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Locomotives and Rail Road Transportation

Author : Avinash Kumar Agarwal
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This book is intended to serve as a compendium on the state-of-the-art research in the field of locomotives and rail road transport. The book includes chapters on different aspects of the subject from renowned international experts in the field. The book looks closely at diesel engine locomotives and examines performance, emissions, and environmental impact. The core topics have been categorised into four groups: general topics, efficiency improvement and noise reduction, alternate fuels for locomotive traction, and locomotive emission reduction and measurement. The book offers an excellent, cutting-edge resource for researchers working in this area. The book will also be of use to professionals and policymakers interested in locomotive engine technologies and emission standards.

Information and Pricing in Road Transportation

Author : Richard H.M. Emmerink
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In recent years more emphasis has been placed in transport research on using existing roads as efficiently as possible in order to diminish the impact of traffic congestion. This book describes new theoretical, empirical and simulation models to analyse the impact of information provision to drivers and road pricing on congestion levels. It is the first publication presenting a wide variety of economic models to study information and road pricing effects jointly.

Road Transportation

Author : Tracey Kelly
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"Trace the invention history of car racing from early carts to today's race cars"--Provided by publisher.

Road Transportation in South Africa in the 19th Century

Author : E. Joubert
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The True Costs of Road Transport

Author : Olof Johansson
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The last 30 years has been a period of phenomenal growth in road transport on the UK: today, 67 per cent of households have access to one or more cars. The same period has witnessed a precipitous decline in public transport, a rapid rise in the real price of both rail and bus fares, and a marked decline in the distance we travel by foot or bicycle. Yet the UK government's road-building programme and other transport policies have provoked outrage throughout the country; and, moreover, new evidence has come to light regarding the impact of benzene emissions from road transport on the incidence of asthma and the possible toll of particulate matter from diesel engines on human health. Blueprint 5 provides a detailed evaluation of the UK transport sector, and argues that without a fundamental change in policy it will inevitably continue to impose increasing costs on the natural environment, human health and the economy. It quantifies the external costs of road transport, and suggests new measures, such as road pricing and financial incentives, to pave the way to a sustainable transport system.

Transportation Potential and Other Benefits of Off road Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

Author :
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Handbook of international road transport

Author :
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The Rise and Rise of Road Transport 1700 1990

Author : Theodore Cardwell Barker
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Most books about Britain's transport history have concentrated upon canals and railways. It is now clear that a great deal of traffic went by road even before turnpikes, and that goods as well as passenger services were much more highly developed than used to be supposed. This book is an important survey of road transport over the past three centuries. The authors summarise the new evidence and arguments and explain why we need to take a longer view of the subject. They shed new light on the importance of horse-drawn freight in the eighteenth century before the introduction of turnpikes, offset the undue attention paid to the railways in the nineteenth century, and stress that motor transport's present great importance only dates from the 1950s. A full bibliography is provided for more extended study.

The Development of Road Transportation in Nepal and Its Relationship to Agricultural Development

Author : Gary Peter Ender
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Transport Technology for Developing Regions

Author : Richard M. Soberman
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Guidance Note Road Transport Subsector Risk Assessment

Author : Asian Development Bank
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The road transport subsector tends to be vulnerable to risks. This is due to large budgets that often comprise a sizable percentage of a country's national budget (20%-30%), an unclear strategic vision, nontransparent policy decisions that lead to inappropriate priorities, procurement contracts for goods and services that lend themselves to corruption, and political interference. Additional factors include weak business processes and control systems, weak capacity of subsector agencies, and fragile links across agencies and stakeholders. This guidance note aims to explain key features of the road transport subsector and identify entry points for mapping governance risks.

World Guide to Battery powered Road Transportation

Author :
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Economics of the Road Transport

Author : Ravinder N. Batta
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Indian Transport System

Author : G. John Gunaseelan
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Contributed articles.

Performance Measurement of Transportation Systems

Author :
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Each track consisted of a plenary session followed by three concurrent breakout sessions. These proceedings follow the conference format, with the plenary sessions and the breakout sessions for each of the five tracks presented in chronological order. The breakout sessions and the closing session gave participants the opportunity to provide ideas and suggestions on further research, technology transfer, and training. Research topics identified for potential consideration are listed in the section on concluding remarks. The conference also featured an interactive poster session. Summaries provided by the poster authors are presented in Appendix A. The conference attracted 130 participants from Canada, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, South Africa, and the United States, and featured transportation specialists who offered real-world expertise on the application of performance metrics and case studies.

The Report on the Road Traffic Bill 2004 and the Road Transportation Bill 2005 Having Been Reviewed and Considered by the Select Committee Appointed by Parliament

Author : Swaziland. Parliament. House of Assembly
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Primer on Transportation and Climate Change

Author :
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This report serves as an introduction to the issue of climate change and its implications for transportation policy in the U.S. The report: Summarizes the current state of scientific knowledge concerning the causes and impacts of climate change; Provides an introduction to climate change policy issues; Discusses trends in greenhouse gas emissions from road transportation; Reviews potential measures to reduce such emissions; and Identified issues for further research.

From Rail to Road and Back Again

Author : Ralf Roth
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The coming of the railways signalled the transformation of European society, allowing the quick and cheap mass transportation of people and goods on a previously unimaginable scale. By the early decades of the twentieth century, however, the domination of rail transport was threatened by increased motorised road transport which would quickly surpass and eclipse the trains, only itself to be challenged in the twenty-first century by a renewal of interest in railways. Yet, as the studies in this volume make clear, to view the relationship between road and rail as a simple competition between two rival forms of transportation, is a mistake. Rail transport did not vanish in the twentieth century any more than road transport vanished in the nineteenth with the appearance of the railways. Instead a mutual interdependence has always existed, balancing the strengths and weaknesses of each system. It is that interdependence that forms the major theme of this collection. Divided into two main sections, the first part of the book offers a series of chapters examining how railway companies reacted to increasing competition from road transport, and exploring the degree to which railways depended on road transportation at different times and places. Part two focuses on road mobility, interpreting it as the innovative success story of the twentieth century. Taken together, these essays provide a fascinating reappraisal of the complex and shifting nature of European transportation over the last one hundred years.

West Bengal Today

Author : Biswanath Ray
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This Study Covers The Prevalent Social, Economic And Demographic Features Of The State. A Seperate Chapter Electricity In West Bengal: Present Position And Future Prospect Lays Emphasis On The Prospects Of Extensive Generation Of Electricity In The State In Order To Meet Its Industrial Requirements.

Operative Transportation Planning

Author : Thorben Seiler
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Transportation management in today’s consumer goods industry can be characterized by a high proportion of outsourced transportation services. Due to rising freight costs consumer goods manufacturers are seeking opportunities to increase the efficiency of their transportation network. This book presents an operational transportation planning problem typical of the consumer goods industry focusing on a network of suppliers, production facilities and warehouses. With respect to the large share of outsourcing in these networks a detailed analysis of freight costs based on contractual agreements is provided. From this analysis a number of opportunities for efficiency gains are identified and consolidated in an operative transportation planning problem that is numerically investigated. Furthermore, an overview of processes and organizational requirements in transportation management is given with special focus on the integration of existing commercial Transportation Management Systems (TMS).