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Time Reversal Symmetry

Author : Ion I. Geru
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This book introduces new developments in the field of Time-Reversal Symmetry presenting, for the first time, the Wigner time-reversal operator in the form of a product of two- or three time-reversal operators of lower symmetry. The action of these operators leads to the sign change of only one or two angular momentum components, not of all of them. It demonstrates that there are six modes of time-reversal symmetry breaking that do not lead to the complete disappearance of the symmetry but to its lowering. The full restoration of the time-reversal symmetry in the six cases mentioned is possible by introducing six types of metaparticles. The book also confirms the presence of six additional time-reversal operators using a group-theoretical method. The problem is only where to seek these metaparticles. The book discusses time-reversal symmetry in classical mechanics, classical and relativistic electrodynamics, quantum mechanics and theory of quantized fields, including dynamical reversibility and statistical irreversibility of the time, Wigner’s and Herring’s criteria, Kramers theorem, selection rules due to time-reversal symmetry, Onsager’s relations, Poincaré recurrence theorem, and CPT theorem. It particularly focuses attention on time-reversal symmetry violation. It is proposed a new method of testing the time-reversal symmetry, which is confirmed experimentally by EPR spectroscopy data. It shows that the traditional black-white point groups of magnetic symmetry are not applicable to magnetic systems with Kramers degeneration of energy levels and that magnetic groups of four-color symmetry are adequate for them. Further, it addresses the predicted structural distortions in Kramers three-homonuclear magnetic clusters due to time-reversal symmetry that have been identified experimentally. Lastly, it proposes a method of synthesis of two-nuclear coordination compounds with predictable magnetic properties, based on the application of the time-reversal transformation that was confirmed experimentally.

Electromagnetic Time Reversal

Author : Farhad Rachidi
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"This book is intended to give the theoretical foundation of the electromagnetic time reversal theory. Special emphasis is given on real applications in the fields of EMC and power systems"--

Quantum Signatures of Chaos

Author : Fritz Haake
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This classic text provides an excellent introduction to a new and rapidly developing field of research. Now well established as a textbook in this rapidly developing field of research, the new edition is much enlarged and covers a host of new results.

NASA Technical Report

Author : United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration
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Basic Theory in Reflection Seismology

Author : J.K. Costain
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The material in this volume provides the basic theory necessary to understand the principles behind imaging the subsurface of the Earth using reflection and refraction seismology. For reflection seismology, the end product is a "record section" from a collection of "wiggly traces" that are recorded in the field from which information about the properties of subsurface structure and rock can be derived. For the most part, the principles of imaging are the same regardless of the depth to the target; the same mathematical background is necessary for targeting a shallow water table as for investigating the base of the earth's continental "crust" at a depth of 30-50 km.

Status of Spin Research for Recent Airplane Designs

Author : A. I. Neihouse
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The study is presented in terms of the following major problem areas: interpretation of results of spin-model research, analytical spin studies, techniques involved in obtaining measurements of various parameters in the spin, effectiveness of controls during spin and recoveries, influence of long noses, strakes, and canards on spin and recovery characteristics, and correlation of spin and recovery characteristics for recent airplane and model designs.

Quantum Physics

Author : Vladimir Zelevinsky
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This two-volume set can be naturally divided into two semester courses, and contains a full modern graduate course in quantum physics. The idea is to teach graduate students how to practically use quantum physics and theory, presenting the fundamental knowledge, and gradually moving on to applications, including atomic, nuclear and solid state physics, as well as modern subfields, such as quantum chaos and quantum entanglement. The book starts with basic quantum problems, which do not require full quantum formalism but allow the student to gain the necessary experience and elements of quantum thinking. Only then does the fundamental Schrodinger equation appear. The author has included topics that are not usually covered in standard textbooks and has written the book in such a way that every topic contains varying layers of difficulty, so that the instructor can decide where to stop. Although supplementary sources are not required, "Further reading" is given for each chapter, including references to scientific journals and publications, and a glossary is also provided. Problems and solutions are integrated throughout the text.

Backgazing Reverse Time in Modernist Culture

Author : Paul Giles
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This volume trace ways in which time is represented in reverse forms throughout modernist culture, from the beginning of the twentieth century until the decade after World War II. Though modernism is often associated with revolutionary or futurist directions, this book argues instead that a retrograde dimension is embedded within it. By juxtaposing the literature of Europe and North America with that of Australia and New Zealand, it suggests how this antipodean context serves to defamiliarize and reconceptualize normative modernist understandings of temporal progression. Backgazing thus moves beyond the treatment of a specific geographical periphery as another margin on the expanding field of 'New Modernist Studies'. Instead, it offers a systematic investigation of the transformative effect of retrograde dimensions on our understanding of canonical modernist texts. The title, 'backgazing', is taken from Australian poet Robert G. FitzGerald's 1938 poem 'Essay on Memory', and it epitomizes how the cultural history of modernism can be restructured according to a radically different discursive map. Backgazing intellectually reconfigures US and European modernism within a planetary orbit in which the literature of Australia and the Southern Hemisphere, far from being merely an annexed margin, can be seen substantively to change the directional compass of modernism more generally. By reading canonical modernists such as James Joyce and T. S. Eliot alongside marginalized writers such as Nancy Cunard and others and relatively neglected authors from Australia and New Zealand, this book offers a revisionist cultural history of modernist time, one framed by a recognition of how its measurement is modulated across geographical space.

Graphene Nanoelectronics

Author : Hassan Raza
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Graphene is a perfectly two-dimensional single-atom thin membrane with zero bandgap. It has attracted huge attention due to its linear dispersion around the Dirac point, excellent transport properties, novel magnetic characteristics, and low spin-orbit coupling. Graphene and its nanostructures may have potential applications in spintronics, photonics, plasmonics and electronics. This book brings together a team of experts to provide an overview of the most advanced topics in theory, experiments, spectroscopy and applications of graphene and its nanostructures. It covers the state-of-the-art in tutorial-like and review-like manner to make the book useful not only to experts, but also newcomers and graduate students.

No Matter Never Mind

Author : Kunio Yasue
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This international selection of 34 papers from the Tokyo '99 conference held at the United Nations University gives a valuable state of the art overview of consciousness research. Not only the recognized European and American approaches but also the distinguishing approaches from many Japanese researchers are presented. It will provide a world-wide audience with a comprehensive outlook for the remarkable potential contribution in the future scene of consciousness research.The Tokyo '99 declaration to promote scientists' ethical warning against the thoughtless aiming of consciousness research at warfare is also included.(Series B)