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Rethinking Gender in Popular Culture in the 21st Century

Author : Astrid M. Fellner
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This book explores popular culture representations of gender, offering a rich and accessible discussion of masculinities and femininities in 21st-century popular media. It brings together contributors from various European countries to investigate the workings of gender in contemporary pop culture products in a brave, original, and rigorous way. This volume is both an academic proposal and an exercise of commitment to a serious analysis of some of the media that influence us most in our everyday lives. Representation matters, and the position we take as viewers or consumers during reception matters even more.

Postfeminism and Contemporary Vampire Romance

Author : Lea Gerhards
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In this book, Lea Gerhards traces connections between three recent vampire romance series; the Twilight film series (2008-2012), The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017) and True Blood (2008-2014), exploring their tremendous discursive and ideological power in order to understand the cultural politics of these extremely popular texts. She uses contemporary vampire romance to examine postfeminist ideologies and discuss gender, sexuality, subjectivity, agency and the body. Discussing a range of conflicting meanings contained in the narratives, Gerhards critically looks genre's engagement with everyday sexism and violence against women, power relations in heterosexual relationships, sexual autonomy and pleasure, (self-) empowerment, and (self-) surveillance. She asks: Why are these genre texts so popular right now, what specific desires, issues and fears are addressed and negotiated by them, and what kinds of pleasures do they offer?

Pulp Vietnam

Author : Gregory A. Daddis
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In this compelling evaluation of Cold War popular culture, Pulp Vietnam explores how men's adventure magazines helped shape the attitudes of young, working-class Americans, the same men who fought and served in the long and bitter war in Vietnam. The 'macho pulps' - boasting titles like Man's Conquest, Battle Cry, and Adventure Life - portrayed men courageously defeating their enemies in battle, while women were reduced to sexual objects, either trivialized as erotic trophies or depicted as sexualized villains using their bodies to prey on unsuspecting, innocent men. The result was the crafting and dissemination of a particular version of martial masculinity that helped establish GIs' expectations and perceptions of war in Vietnam. By examining the role that popular culture can play in normalizing wartime sexual violence and challenging readers to consider how American society should move beyond pulp conceptions of 'normal' male behavior, Daddis convincingly argues that how we construct popular tales of masculinity matters in both peace and war.

Translation and Gender Discourse Strategies to Shape Gender

Author : Julia T. Williams Camus
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This volume includes a collection of chapters dealing with a number of aspects pertaining to the intersection between translation studies and gender studies. Although these disciplines have received the attention of numerous scholars since the 1970s, the current multidisciplinary approach in the humanities and social sciences involves the use of new methodological and analytical tools, which undoubtedly enrich and provide new insights in these fields. The articles in the present monograph represent the current state of translation studies from a gender perspective. From diverse methodological and ideological approaches, they deal with important aspects related to the construction and the representation of gender identity in processes of intersemiotic adaptation, of interlinguistic transfer and intercultural re-creation. Este volumen incluye una selección de capítulos que versan sobre diferentes aspectos de la intersección entre los estudios de traducción y los estudios de género. Aunque estas disciplinas han recibido la atención de numerosos investigadores desde la década de los 70, la actual aproximación multidisciplinar en las humanidades y ciencias sociales implica el uso de nuevos enfoques metodológicos y analíticos, que sin duda enriquecen y aportan nuevas lecturas en estos ámbitos. Los artículos de la presente monografía representan el estado actual de los trabajos en traducción desde una perspectiva de género. Desde diversas aproximaciones metodológicas e ideológicas, abordan importantes aspectos relativos a la construcción y la representación de la identidad de género en procesos de adaptación intersemiótica, de transferencia interlingüística, así como de re-creación intercultural.

Text and Image in Women s Life Writing

Author : Valérie Baisnée-Keay
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This book examines the relationship between words and images in various life-writing works produced by nineteenth to twenty-first century American and British women. It addresses the politics of images in women’s life writing, contending that the presence or absence of images is often strategic. Including a range of different forms of life writing, chapters draw on traditional (auto)biographies, travel narratives, memoirs, diaries, autofiction, cancer narratives, graphic memoirs, artistic installations, quilts and online performances, as life writing moves from page to screen and other media. The book explores a wide range of women who have crossed the boundary between text and image: painters who have become writers, novelists who have become painters, writers who hesitate between images and words, models who seize the camera, and artists who use the frame as a page.

