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Roots of Strategy

Author : Thomas R. Phillips
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Writings of Sun Tzu, Vegetius, Marshal Maurice de Saxe, Frederick the Great, and Napoleon.

Roots of Strategy

Author : Thomas Raphael Phillips
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Writings of Sun Tzu, Vegetius, Marshal Maurice de Saxe, Frederick the Great, and Napoleon.

Roots of Strategy

Author : David Jablonsky
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Selections from four legends in maritime and air strategy: Mahan, Corbett, Douhet and Mitchell. Introduction by noted military strategist and author David Jablonsky.

Roots of Strategy

Author : Curtis Brown
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Von Leeb's Defense, von Freytag-Loringhoven's The Power of Personality in War, and Erfuth's Surprise.

The Greenhill Dictionary of Military Quotations

Author : Peter G Tsouras
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An authoritative compilation of military history quotes from 2000 BC to the present day. 'A massive compilation casting light not only upon the pain, suffering and sheer insanity of war, but also upon the unique comradeship and exhilaration of battle... this is a valuable addition to the literature of reference.' - The Spectator Peter Tsouras brings 4,000 years of military history to life through the words of more than 800 soldiers, commanders, military theorists and commentators on war. Quotes by diverse personalities – Napoleon, Machiavelli, Atatürk, 'Che' Guevara, Rommel, Julius Caesar, Wellington, Xenophon, Crazy Horse, Wallenstein, T.E. Lawrence, Saladin, Zhukov, Eisenhower and many more – sit side by side to build a comprehensive picture of war across the ages. Broken down into more then 480 categories, covering courage, danger, failure, leadership, luck, military intelligence, tactics, training, guerrilla warfare and victory, this definitive guide draws on the collected wisdom of those who have experienced war at every level. From the brutality and suffering of war, to the courage and camaraderie of soldiers, to the glory and exhilaration of battle, these quotes offer an insight into the turbulent history of warfare and the lives and deeds of great warriors.

The Naked Soldier

Author : Major Jesse M Baltazar, USAF (Ret.)
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The Naked Soldier is the inspiring story of Major Jesse M. Baltazar, USAF (Ret.), a survivor of the infamous Bataan Death March during WW II. His service to America covers three wars, four federal agencies, postings in nine countries and government travel to over 80 nations. This is a story about an American Patriot, Soldier, Airman and Diplomat; about his character, honor, and commitment.

Airman s Guide

Author : Boone Nicolls
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The complete reference for successful service in the Air Force plus reference and advice for getting ahead Latest uniforms and decorations Training and education along with information on personal affairs and family support Continuously published since the formation of the Air Force, Airman's Guide, 7th Edition, has been newly revised to include the latest information needed by airmen and noncommissioned officers for successful performance of duty in today's Air Force. A combination of reference materials and guidance from several generations of old-timers who have authored this guide, it is a must-have book for those men and women currently serving in the U.S. Air Force.

Rising Sun Victorious

Author : Peter Tsouras
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Here is a sideways look at World War II in the Pacific, which gives an exciting view of how the Japanese could have won. Expert military historians examine what would have happened if, for example if the Japanese had conquered India and knocked Britain out of the Pacific War; More...or if Japanese landings in Australia had severed the strategic link between the US and its Southwest Pacific base. The authors, writing as if these world-changing events had really happened, project realistic possibilities based on the true capabilities and circumstances of the forces involved. Rising Sun Victorious is essential and stimulating reading for anyone interested in how chances of history affected the outcome of World War II. Scenarios include: Pearl Harbor: Irredeemable Defeat, by Frank Shirer; The Coral Sea Runs Purple: The Japanese Codes are Cracked, by James Arnold; Nagumo's Luck: The Japanese Find The US Navy First at Midway, by Rick Lindsey; Australian Conquest, by John H. Gill; Guadalcanal Evacuation, by John Burtt; and Victory Rides the Wind: The Kamikaze Prevents Defeat at Kyushu, by Dennis Giangreco.

The Art of Political Warfare

Author : John J. Pitney, Jr.
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Drawing parallels between war and politics, the author explains why military principles can be applied to an understanding of the events, concepts, concerns, issues, and practices of political life.

Military Review

Author :
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