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Sailing Adventures Becoming a Sailor

Author : Conbert H Benneck
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Starting a new sailing life: going trailer sailing to find peace and quiet again. Learning about small trailerable sailboats; about launch ramps; about how to launch and retrieve a boat. Problems encountered; knowledge gained; and problem solutions. How to live happily ever after.

Sailing Adventures

Author : Conbert H Benneck
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How one becomes a sailor. It starts in the bathtub. Progresses to learning how to row a boat, paddle or canoe, sail model sail boats, and gradually learn how to sail on larger boats. It's a logical procession from smaller boats to larger boats as your experience and your knowledge grows. This book shows you, how sailing is a completely different sport because the older you get and the more experience you gain, the wider your horizon becomes. You start sailing on lakes and locally in the ocean but then you start making longer and still longer trips until the whole world lies before you. It is a sport that allows you to start at any time and continue enjoying the sport into your old age. It is not a question of physical strength, physical fitness or speed, it is a game between you, the weather and the ocean that you use to your advantage as your knowledge improves. Adventures sailing in Germany; Holland; and going from Rotterdam to Paris via inland waterways. Further adventures in heavy traffic at night in the Seine in an incoming 26 foot high tide.Deciding to buy a sailboat again. Considerations, possibilities, and decisions leading to a purchaseThese are the experiences of a man which lived his life on the ocean

Becoming a Sailor

Author : Paul Trammell
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"Fear is here for us to face, and adventure waits on the other side. " An immersive non-fiction adventure story, "Becoming a Sailor" captures the scene as one would experience it. Readers will feel that they are sailing in the ocean on a dark and windy night, beating into a northwest wind and heavy seas while rounding Cape Canaveral. They will feel the cold water hit them in the face when waves crash into the little sailboat. They will experience the joy of a perfect day, sailing at hull-speed under bright sunshine across the open water halfway between Cuba and Florida. They will dive in the clear waters of The Bahamas and see the ancient and cavernous coral around which swim schools of blue tang, majestic queen angelfish, and the upside-down royal gramma. The reader will surf big waves in Puerto Rico, freedive into underwater caves in Florida, visit the remote Venezuelan outpost of Isla Aves, explore a huge and abandoned 1800's fort in the Florida Straits. Alligators will be encountered deep in the Okefenokee swamp. Manta rays, dolphin, sharks, Goliath grouper, and many colorful reef fish move in and out of the story."Becoming a Sailor" also goes into technical detail about the repairs and additions to Sobrius, a 1972 Dufour Arpege, as well as the techniques the author had to learn in order to sail singlehanded on multi-day passages.The narrative moves back and forth in time, from the author's adventures leading up to the purchase of Sobrius to the final journey, singlehanded, from Tampa Bay to The Dry Tortugas, then Miami, and finally to St Augustine. When the author departed on this passage, he had little experience, but had done much preparation and study. Still he was not certain about many things, including his ability, the ability of the vessel, and whether or not he could sleep in 20 minute increments for three or four days at a time. All the unknowns of a first singlehanded voyage lead to a fascinating experience which is shared with vivid description of both scene and mind in this gripping tale of adventure at sea.

Sailors and Sailing Adventures

Author : Cleon McClain
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Sailors and Sailing Adventures is not just a collection of poetry about sailing. Each of the delightfully written and often thought provoking poems that the author – Cleon McClain – has written is accompanied by his own personal commentary. The commentaries contain the stories as to how each poem came to be written. Cleon McClain also shares with the readers much of his personal life and thoughts, as well as giving his poetic insight concerning each poem. As a bonus, the appendices contains some short stories of how the author came to acquire his current sailboat the Glenda Kay, and some sailing adventures he and the Glenda Kay has shared. Sailors and Sailing Adventures will capture the reader’s imagination, make you think, and on occasions tug at your heart strings. You will be drawn to read it again and again.

