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Preferring Justice

Author : Eric Cave
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This manuscript is about the sense of justice that limits what individuals can do in pursuit of their ends and opens them to exploitation. It shows how flawed agents choosing under partial information advance those of their ends having nothing to do with justice by maintaining such a disposition.

The First Amendment Freedom of Speech

Author : Vikram Amar
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This volume collects, edits and presents some of the most important classic and cutting-edge thinking on the constitutional freedom of speech. At a time when America is trying to export democracy abroad and preserve it at home against a backdrop of international security concerns, figuring out how society should permit its citizens to identify and represent themselves and come together to deliberate collectively is arguably more crucial now than ever before.

The Age of Unproductive Capital

Author : Ladislau Dowbor
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This book offers a very direct and readable analysis of the main challenges facing our societies today, such as reducing inequality, protecting the planet, and in particular mobilizing our financial resources which linger in tax havens and feed speculation, instead of funding the sustainable development we need. It precisely considers the most important factors, including corporate governance, financialization, capturing political power, and the limits to adequate national economic policies in a world dominated by global finance. The book’s presentation of how sensible and productive policies are dismantled will be highly interesting for the international community, whether in the academic, corporate or government spheres.

Judge Grim Reaper the Justice System Is Rigged Justice

Author : lakisha meredith
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Judge Grim Reaper The Justice System is Rigged Justice/h3>

The Federal Arbitration Act and Access to Justice

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary
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Criminology of Corruption

Author : Graham Brooks
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This book uniquely applies theoretical approaches from criminology and sociology to the problem of corruption. Theoretical thoughts have future consequences on how we treat, punish and deter and corruption policy illustrates that theoretical approaches affect what laws and techniques are implemented. Theoretical approaches, however, are not developed in a social and political vacuum; they are a part of the changing social world and understanding why corruption occurs is a preface to developing strategies to control and prevent it. Criminology of Corruption analyses corruption on an international scale and uses numerous case studies to help explain why individuals, organisations and states are corrupt. The book charts the development of the most relevant theoretical approaches and uses them to help explain acts of corruption and prevention. It will be of great interest to scholars researching these issues across criminology, sociology and other disciplines.

Globalization and the Global Politics of Justice

Author : Barry K. Gills
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This book brings together a set of distinguished academics and activists to analyze, critique, and debate the global politics of poverty and justice and the contemporary nature of globalization. It examines the connections between ‘really existing globalization’, global capitalism, and global poverty, and the idea of and prospects for ‘global justice’ now and in the future. Identifying continuing contradictions between the stated aims of the reigning global economic orthodoxy and the actual consequences of these policies in relation to alleviation of severe poverty and injustice, the authors engage in a lively critique of the very visible campaigns to end global poverty during the past several years and especially in 2005, the year of the make Poverty History campaign, Live8, the Africa Commission’s report, and the Gleneagles G8 summit. Contributions range from consideration of the meaning and definition of global justice, its relation to global ethics and development in both theory and practice, analysis of the new forms of global politics that challenge neoliberal globalization and global injustice, and trenchant critique of the practices and policies of some of the major organizations and agencies deeply involved in global poverty alleviation. Globalization and the Global Politics of Justice is highly recommended for all those interested in contemporary global politics and the issue of inequality, injustice, and poverty between the North and South. This book was previously published as a special issue of Globalizations


Author : James J. Lorence
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The first comprehensive biography of progressive labor organizer, peace worker, and economist Clinton Jencks (1918–2005), this book explores the life of one of the most important political and social activists to appear in the Southwestern United States in the twentieth century. A key figure in the radical International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers (IUMMSW) Local 890 in Grant County, New Mexico, Jencks was involved in organizing not only the mine workers but also their wives in the 1951 strike against the Empire Zinc Company. He was active in the production of the 1954 landmark labor film dramatizing the Empire Zinc strike, Salt of the Earth, which was heavily suppressed during the McCarthy era and led to Jencks's persecution by the federal government. Labor historian James J. Lorence examines the interaction between Jencks's personal experience and the broader forces that marked the world and society in which he worked and lived. Following the work of Jencks and his equally progressive wife, Virginia Derr Jencks, Lorence illuminates the roots and character of Southwestern unionism, the role of radicalism in the Mexican-American civil rights movement, the rise of working-class feminism within Local 890 and the Grant County Mexican American community, and the development of Mexican-American identity in the Southwest. Chronicling Jencks's five-year-long legal battle against charges of perjury, this biography also illustrates how civil liberties and American labor were constrained by the specter of anticommunism during the Cold War. Drawing from extensive research as well as interviews and correspondence, this volume highlights Clinton Jencks's dramatic influence on the history of labor culture in the Southwest through a lifetime devoted to progress and change for the social good.

