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Rising Sun of the West

Author : Nurjan Mirahmadi
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Rising Sun of the West is an essential spiritual guidebook filled with invaluable knowledge of the elements within our cosmos. The author presents inspiring discourse, supported with over 1,000 full-colour images and custom diagrams, guiding the student through a comprehensive program of spiritual development. The journey examines the Divine's (Allah) most powerful sun of all universes, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, and progresses to an insightful overview of the stars, represented by the Holy Companions. These symbols of guidance lead us on the path to enlightenment and by applying the disciplines of the star, the willing seeker can unlock hidden realities of the soul. This book encapsulates the importance of following the full moons, the spiritual guides, who dedicate their lives to reflect the sun and exemplify the best in character. It is ultimately through their guiding light that the student transcends life on earth and moves closer to realizing true cosmic awareness.

Rising Sun

Author : Robert Conroy
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It is the summer of 1942 and what our historians have called the Incredible Victory in the Battle of Midway has become a horrendous disaster in this world. Two of Americas handful of carriers in the Pacific have blundered into a Japanese submarine picket line and have been sunk, while a third is destroyed the next day. The United States has only one carrier remaining in the Pacific against nine Japanese, while the ragtag remnants of U.S. battleships _ an armada still reeling from the defeat at Pearl Harbor _ are in even worse shape. Now the Pacific belongs to the Japanese. And it doesnt stop there, as Japan has thrust her sword in to the hilt. Alaska is invaded. Hawaii is under blockade. The Panama Canal is nearly plugged. Worst of all, the West Coast of America is ripe for destruction as bombers of the Empire of the Sun bombard west coast American cities at will. Despite these disasters, the U.S. begins to fight back. Limited counterattacks are made and a grand plan is put forth to lure the Japanese into an ambush that could restore the balance in the Pacific and give the forces of freedom a fighting chance once more. At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management). About Rising Sun: _Conroy extrapolates a new and militarily plausible direction for WWII . . . A thrilling adventure.Ó¾Booklist About Himmlers War: _[Conroy] adds a personal touch to alternate history by describing events through the eyes of fictional characters serving on the front lines. VERDICT: Historical accuracy in the midst of creative speculation makes this piece of alternate history believable.Ó_Library Journal About Red Inferno: 1945 _An ensemble cast of fictional characters. . . and historical figures powers the meticulously researched story line with diverse accounts of the horrors of war, making this an appealing read for fans of history and alternate history alike.Ó¾Publishers Weekly _[E]ngrossing and grimly plausible. . .the suspense holds up literally to the last page.Ó¾Booklist About 1945: _ moving and thought-provoking . . .Ó¾Publishers Weekly _Realistic . . .Ó¾Booklist About 1942: _. . .fans of Tom Clancy and Agent Jack Bauer should find a lot to like here.Ó¾Publishers Weekly _A significant writer of alternate history turns here to the popular topic of Pearl Harbor, producing. . . this rousing historical action tale.Ó¾Booklist _A high-explosive what-if, with full-blooded characters.Ó¾John Birmingham, bestselling author of Without Warning About 1901: _. . . cleverly conceived. . .Conroy tells a solid what-if historical.Ó¾Publishers Weekly _. . . likely to please both military history and alternative history buffs.Ó¾Booklist

Warriors of the Rising Sun

Author : Robert B. Edgerton
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An insightful account traces the transformation of the Japanese military, praised by the West during the early twentieth century for its chivalry in warfare, into a notoriously brutal, rapacious legion during World War II.

Beyond the Rising Sun

Author : Bruce Stronach
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Counters fears of an authoritarian and aggressive Japan, analyzes the ingrained democratic political culture, and explains nationalism as a force in the society today.

