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Resurrection After Rape

Author : Matt Atkinson
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A top-selling, best-reviewed book about women's recovery from rape trauma, "Resurrection After Rape" is an ideal resource for counselors, treatment centers, college course texts, and survivors of rape.

Resurrection After Rape

Author : Matt Atkinson
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The Truth about Rape

Author : Robert N. Golden
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Due to the myths and stigma surrounding it, rape remains a difficult crime to discuss. The Truth About Rape, Second Edition looks beyond common myths to give a factual account essential to understanding, preventing, and coping with rape and sexual assault. This new resource offers expert advice, information, and accounts from real people. Features statistics, charts, and graphs with updated entries on rape kits and evidence collection

Augustine s City of God

Author : James Wetzel
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Addresses the complex and conflicted vision in Augustine's City of God, as a heavenly city on earthly pilgrimage.

Recollections and Reconsiderations

Author : Margaret R. Miles
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Several years before his death, Augustine of Hippo reviewed his published works, commenting on his purpose in writing each, and correcting, from his present perspective, the mistakes he noticed. Inspired by Augustine's Retractationes, Miles's Recollections and Reconsiderations undertakes a similar project, a critical review of almost fifty years of her publications. Rereading and rethinking in chronological order effectively bonds life and thought into a corpus, a body of work with consistent values and interests. Such a review would be an illuminating project for any longtime scholar/student--both rewarding and humbling, an exercise in self-knowledge. Informed by a lifetime of studying Christian traditions, Miles concludes by describing both endemic problems with Christianity, and what she sees is its essence and beauty.

I m Saying No

Author : Beverly Engel
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In spite of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, many women are still afraid to say no to unwanted sexual advances and reluctant to report sexual violations. Far too many college students are being raped and are afraid to report it. Women are subjected to sexual harassment, sexual bullying, and sexual pressure every day on the street, at work, and at home but are unable to speak truth to power or to report these sexual offenses. I’m Saying No! is written specifically for these women—women who are still afraid to speak up for themselves, women who need to learn how to do so, and women whose personal history of child sexual abuse or sexual assault as an adult has wounded them so much that they have lost their voice. Here, Beverly Engel—an internationally recognized psychotherapist and acclaimed advocate for victims of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse—offers a ground-breaking program to help all the women who have been silenced by past trauma, women who were raised to believe they didn’t have a right to say no, and women who have spoken out in the past only to go unheard. Bold and timely, I’m Saying No! offers women the encouragement, support, and guidelines they need in order to become the powerful women they are—women who believe in themselves and stand up for themselves.


Author : Jean Arnold
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Campus Sexual Assault A Reference Handbook

Author : Alison E. Hatch
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This invaluable reference text thoroughly examines the alarming epidemic of campus sexual assault, including a discussion of laws, high-profile cases, controversies, and proposed solutions. • Provides coverage of a timely topic that helps contextualize the issue by providing historical background and contemporary analysis of key events, laws, people, and controversies • Presents perspectives from individuals with firsthand experience with the issue of campus sexual assault, including a Title IX investigator, a college counselor, a sexual assault nurse, as well as community advocates and survivors • Explores strategies and changes that could serve to prevent assaults from occurring

Rape Rage and Feminism in Contemporary American Drama

Author : Davida Bloom
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This first-ever study of rape in modern American drama examines portrayals of rape, raped women and rapists in 36 plays written between 1970 and 2007, the period during which the feminist movement made rape a matter of public discourse. These dramas reveal much about sexuality and masculine and feminine identity in the United States. The author traces the impact of second-wave feminism, antifeminist backlash, third-wave feminism and postfeminism on the dramatic depiction of rape. The prevalence of commonly accepted rape myths—that women who dress provocatively invite sexual assault, for example—is well documented, along with equally frequent examples which dispute these myths.

Rape Culture and Spiritual Violence

Author : Gina Messina-Dysert
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Rape Culture and Spiritual Violence examines sexual violence against women, how religion and society contribute to a rape culture, and the extreme suffering endured by rape victims as a result. Using the testimony of women who have experienced both rape and the consequences of rape culture—from a range of religious, cultural, ethnic, and social contexts—the book explores both the suffering and healing of rape victims from World War II to today. Among the issues considered are victim invisibility, the inability to express pain, and the tendency to assume shame and self-blame. The study examines the role of society in shaping and reinforcing these responses, contributing to traumas that can lead to spiritual death. The book also explores possibilities for multiple spiritual resurrections within the practice of daily life, encouraging both individual healing and social change.

