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Restructured Electrical Power Systems

Author : Mohammad Shahidehpour
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An examination of key issues in electric utilities restructuring. It covers: electric utility markets in and out of the USA; the Open Access Same-time Information System; tagging transactions; trading energy; hedging tools for managing risks in various markets; pricing volatility, risk and forecasting; regional transmission organization; and more. The text contains acronyms, a contract specifications sample, examples, and nearly 500 bibliographic citations, tables, and drawings.

Restructured Electric Power Systems

Author : Xiao-Ping Zhang
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The latest practical applications of electricity market equilibrium models in analyzing electricity markets Electricity market deregulation is driving the power energy production from a monopolistic structure into a competitive market environment. The development of electricity markets has necessitated the need to analyze market behavior and power. Restructured Electric Power Systems reviews the latest developments in electricity market equilibrium models and discusses the application of such models in the practical analysis and assessment of electricity markets. Drawing upon the extensive involvement in the research and industrial development of the leading experts in the subject area, the book starts by explaining the current developments of electrical power systems towards smart grids and then relates the operation and control technologies to the aspects in electricity markets. It explores: The problems of electricity market behavior and market power Mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints (MPEC) and equilibrium problems with equilibrium constraints (EPEC) Tools and techniques for solving the electricity market equilibrium problems Various electricity market equilibrium models State-of-the-art techniques for computing the electricity market equilibrium problems The application of electricity market equilibrium models in assessing the economic benefits of transmission expansions for market environments, forward and spot markets, short-term power system security, and analysis of reactive power impact Also featured are computational resources to allow readers to develop algorithms on their own, as well as future research directions in modeling and computational techniques in electricity market analysis. Restructured Electric Power Systems is an invaluable reference for electrical engineers and power system economists from power utilities and for professors, postgraduate students, and undergraduate students in electrical power engineering, as well as those responsible for the design, engineering, research, and development of competitive electricity markets and electricity market policy.

Applied Mathematics for Restructured Electric Power Systems

Author : Joe H. Chow
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Applied Mathematics for Restructured Electric Power Systems: Optimization, Control, and Computational Intelligence consists of chapters based on work presented at a National Science Foundation workshop organized in November 2003. The theme of the workshop was the use of applied mathematics to solve challenging power system problems. The areas included control, optimization, and computational intelligence. In addition to the introductory chapter, this book includes 12 chapters written by renowned experts in their respected fields. Each chapter follows a three-part format: (1) a description of an important power system problem or problems, (2) the current practice and/or particular research approaches, and (3) future research directions. Collectively, the technical areas discussed are voltage and oscillatory stability, power system security margins, hierarchical and decentralized control, stability monitoring, embedded optimization, neural network control with adaptive critic architecture, control tuning using genetic algorithms, and load forecasting and component prediction. This volume is intended for power systems researchers and professionals charged with solving electric and power system problems.


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This textbook introduces electrical engineering students to the most relevant concepts and techniques in three major areas today in power system engineering, namely analysis, security and deregulation. The book carefully integrates theory and practical applications. It emphasizes power flow analysis, details analysis problems in systems with fault conditions, and discusses transient stability problems as well. In addition, students can acquire software development skills in MATLAB and in the usage of state-of-the-art software tools such as Power World Simulator (PWS) and Siemens PSS/E. In any energy management/operations control centre, the knowledge of contingency analysis, state estimation and optimal power flow is of utmost importance. Part 2 of the book provides comprehensive coverage of these topics. The key issues in electricity deregulation and restructuring of power systems such as Transmission Pricing, Available Transfer Capability (ATC), and pricing methods in the context of Indian scenario are discussed in detail in Part 3 of the book. The book is interspersed with problems for a sound understanding of various aspects of power systems. The questions at the end of each chapter are provided to reinforce the knowledge of students as well as prepare them from the examination point of view. The book will be useful to both the undergraduate students of electrical engineering and postgraduate students of power engineering and power management in several courses such as Power System Analysis, Electricity Deregulation, Power System Security, Restructured Power Systems, as well as laboratory courses in Power System Simulation.

Power Systems Restructuring

Author : Marija Ilic
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The writing of this book was largely motivated by the ongoing unprecedented world-wide restructuring of the power industry. This move away from the traditional monopolies and toward greater competition, in the form of increased numbers of independent power producers and an unbundling of the main services that were until now provided by the utilities, has been building up for over a decade. This change was driven by the large disparities in electricity tariffs across regions, by technological developments that make it possible for small producers to compete with large ones, and by a widely held belief that competition will be beneficial in a broad sense. All of this together with the political will to push through the necessary legislative reforms has created a climate conducive to restructuring in the electric power industry. Consequently, since the beginning of this decade dramatic changes have taken place in an ever-increasing list of nations, from the pioneering moves in the United Kingdom, Chile and Scandinavia, to today's highly fluid power industry throughout North and South America, as well as in the European Community. The drive to restructure and take advantage of the potential economic benefits has, in our view, forced the industry to take actions and make choices at a hurried pace, without the usual deliberation and thorough analysis of possible implications. We must admit that to speak of "the industry" at this juncture is perhaps disingenuous, even misleading.

