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Safari Adventure

Author : Dick Houston
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Describes a safari in Kenya and Tanzania, highlighting the native tribes, animals, and local scenery.

African Safari Adventures

Author : Thomas Walsh
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It was pure serendipity that we went on an African safari, but we are forever grateful that we did. We combined a visit with my brother and sister-in-law, a doctor and nurse volunteering at a hospital in Uganda with a safari to Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Enjoy reading about what it was like to volunteer at a hospital in a small town in southwestern Uganda and the excitement and adventure of trekking mountain gorillas in Rwanda, camel rides in the rugged northern frontier of Kenya, safaris in the magical "Green Hills" of Africa in southeast Kenya, the lost world of the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, the mysterious shifting sands of Tanzania, close encounters with wild animals on the Serengeti Plain and the iconic Great Wildebeest Migration. Meet the many different and interesting people we encountered on safari and learn about the fabulous eco-lodges we stayed at. Travel with us across East Africa in small planes and safari cars for the many wonderful experiences that made this the trip-of-a-lifetime for us and our friends.

Botswana Safari Guide

Author : Chris McIntyre
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This new edition of Bradt's Botswana remains the only full-blown, standalone guide to one of Africa's most popular and rewarding safari destinations. Acclaimed by tour operators and travel writers alike, this is the only guide to focus on the most popular tourist areas of Botswana: the Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park and the Northern Kalahari, and this new edition includes a new full-colour wildlife guide, backed up by detailed flora and fauna information for each safari area. Fully updated, from top lodges in the Okavango Delta to small guesthouses (including many new to this edition), also included are detailed maps, comprehensive GPS coordinates (invaluable to self-drivers), and coverage of Livingstone and the Victoria Falls, ideal as an add-on trip to a safari in Botswana With this guide, explore one of the world's most stunning wildlife destinations, read up on superb safari lodges with excellent guiding, from traditional tented camps to those offering five-star luxury and top-class cuisine, and make the most of the excellent birding (almost 600 species identified). Also included are details of how to arrange mobile safaris around the national parks and reserves with your own guide, often staying in private campsites; boat cruises on the Chobe River, where herds of elephant cross every evening; and when and how to view one of the great gatherings of zebra in Makgadikgadi National Park. Botswana's wilderness is pristine. The permanent waters of the Okavango Delta attract year-round wildlife, now including all the 'big five' - for the rhinos are back thanks to a successful re-introduction programme. Spreading out from the Delta, Botswana has tremendous variety, from the arid Kalahari to lush, well-watered forest glades and the broad Chobe River. And then there's Botswana's rich history, from the ancient rock paintings at Tsodilo, to Stone Age arrowheads on the Makgadikgadi Pans. Written and updated by experts, Bradt's Botswana is the definitive companion to discovering this enchanting destination.

Safari In South Africa

Author : Stuart Butler
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Horizon Guides’ Safari In South Africa is your one-stop guide to the best safaris destinations in South Africa.

This guide provides the inspiration and practical information you need to begin planning a safari trip in South Africa.

We look at the different safari regions of South Africa, including where is best for different budgets, what animals you can see and how to make the most of your safari adventure.

In this guide:

  • In-depth travel planning guide to safari routes
  • Practical resources on how to plan, book and experience a trip to South Africa
  • Route maps highlighting potential itineraries
  • Guidance on when to visit and what to experience

Our Safari In South Africa guide is designed to help travellers learn more about how to plan a trip to South Africa. Get inspired by our first-hand experiences and get planning with our in-depth guides.

3 Important Facts About African Safari

Author : Eugene Wilks
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Africa is the region that seems to offer rich collection of culture, resources, places of wonder and scenes of the circle of life. It is more impressive than anyone may ever dream. And as vast as it can get, no one can truly travel the whole of Africa in a month without missing hundreds of sights. One has to live in Africa to be able to see it all. With this ebook discover: - 3 best practices for safari travel - 6 strange facts about safari - And More GRAB A COPY TODAY!

The Go to Guide to Mauritius Travel

Author : Winston Muniz
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When you are planning a vacation, having all of the important facts in hand well in advance will help to ensure that your trip will be as pleasant and problem-free as possible. For American travellers who plan to vacation on Mauritius, one important factor that will be handy to know about in advance is that the metric system is used for weights and measurements on the island. As this is something which many Americans are not overly familiar with, it would be a good idea to either brush up on skills or carry a metric converter, such as a small booklet which contains this information. It may seem like a very minor issue, but when you are on your trip you will see how frequently it will come in handy for everything from asking the distance in directions to purchasing food items while shopping.

