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Rhythms of Labour

Author : Marek Korczynski
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The first exploration of the history of music at work in Britain, from pre-industrialisation to the present day.

Law and Time

Author : Sian Beynon-Jones
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Research on law's relationship with time has flourished over the past decade. This edited collection aims to put law and time scholarship into wider context, advancing conversations on time and temporalities between socio-legal scholars, anthropologists, sociologists, geographers and historians. Through a diverse range of contributions, the collection explores how legal modalities of time emerge and have effects within wider clusters of social and political action. Themes include: law’s diverse roles in maintaining linear historicist models of time; law’s participation in the materialisation of times; and the unsteady effects of temporal pluralism and polytemporalities in law. De-naturalising the ‘time’ in law and time scholarship, this collection positions time as something that can be enacted and materialised as well as experienced, with distinct implications for questions of social justice.

General Labour History of Africa

Author : Stefano Bellucci
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The first comprehensive and authoritative history of work and labour in Africa; a key text for all working on African Studies and Labour History worldwide.

Marx s Temporalities

Author : Massimiliano Tomba
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The book rethinks key categories of Marx's work beyond any philosophy of history, showing how the plurality of temporal layers that are combined and come into conflict in the violently unifying historical dimension of modernity are central to Marx's thought.


Author : Sally Pairman
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The first text of its kind in Australia and New Zealand that places the patient and midwife at the centre of midwifery care. The approach is in line with the philosophy, educationa and practice standards set by the Australian College of Midwives and the New Zealand College Midwives. Written by Australian and New Zealand midwives.

Music Lessons

Author : Pierre Boulez
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Pierre Boulez was appointed to the Collège de France in 1976, with the chair devoted to 'Invention, technique and language in Music', and he held his position until 1995. The publication of his extraordinary Collège de France lectures, his most significant writings from the 1970s to the 1990s, will make a major contribution to the discussion in English about Boulez's aesthetic legacy. His goal in Leçons de musique is to express his conception of musical language, laid out over the course of nearly twenty years of lecturing. He is thinking about the possible paths musical thought could take, as well as the musical legacy of the past In addition to composers, music historians, theorists, and music students, this book will be invaluable to those interested in the history and aesthetics of 20th century music, musical manifestations of artistic modernism, the history of ideas, and French intellectual and cultural history. Faber have been Pierre Boulez's publisher since 1986 - previous books include Orientations, Boulez on Music Today and Boulez on Conducting. Praise for Orientations 'Perhaps the most comprehensive and provocative statement of an aesthetic position mustered by a musician since Schoenberg.' New Statesman

Intrapartum Care

Author : Denis Walsh
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Intrapartum care has undergone profound changes over the past fiftyyears. Essential Midwifery Practice: Intrapartum Care takesa broad sweep to examine these changes and their intersection withmidwifery, in particular their impact on the midwife’s roleduring labour and birth. It is an invaluable guide for allmidwives. Essential Midwifery Practice: Intrapartum Care addressesa wide range of topics including the evolution of intrapartum care,debates about knowledge, and childbirth education. It looks atbirth environments, labour rhythms, working with pain, normalbirth, unusual labours, and complementary therapies. Written by keyexperts and providing guidance on best practice, this unique anddiverse text will bring readers up-to-date with the latest researchand reflection in their specialist fields. Written by key experts in their respective fields comingtogether for the first time Provides comprehensive examination of normal birthpractice Evidence-based, bringing you up-to-date with the latestresearch

Working Life and Gender Inequality

Author : Angelika Sjöstedt
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In the modern globalized world of work, society’s capitalist and patriarchal norms perpetuate old and create new differences based on gender, class, ethnicity, age, and other social categorizations. This book proposes a novel conceptual framework offering theoretical and methodological insights for thinking through the present and future inequality challenges in the globalized world of work and working life issues in the context of spatio-temporal relations. Bringing together global feminist studies of intersectionality and transnationalism, work-life research, and studies of space, place, and identity, this edited collection responds to the growing interest in peripheries, rurality, and other spaces beyond the urban and business market centres. In crossing the theoretical boundaries between intersectionality and peripherality, this volume brings these concepts together to identify how racism, capitalism and heteropatriarchy operate on bodies in the name of work, particularly as expressed in precarious labour conditions. It also advocates for transnational solidarity as part of feminist ethics, while providing an opportunity to reflect on ways forward for feminist intersectional studies of work and working life, drawing on embodied relationality and a feminist ethics of care. Working Life and Gender Inequality explores the intersectional nature of gender, class, race and other inequalities from a global and spatial perspective. It will be of value to researchers, academics, students, managers, consultants, and policy makers in the fields of organizational studies, leadership, feminist and gender studies, working life, intersectionality and transnational feminism.

American Creoles

Author : Martin Munro
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An Open Access edition of this book is available on the Liverpool University Press website and the OAPEN library. The Francophone Caribbean and the American South are sites born of the plantation, the common matrix for the diverse nations and territories of the circum-Caribbean. This book takes as its premise that the basic configuration of the plantation, in terms of its physical layout and the social relations it created, was largely the same in the Caribbean and the American South. Essays written by leading authorities in the field examine the cultural, social, and historical affinities between the Francophone Caribbean and the American South, including Louisiana, which among the Southern states has had a quite particular attachment to France and the Francophone world. The essays focus on issues of history, language, politics and culture in various forms, notably literature, music and theatre. Considering figures as diverse as Barack Obama, Frantz Fanon, Miles Davis, James Brown, Edouard Glissant, William Faulkner, Maryse Condé and Lafcadio Hearn, the essays explore in innovative ways the notions of creole culture and creolization, terms rooted in and indicative of contact between European and African people and cultures in the Americas, and which are promoted here as some of the most productive ways for conceiving of the circum-Caribbean as a cultural and historical entity.

Recalling Recitation in the Americas

Author : Janet Neigh
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Spoken word is one of the most popular styles of poetry in North America. While its prevalence is often attributed to the form's strong ties to oral culture, Recalling Recitation in the Americas reveals how poetry memorization and recitation curricula, shaped by British Imperial policy, influenced contemporary performance practices. During the early twentieth century, educators frequently used the recitation of canonical poems to instill "proper" speech and behaviour in classrooms in Canada, the Caribbean, and the United States. Janet Neigh critically analyses three celebrated performance poets - E. Pauline Johnson-Tekahionwake (1861-1913), Langston Hughes (1902-1967), and Louise Bennett (1919-2006) - who refashioned recitation to cultivate linguistic diversity and to resist its disciplinary force. Through an examination of the dialogues among their poetic projects, Neigh illuminates how their complicated legacies as national icons obscure their similar approaches to resisting Anglicization. Recalling Recitation in the Americas focuses on the unexplored relationship between education history and literary form and establishes the far-reaching effects of poetry memorization and recitation on the development of modern performance poetry in North America.