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The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time

Author : William Safire
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For the past twenty-five years Americans have relied on Pulitzer Prize-winning wordsmith William Safire for their weekly dose of linguistic illumination in The New York Times Magazine's column "On Language" -- one of the most popular features of the magazine and a Sunday-morning staple for innumerable fans. He is the most widely read writer on the English language today. Safire is the guru of contemporary vocabulary, speech, language, usage and writing. Dedicated and disputatious readers itch to pick up each column and respond to the week's linguistic wisdom with a gotcha letter to the Times. The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time marks the publication of Safire's sixteenth book on language. This collection is a classic to be read, re-read, enjoyed and fought over. Fans, critics and fellow linguists wait with bated (from the French abattre "to beat down") breath for each new anthology -- and, like its predecessors, this one is bound to satisfy and delight. Safire finds fodder for his columns in politics and current events, as well as in science, technology, entertainment and daily life. The self-proclaimed card-carrying language maven and pop grammarian is not above tackling his own linguistic blunders as he detects language trends and tracks words, phrases and clichés to their source. Scholarly, entertaining and thoughtful, Safire's critical observations about language and slanguage are at once provocative and enlightening. Safire is America's go-to guy when it comes to language, and he has included sharp and passionately opinionated letters from readers across the English-speaking world who have been unable to resist picking up a pen to put the maven himself in his place or to offer alternate interpretations, additional examples, amusing anecdotes or just props. The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time is a fascinating, learned and piquant look at the oddities and foibles that find their way into the English language. Exposing linguistic hooey and rigamarole and filled with Safire's trademark wisdom, this book has a place on the desk or bedside table of all who share his profound love of the English language -- as well as his penchant for asking "What does that mean?" Or, "Wassat?" This new collection is sure to delight readers, writers and word lovers everywhere and spark the interest of anyone who has ever wondered, "Where did the phrase 'brazen hussy' come from?"

The Right Place the Right Time

Author : Walter Haydn Davies
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The Right Place at the Right Time

Author : John D. Roberts
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The series is subtitled Autobiographies of eminent chemists. This volume recounts the life of John D. Roberts, and his contributions in benzine structure, field-space effects, NMR, and carbon-carbon rearrangements. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR


Author : P. N. MUKHERJEE
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This book presents a comprehensive view of concepts, principles and practices of Total Quality Management (TQM) from basics through advanced tools and techniques for practical implementation.It is well known that ‘Total Organization Involvement’ in understanding and implementing TQM, along with the integrated business strategy, provided Japanese organizations with a strong platform for a meteoric rise to world-class performance and global leadership in every sphere of their operation. The success of TQM therefore depends a lot on the strong foundation and infrastructure of an organization. This is the crux of the author’s theory of ‘Holistic Management System for World-class Performance and Leadership’ expounded in this book. It is a TQM-based model that helps create a world-class management system for performance excellence and global leadership. The concluding part of the book cites several examples of practical implementation of TQM principles and practices in various manufacturing and service sectors of the Indian industry, providing elaboration and analysis of each case study. The book is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students of management as well as students of most engineering disciplines. It can also be used by the industries as a valuable guide to continuous improvement and implementation of a world-class management system in line with the TQM principles and practices. In a nutshell, the book provides wide coverage of areas related to TQM and integrates all its processes, tools and techniques under one management system to help businesses grow and excel. This is indeed the unique feature of the book.

Just in Time Logistics

Author : Dr Kee-hung Lai
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The enduring repercussions of the Asian financial crisis in 1997, the worsening global economy following the burst of the dotcom bubbles in 2001, the financial tsunami in 2008, and the incessant rise in customer demand for better services have all contributed to shrinking profit margins for businesses around the world. To cope with these challenges, firms are discovering logistics as a competitive weapon when looking for ways to strengthen and preserve their market positions. One successful solution has been the adoption of Just-in-Time manufacturing systems, which involve many functional areas of a firm such as manufacturing, engineering, marketing, and purchasing, among others. Just-in-Time Logistics extends the JIT concept in manufacturing to business logistics, an area that has been observed to account for more than 30 per cent of sales revenue for some firms. It gives you an overview and an introduction of JIT logistics, and provides managerial insights on how to achieve improved logistics performance in terms of cost and service enhancements. A discussion of the quality, implementation, and performance measurement issues related to the application of JIT in business logistics is also presented.