The Rising Sun of Socialism

Author : Keith Laybourn
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The Cross and the Rising Sun

Author : A. Hamish Ion
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Drawing on both Canadian and Japanese sources, this book investigates the life, work, and attitudes of Canadian Protestant missionaries in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan (the three main constituent parts of the pre-1945 Japanese empire) from the arrival of the first Canadian missionary in East Asia in 1872 until 1931. Canadian missionaries made a significant contribution to the development of the Protestant movement in the Japanese Empire. Yet their influence also extended far beyond the Christian sphere. Through their educational, social, and medical work; their role in introducing new Western ideas and social pursuits; and their outspoken criticism of the brutalities of Japanese rule in colonial Korea and Taiwan, the activities of Canadian missionaries had an impact on many different facets of society and culture in the Japanese Empire. Missionaries residing in the Japanese Empire served as a link between citizens of Japan and Canada and acted as trusted interpreters of things Japanese to their home constituents.

Rising Sun And Tumbling Bear

Author : Richard Connaughton
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The definitive history of the Russo-Japanese war The Russians were wrong-footed from the start, fighting in Manchuria at the end of a 5,000 mile single track railway; the Japanese were a week or so from their bases. The Russian command structure was hopelessly confused, their generals old and incompetent, the Tsar cautious and uncertain. The Russian naval defeat at Tsushima was as farcical as it was complete. The Japanese had defeated a big European power, and the lessons for the West were there for all to see, had they cared to do so. From this curious war, so unsafely ignored for the most part by the military minds of the day, Richard Connaughton has woven a fascinating narrative to appeal to readers at all levels.

The Cross and the Rising Sun The British Protestant missionary movement in Japan Korea and Taiwan 1865 1945

Author : A. Hamish Ion
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The influx of Protestant missionaries from Britain to Japan, Korea and Taiwan was an integral part of the British presence in East Asia from 1865 to 1945. Ion draws on both British and Japanese sources to examine the life, work and attitudes of the British missionaries, women and men, who ventured far from their homeland to preach the gospel. He explores the role played by British Protestants as both Christian missionaries and informal ambassadors of their own country and civilization. Through their educational, social and medical work the missionaries helped introduce Western ideas and social pursuits which in turn affected different facets of society and culture in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The study illustrates how the British missionaries’ intent to introduce Christianity was affected by the response of the East Asians to Western ideas. In describing the high drama of the British missionary movement’s pioneering days in the late nineteenth century to its persecution during the late 1930s, Ion casts light on a particular, yet important, aspect of the changing tides of Anglo-Japanese relations. This book will ably complement his previous study of Canadian missionaries in East Asia during the same period. Chosen as one of the 15 outstanding books of 1993 for mission studies by the International Bulletin of Missionary Research.

Rolling Thunder Against the Rising Sun

Author : Gene Eric Salecker
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First work dedicated solely to the use of Army tanks in the Pacific Theater. Covers armor battles in the Philippines, Makin, the Solomons, Rabaul, New Guinea, Saipan, Guam, and Okinawa.

Blossoming Silk Against the Rising Sun

Author : Gene Eric Salecker
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Complete account of airborne operations in the Pacific theater. Firsthand descriptions from American and Japanese paratroopers. Detailed maps illustrate battles.

Into the Rising Sun

Author : Patrick K. O'Donnell
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Drawn from interviews with more than eight hundred veterans, an authoritative combat history of the Pacific War, told in the words of the men who actually fought it, vividly recreates the Pacific's most crucial battles, from daring raids on remote Japanese outposts, to the desperate fighting on Guadalcanal and Burma. Reprint.

The Rising Sun

Author : Eaton Stannard Barrett
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Opening a Window to the West

Author : Peter Ennals
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After more than two centuries of self-seclusion, Japan finally opened itself to Western traders and influences in the 1850s. However, Westerners were restricted to a handful of Foreign Concessions set adjacent to selected Japanese cities, where they could fashion a working urban space suited to their own cultural patterns, and which provided the Japanese with a microscopic lens on Western ways of behaviour and commerce. Kōbe was one of these treaty ports, and its Foreign Concession, along with that at Yokohama, became the most vibrant and successful of these settlements. The first book-length study of Kōbe’s Foreign Concession, Opening a Window to the West situates Kōbe within the larger pattern of globalization occurring throughout East Asia in the nineteenth century. Detailing the form and evolution of the settlement, its social and economic composition, and its specific mercantile trading features, this vivid micro-study illuminates the making of Kōbe during these critical decades of growth and development.