Operation of Restructured Power Systems

Author : Kankar Bhattacharya
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Deregulation is a fairly new paradigm in the electric power industry. And just as in the case of other industries where it has been introduced, the goal of deregulation is to enhance competition and bring consumers new choices and economic benefits. The process has, obviously, necessitated reformulation of established models of power system operation and control activities. Similarly, issues such as system reliability, control, security and power quality in this new environment have come in for scrutiny and debate. In this book, we attempt to present a comprehensive overview of the deregulation process that has developed till now, focussing on the operation aspects. As of now, restructured electricity markets have been established in various degrees and forms in many countries. This book comes at a time when the deregulation process is poised to undergo further rapid advancements. It is envisaged that the reader will benefit by way of an enhanced understanding of power system operations in the conventional vertically integrated environment vis-a-vis the deregulated environment. The book is aimed at a wide range of audience- electric utility personnel involved in scheduling, dispatch, grid operations and related activities, personnel involved in energy trading businesses and electricity markets, institutions involved in energy sector financing. Power engineers, energy economists, researchers in utilities and universities should find the treatment of mathematical models as well as emphasis on recent research work helpful.

Voltage Stability of Electric Power Systems

Author : Thierry van Cutsem
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Voltage Stability of Electric Power Systems presents a clear description of voltage instability and collapse phenomena. It proposes a uniform and coherent theoretical framework for analysis and covers state-of-the-art methods. The book describes practical methods that can be used for voltage security assessment and offers a variety of examples. This is a first attempt to condense the technical papers and reports on this subject into a single, coherent, and theoretically sound presentation. Transmission, generation, and load aspects of the voltage instability problem are treated in detail, and a comprehensive power system model for use in voltage stability analysis is developed and explained. Notions and concepts from nonlinear system theory are presented in a tutorial manner for the use of those new to the field. Loadability, sensitivity, and bifurcation analysis of voltage stability are introduced and treated in depth. Voltage instability mechanisms are classified and minutely examined, together with the countermeasures that can be used to avoid them. In addition, voltage security criteria and methods are reviewed, analyzed and illustrated through realistic computer results. Voltage Stability is a relatively recent and challenging problem in Power Systems Engineering. It is gaining in importance as the trend of operating power systems closer to their limits continues to increase.

Power System Operation Control and Restructuring

Author : S. K. Gupta
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Market Operations in Electric Power Systems

Author : Mohammad Shahidehpour
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An essential overview of post-deregulation market operations inelectrical power systems Until recently the U.S. electricity industry was dominated byvertically integrated utilities. It is now evolving into adistributive and competitive market driven by market forces andincreased competition. With electricity amounting to a $200 billionper year market in the United States, the implications of thisrestructuring will naturally affect the rest of the world. Why is restructuring necessary? What are the components ofrestructuring? How is the new structure different from the oldmonopoly? How are the participants strategizing their options tomaximize their revenues? What are the market risks and how are theyevaluated? How are interchange transactions analyzed and approved?Starting with a background sketch of the industry, this hands-onreference provides insights into the new trends in power systemsoperation and control, and highlights advanced issues in thefield. Written for both technical and nontechnical professionals involvedin power engineering, finance, and marketing, this must-haveresource discusses: * Market structure and operation of electric power systems * Load and price forecasting and arbitrage * Price-based unit commitment and security constrained unitcommitment * Market power analysis and game theory applications * Ancillary services auction market design * Transmission pricing and congestion Using real-world case studies, this timely survey offers engineers,consultants, researchers, financial managers, university professorsand students, and other professionals in the industry acomprehensive review of electricity restructuring and how itsradical effects will shape the market.

