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Risking a Second Chance at Love

Author : Heather Scarlett
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Victoria Forsham wants nothing more than to forget the humiliation of being jilted at the altar. Joining a dating show in Wildwood Falls, Montana seems like a perfect solution. Owen Walker lands the gig of his career when he agrees to be the tour guide for a Montana dating show. Pretty girls and easy money. How hard could that be? Turns out, the dating show is for single men and there is only one gorgeous girl, who is off limits because she is the one choosing a fiancé at the end of the week. Will his eternally single status be in jeopardy? Can Victoria move past her hurt to risk a second chance at love?

Risking the Church

Author : Richard Lennan
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As a consequence of numerous social and theological movements over the last few decades, the Roman Catholic Church finds itself in a situation that some have described as a state of 'peril'. This book traces the emergence of that 'peril', develops a systematic ecclesiology that identifies both the mission and resources of the Church in the present-day, and explores possible responses to some of the specific challenges facing the contemporary Church. The book develops an understanding of the Catholic tradition in order to highlight its potential for development.

Risking It All

Author : Todd Burkhalter
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Risking Intimacy

Author : Nancy Groom
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The longing for relational intimacy is met by yielding first to the Lord, who provides the grace from which genuine oneness with others can flow.

Risiko und Vertrauen Risk and Trust

Author : Heike Springhart
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Die Komplementärbegriffe Risiko und Vertrauen sind dazu geeignet, biblisch-theologische, systematisch-theologische, ethische und sozialtheoretische Perspektiven in ein produktives Gespräch zu bringen. Die Beiträge dieses Bandes nehmen die Fäden für dieses Gespräch auf und entfalten innovative Impulse für Theologie und Kirchenleitung, für Recht, Ökonomie und Zivilgesellschaft sowie für den Diskurs mit den Naturwissenschaften und die Ethik. Probleme der theologischen Anthropologie kommen dabei ebenso zur Sprache wie das ökonomische Risikomanagement, Risiko und Vertrauen im kirchenleitenden Handeln und das Problem des Rechtspopulismus. Der Band ist Michael Welker zum 70. Geburtstag gewidmet und vereint Beiträge von Autorinnen und Autoren aus Deutschland, den USA, Großbritannien, Ungarn, den Niederlanden und Südafrika. [Risk and Trust] Risk and Trust are complementary terms that can help shape a constructive conversation between biblical, theological, ethical and social theoretical perspectives. Contributions of this volume enter this conversation by unfolding impulses for theology and the church, for law, economics and the civil society as well as for the sciences and ethics. Topics include theological anthropology, trust and risk in economy and the political and theological challenges due to populism. This book is dedicated to Michael Welker for the occasion of his 70th birthday. It consists of contributions by authors from Germany, USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and South Africa.

One Last Risk

Author : Nancy Stopper
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A guilt-drive firefighter, a widowed mother, neither is ready for love, but love has other plans. Firefighter Lucas Bennett had the carefree life he’d always wanted until a deadly blaze took the life of his company mate and best friend. Blaming himself was easy but pulling himself from the tailspin of guilt proved to be much harder. The fog of sadness and guilt pushed him down a dangerous path until he nearly died fighting the beast. Forced to stop and reevaluate his life, he decided to make a change before it was too late. A fire took almost everything from Sarah Robinson—her husband and her home—leaving her to raise their precious daughter alone. Everywhere she looked holds memories of her husband, pouring salt on her ever-present wound. Unable to live any longer around the memories of her husband, she and her daughter moved to Oak Grove, far away from the grief of the past. All Sarah needed was the chance to start a new life for her and her daughter. A car accident on a dark, rainy night put Lucas and Sarah on a collision course neither of them expected… with questions they’re not ready to answer. Can a single mother open her broken heart for a second chance at love? Will a broken firefighter risk his heart for what might be his only chance at forever? Are each of them willing to take one last risk to be together? His risk. Her reward. Together, they’ll mend each other's broken hearts. If you like small-town romance where the heroes are sexy and the women are strong, unlock One Last Risk to start your visit to Oak Grove, Pennsylvania and fall in love with Lucas and Sarah!

The Philosophy of erotic Love

Author : Robert Charles Solomon
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Solomon and Higgins have chosen excerpts from the great philosophical texts and combined them with the most exciting new work of philosophers writing today. It examines the mysteries of erotic love from a variety of philosophical perspectives and provides an impressive display of wisdom that the world's best thinkers have brought, and continue to bring, to the study of love.

Working with High Risk Youth

Author : Peter Smyth
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In the child welfare system some youth do well in their lives, but far too many do not experience positive outcomes by the time they are leaving government services. The youth often feel marginalized and that they were not involved in decisions about their own lives, leaving them with a sense of hopelessness and helplessness. This book focuses on high-risk youth - whose struggles include neglect and abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, the risk of being exploited, mental health issues, and the inability to self-regulate and trust - a population of youth that government child welfare services and community agencies struggle to serve adequately. The focus has traditionally been on punishment-consequence interventions and demanding compliance, but experience and research shows they can be better served through relationship-based practice incorporating harm reduction principles, resiliency and strength-based approaches, community collaboration, and an understanding that these youth typically come from experiences of early trauma impacting their brain development and their ability to form attachments. This book provides an overview of the Get Connected practice framework and philosophy, and provides strategies for engaging and working with the most disconnected, challenging, and troubled youth in society.

In Praise of Risk

Author : Anne Dufourmantelle
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When Anne Dufourmantelle drowned in a heroic attempt to save two children caught in rough seas, obituaries around the world rarely failed to recall that she was the author of a book entitled In Praise of Risk, implying that her death confirmed the ancient adage that to philosophize is to learn how to die. Now available in English, this magnificent and already much-discussed book indeed offers a trenchant critique of the psychic work the modern world devotes to avoiding risk. Yet this is not a book on how to die but on how to live. For Dufourmantelle, risk entails an encounter not with an external threat to life but with something hidden in life that conditions our approach to such ordinary risks as disobedience, passion, addiction, leaving family, and solitude Keeping jargon to a minimum, Dufourmantelle weaves philosophical reflections together with clinical case histories. The everyday fears, traumas, and resistances that therapy addresses brush up against such broader concerns as terrorism, insurance, addiction, artistic creation, and political revolution. Taking up a project than joins the work of many French thinkers, such as Jacques Lacan, Jacques Derrida, Jean-Luc Nancy, Hélène Cixous, Giorgio Agamben, and Catherine Malabou, Dufourmantelle works to dislodge Western philosophy, psychoanalysis, ethics, and politics from the redemptive logic of sacrifice. She discovers the kernel of a future beyond annihilation where one might least expect to find it, hidden in the unconscious. In an era defined by enhanced security measures, border walls, trigger warnings, and endless litigation, Dufourmantelle’s masterwork provides a much-needed celebration of the risks that define what it means to live.

Dr Susan Love s Breast Book

Author : Susan M. Love
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"The Bible for women with breast cancer" --New York Times For more than two decades, readers faced with a diagnosis of breast cancer have relied on Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book to guide them through the frightening thicket of research and opinion to find the best options for their particular situations. This sixth edition explains advances in targeted treatments, hormonal therapies, safer chemotherapy, and immunologic approaches as well as new forms of surgery and radiation. There is extensive guidance for the many women now living for years with metastatic breast cancer. With Dr. Love's warm support, readers can sort the facts from the fads, ask the right questions, and recognize when a second opinion might be wise.