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

Author : Patricia G. O'Brien
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Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: An Introduction to Theory and Practice, Second Edition is a comprehensive, easy-to-read introductory text for nursing students. The book is organized into three sections: Introduction to Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, Mental Health Disorders, and Nursing Management of Special Populations. Relying on evidence-based practice and incorporating case studies throughout, this unique text is the most comprehensive psychiatric mental health resource available. *Features concept maps, including symptom maps and diagnoses, throughout the text *Includes the most comprehensive nursing diagnoses and care plans and features rationales for all nursing interventions *Reflects updated information on Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), as published by the American Psychiatric Association *Includes a Psychiatric-Mental Health Standards of Nursing Practice Appendix, as well as an Appendix of Common NANDA-I Diagnosis Used in Psychiatric Disorders *Presents the information and values essential to the development of the targeted knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs) for the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) competencies designed for use in the pre-licensure level of nursing education *Emphasizes neurobiology for all disorders to reflect the most recent updates in the field

No More Secrets

Author : Denise Lang-Grant LPC
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Sexual assault and abuse have been called a worldwide epidemic by the World Health Organization, but many clinicians are reluctant to tackle this topic due to their own lack of knowledge or personal anxieties. In this ground-breaking workbook replete with dramatic examples, Denise Lang-Grant, licensed trauma therapist and award-winning author, and Irene Colucci-Lebbad, a licensed clinical social worker with an extensive background in sexual and domestic violence, combine fifteen years of experience in running groups for survivors of sexual violence to present the how-tos of running a group for adults, intended to move group members from crisis to stabilization to integration. Keeping in mind that both experienced and novice group leaders will find this guide useful, they have included evidence-based techniques that will fit easily into any theoretical orientation and practice. This guide is a must-have for any clinician, university, rape crisis center, or legal entity dealing with sexual violence. No More Secrets is a step-by-step professional guide, which can assist mental health practitioners to offer hope and healing for those who have been victims of sexual abuse. The authors write about sexual abuse with faith in the power of individuals to overcome their experiences and become strengthened in the process. The chapters are written in a clear, concise, well-organized manner and can easily be incorporated into a practitioners skill set or theoretical orientation. This is an important and necessary guide that deserves a wide readership. Luba Shagawat, Distinguished Fellow of the National Academies of Practice and former President of the NJ Society of Social Workers Being a child sexual abuse survivor and a former Penn State football athlete who loves the school and the program, I spent years trying to cope with my abuse through drugs and alcohol. I was fortunate enough to finally find this group program, and I reaped the benefits. I believe that the program offered in No More Secrets is a wonderful resource and should be utilized by therapists, university training programs, and law enforcement agencies to sensitize them to the challenges faced by all survivors of sexual violence. Anthony Gordon, board member for Defend A Child

Cultural Clinical Psychology and PTSD

Author : Maercker, Andreas
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This book, written and edited by leading experts from around the world, looks critically at how culture impacts on the way posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and related disorders are diagnosed and treated. There have been important advances in clinical treatment and research on PTSD, partly as a result of researchers and clinicians increasingly taking into account how “culture matters.” For mental health professionals who strive to respond to the needs of people from diverse cultures who have experienced traumatic events, this book is invaluable. It presents recent research and practical approaches on key topics, including: How culture shapes mental health and recovery, how to integrate culture and context into PTSD theory, how trauma-related distress is experienced and expressed in different cultures, reflecting local values, idioms, and metaphors and how to integrate cultural dimensions into psychological interventions. Providing new theoretical insights as well as practical advice, it will be of interest to clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and other health professionals, as well as researchers and students engaged with mental health issues, both globally and locally.

