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Rethinking Media Coverage

Author : Lisa Parks
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In the post-9/11 era, media technologies have become increasingly intertwined with vertical power as airwaves, airports, air space, and orbit have been commandeered to support national security and defense. In this book, Lisa Parks develops the concept of vertical mediation to explore how audiovisual cultures enact and infer power relations far beyond the screen. Focusing on TV news, airport checkpoints, satellite imagery, and drone media, Parks demonstrates how "coverage" makes vertical space intelligible to global publics in new ways and powerfully reveals what is at stake in controlling it.

Rethinking Media Religion and Culture

Author : Stewart M. Hoover
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The growing connections between media, culture and religion are increasingly evident in contemporary society, but until now have rarely been theoretically linked. The contributors to this volume effectively combine these areas into a coherent whole. The issues they examine include: the decline of religious institutions during the late twentieth century; the increasing autonomy and individualized practice of religion; and the surge of media and media-based icons that are often imbued with religious qualities, and the ensuing effect on cultural practices.

Rethinking Media Literacy

Author : Peter McLaren
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Who creates the cultural landscape we experience? When we watch the evening news, are we receiving unrevised information straight from the day's headlines or is it positioned in such a way as to 'manufacture consent, ' as Chomsky put it? These are just two of the fascinating questions posed by the authors of this collection as they develop a new form of media literacy that encourages students to become critical readers of the media that attempts to shape their experience. This is an intriguing and wide-ranging critique that makes the perfect text for a variety of courses including curriculum studies, critical pedagogy, media studies, cultural studies and political science


Author : Ragnar Waldahl
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"The writers in this collection are all Zimbabwean by birth or adoption. They are academics, lawyers, politicians, civil activists, priests, and war veterans. They all share a single passion: to describe so as to understand. Their investigations cover the interconnected questions of politics, land, the environment, economics, civil rights, the opposition, and the ideologies underlying the decisions of our leaders before and since independance. The authors pull no punches, but a message of hope emerged: the commitment of many to build a better future."--Jacket.

Reporting Elections

Author : Stephen Cushion
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How elections are reported has important implications for the health of democracy and informed citizenship. But, how informative are the news media during campaigns? What kind of logic do they follow? How well do they serve citizens?e Based on original research as well as the most comprehensive assessment of election studies to date, Cushion and Thomas examine how campaigns are reported in many advanced Western democracies. In doing so, they engage with debates about the mediatization of politics, media systems, information environments, media ownership, regulation, political news, horserace journalism, objectivity, impartiality, agenda-setting, and the relationship between media and democracy more generally. Focusing on the most recent US and UK election campaigns, they consider how the logic of election coverage could be rethought in ways that better serve the democratic needs of citizens. Above all, they argue that election reporting should be driven by a public logic, where the agenda of voters takes centre stage in the campaign and the policies of respective political parties receive more airtime and independent scrutiny. The book is essential reading for scholars and students in political communication and journalism studies, political science, media and communication studies.

Rethinking Development Communication

Author : Neville Jayaweera
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Rethinking Online Civic Deliberation for the Offline Active Citizenship

Author : Taeksoo Cho
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Rethinking Voting Behavior

Author : Stephen Paul Nicholson
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Rethinking Canada

Author : Veronica Jane Strong-Boag
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Rethinking Canada examines key developments in Canadian history--from the founding of New France to the present--while at the same time highlighting the distinctive texture of women's experiences and identities. This decidedly non-traditional reconstruction of Canadian history focuses on thelives, struggles, and contributions of women, enlarging and diversifying the picture of the past found in conventional historical accounts.

Rethinking Development in Africa in the 21st Century

Author : Musalia Mudavadi
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Rethinking California

Author : Matthew Alan Cahn
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This book explores the state of California — viewing the sites as a holistic political culture that reflect the influence of multiple cultures, ethnic groups, and communities of interest. It starts with a broad historical foundation, and travels through cultural analyses and institutional discussions. The evaluation of specific policy issues affecting the state is an important stop along the way, and the crossroads that bringing together the variety of analytic paths. Chapter topics include political culture and politics in postwar California; people, diversity, and culture; politics and economics; political institutions; federal and local relations; political parties, interest groups and the media; elections and political participation; education and environmental policies; immigration.; and civil rights. For individuals interested in California policy work, and gaining a better understanding of that state's unique political culture.

Rethinking the Presidency

Author : Thomas E. Cronin
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Rethinking Poverty

Author : Wil G. Pansters
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Rethinking Radical Education

Author : Ali Rattansi
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In Rethinking Radical Education practitioners, researchers and activists offer a critical assessment of contemporary and historical forms of radical education. They place the radical tradition in a historical context and reflect on its real strengths and achievements as well as its limitations. anti-racism, peace education, world studies and environmental studies - and ask what their achievements have been. Of course, there is the recognition that radicalism is not the sole property of the left - much of the New Right's thinking on education is revolutionary. This collection, while honouring the life work of Brian Simon, provides a re-evaluation and reformulation of education as we enter a new political era.

Rethinking Diasporas

Author : Aoileann Ní Éigeartaigh
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Aims to rethink the concept of diaspora as it is used both academically and popularly at the beginning of the twenty-first century. This book seeks to interrogate the notion of "diaspora" in an interdisciplinary way, and to explore the contradictions inherent in contemporary notions of place and identity.

Rethinking the Consumption of Traditional Media and the Internet in China

Author : Wenjie Yan
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Rethinking English

Author : Svati Joshi
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Rethinking Madam President

Author : Lori Cox Han
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From the political rumour mill to pop culture, all signs suggest that the United States is finally ready for a woman in the White House. This text offers a critical assessment of the inroads made by female candidates into the previously male bastion of electoral success.

Rethinking Regulatory Democracy

Author : Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar
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Rethinking the Political Power of American Business

Author : Gretchen Crosby Sims
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