The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time

Author : William Safire
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Presents a wealth of humorous new investigations into language, usage, words, speech, and writing.

Survival Skills

Author : Kevin Williams
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Instant Millionaires

Author : Max Gunther
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In this book you will meet three dozen impatient people. They weren't satisfied with the slow, plodding, money-saving route to financial security, the safe route that most of us feel stuck with. They wanted instant wealth - and they got it. As Max Gunther points out, our folklore frowns on the idea of quick money. Our cultural heros have generally been plodders, as in the fable about the race between a tortoise and a hare. "In the fable, the hare loses. The stories in this book are not fables. They are true. In these stories, the hares win." They are a richly varied lot, these happy hares. Gunther opens with a few dazzling millionaire legends, such as the man who invented Monopoly. You'll then meet such fascinating characters as: - Sam Wyly, who made it in the computer industry - Harvey Shuster, who beat the stock market - Dan Renn, who grew rapidly rich by applying salesmanship to another man's idea - Howard Brown, who deliberately decided to be rich and became a multi-millionaire within three years. - A group of men who made fast fortunes on fads such as the Hula Hoop and the Frisbee. - Jean Nidetch, who organised the fabulously successful Weight Watchers These stores illustrate that the dream of quick money isn't such a ridiculous dream after all. Maybe you've been harboring this kind of dream yourself. You've squelched the dream because you've been brainwashed by too many stories about tortoises beating hares. Everybody tells you your dream is laughable, impractical. All right, get ready for a revelation. Read this delightful collection of tales about hares who won. When you've read them, maybe you'll decide to run with them.

Finding the Right Place on the Map

Author : Karol Jakubowicz
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Finding the Right Place on the Map is a crosscutting, international comparison of the media systems and the democratic performance of the media in post-Communist countries. It explores issues of commercial media, social exclusion, and consumer capitalism in a comparative East-West perspective. Each chapter considers a different aspect of the trends and problems surrounding the media in comparative European and global perspectives. The result is a creative collaboration of leading authors from East and West that covers a rich array of controversial subjects in a comprehensive manner. Topics range from the civil society approach to media and public service broadcasting to journalism cultures, fandom, representation of poverty and gender that reinforces social exclusion and legitimizes consumer capitalism. Finding the Right Place on the Map is a unique, up-to-date overview of what media transformation has meant for post-communist countries in nearly two decades.

A Thrice told Tale

Author : Margery Wolf
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A Thrice-Told Tale is one ethnographer's imaginative and powerful response to the methodological issues raised by feminist and postmodernist critics of traditional ethnography. The author, a feminist anthropologist, uses three texts developed out of her research in Taiwan--a piece of fiction, anthropological fieldnotes, and a social science article--to explore some of these criticisms. Each text takes a different perspective, is written in a different style, and has different "outcomes," yet all three involve the same fascinating set of events. A young mother began to behave in a decidedly abherrant, perhaps suicidal manner, and opinion in her village was sharply divided over the reason. Was she becoming a shaman, posessed by a god? Was she deranged, in need of physical restraint, drugs, and hospitalization? Or was she being cynically manipulated by her ne'er-do-well husband to elicit sympathy and money from her neighbors? In the end, the woman was taken away from the area to her mother's house. For some villagers, this settled the matter; for others the debate over her behavior was probably never truly resolved. The first text is a short story written shortly after the incident, which occurred almost thrity years ago; the second text is a copy of the fieldnotes collected about the events covered in the short story; the third text is an article published in 1990 in American Ethnologist that analyzes the incident from the author's current perspective. Following each text is a Commentary in which the author discusses such topics as experimental ethnography, polyvocality, authorial presence and control, reflexivity, and some of the differences between fiction and ethnography. The three texts are framed by two chapters in which the author discusses the genereal problems posed by feminist and postmodernist critics of ethnography and presents her personal exploration of these issues in an argument that is strongly self-reflexive and theoretically rigorous. She considers some feminist concerns over colonial research methods and takes issues with the insistence of some feminists tha the topics of ethnographic research be set by those who are studied. The book concludes with a plea for ethnographic responsibility based on a less academic and more practical perspective.