Criminal Evidence

Author : Judy Hails
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With an emphasis on real-world applications, CRIMINAL EVIDENCE, Eighth Edition, provides readers with comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of common evidentiary topics in a brief, affordable format. This book thoroughly explores constitutional issues essential to the collection and seizure of admissible evidence and legal interrogation, carefully outlining concepts and processes applicable to every state and pointing out where great interstate variation exists or specific state codes may have a strong impact. Current trends and topics discussed include terrorism and homeland security, scientific evidence, Federal Rules of Evidence, hearsay, and the appellate system. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

With the Wind and the Waves

Author : Ray M. Droby
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In With the Wind and the Waves, psychologist Ray M. Droby tells a story of treatment and learning, drawing on experiences ranging from an ocean journey he took on the Bering Sea while serving in a Alaska Native community to his clinical work as a psychologist in rural Alaska. Like negotiating an ocean, Droby moves “with the wind and the waves” while working with substance abuse disorders and mental health issues superimposed on intergenerational trauma and internalized oppression. He captures positive momentum in work aimed at facilitating self-determination with Alaska Natives and their communities while discouraging historical dependency and colonizing patterns of thinking and doing for mental health workers. Sensitive to the history of non-Native outsiders imposing their own culture on Native land, Droby presents here principles, combined with cultural and therapy considerations, that are designed to help people avoid replicating this history of harm. Recognizing the strengths of Alaska Natives and their communities, and the stages of change human individuals and communities undergo, Droby shows how to exercise a nonjudgmental presence as a mental health worker in rural Alaska.

The Making of the Rape of Nanking

Author : Takashi Yoshida
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On December 13, 1937, the Japanese army attacked and captured the Chinese capital city of Nanjing, planting the rising-sun flag atop the city's outer walls. What occurred in the ensuing weeks and months has been the source of a tempestuous debate ever since. It is well known that the Japanese military committed wholesale atrocities after the fall of the city, massacring large numbers of Chinese during the both the Battle of Nanjing and in its aftermath. Yet the exact details of the war crimes--how many people were killed during the battle? How many after? How many women were raped? Were prisoners executed? How unspeakable were the acts committed?--are the source of controversy among Japanese, Chinese, and American historians to this day. In The Making of the "Rape of Nanking Takashi Yoshida examines how views of the Nanjing Massacre have evolved in history writing and public memory in Japan, China, and the United States. For these nations, the question of how to treat the legacy of Nanjing--whether to deplore it, sanitize it, rationalize it, or even ignore it--has aroused passions revolving around ethics, nationality, and historical identity. Drawing on a rich analysis of Chinese, Japanese, and American history textbooks and newspapers, Yoshida traces the evolving--and often conflicting--understandings of the Nanjing Massacre, revealing how changing social and political environments have influenced the debate. Yoshida suggests that, from the 1970s on, the dispute over Nanjing has become more lively, more globalized, and immeasurably more intense, due in part to Japanese revisionist history and a renewed emphasis on patriotic education in China. While today it is easy to assume that the Nanjing Massacre has always been viewed as an emblem of Japan's wartime aggression in China, the image of the "Rape of Nanking" is a much more recent icon in public consciousness. Takashi Yoshida analyzes the process by which the Nanjing Massacre has become an international symbol, and provides a fair and respectful treatment of the politically charged and controversial debate over its history.

Escaping Emotional Abuse

Author : Beverly Engel
File Size : 83.91 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Extremely informative and comprehensive." —Lundy Bancroft, author of Why Does He Do That? The world-renowned therapist and author of the groundbreaking self-help classic, The Emotionally Abused Woman, delves into one of the most destructive and powerful weapons of the abuser: shame. And reveals its most powerful antidote . . . Does your partner humiliate you, especially in front of others? Is your partner impossible to please? Are you convinced something is wrong with you? Are you too ashamed to admit you are being abused? In The Emotionally Abused Woman, therapistBeverly Engel introduced the concept of emotional abuse, one of the most subtle, yet devastating forms of abuse within a relationship. Now Engel exposes the techniques the abuser uses to break your spirit and gain control—and guides you in how to free yourself from the shame that can keep you from the life, and the love, that you deserve. By using your deepest fears against you, the abuser strips you of self-esteem, dignity, and humanity—making you feel unworthy and utterly powerless to escape. But you possess a potent tool with which to combat shame: self-compassion. In these pages, Engel shows you how to access it. Using her highly effective Shame Reduction Program, she helps you jumpstart the process of recovery by offering specific steps to help you heal and regain self-confidence. An invaluable resource for both men and women who suffer from emotional abuse, as well as therapists and advocates, Escaping Emotional Abuse is a supportive, nurturing guide for anyone seeking to break the chains of shame, and gain the emotional freedom to create healthier, lasting relationships. "A warm, compassionate, and incredibly insightful guide through the recovery journey." —Jackson MacKenzie, author of Psychopath Free “I highly recommend this book for anyone—female or male—who suspects they are being emotionally abused.” —Randi Kreger, co-author of Stop Walking on Eggshells and author of The Essential Guide to Borderline Personality Disorder “A roadmap to healing from the entanglement of shame and abuse.” —Darlene Lancer, LMFT, author of Conquering Shame and Codependency

