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Rural Enterprises in China

Author : Harry X. Wu
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How and why did the rural enterprise sector get so big in China? This book has the answers. That sector is owned and operated by rural communities. The book explains why these enterprises have been growing so fast, and it explores the implications of their growth.

Financing China s Rural Enterprises

Author : Jun Li
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Rural enterprises have played an important role in the extraordinary success of China’s economy over the last twenty years. This study comprehensively examines the financing of China’s rural enterprises over the reform period and discusses the key elements driving rural enterprise development in China, including the growth of rural enterprises and enterprise-level behavior, the role of state policy, rural financial institutions, and local government controls.

Rural China Economic and Social Change in the Late Twentieth Century

Author : Jie Fan
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This book reports the findings of two field studies conducted between 1993 and 2001 in seven townships and six provinces in China. The authors describe the process of rural urbanization and its related economic, social, and political changes by focusing mainly on the zhen (town), in addition to administrative offices and companies involved in the local economy, and village committees. The authors show that the social changes resulting from China's economic reforms are occurring mainly from below, and that this process is also resulting in a weakening of the economic and political dominance of the central government. Other changes discussed in this study include the development of new ownership structures and the increasing dominance of the private sector; a shift in the functions of administrative offices as the bureaucracy becomes increasingly business oriented; the rise of a new local elite; a rebirth of traditional social structures (clans, local associations); and the emergence of new interest groups and institutions to represent their needs.

Political Culture and Participation in Rural China

Author : Yang Zhong
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Despite China’s rapid urbanisation and industrialisation, most Chinese still live in the vast countryside or have rural household registration. Although there was significant economic improvement in rural areas in the 1980s, the rural economy has been stagnating or deteriorating since then, and the book argues that the rural-urban income gap is giving rise to the potential for political instability throughout China. This book, based on extensive original research including interview fieldwork in rural areas, examines the nature of political culture and participation in rural China, discussing issues such as the support, or lack of it, for democratic values; levels of political interest; the ways in which Chinese peasants interact with village and local officials; subjective factors that motivate them to vote, (or not to vote) in village elections; and rural people’s views on market-oriented economic reforms, local and national government, and the Communist Party. The book argues that although hitherto peasants’ riots, sit-ins and demonstrations have been localised and uncoordinated, they are frequent, and have the potential to cause serious political crises for China’s rulers. It concludes by considering the future political development of China’s vast countryside.

China Business Review 1997

Author :
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The Transformation of Rural China

Author : Jonathan Unger
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Here, Professor Unger presents a vivid picture of life in rural areas during the Maoist revolution,and then after the post-Mao disbandment of the collectives. A story of unexpected continuities amidst great change, Unger describes how rural administrations retain Maoist characteristics.

Calamity and Reform in China

Author : Dali L. Yang
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This is the first book-length treatment of the political causes and consequences of the Great Leap Famine (1959-61), one of the worst tragedies in human history.

Rural China Takes Off

Author : Jean C. Oi
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In this incisive analysis of one of the most spectacular economic breakthroughs in the Deng era, Jean C. Oi shows how and why Chinese rural-based industry has become the fastest growing economic sector not just in China but in the world. Oi argues that decollectivization and fiscal decentralization provided party officials of the localities—counties, townships, and villages—with the incentives to act as entrepreneurs and to promote rural industrialization in many areas of the Chinese countryside. As a result, the corporatism practiced by local officials has become effective enough to challenge the centrality of the national state. Dealing not only with the political setting of rural industrial development, Oi's original and strongly argued study also makes a broader contribution to conceptualizations of corporatism in political theory. Oi writes provocatively about property rights and principal-agent relationships and shows the complex financial incentives that underpin and strengthen the growth in local state corporatism and shape its evolution. This book will be essential for those interested in Chinese politics, comparative politics, and communist and post-communist systems.

How Migrant Labor is Changing Rural China

Author : Rachel Murphy
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Her analysis focuses on the human experiences and strategies that precipitate shifts in national and local policies for economic development; she also examines the responses of migrants, nonmigrants, and officials to changing circumstances, obstacles, and opportunities. This pioneering study is rich in original source materials and anecdotes and also offers useful, comparative examples from other developing countries."--Jacket.

