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Ride the Blazing Rainbow

Author : Quentin Van Marle
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A thousand mile journey across South Africa..... by bike! The follow-up to the successful Boomerang Road

Boomerang Road

Author : Quentin van Marle
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Riding a mountain bike from Australia's far north to its deepest south, this title details journalist Quentin van Marle's epic journey across Australia.

The Fun Parts

Author : Sam Lipsyte
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A boy eats his way to self-discovery while another must battle the reality-brandishing monster preying on his fantasy realm. Meanwhile, an aerobics instructor, the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, makes the most shocking leap imaginable to save her soul. Bold, hilarious and darkly affecting, Lipsyte's stories combine the tragicomic dazzle of his beloved novels and the compressed vitality of his classic debut collection. The Fun Parts is Lipsyte at his best - an exploration of new voices and vistas from a writer Time magazine has said 'everyone should read'.


Author : Alexander Chee
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'Every word makes me ache ... Written with exquisite empathy and grace' Roxane Gay 'Singularly beautiful and psychologically harrowing ... One of the best American novels of this century' Boston Globe Twelve-year-old Fee is a shy Korean American boy and a newly named section leader of the first sopranos in his local boys' choir. At their summer camp, situated in an idyllic and secluded lakeside retreat, Fee grapples with his complicated feelings towards his best friend, Peter. But as Fee comes to learn how the director treats his section leaders, he is so ashamed he says nothing of the abuse, not even when Peter is in line to be next. When the director is arrested, Fee tries to forgive himself for his silence. Yet the actions of the director have vast consequences, and in their wake, Fee blames only himself. In the years that follow he slowly builds a new life, teaching near his hometown. There, he meets a young student who is the picture of Peter – and is forced to confront the past he believed was gone.


Author : Mary Higgins Clark
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Alvirah Meehan, one of Mary Higgins Clark's most beloved characters, returns in these dazzling, intertwined tales of sleuthing and suspense. Alvirah, the former cleaning lady who struck it rich in the lottery, made her first appearance in Weep No More, My Lady. Now, with her devoted mate, Willy, the ever-resourceful Alvirah delves into crime-solving on a grand scale -- and with her own inimitable style. Among their many adventures, Alvirah and Willy find a dead actress in their Central Park South condominium upon their return from London in "The Body in the Closet." Needing a break from the big city, they escape to Cape Cod -- only to meet a would-be heiress framed for murder in "Death on the Cape." When Alvirah and Willy seek the tranquillity of the Cypress Point Spa, it's the perfect getaway -- until a jewel thief turns up in "The Lottery Winner." Back in Manhattan, the search for a neighbour's missing newborn makes for a suspense-filled Christmas in "Bye, Baby Bunting."


Author : Frederick Turner
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Epic does many things. Among others, it defines the nature of the human storyteller; recalls the creation of the world and of the human race; describes the paradoxical role of the hero as both the Everyman and the radical exception; and establishes the complex quest underlying all human action. Epic illustrates that these ingredients of epic storytelling are universal cultural elements, in existence across multiple remote geographical locations, historical eras, ethnic and linguistic groups, and levels of technological and economic development. Frederick Turner argues that epic, despite being scoffed at and neglected for over sixty years, is the most fundamental and important of all literary forms and thereby deserves serious critical attention. It is the source and originof all other literature, the frame within which any story is possible. The mission of this book is to repair gaps in the literary understanding of epic studies—and offer permission to future epic writers and composers. The cultural genres of Marvel Comics, gothic, anime, manga, multi-user dungeon gaming, and superhero movies reprise all the epic themes and motifs. Consider The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Lost, The Matrix, Superman, Harry Potter, and Narnia. Here can be found the epic beast-man, the miraculous birth of the hero, the creation myth, the founding of the city, the quest journey, the descent into the land of the dead, the monsters, and the trickster. This book will be of interest to all readers fascinated by folklore, oral tradition, religious studies, anthropology, mythology, and enthusiastic about literature in general.

The Legend of the Bayou Mist

Author : Cynthia Womble
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The story of Rebecca Stalcup, haunted in her childhood by dreams of a stalker. She leaves the town she grew up in after college, but returns years later only to find her nightmares have started again. The marriage to her childhood sweetheart, Ansel Ringer and the secret he has kept for years. Both Ansel and his father, Etienne Ringer, are geneticists. Etienne¡_s diabolical experiment, financed by the U.S. Army goes awry. Mysterious disappearances and murder occur. Rebecca is caught up in a tangled web of deception. Her horror when she learns the truth about her husband and his missing twin brother. The secrets of the Bayou Mist come full circle when Rebecca and her friend attempt to uncover the legend. What they find will leave her friend in a coma from a brutal attack. Is the stalker someone she knows or is The Legend of the Bayou Mist true?

Who was who on Screen

Author : Evelyn Mack Truitt
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Furnishes brief biographical sketches and lists of screen credits for thousands of film performers, both the famous and the lesser known

When the ride ends

Author : Gene Hayworth
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Featuring the winning entries from the Owl Canyon Press Short Story Hackathon No. 3, chosen from 1100+ entries received from 40 countries.

Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe

Author : Hilda Roderick Ellis Davidson
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