Sailing Tours

Author : Frank Cowper
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Ultimate Sailing Adventures

Author : Miles Kendall
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Do you dream of sailing around one of the Great Capes? Would you like to cruise up the Amazon or windsurf across the Pacific? How about competing in the America’s Cup or Volvo Ocean Race? These are just a few of the 100 extraordinary experiences included in Ultimate Sailing Adventures._x000D_ There are more modest adventures too: share the experience of competing among almost 2,000 yachts in a race that is open to all, or get a feel for cruising among the epic scenery of Desolation Sound._x000D_ This book takes you from Lake Titicaca to the Arctic Circle and from the turquoise waters of the Caribbean to the icebergs and mountainous seas of the Southern Ocean. Try an eco-charter in Thailand or step aboard the sexiest yacht in the world. Lively writing puts you at the helm while stunning photography brings each adventure to life.

G A HENTY Ultimate Collection 100 Historical Novels Adventure Tales Short Stories

Author : G. A. Henty
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e-artnow presents to you this meticulously edited G. A. Henty collection: Novels: A Search for a Secret All But Lost Out on the Pampas The Young Franc-Tireurs The Young Buglers The Cornet of Horse In Times of Peril Facing Death, The Hero of the Vaughan Pit Winning His Spurs (Boy Knight) Friends Though Divided Jack Archer Under Drake's Flag By Sheer Pluck With Clive in India In Freedom's Cause St. George For England True to the Old Flag The Young Colonists The Dragon and the Raven For Name and Fame The Lion of the North Through the Fray The Bravest of the Brave A Final Reckoning The Young Carthaginian With Wolfe in Canada Bonnie Prince Charlie For the Temple In the Reign of Terror Orange and Green Captain Bayley's Heir The Cat of Bubastes The Curse of Carne's Hold The Lion of St. Mark By Pike and Dyke One of the 28th With Lee in Virginia By England's Aid By Right of Conquest Chapter of Adventures Maori and Settler The Dash For Khartoum Held Fast for England Redskin and Cowboy Beric the Briton Condemned as a Nihilist In Greek Waters Rujub, the Juggler Dorothy's Double A Jacobite Exile Saint Bartholomew's Eve Through the Sikh War In the Heart of the Rockies When London Burned A Girl of the Commune Wulf The Saxon A Knight of the White Cross Through Russian Snows The Tiger of Mysore At Agincourt On the Irrawaddy The Queen's Cup With Cochrane the Dauntless Colonel Thorndyke's Secret A March on London With Frederick the Great With Moore at Corunna Among Malay Pirates At Aboukir and Acre Both Sides the Border The Golden Cañon The Stone Chest The Lost Heir Under Wellington's Command In the Hands of the Cave Dwellers No Surrender! A Roving Commission Won by the Sword In the Irish Brigade Out With Garibaldi With Buller in Natal At the Point of the Bayonet To Herat and Cabul With Roberts to Pretoria The Treasure of the Incas With Kitchener in the Soudan With the British Legion Through Three Campaigns With the Allies to Pekin By Conduct and Courage Short Stories Historical Works Other Writings

The Complete Sailor Second Edition

Author : David Seidman
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This is not just an instructional book---it's an insight into a sailor's approach to the sea, boats, and the ever-changing dynamic of wind on the water "A learn-to-sail book with heart."--WoodenBoat "A real winner...a masterful blend of straightforward text with delightful and instructive illustrations. Quite simply a great primer on sailing and the world of boats for readers of all ages."--Cruising World "Teaches sailing with flair and poetry."--SAIL "A great walk-through for the novice, both entertaining and thorough."--Sailing "Sits in a class by itself. Elegantly simple, encyclopedic in scope, and a delightful reference for any novice—with lots to offer intermediate sailors, too."--Kalamazoo Gazette If you never sailed, sailed once, or have sailed for a lifetime, this book is perfect for beginners but deep enough content for those interested in going beyond basics. Revised and expanded to include racing and GPS navigation, The Complete Sailor is not just a how-to sail book, but a book that teaches you how to become a sailor. Inside you’ll find: An all-in-one, comprehensive introduction to sailing Up-to-date information on techniques and approaches offered by the changing nature of the sport Exquisite pen-and-ink illustrations Topics include: Wind Sense; Working Winds; Getting Underway; The Boat; Rigging; Sails; Under Power; Rules of the Road; Anchoring; Ropework; Marlinspike Seamanship; Emergencies; Sea and Sky; Navigation; Racing; Trailering

