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Rumor in the Marketplace

Author : Fredrick Koenig
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This fascinating study of commercial rumors--those directed at products, producers, corporations, or retailers--presents case studies illustrating the types and impacts of rumors that can seriously affect a company's image and finances. The volume identifies factors that generate rumors and lead to their communication, with specific discussion of oral communication networks. The special roles of television, call-in radio shows, and media personalities are discussed, as is that very special marketplace--the stock market. This study also provides insights and guidelines for preventing and handling commercial rumors.

Advertising Promotion and Other Aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications

Author : Terence A. Shimp
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Market-leading ADVERTISING, PROMOTION, AND OTHER ASPECTS OF INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, 9th Edition discusses all aspects of marketing communications, from time-honored methods to the newest developments in the field. Comprehensive treatment of the fundamentals focuses on advertising and promotion, including planning, branding, media buying, sales, public relations, and much more. Emerging topics get special attention in this edition, such as the enormous popularity of social media outlets, online and digital practices, viral communications, and personal selling, along with all of their effects on traditional marketing. Revised to make ADVERTISING, PROMOTION, AND OTHER ASPECTS OF INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, 9th Edition the most current I.M.C. text on the market, chapters address must-know changes to environmental, regulatory, and ethical issues, as well as Marcom insights, place-based applications, privacy, global marketing, and of course, memorable advertising campaigns. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Rumor Mills

Author : Veronique Campion-Vincent
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The goal of this volume is to explore the social and political dynamics of rumor and the related concept of urban or contemporary legend. These forms of communication often appear in tandem with social problems, including riots, racial or political violence, and social and economic upheavals. The volume emphasizes the connection of rumor to a set of social concerns from government corruption and corporate scandal, to racial, religious, and other prejudices. Central to the dialogue are issues of truth, belief, history, public policy, and evidence.Rumor has been recognized as one of the most important contributing factors to violence and discrimination. Yet, despite its significance in exacerbating social discord and mistrust, little systematic scholarly attention has been paid to the political origins and consequences of rumor. Rumor is defined as a proposition for belief that is not backed by secure standards of evidence. Rumor can be traditional or not, and can be expressed as a simple claim of fact. In both instances groups of claim-makers, operating out of their own interests and with a set of resources, attempt to depict reality, and if possible, impact the future.The need for this book is underscored by changing patterns of technology. What in the past was grounded in face- to-face interaction is now often found on the Internet, which is a major source of rumor. An appreciation of how new electronic forms of communication affect communal belief is essential for explicating rumor dynamics. The volume is comprehensive. Essays cover race and ethnicity, migration and globalization, corporate malfeasance, and state and government corruption. While editors and contributors well appreciate the dynamic nature of rumors and legends, the high quality of the effort make it evident that the issues that are raised and reoccur will serve to channel and inspire research in this major field of communications research for years to come.

Orality and Literacy in Early Christianity

Author : Pieter Botha
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The history of the Jesus movement and earliest Christianity requires careful attention to the characteristics and peculiarities of oral and literate traditions. Understanding the distinctive elements of Greco-Roman literacy potentially has profound implications for the historical understanding of the documents and events involved. Concepts such as media criticism, orality, manuscript culture, scribal writing, and performative reading are explored in these chapters. The scene of Greco-Roman literacy is analyzed by investigating writing and reading practices. These aspects are then related to early Christian texts such as the Gospel of Mark and sections from Paul's letters.


Author : Jean-Noel Kapferer
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Rumors may be the oldest medium of mass communication of information or ideas. Even before there were newspapers, radio, or television, rumors communicated by word-of-mouth made and shattered reputations, and set off riots and wars. Yet contrary to predictions, rumors continue to thrive, in spite of and parallel to mass media. What accounts for the puzzling persistence and continuing significance of this little-studied social phenomenon? Jean-No;el Kapferer examines the theory and practice of rumors, focusing on specific areas such as entertainment, criminal behavior, business and finance, and politics. He describes the kinds of conditions that give birth to rumors, why we believe them, and the hidden messages they convey. Kapferer points out that rumors frequently serve useful social purposes and present rich examples. He speculates about how rumors can be controlled, changed, and prevented. Drawing upon contributions of disciplines ranging from psychology to history, and integrating the insights of Europeans with the latest work of American researchers, this is the most comprehensive examination of rumors, gossip, and urban legends yet published. Translated into nine languages, this edition was updated with advances in theory and research since the book's original French publication in 1987. Its brisk, accessible style makes the book of interest to psychologists, economists, political scientists, sociologists, and folklore analysts, as well as the general reader who is curious about the origins of this fascinating social phenomenon.

