew further up the fleet. For any racer wanting an 'edge' (as any competitive sailor will always be aiming for) the reissue of this long out of print gem will be a godsend. A modern classic and an ideal companion to the recently reissued Start to Win, Sailing Strategy also has a new Foreword by Bob Fisher, Yachting Correspondent for The Guardian, and columnist for Yachts and Yachting. The reissue of this classic will be welcomed by novice and experienced racers alike.

Higher Performance Sailing

Faster Handling Techniques


Author: Frank Bethwaite

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1472901312

Category: Transportation

Page: 448

View: 631

'Monumental!' - Bob Ross, Australian Sailing High Performance Sailing is now regarded as the bible of racing sailors and carries a string of endorsements from high achievers. Since its publication in 1984, racing yachts and dinghies have developed out of all recognition - a new high-tech breed of 'apparent wind' fast racers has claimed the water and so far no-one has applied themselves seriously to analysing what makes these boats sail fast (and what will make them faster). This is Frank Bethwaite's ground-breaking achievement in Higher Performance Sailing. By means of extensive research, and working with sailors of different racing calibre, Bethwaite analyses how to harness the apparent wind for increased speed and better position on your rivals. Higher Performance Sailing will provide the key to racing sailors' dreams. Praise for Bethwaite's High Performance Sailing: 'It represents a breakthrough...It is a book that my Olympic squad will benefit from.' Rod Carr, former British Olympic Sailing Team Manager 'Allowed only one "if only" in yacht racing, it would have been to have read Higher Performance Sailing years ago.' Bob Fisher, journalist, broadcaster and international championship winner

Sailing To Win

Guaranteed Winning Strategies To Navigate From The Back To The Front Of The Fleet


Author: Brett Bowden

Publisher: Global Publishing Group

ISBN: 1925282783

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 222

View: 4705

Sailing strategies from beginner to winner. International author, competitive sailor and successful business strategist Brett Bowden shares over 3 decades of wisdom of what it takes to be successful. Brett shares not only his own experiences, but a collection of wisdom from world champions and sailing legends. Together with his passion for sailing and winning in all areas of life, Brett shows you just how to do it step by step. By the time you have finished this book, learned the strategies and practiced the drills, you will be guaranteed of being on the podium more often than not and collec more than your fair share of silverware. If you're serious about being successful then you must read this book. You'll learn:- The little known secrets behind the science of sailing- The psychology and mindset of winning races- Key ways to banish frustration from your sailing- Critical ways to start, conduct and finish a race like a champion- How to get inside tactical knowledge at new venues- Essential training drills to hone your skills to ensure your success- Championship race tactics and strategies that only top skippers know If you're serious about winning then read this book today!

Physics of Sailing


Author: John Kimball

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1466502665

Category: Science

Page: 296

View: 5836

Breaking down the complicated concepts of speed, acceleration, torque, fluid mechanics, and surface physics, Physics of Sailing provides a lively, easily accessible introduction to the basic science underlying the sport of sailing. It illustrates the many ways physics can be used to understand the principles of sailboat propulsion and how a scientific understanding of the boat, wind, and water can lead to more skillful sailing. After a brief but insightful tour of the history of sailing, the book explores the physics involved in making faster sailing crafts for both upwind and downwind sailing, including Newton’s impact theory of fluid resistance and lift and drag phenomena. It compares possible sail shapes, presents measurements of hull smoothness, and describes wind turbulence, the nature of water waves, and the structure of wakes. Using the physics of optics, the author also explains the connection between water’s appearance and the wind. Along with a glossary of sailing terms, he includes many examples throughout to illustrate the concepts in practice. Avoiding unnecessary formalisms, this book skillfully applies the principles of fluid mechanics to sailboat technology and the art of sailing. It should help you become a more knowledgeable sailor.

Stress-free Sailing

Single and Short-handed Techniques


Author: Duncan Wells

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472919742

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 160

View: 1685

The vast majority of sailing yacht scenarios comprise a couple sailing the boat together, and needing to carry out all manoeuvres and activities themselves with no help from a back-up crew. Their boat handling, navigation, sail handling, anchoring and mooring skills all have to be carried out both efficiently and effectively, preferably with the minimum of physical effort (to conserve energy). But most sailing technique books assume a crew of 3 or 4, all willing to lend a hand. This book is therefore a first, addressing the most common sailing scenarios that anyone cruising will have to deal with, and providing clever, original, highly effective (and most importantly successfully tried and tested by the author) techniques and solutions for dealing with the huge variety of essential operations on a boat – from sail setting and reefing, to picking up mooring buoys in a variety of wind and tide situations, anchoring, berthing and leaving a pontoon shorthanded, picking up a man overboard, sailing in fog and heavy weather – and even going up the mast. This book will be a godsend to anyone sailing single or shorthanded – including couples with young children who need to be supervised by one parent whilst the other runs the boat. Organised into techniques for different cruising scenarios, the book features step by step sequential photos showing exactly how to approach each situation and carry out the task in hand.

The Everything Sailing Book

From Rigging to Reaching--All of the Information You Need to Set Sail


Author: Michael Smorenburg,Nikki Smorenburg

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781580626712

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 289

View: 955

A revised edition of the practical, hands-on guide to sailing on all levels. The book walks readers step by step through all the techniques they need to get underway and on the sea. Illustrations.

The Use of Sailing Ships for Oceanography


Author: National Research Council (U.S.). Ad Hoc Panel on the Use of Sailing Ships for Oceanography

Publisher: National Academies


Category: Oceanographic research ships

Page: 32

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Oceanic Migration

Paths, Sequence, Timing and Range of Prehistoric Migration in the Pacific and Indian Oceans


Author: Charles E.M. Pearce,F. M. Pearce

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789048138265

Category: Social Science

Page: 401

View: 1395

Oceanic Migration studies the prehistoric peopling of the Pacific. It uses science and mathematics to expand the research base of Pacific prehistory and casts new light on this final human expansion. It explores the fundamental roles of oceanography and of global climate change in determining the paths, sequence, timing and range of Spice Island-based maritime migrations ranging across a quarter of the globe. The book is of interest to Pacific prehistorians, oceanographers and American anthropologists concerned with the diffusionist debate. For oceanographers it presents the new idea of the role of the West Pacific Warm Pool and of three of its four major currents in determining the evolution of voyaging in two oceans. For diffusionists it provides new chronological and technological contexts in which the issue of diffusionism needs to be reconsidered. For prehistorians it creates a paradigmatic shift by establishing a new time depth and mechanism for Polynesian exploration, offers a new view of voyaging and exploration strategies and of economic imperatives and adds a new dimension to the debate on Polynesian origins.



Author: Julie S. Bach

Publisher: Black Rabbit Books

ISBN: 9781583406717

Category: Sailing

Page: 32

View: 9278

Presents some of the history, equipment, competitors, and competitions in the sport of sailboat racing.

The Prehistoric Exploration and Colonisation of the Pacific


Author: Geoffrey Irwin

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521476515

Category: History

Page: 240

View: 3390

The exploration and colonization of the Pacific is a remarkable episode in human prehistory. Early sea-going explorers had no knowledge of Pacific geography, no instruments for measuring time and none for exploration. Forty years of modern archaeology, experimental voyages in rafts, and computer simulations of voyages have produced an normous range of literature on this controversial subject. This book represents a major advance in knowledge of the settlement of the Pacific by suggesting that exploration was rapid, purposeful and undertaken systematically, and that navigation methods progressively improved.