Cultural Politics in Harry Potter

Author : Rubén Jarazo-Álvarez
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Cultural Politics in Harry Potter: Life, Death and the Politics of Fear is the first book-length analysis of topics, such as death, fear and biopolitics in J.K. Rowling’s work from controversial and interdisciplinary perspectives. This collection brings together recent theoretical and applied cultural studies and focuses on three key areas of inquiry: (1) wizarding biopolitics and intersected discourses; (2) anxiety, death, resilience and trauma; and (3) the politics of fear and postmodern transformations. As such, this book: provides a comprehensive overview of national and gender discourses, as well as the transiting bodies in-between, in relation to the Harry Potter books series and related multimedia franchise; situates the transformative power of death within the fandom, transmedia and film depictions of the Potterverse and critically deconstructs the processes of subjectivation and legitimation of death and fear; examines the strategies and mechanisms through which cultural and political processes are managed, as well as reminding us how fiction and reality intersect at junctions, such as terrorism, homonationalism, materialism, capitalism, posthumanism and technology. Exploring precisely what is cultural about wizarding politics, and what is political about culture, this book is key reading for students of contemporary literature, media and culture, as well as anyone with an interest in the fictional universe and wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Popular Representations of America in Non American Media

Author : Endong, Floribert Patrick C.
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Much of what the world knows about the United States of America is constructed and spread through global media. One can hardly find a country where news events involving the U.S.A. do not attract media attention, controversy, or at least invoke some level of critical thought. Popular Representations of America in Non-American Media provides emerging research exploring how non-American media covers and represents the U.S.A. through a critical review that demonstrates how foreign media representations of the country have varied according to periods in history, political leadership, and current ideological and socio-cultural affinities. The publication also conversely examines Americans’ perceptions of foreign media representations of their country. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as neocolonialism, political science, and popular culture, this book is ideally designed for students, scholars, media specialists, policymakers, international relation experts, politicians, and other professionals seeking current research on different perspectives on non-American media’s representation of the U.S.A. and Americans.

Rethinking 21st Century Diversity in Teacher Preparation K 12 Education and School Policy

Author : Suniti Sharma
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This book offers educators new understandings of 21st century diversity emerging from contemporary national events within the U.S., global movements, and changes in the world political order that have long-lasting impact on local education and call for rethinking traditional generalizations and empirical prescriptions for inclusivity in teaching and learning. The book expands the literature on teacher preparation and intercultural education by providing the educational community with critical perspectives, theoretical approaches, and research methodologies for educational inquiry responsive to diversity. Driven by changes in classroom diversity this book offers educators, researchers and policy makers a language for articulating complex differences in educational reform, policy and practice.

The New Heroines Female Embodiment and Technology in 21st Century Popular Culture

Author : Katheryn Wright
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This book explores how the next generation of teen and young adult heroines in popular culture are creating a new feminist ideal for the 21st century. • Provides a new roadmap to analyze teen and young-adult heroines in popular culture • Compares a broad range of strong female characters from a variety of genres and different media • Addresses compelling philosophical debates about female embodiment and technology in popular culture • Examines several philosophical arguments about human subjectivity, including posthumanism, with accessible examples

Redefining Gender in American Impressionist Studio Paintings

Author : Kirstin Ringelberg
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Were late nineteenth-century gender boundaries as restrictive as is generally held? In Redefining Gender in American Impressionist Studio Paintings: Work Place/Domestic Space, Kirstin Ringelberg argues that it is time to bring the current re-evaluation of the notion of separate spheres to these images. Focusing on studio paintings by American artists William Merritt Chase and Mary Fairchild MacMonnies Low, she explores how the home-based painting studio existed outside of entrenched gendered divisions of public and private space and argues that representations of these studios are at odds with standard perceptions of the images, their creators, and the concept of gender in the nineteenth century. Unlike most of their bourgeois contemporaries, Gilded Age artists, whether male or female, often melded the worlds of work and home. Through analysis of both paintings and literature of the time, Ringelberg reveals how art history continues to support a false dichotomy; that, in fact, paintings that show women negotiating a complex combination of professionalism and domesticity are still overlooked in favor of those that emphasize women as decorative objects. Redefining Gender in American Impressionist Studio Paintings challenges the dominant interpretation of American (and European) Impressionism, and considers both men and women artists as active performers of multivalent identities.