The Adventures of Mousie and Lousie

Author : Michael Schildcrout
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What could be more interesting than having mice who walk on two feet, wear fashionable outfits, and don’t have tails? Well, that would be two sets of fraternal twin mice. Meet Mousie and Lousie, male mice twins, and their cousins, Topsie and Wopsie, female mice twins. They all come from Mouseville, a community of intelligent mice in the United States. Professor Ushgloshkiss Vernes, an eccentric genius, loves to work with these intelligent mice from Mouseville, and he works with the two sets of twins. Together, they venture in different exciting adventures including cosmic and safari expeditions to world tournaments and going back in time to the Wild West. Professor Vernes provides the twins with awesome gadgets and high-end technology that will aid them in their adventures, from rockets that will bring them to the moon and Mars to antigravity inventions and time machines. These mice are well equipped. From being detectives to unintentionally causing a nation-wide panic, Mousie, Lousie, Topsie, and Wopsie will definitely give you an epic adventure you’ll surely enjoy. The Adventures of Mousie and Louise will certainly keep you hooked!

There s a Customer Born Every Minute

Author : Joe Vitale
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Praise for THERE'S A CUSTOMER BORN EVERY MINUTE "Joe Vitale has created an entertaining, educational, and motivational manual-with the help of P.T. Barnum-that belongs in every hotel room alongside the Bible. Then, guests might read his inspirational book first, and give thanks to God for this worthy discovery." —Alan Abel, media hoaxer, author, consultantand lecturer on "Using Your Wits to Win" "If you're going to excel in business, learning about a showman like Barnum and applying some of the lessons he taught can give you valuable insights. Joe Vitale has captured ten of these lessons (he calls them 'rings of power') and shows how you can apply them in a way that will open your eyes and stretch your imagination. There's a lot of money-making and fun wisdom here." —Joseph Sugarman, Chairman, BluBlocker Corporation "Finally someone does it!!! Joe Vitale reveals the REAL P.T. Barnum! Vitale highlights the outrageously astute marketing of Barnum. Barnum's driving belief certainly was that there IS a customer 'born' every minute. You will glean a number of useful 'new' marketing ideas that you can instantly use in your business. And you will learn about one of the savviest marketers of a time gone by. Fun, exciting, insightful, and packed with ideas! Genius!" —Kevin Hogan, author of The Science of Influence and The Psychology of Persuasion "I love this book. If you'd like to know the real story about one of the most fascinating characters in American history, told by a master storyteller (and the person who probably knows more about him than anyone else), read this book. Barnum is not the guy portrayed by the legend attached to his name. He is much, much more, and Vitale tells his story with the can't-put-it-down passion and excitement he's become so well known for." —Bill Harris, President, Centerpointe Research Institute

Malachite Lion

Author : Richard Modlin
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Libraries are full of travel books on Africa, but Malachite Lion is a narrative of an unplanned adventure, a modern odyssey that recounts the mysteries and paradoxes of East Africa. The book describes a journey through the crowded, bustling streets of Nairobi, into the wilds of Masai Mara and Amboseli, to ancient, mystifying Mombasa, electrifying Malindi and the sensuous Seychelles. Much of our experience with today’s East Africa is limited by what we see in edited natural history documentaries and sensational news stories. For most of us the place is a fantasy, as unreal as Sindbad's Baghdad. Richard Modlin’s exciting account of his travels through Kenya and the Seychelles will dispel some of the apprehensions that cloak this strange land and its people. His experiences as a scientist and academic have provided him with the skills to interestingly record his provocative observations, interactions, experiences, feelings and thoughts, and transport the reader beyond the confines of a tour bus. Descriptions of his encounters with the variety of indigenous people and wildlife are poignant, humorous and heartwarming. Malachite Lion is a definite read for anyone who has ever dreamed of traveling to East Africa realistically and vicariously.

Let s Get This Party Started

Author : Soleil Moon Frye
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Let’s Get This Party Started is a guide to more than 15 parties you can throw for your kids that are inexpensive, wildly inventive, and fun. Each party includes two crafts, one game, and one recipe—all of which you can put together with your child. Author Soleil Moon Frye also offers countless tips and ideas that will inspire you. Among the thematic parties featured in the book are the fairy party, the pirate party, the movie-on-the-lawn party, the camp party, the ’80s party, the rainbow party, the Halloween party, the luau, and many more, captured in gorgeous and colorful images by Frye’s brother, photographer Meeno. Timely and fun, this book is a must-have for parents who love entertaining with their kids. Praise for Let's Get This Party Started: “Quality children’s party books are high in demand, so this may be a welcome resource for families with young children . . . Recommended."—Library Journal