Tales Rumors and Gossip

Author : Gail De Vos
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Provides an introduction to the many varieties of contemporary legends, and focuses on their role in the world around us, including tales of racial and gender stereotypes, moralizing gossip, and rumors that express hopes

Principles Of Business Management

Author : Arun Kumar
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Though, Scores Of Books Have Been Written By Western And Indian Authors On Principles Of Management, There Is Always A Place For A Book Which Is To The Point, Brief Yet Com¬Prehensive, Authentic And Reliable And Presented In Indian Setting, In A Simple Language, Free From Technical Jargon. The Authors Of This Book Have Emphasised These Characteristics To Present An Ideal Textbook On The Subject. This Book Covers The Courses In Principles And Theory Of Business Manage¬Ment. It Has Been Presented In An Analytical Style To Make The Subject Easy To Understand And Easier To Memorise. Questions At The End Of Each Chapter Have Been Drawn From The Latest Actual University Papers So That The Student May Practice For Examination.

Collective Behavior and Public Opinion

Author : Jaap van Ginneken
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This is a highly innovative and stimulating work with the outline of an entirely new approach to massive and rapid shifts in opinion and communication. It discusses and explains such mysterious phenomena as sudden crazes and crashes, fads and fashion, hypes and manias, moral outrage and protests, gossip and rumors, and scares and panics. Rich in alternative insights, the book is divided into four parts. Part I discusses the points of departure: the most relevant processes of opinion formation and communication. Part II is about phenomena on three different levels, that have traditionally been studied within the twin fields of mass psychology and collective behavior sociology. Part III focuses on the three prime forms of "emotional coloring" of opinion currents and public moods. Part IV discusses a combination of some of the aforementioned phenomena: successive crazes and crashes in financial markets, and looks at why technological and economic, and social and opinion forecasts often fail so miserably. The audience for this book includes students of social and mass psychology, social movements and collective behavior sociology, and opinion and communication in general. Professionals in public relations, marketing, health, finance, and politics, as well as the educated lay audience, will also find this book of interest.

Rumors and Rumor Control

Author : Allan J. Kimmel
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This book offers a thorough examination of rumors and proposes strategies for organizations to use in combatting rumors that occur both internally and externally. Author Allan J. Kimmel explores the rumor phenomenon and distinguishes it as a distinct form of communication. He looks at psychological and social processes underlying rumor transmission to understand the circumstances under which people invent and circulate rumors. In addition, he examines how rumors are spread--both interpersonally and through mediated processes--and offers strategies for organizations to respond to rumors when they surface and methods for preventing their occurrence. Numerous examples are provided of actual rumor cases for which managers either successfully or unsuccessfully coped, including such companies as Procter & Gamble, McDonald's, Snapple, Pepsi-Cola, and Gerber. Intended to serve as a comprehensive compendium of strategies, this book was written with two objectives in mind. The first is to shed light on the often perplexing phenomenon of rumor by integrating disparate approaches from the behavioral sciences, marketing, and communication fields. The second is to offer a blueprint for going about the formidable tasks of attempting to prevent and neutralize rumors in business contexts. With these dual goals in mind--one theoretical, the other applied--this book will be of equal interest to both academics and managers in a wide range of professional contexts. In addition, it will guide organizational and marketing managers in their efforts to combat the potentially destructive consequences of rumors.

