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Mary Rose

Author : Reginald Tripp
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Dusty Rose

Author : Vicki Lea Miller
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After years of hard work and putting everything on the back burner to make it to the top, Rose was finally where she wanted to be. There were still times in the middle of the night when she found herself wondering what happened to the man she loved, and if he ever thought of her; maybe he was happily married with kids and a dog somewhere. Little does she know that the mind of a sick killer will bring her face to face with the only man she had ever loved and have her running as the killer tries to take everything away from her, even her life. She will find that there is much more to her than being just another pretty singer. Go on a journey with Rose as she enters the dark shadows of a twisted mind and tries to get back home and stop the sadistic killer from hurting anyone else

Rose Wylie painting a noun

Author : Rose Wylie
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Celebrated British painter Rose Wylie—whose works are at once tactile, cerebral, and humorous—often draws her influence from a wide range of popular culture. Here her newest body of work references memories from her own life and mimics the way memories evolve and change over time. Wylie’s source material is culled from the vast visual world around her, ranging from sixteenth-century British estates to Serena Williams and the French Open. While initially these may seem random or aesthetically simplistic, through the nuanced use of humor, language, and compositional structure, Wylie creates wittily observed and subtly sophisticated meditations on the nature of memory, and visual representation itself, in line with the paintings she has become known for over the course of her career. A new essay by art critic Michael Glover explores the remarkable painter whose work has “spark, assurance, brash humor, an extraordinary, freewheeling eclecticism that seems to be just as ready to suck in references to the art of Ptolemaic Egypt and Roman portraiture as to pay homage to the films of Quentin Tarantino and the late paintings of Philip Guston.” Part of David Zwirner Books’s Spotlight Series, this book features Wylie’s newest paintings and drawings and is published on the occasion of the artist’s 2020 solo exhibition of these works at David Zwirner Hong Kong.

Rose s Journal

Author : Marissa Moss
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Rose keeps a journal of her family's difficult times on their farm during the days of the Dust Bowl in 1935.

Rose s Bent Stem

Author : Nomita Khanna
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“Gory and horrifying... You can't put it down.” –The Tribune “Guaranteed to chill you.” –Vivek Atray, Hindustan Times “A horror-thriller book which will evoke creepy disturbing thoughts in your head and leave you scared.” –City Air News Tana, a diligent, young nurse with a troubled childhood, can’t believe her luck when she finds Vikram, a rich widower who says she is the ‘love of his life’. The strong attraction quickly turns into something else, unravelling her life. Nightmares that wrecked her childhood are back and start ripping her world apart. Evil has already claimed victims. Is it about to take another? As the four walls of her majestic Lutyens bungalow begin to close in on her, she spirals down into a dungeon. In this twisted world with betrayal at every step, she decides not to stay miserable and becomes the person she never thought she could be. The path to escape is swarming with grisly ambushes and... intrigue. No one really knows what happens behind closed doors or what goes on inside a person’s mind. How far will someone go to protect their secrets or to get what they want? Farther than anyone can imagine. People are unknowable.

Chasing the Rose

Author : Andrea Di Robilant
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From the author of the best-selling A Venetian Affair, here is the charming chronicle of his search for the identity of a mysterious old rose. Andrea di Robilant’s tale takes us back to the time of Josephine Bonaparte, as well as into some of the most delightful rose gardens in Italy today, brought to colorful life on the page in the watercolors of artist Nina Fuga. In his 2008 biography of the Venetian lady Lucia Mocenigo (his great-great-great-great- grandmother), di Robilant described a pink rose that grows wild on the family’s former country estate, mentioning its light peach-and-raspberry scent. This passing detail led to an invitation for an audience with a local rose doyenne, Eleonora Garlant. She and other experts wondered if di Robilant’s unnamed rose could possibly be one of the long-lost China varieties that nineteenth-century European growers had cultivated but which have since disappeared. On the hunt for the identity of his anonymous yet quietly distinctive rose, Di Robilant finds himself captivated by roseophiles through time––from Lucia and her friend Josephine Bonaparte to the gifted Eleonora, whose garden of nearly fifteen hundred varieties of old roses is one of the most significant in Europe––and by the roses themselves, each of which has a tale to tell. What starts out as a lighthearted quest becomes a meaningful journey as di Robilant contemplates the enduring beauty of what is passed down to us in a rose, through both the generosity of nature and the cultivating hand of human beings, who for centuries have embraced and extended the life of this mysterious flower.

Mail Order Bride Rose s Destiny

Author : Karla Gracey
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Rose Unwin married young, and learned to regret her choice. But, she was still heartbroken when her husband died in a tragic accident. Unwilling to make the same mistakes again, she decides to take her time this time around, but how will she know if she has made the right choice? Andrew Davey finds himself at a crossroads. His employer, mentor and friend has passed away, making his future in Faith Creek tenuous at best. But, nonetheless he agrees to help a friend to locate the heir to Mortimer Welsh's estate. Little does he know that his entire life is about to be turned upside down as old truths surface and new connections seemed doomed before they have even begun.

Lady Rose s Daughter

Author : Mary Augusta Ward
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Rose Madder

Author : Stephen King
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The #1 national bestseller about a woman who escapes an abusive marriage is “one of Stephen King’s most engrossing horror novels. Relentlessly paced and brilliantly orchestrated...fueled by an air of danger immediate and overwhelming” (Publishers Weekly). Rosie Daniels leaves her husband, Norman, after fourteen years in an abusive marriage. She is determined to lose herself in a place where he won’t find her. She’ll worry about all the rest later. Alone in a strange city, she begins to make a new life, and good things finally start to happen. Meeting Bill is one; and getting an apartment is another. Still, it’s hard for Rosie not to keep looking over her shoulder, and with good reason. Norman is a cop, with the instincts of a predator. He’s very good at finding people, even if he is losing his mind. Fixed on revenge, Norman Daniels becomes a force of relentless terror and savageness, a man almost mythic in his monstrosity. For Rosie to survive, she must enter her own myth and become a woman she never knew she could be: Rose Madder. “Riveting, engrossing...packed with suspense” (People), Stephen King infuses this novel with an edge-of-your-seat, chilling atmosphere. Rose Madder is “an eerie, remarkably mature and moving novel” (The Washington Post).

Video Rose and Mark Spark

Author : Jacqueline Wilson
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Two brilliant books in one! VIDEO ROSE Rose loves watching videos and is sat in front of the telly ALL the time. So when the video player breaks, it's a total nightmare! But then a very mysterious repair man comes to fix it. He gives Rose the power to forward and rewind her life and then Rose sees what really happens to someone who spends all their time in front of the TV... MARK SPARK IN THE DARK Everyone thinks Mark is the bravest boy in the whole school. But secretly Mark is afraid of the dark! One night, when he thinks his gran is in trouble, Mark is the only one who can help. Mark realises that ,when it matters, even he can face the dark!