Total Operations Solutions

Author : Ron Basu
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"Total Operations Solutions is essential reading for Quality Managers and Practitioners and Operations Management Specialists, both in the manufacturing and the service industries; Postgraduate and MBA students specialising in quality, operational excellence, continuous improvement, supply chain management, and operations management; Professional management and training consultants involved in implementing excellence and change programmes."--Jacket.


Author : Bill Paquette
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Stevie Dyer had a knack for making loads of money from the time he began selling newspapers at a large defense company outside of Boston. So when he meets CJ Wilson and Billy Toye while in the Air Force, coming up with a get-rich quick scheme is only a matter of time. Putting their heads together, the three friends form The Black Gold Investment Corp., with Stevie putting up the money to get it started. It isn’t long before the three partners are awash in money, but with success comes problems. “I don’t know squat about investing, and while I’m vacationing in Vietnam you guys mind our little store,” Stevie tells them. “Little store!” Billy shouts back. “In case you are not aware you jerk, our little store is worth over twenty-five million dollars!!!” Filled with romance, rivalry, war stories, and the type of conflict only money can bring, you’ll be amazed by the twists and turns in Bagman.

Favor with Kings

Author : Caleb Anderson
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Favor with Kings is a remarkably unique and inspiring look at the ancient Hebrew story of Nehemiah. Author Caleb Anderson takes the story to places it has never been before so that you can go to places you have never gone to before. The world needs you to be you, and to do what only you can do. Don’t miss this rare combination of biblical insight and catalytic personal development. On this journey of finding your distinct part in a bigger story, you’ll be guided to identify your purpose, or dream develop your passion, or conviction create your plan of action empower people to play their role persevere through inevitable adversity If you’ve ever had a dream; if you’ve ever felt stuck or restless; if you’ve ever experienced the discouragement of feeling like you’re behind, not good enough, or disqualified; if you’ve started but lack the courage or conviction to stay the course, then this book is for you. (Includes a reader's guide for group discussion or personal study.)

Joshua s Tree Ii

Author : Clive Alando Taylor
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Joshua's Tree, a story where legend meets the mythological fairytale of childhood make-believe, a place where two parallel worlds co-exist and crossover into the suspended animated realm of dreams, and where life and death take on a whole new symbolic meaning, albeit somehow uniquely and mysteriously connected and tied to the trees, except that when it comes to Joshua, we begin to see that he has a second chance at life, as we discover through the very laws of nature and the universe, that sometimes life gives you an opportunity, or even two, without ever even knowing it, or it making any sense, as if lived through a sequence of events along a parallel reality.

Reaching the Bar

Author : Robin Sax
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Women account for 30% of the 1.14 million attorneys currently practicing in the U.S., and in 2007, 48% of all juris doctor degrees were awarded to women. Despite the growing appearance of women at the bar, the law is still a profession dominated by older white men. While some of the challenges an aspiring lawyer faces are the same regardless of gender, other issues are particular hurdles for woman attorneys. Reaching the Bar provides the perspectives of women lawyers to their peers and to women just getting started in their legal careers. From their first torts class to their final case studies, women at law have to make choices about what specialty degrees to pursue, whether or when to have children, and how they are going to respond to sexism in the workplace and the courtroom. These books provide a forum for women at all levels to describe and examine those choices Reaching the Bar features stories from each stage of a lawyer’s career – beginning with the law school students and clerks, through the corporate stages from junior associate to senior partner, then on to late-stage careers like judges or professors. Reaching the Bar blends inspirational, funny and dramatic stories, with the constant theme of seasoned women looking back at their experiences and sharing what they’ve learned.