China s Agriculture in the International Trading System

Author : OECD
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This conference proceedings reflects upon the likely impacts of freer trade on China’s agricultural sector. Based on the results of China’s WTO negotiations with key trading partners, it assesses the compatibility of China’s WTO commitments with domestic policies and the need for specific changes.

How China Works

Author : Assistant Professor of Chinese History Jacob Eyferth
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Spanning the whole of the twentieth century, How China Works examines the labour issues surrounding the workplace in China in both the Republican and People's Republic epochs. The international team of contributors treat China's twentieth-century revolution as an industrial revolution, stressing that China's recent emergence as the new workshop of the world was a gradual change, and not a recent phenomena led by external forces. Providing the reader with extensive ethnographic research on topics such as culture and community in the workplace, the rural-urban divide, industrialization, subcontracting and employment practices, How China Works really does ground the study of Chinese work in the daily interactions in the workplace, the labour process and the micropolitics of work.

Private Enterprises and China s Economic Development

Author : Shuanglin Lin
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Private enterprises have contributed significantly to China's recent economic growth and will play a key role in achieving China's goal of building a comprehensively well-society. But how can private enterprises help China mitigate its macroeconomic problems such as unemployment, income inequality, financial disintermediation, and an unhealthy economic cycle? And what are the main obstacles to private enterprise development? Private Enterprises and China’s Economic Development answers these questions by identifying the range of cultural, political and financial challenges confronting China's private enterprises, and assessing their performance and potential. Contributors also analyse the experiences and lessons of other countries, and propose strategies and policies to help China promote private enterprise development. Using the most up to date research on private enterprises, including detailed econometric analysis and national representative data, authors including economists, policy-makers and academics from the USA, China, Singapore and Canada comprehensively address the most important aspects of China’s private enterprise development. As such this book will appeal to students, scholars and policy-makers alike with an interested in the Chinese economy, economic growth, comparative economics and transitional economics.

Growth Without Miracles

Author : Ross Garnaut
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China's economic reform constitutes one of the most remarkable events of the second half of the 20th century. The volume offers 30 articles by prominent economists in the field of China studies to offer authoritative and through assessment and analyses of Chinas experience during the reform period.

China Newsletter

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Transforming Rural China

Author : Chih-Jou Jay Chen
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It is often assumed that privatization leads to profit, and that well-delineated property rights and a strong private sector will help boost an economy. This book investigates the property rights in Chinese enterprises in the reform era, finding that distinction between the public and the private are blurred, that national reform policies are implemented unevenly across the country, and that enterprises owned by local governments, in Shanghai, for example, are actually extremely profitable.

Rural Development in Transitional China

Author : Jacob Eyferth
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This book offers an authoritative and in-depth analysis of the social and economic changes that have swept through the Chinese countryside in the last twenty years.

Rediscovering China

Author : Cheng Li
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Li shows readers-- from the grassroots-- a country full of energy, irony, and paradox.

Gender and Power in Rural North China

Author : Ellen R. Judd
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This book explores the link between the everyday relations of gender and the reform of the rural political economy in the 1980's, and argues that the reconstitution of the Chinese state in the reform era draws force and authority from the inherent politics and power of gender.

Economic Developments in Contemporary China

Author : Ian Jeffries
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China’s role in global affairs today continues to rise. This book provides an authoritative, comprehensive and detailed overview of contemporary economic developments in China. Key topics include agriculture; the market gradually replacing central planning; the global financial crisis; the reform of state-owned industrial enterprises; the non-state sectors; the ‘open-door’ policy (including the WTO, exchange rate policy, and inward and outward direct foreign investment); and China’s economic performance in general. The book continues - and adds to – the overview of developments up to May 2006 which were covered in the author’s China: A Guide to Economic and Political Developments (2006), and is the companion volume to Political Developments in Contemporary China: A Guide (2010) - both published by Routledge.

Old Age Security Reform in China

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