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Author : Lundy Bancroft
File Size : 43.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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From the bestselling author of Why Does He Do That? comes a relationship book that will help you make the decision of whether or not your troubled relationship is worth saving. Every relationship has problems, but you can’t figure out if yours is beyond hope. How bad is too bad—and can your partner really change? Now, in this warm, supportive, and straightforward guide, Lundy Bancroft and women’s advocate JAC Patrissi offer a way for you to practically and realistically take stock of your relationship and move forward. If you’re involved in a chronically frustrating or unfulfilling relationship, the advice and exercises in this book will help you learn to: • Tell the difference between a healthy—yet difficult—relationship and one that is really not working • Recognize the signs that your partner has serious problems • Stop waiting to see what will happen—and make your own growth the top priority • Design a clear plan of action for you and your partner • Navigate the waters of a relationship that’s improving • Prepare for life without your partner, even as you keep trying to make life work with them

Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great

Author : Edward Hendrie
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"Attorney and Christian researcher Edward Hendrie investigates and reveals one of the greatest exposes of all time. . . . a book you don't want to miss. Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great is packed with documentation. Never before have the crypto-Jews who seized the reins of power in Rome been put under such intense scrutiny." Texe Marrs, Power of Prophecy. People have wondered and debated for centuries about the identity of the mysterious Babylon the Great in the book of Revelation. Solving the Mystery of BABYLON THE GREAT examines the historical evidence in light of the scriptures and solves the mystery. The evidence leads to the ineluctable conclusion is that the Roman Catholic Church was established by crypto-Jews as a false "Christian" front for a Judaic/Babylonian religion. That religion is the nucleus of a world conspiracy against man and God. That is not a soft conspiracy theory based upon speculation, but rather the hard truth based upon authoritative evidence, which is documented in this book. Texe Marrs explains in his foreword to the book: "Who is Mystery Babylon? What is the meaning of the sinister symbols found in these passages? Which city is being described as the 'great city' so full of sin and decadence, and who are its citizens? Why do the woman and beast of Revelation seek the destruction of the holy people, the saints and martyrs of Jesus? What does it all mean for you and me today? Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great answers these questions and more. Edward Hendrie's discoveries are not based on prejudice but on solid evidence aligned forthrightly with the 'whole counsel of God.' He does not condone nor will he be a part of any project in which Bible verses are taken out of context, or in which scriptures are twisted to mean what they do not say. Again and again you will find that Mr. Hendrie documents his assertions, backing up what he says with historical facts and proofs. Most important is that he buttresses his findings with scriptural understanding. The foundation for his research is sturdy because it is based on the bedrock of God's unshakeable Word."

Signs of Virginity

Author : Michael Rosenberg
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Although the theme of bloodied nuptial sheets seems pervasive in western culture, its association with female virginity is uniquely tied to a brief passage in the book of Deuteronomy detailing the procedure for verifying a young woman's purity; it seldom, if ever, appears outside of Abrahamic traditions. In Signs of Virginity, Michael Rosenberg examines the history of virginity testing in Judaism and early Christianity, and the relationship of these tests to a culture that encourages male sexual violence. Deuteronomy's violent vision of virginity has held sway in Jewish and Christian circles more or less ever since. However, Rosenberg points to two authors-the rabbinic collective that produced the Babylonian Talmud and the early Christian thinker Augustine of Hippo-who, even as they perpetuate patriarchal assumptions about female virginity, nonetheless attempt to subvert the emphasis on sexual dominance bequeathed to them by Deuteronomy. Unlike the authors of earlier Rabbinic and Christian texts, who modified but fundamentally maintained and even extended the Deuteronomic ideal, the Babylonian Talmud and Augustine both construct alternative models of female virginity that, if taken seriously, would utterly reverse cultural ideals of masculinity. Indeed this vision of masculinity as fundamentally gentle, rather than characterized by brutal and violent sexual behavior, fits into a broader idealization of masculinity propagated by both authors, who reject what Augustine called a "lust for dominance" as a masculine ideal.