And THEN I ll Be Happy

Author : Kristen Houghton
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True stories and practical advice for women about how to feel better today This book is for anyone who's ever sacrificed her own happiness trying to make someone else happy . . . who's assigned her happiness, one more time, to some future date “in a galaxy far, far away.” It's no big deal, happiness can wait. And—duh—it does. But it doesn't have to. With And Then I'll Be Happy!, relationship writer and former saboteur of her own happiness, Kristen Houghton, gives women the tools they need to shake off the unhappiness epidemic. In a beguiling blend of practical advice and humor, she debunks the myths about how and when women find happiness. Houghton presents true stories of women who put their happiness on hold for different reasons, provides tips on what readers can do to avoid a similar problem, and identifies the major mindsets that keep women from happiness. With this book, women everywhere—whether in the midst of their careers, choosing to be stay-at-home moms, or caring for aging parents—can put their happiness right where it belongs: in the present.

Who Could We Ask

Author : Lee D. Kassan
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Leading gestalt therapist Michael Kriegsfeld led therapy groups around the world. Gestalt therapy focuses on conflicts between aspects of the self, and the attempt by patients to avoid responsibility for their choices and behavior. When Kriegsfeld died suddenly in 1992, he left 170 three-hour-long videotapes of his work with groups in the United States and Europe. Through excerpts from these tapes, author Lee Kassan provides examples of Kriegsfeld's methods that will be of use to every therapist regardless of his or her field. Divided into five main sections, Who Could We Ask? The Gestalt Therapy of Michael Kriegsfeld delivers a revealing, personal portrait of Kriegsfeld. Kassan explains Kriegsfeld's theory of the gestalt model as an alternative to the medical model that dominates the therapy field today. Kassan brilliantly illustrates and explains the procedures that Kriegsfeld used in gestalt therapy. Informative and intimate, Who Could We Ask? is a rare glimpse of a master therapist at work.

Welcome to My Sandbox

Author : Jeanne Albert
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Jeanne Albert has worked in a variety of workplace environments and knows better than anyone that we all need to laugh more at ourselves and at the world around us. With a goal of connecting the world one story at a time, Albert shares her first collection of anecdotes about the funny and often wacky things that happen to many of us at work. Albert, a seasoned veteran of the HR community, finds the humor in the antics that often occur while playing in the sandbox with others in the workplace. Whether they involve a boss (Sandbox Monitor), a coworker (Sandbox Playmate), or customers (Sandbox Visitors), her stories recount real-life experiences from a wide variety of people across a multitude of industries and backgrounds. From the close-talking boss to the gum-chewing interviewer to the termination gone wrong, Albert provides an entertaining look into what really happens in cubicle land, whether we want to admit it or not. Welcome to My Sandbox shares amusing personal stories intended to encourage laughter, a fun and engaging work environment, and bonding through collective experiences.

The Good the Bad the Ugly Philadelphia Flyers

Author : Adam Kimelman
File Size : 66.18 MB
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This monumental book about the Philadelphia Flyers not only documents all the best moments and personalities in the history of the team, but also unmasks the regrettably awful and the unflinchingly ugly. In entertaining—and unsparing—fashion, this book sparkles with Flyers highlights and lowlights, from wonderful and wacky memories to the famous and infamous. Such moments include the era of the “Broad Street Bullies” as well as the playoff drought in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Learn how visionary founding owner Ed Snider created the Flyers and sold the city of Philadelphia on the sport of hockey. Get the inside story of how the franchise built a championship squad, then repeatedly rebuilt it over the next three decades to stay at the top of the NHL—in the process compiling the league’s second-best all-time winning percentage. Enjoy classic tales about the great rivalries (especially with the Rangers, Devils, and Penguins), about the great coaches—including Fred Shero and Pat Quinn—and countless great players: Barber, Clarke, Parent, Poulin, Hextall, Primeau, and many more. Whether providing fond memories, goose bumps, or laughs, this portrait of the team and its history is sure to appeal to the fan who has been through it all. This updated edition takes readers through the 2012–13 season and features the Flyers’ trip to the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals as well as recent stars Claude Giroux, Scott Hartnell, Kimmo Timonen, and more.

Value Focused Thinking

Author : Ralph L. KEENEY
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This text argues that in decision-making a focus should be placed on the bottom-line objectives that give it its meaning. It states that through recognizing and articulating fundamental values, better decision opportunities can be identified, thereby creating better alternatives.