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Atlas of Microbial Mat Features Preserved within the Siliciclastic Rock Record

Author : Juergen Schieber
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Drawing on a combination of modern occurrences and likely ancient counterparts, this atlas is a treatise of mat-related sedimentary features that one may expect to see in ancient terrigenous clastic sedimentary successions. By combining modern and ancient examples, the connection is made to likely formative processes and the utilization of these features in the interpretation of ancient sedimentary rocks. * The first full compilation of microbial mat features/structures preserved in the sliciclastic rock record * High quality, full color photographs fully support the text * Modern and ancient examples connect the formative processes and utilization of mat-related features in the interpretation of sedimentary rocks

Rock Stars on the Record

Author : Eric Spitznagel
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Bestselling author Eric Spitznagel speaks with an all-star lineup of rock-n-rollers--from Perry Farrell to the Indigo Girls--to discover the uproariously wild, sentimental, and unexpected pre-stardom stories behind their favorite records. Rock Stars on the Record is a collection of first-hand tales by artists of all ages, backgrounds, and musical influences, remembering the meaning behind the records that mattered most to them. From Laurie Anderson to Ian Mackaye, Don McLean to Yuka Honda, Alice Bag to Mac DeMarco, and many more, bestselling author Eric Spitznagel talks to rock stars across the musical spectrum about the albums that changed them in ways only music can change someone. Everyone's most cherished childhood record--be it a battered piece of vinyl, torn cassette tape, or scratched CD--has a story, and those stories can be more revealing about their owners than you might expect. Read about how Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy furtively scratched the "Parental Advisory" sticker off the sleeve of the Clash's London Calling so that his mother would consent to buy it--cementing its influence on the Grammy-winning band. Or about Mojo Nixon's relationship to George Thorogood's Move It On Over, or Dar Williams's connection with Judy Collins's Whales & Nightingales. Each profile is more emotional, fascinating, and hilarious than the last. So place that needle in the groove, and prepare to hear something revelatory from your favorite rockers past and present.

For the Rock Record

Author : Jill S. Schneiderman
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'For the Rock Record' is dedicated to the proposition that the ideas of intelligent design should be of a serious concern to everyone. The editors gather leading figures from the geological community with a wide range of viewpoints that go to the heart of the debate over what is and is not science.

Fluvial Meanders and Their Sedimentary Products in the Rock Record IAS SP 48

Author : Massimiliano Ghinassi
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The sinuous form and peculiar evolution of meandering rivers has long captured the imagination of people. Today, meandering rivers exist in some of the most densely populated areas in the World, where they provide environmental and economic wealth and opportunities, as well as posing hazards. Through geological time, the ancestors of these modern meanders built deposits that are now host to mineral resources, groundwater, and hydrocarbons. This Special Publication illustrates the breadth of current research on meandering rivers and their deposits. The collection of research papers demonstrates the state of science on fluvial process–product relationships. The articles cover fundamental and applied studies of both modern and ancient rivers, are based on state-of-the-art technology, include complementary philosophical approaches, and span a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. This book includes some of the most recent advances in the study of the morphodynamics and sedimentology of meandering rivers, and is an important resource for those who want to investigate fluvial systems and their deposits.

A Brief History of Rock Off the Record

Author : Wayne Robins
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The birth of rock ‘n’ roll signaled the blossoming of a new teenage culture, dividing generations and introducing a new attitude of rebellion and independence. From Chuck Berry to the Beatles, from punk rock to hip hop, rock ‘n’ roll has continuously transformed alongside or in reaction to social, cultural, and political changes. A Brief History of Rock, Off the Record is a concise introduction to rock history and the impact it has had on American culture. It is an easy-to-read, vivid account written by one of rock’s leading critics. Pulling from personal interviews over the years, Wayne Robins interweaves the developments in rock music with his commentary on the political and social events and movements that defined their decades.

Rock Record 7

Author : Terry Hounsome
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101 Essential Rock Records

Author : Jeff Gold
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Celebrates rock music's influential vinyl albums; features essays from David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and Peter Buck (REM); and explores Jimi Hendrix's personal record collection.

On Record

Author : Simon Frith
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Classic sociological analyses of 'deviance' and rebellion; studies of technology; subcultural and feminist readings, semiotic and musicological essays and close readings of stars, bands and the fans themselves by Adorno, Barthes and other well-known contributors

The Biographical Record of Rock Island County Illinois

Author : Brookhaven Press
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1812 Overture Record Stores and Stadium Rock Concert Tours

Author : Jim Cryns
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A celebration of the record stores and concert tours of the 1970s, arguably the greatest decade for music. 1812 Overture Record Stores provided a crystal ball's insight into the popularity of a band. It was through record sales where Alan Dulberger was able to discern which acts to book for concerts in the city. It proved to be an uncanny barometer, an indicator which led to sold out stadium shows by some of the largest touring acts in the world--Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Eagles. It was the Eagles show at County Stadium, managed by Irving Azoff, that proved to be the death-knell for 1812 Overture Record Stores and Daydream Productions.

The Poetics of Rock

Author : Albin J. Zak III
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After a hundred years of recording, the process of making records is still mysterious to most people who listen to them. Records hold a fundamental place in the dynamics of modern musical life, but what do they represent? Are they documents? Snapshots? Artworks? Fetishes? Commodities? Conveniences? The Poetics of Rock is a fascinating exploration of recording consciousness and compositional process from the perspective of those who make records. In it, Albin Zak examines the crucial roles played by recording technologies in the construction of rock music and shows how songwriters, musicians, engineers, and producers contribute to the creative project, and how they all leave their mark on the finished work. Zak shapes an image of the compositional milieu by exploring its elements and discussing the issues and concerns faced by artists. Using their testimony to illuminate the nature of record making and of records themselves, he shows that the art of making rock records is a collaborative compositional process that includes many skills and sensibilities not traditionally associated with musical composition. Zak connects all the topics--whether technical, conceptual, aesthetic, or historical--with specific artists and recordings and illustrates them with citations from artists and with musical examples. In lively and engaging prose, The Poetics of Rock brilliantly illustrates how the musical energy from a moment of human expression translates into a musical work wrought in sound.

The Minks

Author :
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Holstein Friesian Herd book Containing a Record of All Holstein Friesian Cattle

Author : Holstein-Friesian Association of America
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Rock History Bundle

Author : Theo Cateforis
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This Day in Rock

Author : John Tobler
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Author : Sigmund Dearie
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Wide Ruled Notebook. Size: 6 inches x 9 inches. 55 sheets (110 pages for writing). Rock And Roll Vinyl Record. 158410659838. TAGs: record, records, record player, turntable, lp l p, dj, disk jockey, music, musical, black, white space, black and white, vinyl, vinyl record, retro, vintage, dance, dance music, dancing, rock, rock music, rock and roll, rock n roll, rock roll, sixties music, seventies music

Record Albums 1948 1978

Author : Jerry Osborne
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Popular Music Since 1955

Author : Paul Taylor
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The Rock Song Index

Author : Bruce Pollock
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A listing of over 7,500 rock songs presented alphabetically by artist that notes the album the song appeared on, its year of release, the producer, record company, and songwriters. Also briefly describes the song or its popularity and features an index alphabetized by song title.

Rock Art

Author : Dennis Saleh
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