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Roller Girl

Author : Victoria Jamieson
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Astrid has always done everything with her best friend Nicole. So when Astrid falls in love with roller derby and signs up for a summer camp, she's sure Nicole will be right by her side - until Nicole signs up for ballet camp instead, with Astrid's biggest rival. So begins the hardest summer of Astrid's life, as she struggles to stay on her skates, to learn who she is without Nicole . . . and to find out what it takes to be a strong, tough, awesome roller girl.

Roller Girls Hell s Belles

Author : Megan Sparks
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Annie’s roller derby team is finally on a winning streak. They plan a special Halloween bout with their arch rivals, the High Rollers. But Annie sprains her ankle. Will it heal in time for the bout?


Author : Melissa Joulwan
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The 1950s phenomenon of Roller Derby is back in full force, and it's definitely not your grandma's game anymore. With leagues in more than one hundred cities across the country, a national tournament, and major sponsors, the new wave of the sport has gone mainstream. No one is better qualified to tell the story of Flat Track Derby's astronomic rise than Melissa "Melicious" Joulwan. As a founding member of the Texas Rollergirls -- the league that launched the sport and the reigning national champions -- she has helped redefine what it means to be stylish, sporty, and sexy. With her mouthy, tough-as-nails style, Melicious recounts her best tales from the track: her fierce rivalries with The Wrench and Ivanna S. Pankin, the scene at the annual national tournament, the thrill of a bout, and the infractions that so often bring her to the penalty box. From the minute she first laced up her skates and wrapped herself in her alter ego, Roller Derby has given her a confidence boost, and she shares the positive impact the sport has also had on girls -- young and not-so-young -- who tack posters of her on their bedroom walls and lace up their own skates. Complete with photos and suggestions on how to develop a Rollergirl name and persona, this unprecedented tell-all comes from the woman who's watched the sport evolve from an underground Friday-night event to a bona fide national phenomenon.

Roller Girls Falling Hard

Author : Megan Sparks
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When Annie moves from London to small town Illinois, the last thing she expects to do is to join the Roller Derby team.

Roller Derby

Author : Demi Jackson
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Roller derby is an extreme sport making a comeback! With a history that dates back to the 1930s, in the last decade, roller derby teams have grown in number and popularity. Readers take a turn around the track and discover that, from hard hits to fast breaks, the action in roller derby is nonstop. Full-color photographs highlight the mostly female teams who dominate the sport and the theatrical quality of each jam, or matchup. Safety tips offer help to new skaters, as this sport can get aggressive fast.

Identity Belonging and Community in Men s Roller Derby

Author : Dawn Fletcher
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Modern roller derby has been theorised as a gendered leisure context, offering women opportunities for empowerment and growth, and enabling them to carve a space for themselves in sport. No longer a women-only sport, roller derby is now played by all genders and has been heralded as a model of inclusivity within sport. Identity, Belonging, and Community in Men’s Roller Derby offers an insight into how men’s roller derby culture is created and maintained, how members forge an identity for themselves and their team, and how they create feelings of belonging and inclusivity. Through in-depth ethnographic study of a specific, localised roller derby community, this book examines how practices of skills capital intersect with different configurations of masculinity in a continual struggle between traditional and inclusive models of sport. An interrogation of the ways a DIY sport can be seen to be achieved, experienced, and understood in everyday practice, this book will appeal to scholars of men, masculinities, and sport. Additionally, the methodological discussions will be of value to ethnographers and researchers who have had to deal with a disruptive presence.

Zombie Roller Derby Chicks from Hell

Author : Steven Farkas
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Zombie Roller Derby Chicks From Hell is set in a New Jersey Seaside town. During a local roller derby bout a man comes in looking very sick. A violent shove sends one of the derby girls into the crowd and in contact with the fan who will set the town on fire and fill it with rabid flesh eating zombies

Lights Out Lucy Roller Derby 101

Author : Elicia Hyder
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“Filled with humor, likable characters, strong female friendships, a sweet romance, and women challenging themselves to discover what they’re made of, it’s kept me smiling from the get-go. I don’t know how many books Hyder has planned for this series but I’ll be buying them all.” —The Romance Dish “Counted myself as one of your hardcore Soul Summoner fans then started Lights Out Lucy. Now I count myself as someone that recognizes a wonderful writer. Thank you for sharing your stories with the rest of us.” —HYDERNATION reviewer "I loved this book so much, I just went online and found our local roller derby team. There’s a bout this weekend, and my friends and I are going!” —HYDERNATION reviewer

Seriousness and Women s Roller Derby

Author : Maddie Breeze
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This book explores seriousness in practice in the unique sports context of contemporary women's flat track roller derby. The author presents a stimulating argument for a sociology of seriousness as a productive contribution to understandings of gender, organization and the mid-ranges of agency between dichotomies of voluntarism and determinism.

Roller Derby Diaries How I Saw Jesus on the Flat Track

Author : John T. Tarrant
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A unique perspective comparing a local roller derby team to the life and ministry of Jesus. This book shows how we can find Christ-like behavior in the strangest of places. As in roller derby, the book contains some colorful language that might not be appropriate for some readers.