Rising Sun Divided Land

Author : Kate E. Taylor-Jones
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Rising Sun and Divided Land provides a comprehensive, scholarly examination of the historical background, films, and careers of selected Korean and Japanese film directors. It examines eight directors: Fukasaku Kinji, Im Kwon-teak, Kawase Naomi, Miike Takashi, Lee Chang-dong, Kitano Takeshi, Park Chan-wook, and Kim Ki-duk and considers their work as reflections of personal visions and as films that engage with globalization, colonialism, nationalism, race, gender, history, and the contemporary state of Japan and South Korea. Each chapter is followed by a short analysis of a selected film, and the volume as a whole includes a cinematic overview of Japan and South Korea and a list of suggestions for further reading and viewing.

The East Is East and the West is West Or is It

Author : Gene J. Cho
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Multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic, the author shares his deeply personal, honestly critical, and often penetratingly satirical-but always humorous and even delightfully hilarious-narratives from the pages of his early years in Taiwan before the end of World War II and five-decade life in the United States. In refreshing candor, the twenty episodes cover topics of a wide-ranging interest, from anthropological mystery to historical anecdotes, and sociological issues to religious and ethnic characterizations, all from the author's highly personal viewpoint as unique as his complex and multi-faceted background. Some readers may find them inciting to ponder, inducing to laughter, fomenting to indignation or provoking to renunciation, or even moving to tears. But few can remain indifferent to the narratives that come straight from the author's heart.

Race the Rising Sun

Author : Eric Steeves
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A riveting novel of airborn intrigue across international borders. .,."a dark and humorous journey from Tahiti to Massachusetts, and around the globe," says USA Travel Magazine.

Rising Sun Victorious

Author : Peter G. Tsouras
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In war, victory can be held hostage to seemingly insignificant incidents–chance events, opportunities seized or cast aside–that can derail the most brilliant military strategies and change the course of history. What if the Japanese had conquered India and driven out the British? What if the strategic link between the United States and Australia had been severed? What if Vice Admiral Nagumo had launched a third attack on Pearl Harbor? What if the U.S. Navy’s gamble at Midway had backfired? Ten leading military historians ask these and other questions in this fascinating book. The war with Japan was rife with difficult choices and battles that could have gone either way. These fact-based alternate scenarios offer intriguing insights into what might have happened in the Pacific during World War II, and what the consequences would have been for America.

The Geography of the Heavens

Author : Elijah Hinsdale Burritt
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Mark s Journey to the West

Author : Hugo Luke
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After World War II and the Communist Revolution in China, Mark''s father, H. Thomas Luke, a graduate of Yenching University in Beijing, escaped with his wife Deanna, daughter Shelley, and son Hugo to Hong Kong where he taught English and wrote newspaper articles. The Luke''s relocated to Okinanwa to a job with the CIA. Mark graduated with honors and played football, winning a scholarship to Trinity College where he met many college friends during the Civil Rights and VietNam War Era. Like the great Chinese Classic "Journey To the West", he travelled extensively in the US and Western Europe. His writing is about his many encounters and he offers many interesting insights into characters he met along the way. The novel is light hearted and can easily adapted into a film or television program.

Wise Man Of The West

Author : Vincent Cronin
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Matteo Ricci, an early recruit of the Jesuit order, was sent to China as a missionary in 1582. If he approached the Emperor with a Bible in one hand, in the other he carried much of the accumulated technological and philosophical wisdom of the late Renaissance Europe, and thus found favour among the Mandarins, the men of learning who enjoyed high status at the Imperial Court. He learned Chinese the better to discuss with them the problems in science and technology, as also questions of religion and the hereafter. But his progress was not unopposed, for the Wise Man from the West came to be seen as an unsettling element in a too-settled society. Ricci died in 1610, disappointed in his ambition to convert the Emperor, and with him the whole of China, to Christianity. But the seed was sown and the crop, even after almost a century of atheistic communism, continues to grow in present-day China. This story of the first fully documented contact between West and East offers a fascinating insight into the history of ideas during one of the most fertile eras in European and Chinese history. Vincent Cronin has built up a reputation with his scholarly, elegantly written works of history and biography, as one of the finest popular historians of his generation. This early book proves his gift as an acutely observant and sensitive historian.