Sailing Adventures in Paradise

Author : Vincent Bossley
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Chronicle of authors' four years sailing adventure in the Pacific Ocean and South Seas Islands. Told through the eyes of his sailboat it is a most refreshing and knowledge filled narrative with many insights and problem solving events. Great reading for anyone planning or contemplating planning their own sailing odyssey. Also includes '101 Dollar Saving Tips' useful for the cruising sailor.

A Draper in Australia Being a Narrative of Three Years Adventures and Experience at the Gold fields in the Bush and in the Chief Cities of Victoria and New South Wales

Author : George Willmer
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Celestial Sailors Chasing Sunsets

Author : Michel Orlando Forlini
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Strive to cross oceans. Your spiritual growth commands it. Inner exploration alone will prepare your expedition to the outer shores of the cosmos. Learn not to think in minutes and years, but in lifetimes. For the stars you see in the night sky, light years away, were ignited long ago. Celestial Sailors Chasing Sunsets follows the quest of Thomas, a business executive, husband and father of two on a path of spiritual awareness. Aboard a vessel crossing the Caribbean, Thomas will be mentored by Paris and Corto, a sailing couple endowed with mystical gifts enabling contacts with souls from the after life and searching for the Eternal Energya unique force one can only harness upon reaching the highest level of enlightenment. Written for the wanderer and seeker in each of us, this tale is fi lled with spiritual teachings sure to warm your heart. Sail the colorful waters of the Caribbean and discover the treasure that may be eluding you.

Boston Jane An Adventure

Author : Jennifer L. Holm
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Fans of adventure, romance, and a strong heroine will love this this action-packed historical trilogy by three-time Newbery Honor winner and New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Holm. 1855. The unknown wilds of the Pacific Northwest—a land not yet tamed, and certainly not fitting for a proper young lady! Yet that’s just where Miss Jane Peck finds herself. After a tumultuous childhood on the wrong side of Philadelphia high society, Jane is trying to put aside her reckless ways and be accepted as a proper young lady. And so when handsome William Baldt proposes, she joyfully accepts and prepares to join him in a world away from her home in Washington Territory. But Miss Hepplewhite’ s straitlaced finishing school was hardly preparation for the treacherous months at sea it takes to get there, the haunting loss she’ll face on the way, or the colorful characters and crude life that await her on the frontier.

The Last American Sailors

Author : Michael Rawlins
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A sadistic captain puts his crew on edge. A young officer has a breakdown in a near-collision. A sailor jumps to the bottom of the sea. The Last American Sailors recounts one man's decade in a misunderstood industry--the merchant marine, a fleet with a glorious past and an uncertain future. If On the Road met The Perfect Storm, we would have The Last American Sailors, the definitive travelogue of a merchant seaman and an encompassing look into the mysterious world of merchant shipping.

A Sailor s Adventures

Author : Friedrich Gerstäcker
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Pig Headed Sailor Men From The Strange Adventure of James Shervinton and Other Stories

Author : Louis Becke
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Outing Sport Adventure Travel Fiction

Author :
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The Sailors Magazine and Seamen s Friend

Author :
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Thrilling Adventures at Sea

Author :
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Handbook of Offshore Cruising

Author : Jim Howard
File Size : 67.51 MB
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Jim Howard has cruised the great oceans of the world for over 25 years, often single-handed.

The boy s own sea stories the adventures of a sailor narrated by himself

Author : Boy
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