Digital Assassination

Author : Richard Torrenzano
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Two leading reputation experts reveal how the internet is being used to destroy brands, reputations and even lives, and how to fight back. From false Wikipedia entries, to fake YouTube videos, to Facebook lynch mobs, everyone from CEOs to fashion models, journalists to politicians, restaurateurs to doctors, is open to character assassination in the burgeoning realm of digital media. Two top media experts recount vivid tales of character attacks, provide specific advice on how to counter them, and how to turn the tables on the attackers. Having spent decades preparing for and coping with these issues, Richard Torrenzano and Mark Davis share their secrets on dealing with problems at the top of today's news. Torrenzano and Davis also take a step back to look at how the past might inform our future thinking about character assassination, from the slander wars between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, to predictions on what the end of privacy will mean for civilization.

Risk Management 2 Volume Set

Author : Gerald Mars
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First published in 2000, Risk Management is a two volume set, comprised of the most significant and influential articles by the leading authorities in the studies of risk management. The volumes includes a full-length introduction from the editor, an internationally recognized expert, and provides an authoritative guide to the selection of essays chosen, and to the wider field itself. The collections of essays are both international and interdisciplinary in scope and provide an entry point for investigating the myriad of study within the discipline.

Marketplace Rumors

Author : Andrea Dawn Workman
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Risk Management

Author : Gerald Mars
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First published in 2000, Risk Management is a two volume set, comprised of the most significant and influential articles by the leading authorities in the studies of risk management. The volumes includes a full-length introduction from the editor, an internationally recognized expert, and provides an authoritative guide to the selection of essays chosen, and to the wider field itself. The collections of essays are both international and interdisciplinary in scope and provide an entry point for investigating the myriad of study within the discipline.

Weekly World News

Author :
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Rooted in the creative success of over 30 years of supermarket tabloid publishing, the Weekly World News has been the world's only reliable news source since 1979. The online hub is a leading entertainment news site.


Author : Charlie T. McCormick
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Written by an international team of acclaimed folklorists, this reference text provides a cross-cultural survey of the major types and methods of inquiry in folklore. * Contains contributions from major scholars such as David Leeming, Linda Degh, and Dan Ben-Amos * Numerous photographs bring the subject material to life * More than 300 entries, each concluding with a bibliography of references * Over 50 sidebars provide biographical information on major folklore collectors and scholars

The Crisis Manager

Author : Otto Lerbinger
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Responding to the era of crises in which we now live, The Crisis Manager offers wise counsel for anticipating and responding to crises as well as taking the steps required to reduce the impact of these events. Spotlighting the reality of crisis at levels ranging from local to global, author Otto Lerbinger helps readers understand the approaches and ways of thinking required for successful crisis management in today's world. As no organization or individual is immune from crisis, he guides managers to make good decisions under conditions of high uncertainty, and to consider the interests not only of stockholders but also of a wide variety of stakeholders. With a focus on the threat of crises to an organization's most valuable asset – its reputation – The Crisis Manager covers: Preparation for crisis, including crisis communication planning Physical crises – natural, biological, and technological "Human climate" crises, stemming from targeted attacks on an organization's policies, actions, or physical holdings Crises due to management failure, including mismanagement, skewed values, deception, and misconduct New to this second edition are the use of social media in crisis management, and chapters on image restoration strategies and crises stemming from mismanagement, as well as a comprehensive updating of the entire work. Real-world case studies provide examples of what worked and what did not work, and the reasons why. Written for present and future crisis managers in all types of businesses and organizations, this resource will be required reading for students in public relations, business, and management, as it prepares them for their crucial roles as decision makers.