The Federalization of Corporate Governance

Author : Marc I. Steinberg
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This book focuses on the federalization of corporate governance in the United States from both historical and contemporary perspectives. Although the states traditionally have regulated the sphere of corporate governance - encompassing the relations among and between the subject corporation, its directors, its officers, its stockholders, and other stakeholders - federal law today impacts the governance of publicly-traded companies to a greater degree than ever before in U.S. history. This book discusses the evolution and development of corporate governance from a federal law perspective from the commencement of the twentieth century to the present. It examines the tension between state company law and federal law, analyzes the federal historical developments, explains the ramifications of the federal legislation enacted during the past two decades, and recommends corrective measures that should be implemented. The book accordingly provides an original, historical, and contemporary analysis of the federalization of corporate governance - a subject that impacts this country's economic well-being in a very fundamental way.

Department of Justice

Author : United States Department of Justice
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Author : Leon Anderson
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"This sociology of deviance textbook draws on up-to-date scholarship across a spectrum of deviance categories, providing a symbolic interactionist analysis of the deviance process. The book addresses positivistic theories of deviant behavior within a more encompassing description of the deviance process that includes the work of deviance claims-makers, rule-breakers, and social control agents. Cross-cultural and historical treatment of deviance categories provides background for understanding current conceptions of, and responses to, deviance. The book is divided into four parts. Section One introduces students to the sociology of deviance. A sociological approach to deviance is contrasted with popular views of deviants as demonic, mentally ill, and culturally exotic. Sociological methods for studying deviance are described, with particular emphasis on deviance ethnography. Classic positivistic theories of deviant behavior are presented with critique and discussion of revised formulations of the theories. The symbolic interactionist/constructionist approach is presented as a recursive set of processes involving deviance claims-making by moral entrepreneurs, rule-breaking, actions of social control, and stigma management and resistance by those labelled as deviant. Section Two focuses on high consensus criminal deviance, with chapters on murder, rape, street-level property crime, and white collar crime. Chapters in Section Three addresses various forms of lifestyle deviance, including alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and sex work. Section Four examines three categories of status deviance: mental illness, obesity and eating disorders, and LGBTQ identities."--Provided by publisher.

The Great New Orleans Kidnapping Case

Author : Michael Anthony Ross
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Recounts a famous kidnapping that took place in New Orleans in 1870, in which a seventeen-month-old white child was taken by two African-American women, and the resulting public hysteria that led to racial tensions, political divisions, and false accusations and arrests.

Judge Grim Reaper the Justice System Is Rigged Justice Premium

Author : Stephanie Garrison
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Judge Grim Reaper The Justice System is Rigged Justice Premium/h3>

The New World of UN Peace Operations

Author : Thorsten Benner
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Peace operations are the UN ́s flagship activity. Over the past decade, UN blue helmets have been dispatched to ever more challenging environments from the Congo to Timor to perform an expanding set of tasks. From protecting civilians in the midst of violent conflict to rebuilding state institutions after war, a new range of tasks has transformed the business of the blue helmets into an inherently knowledge-based venture. But all too often, the UN blue helmets, policemen, and other civilian officials have been "flying blind" in their efforts to stabilize countries ravaged by war. The UN realized the need to put knowledge, guidance and doctrine, and reflection on failures and successes at the center of the institution. Building on an innovative multi-disciplinary framework, this study provides a first comprehensive account of learning in peacekeeping. Covering the crucial past decade of expansion in peace operations, it zooms into a dozen cases of attempted learning across four crucial domains: police assistance, judicial reform, reintegration of former combatants, and mission integration. Throughout the different cases, the study analyzes the role of key variables as enablers and stumbling blocks for learning: bureaucratic politics, the learning infrastructure, leadership as well as power and interests of member states. Building on five years of research and access to key documents and decision-makers, the book presents a vivid portrait of an international bureaucracy struggling to turn itself into a learning organization. Aimed at policy-makers, diplomats, and a wide academic audience (including those working in international relations, peace research, political science, public administration, and organizational sociology), the book is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the evolution of modern peace operations.

Justice and Justification

Author : Norman Daniels
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A collection of essays exploring ethics and their relation to moral and non-moral beliefs.

The Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer

Author : Richard Burn
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Department of Justice

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on the Departments of Commerce, Justice, and State, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies
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ABA Journal

Author :
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The ABA Journal serves the legal profession. Qualified recipients are lawyers and judges, law students, law librarians and associate members of the American Bar Association.

Korea s Response to the West

Author : Yung-hwan Jo
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Author : Nicos Rossides
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Dr. Nicos Rossides spent seven unforgettable years in Japan from the late 1970s, when the country began to emerge as a major player on the world stage. From a humbled nation, post-war Japan metamorphosed into an example to admire and emulate. Rossides witnessed this staggering growth and the “lost decade” that followed, only for the country to rebound again as a significant global player. Rossides eventually married into a Japanese family and grew a network of close Japanese friends. In eleven succinct and entertaining essays, the Author exposes the reader to multiple lenses or perspectives on Japanese culture and society. He does this based on what he experienced first-hand and only later digested as a kaleidoscope of different cultural nuances and insights. A fascinating read for those with a sincere interest in Japan and its socio-cultural practices and traditions and, may include students and academics, international businessmen and diplomats and their accompanying families. Written in a breezy style, Dr. Rossides offers his personal vision of how contemporary Japan is changing to address the realities of life in the twenty-first century.