Cases and Materials on Corporations

Author : John C. Coffee
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Renowned for its richness, depth, and authorship, Cases and Materials on Corporations offers broad coverage of both public and closely held corporations. A powerful introductory chapter sets out the defining characteristics of a corporation. A thematic framework frames corporate law in terms of the corporation’s responsibilities to its employees, its investors, and society. New to the Ninth Edition: The introductory Chapter recognizes that issues of race and systemic discrimination have dominated recent headlines and political discourse. This has re-focused attention on the long-standing debate between proponents of the dominant shareholders primacy model of corporate governance and proponents of a more stakeholder-oriented model. Without taking sides on this issue, this Chapter notes that this debate has continued throughout American legal history, and it focuses on recent efforts by some states and Nasdaq to require greater diversity (both in terms of race and gender) on corporate boards. Current data is provided. In addition, this Chapter adds a new section to introduce the “public benefit corporation,” a new corporate form that is a hybrid of a profit-making corporation and a not-for-profit entity now recognized by a majority of the states. New material on the emerging line of good faith cases in the context of director oversight where a corporation is subject to “mission critical” regulation. This new line of cases opens up potential avenues to assign monetary liability to directors for failure to manage corporate risks. New Supreme Court decisions (including Lorenzo and Omnicare) are assessed, and the continuing struggle to define insider trading is reviewed. The chapter on shareholder voting and proxy gives special attention to recent efforts by activist hedge funds to influence and constrain corporate management. The revised chapter on takeovers takes up the legal rules governing friendly and unfriendly acquisitions. The chapter tracks the unique experience of Delaware law over this period: an ongoing and openly—but respectful–disagreement between the Delaware Chancery Court and the Delaware Supreme Court about the allocation of authority between the board of directors and shareholders. The chapter also examines the new texture of the takeover market where activists play a central role. Professors and students will benefit from: Richness and depth: A range of thoroughly developed topics allows instructors to delve into topics with as much depth as they wish. The text is strong in material on both public and closely held corporations. Traditional casebook pedagogy: Text notes, statutory material, excerpted commentary, problems, questions, and edited cases. Strong introductory chapter: Sets out the defining characteristics of a corporation: limited liability, perpetual existence, free transferability, and centralized management. Thematic framework: Examines corporate law in the context of the corporation’s responsibilities to its own constituents and investors, as well as to society.

Crisis Communications

Author : Kathleen Fearn-Banks
File Size : 46.35 MB
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Crisis Communications: A Casebook Approach presents case studies of organizational, corporate, and individual crises, and analyzes the communication responses to these situations. Demonstrating how professionals prepare for and respond to crises, as well as how they develop communications plans, this essential text explores crucial issues concerning communication with the news media, employees, and consumers in times of crisis. Author Kathleen Fearn-Banks examines the steps of choosing the appropriate words to convey a message, selecting the method and channels for delivering the message, and identifying and targeting the most appropriate publics or audiences. She also addresses such important topics as avoiding potential mismanagement of communication in crisis situations. Key features of this fourth edition are: six new cases, including several international crises current discussion of communications technology as it relates to crises a Companion Website -- -- with additional cases as well as supplemental materials for students and classroom resources for instructors. A Student Workbook is also available for use with this volume, providing additional pedagogy for each chapter, including discussion questions, activities, key terms, case exercises, and worksheets. Utilizing both classic and contemporary cases of real-world situations, Crisis Communications provides students in public relations and business with real-world perspectives and valuable insights for professional responses to crises. It is intended for use in crisis communications, crisis management, and PR case studies courses.

Routledge Handbook of Conspiracy Theories

Author : Michael Butter
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Taking a global and interdisciplinary approach, the Routledge Handbook of Conspiracy Theories provides a comprehensive overview of conspiracy theories as an important social, cultural and political phenomenon in contemporary life. This handbook provides the most complete analysis of the phenomenon to date. It analyses conspiracy theories from a variety of perspectives, using both qualitative and quantitative methods. It maps out the key debates, and includes chapters on the historical origins of conspiracy theories, as well as their political significance in a broad range of countries and regions. Other chapters consider the psychology and the sociology of conspiracy beliefs, in addition to their changing cultural forms, functions and modes of transmission. This handbook examines where conspiracy theories come from, who believes in them and what their consequences are. This book presents an important resource for students and scholars from a range of disciplines interested in the societal and political impact of conspiracy theories, including Area Studies, Anthropology, History, Media and Cultural Studies, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.

Psychological Foundations of Marketing

Author : Allan J. Kimmel
File Size : 61.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Psychological Foundations of Marketing considers the impact of psychology on marketing practice and research, and highlights the applied aspects of psychological research in the marketplace. This book presents an introduction to both areas, and provides a survey of the various contributions that psychology has made to the field of marketing. Each chapter considers a key topic within psychology, outlines the main theories, and presents various practical applications of the research.