Power System Restructuring and Deregulation

Author : Loi Lei Lai
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The restructuring and deregulation of the power utility industry is resulting in significant competitive, technological and regulatory changes. Independent power producers, power marketers and brokers have added a new and significant dimension to the task of maintaining a reliable electric system. Power System Restructuring and Deregulation provides comprehensive coverage of the technological advances, which have helped redesign the ways in which utility companies manage their business. With the aid of practical case studies, an international panel of contributors address the most up to date problems and their solutions in a cohesive manner, making this book indispensable to graduates and engineers in the power industry field. Presents state of the art techniques in power industry restructuring Includes applications of new technology in power industry deregulation Includes practical examples of changes in load forecasting techniques and methods International contributors offer a global perspective detailing power utility restructuring and deregulation from various countries

Ancillary Services Management in a Restructured Electric Power Industry

Author : Sandra Renee Ellis
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Restructured Electricity Markets

Author : Jim Wells
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Our analysis and other studies found evidence that wholesale electricity suppliers exercised market power by raising prices abov.

Electrical Power Systems

Author : D. Das
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Understanding Electric Power Systems

Author : Jack Casazza
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The Enron scandal notwithstanding, it is important forprofessionals in the electric power industry and related positionsgain a solid understanding of electric power systems and how theywork. Written by two veteran power company managers and respectedexperts, this is a real-world view of electric power systems, howthey operate, how the organizations are structured, and howelectricity is regulated and priced. A comprehensive overview of the electric power industry from theinside Covers electric power system components, electricity consumption,generation, transmission, distribution, electric utility operation,electric system control, power system reliability, governmentregulation, utility rate making, and financial considerations. Includes an extensive glossary of key terms used in the U.S. andalso definitions for terms used worldwide

Modular Load Flow for Restructured Power Systems

Author : M.V. Hariharan
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In the subject of power systems, authors felt that a re-look is necessary at some conventional methods of analysis. In this book, the authors have subjected the time-honoured load flow to a close scrutiny. Authors have discovered and discussed a new load flow procedure – Modular Load Flow. Modular Load Flow explores use of power – a scalar – as source for electrical circuits which are conventionally analysed by means of phasors – the ac voltages or currents. The method embeds Kirchhoff’s circuit laws as topological property into its scalar equations and results in a unique wonderland where phase angles do not exist! Generators are shown to have their own worlds which can be superimposed to obtain the state of the composite power system. The treatment is useful in restructured power systems where stakeholders and the system operators may desire to know individual generator contributions in line flows and line losses for commercial reasons. Solution in Modular Load Flow consists of explicit expressions which are applicable with equal ease to well-conditioned, ill-conditioned and very low voltage situations. It is found to be computationally much faster than the iterative load flows and indicates promise for online application. Indian blackouts of July 30 and 31, 2012 are analysed using an equivalent grid network to indicate its utility. Besides its ability to deal with ground reality in power systems, Modular Load Flow points to a theory that unveils interesting mathematical structures which should entice avid researchers. Second author has had first author as teacher and third author as student. The lecture notes therefore reflect ethos of three generations of teachers.

Communication and Control in Electric Power Systems

Author : Mohammad Shahidehpour
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The first extensive reference on these important techniques The restructuring of the electric utility industry has created the need for a mechanism that can effectively coordinate the various entities in a power market, enabling them to communicate efficiently and perform at an optimal level. Communication and Control in Electric Power Systems, the first resource to address its subject in an extended format, introduces parallel and distributed processing techniques as a compelling solution to this critical problem. Drawing on their years of experience in the industry, Mohammad Shahidehpour and Yaoyu Wang deliver comprehensive coverage of parallel and distributed processing techniques with a focus on power system optimization, control, and communication. The authors begin with theoretical background and an overview of the increasingly deregulated power market, then move quickly into the practical applications and implementations of these pivotal techniques. Chapters include: Integrated Control Center Information Parallel and Distributed Computation of Power Systems Common Information Model and Middleware for Integration Online Distributed Security Assessment and Control Integration, Control, and Operation of Distributed Generation Agent Theory and Power Systems Management e-Commerce of Electricity A ready resource for both students and practitioners, Communication and Control in Electric Power Systems proves an ideal textbook for first-year graduate students in power engineering with an interest in computer communication systems and control center design. Designers, operators, planners, and researchers will likewise appreciate its unique contribution to the professional literature.

Harmonic Source Identification in Restructured Power System

Author : Kriti Vaid
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With the drawn competitive environment, electric power system restructuring is becoming a great concern of both the utilities and customers.The effect of power quality problem especially power system harmonics on the deregulated power sector has been considered in this dissertation.As identifying the high priority research areas related to harmonic loads in deregulated power system and investigating the advances made in this area over the last decade constitutes the main goal and to investigate the presence of harmonic source in the restructured power system and the identification of harmonic contributor at a particular bus present in the system is the main objective of this dissertation

Operation of Market oriented Power Systems

Author : Yong-Hua Song
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Internationally, the electric power industry is currently undergoing unprecedented reform. The deregulation of the electricity supply industry has introduced new opportunities for competition and has made the maintenance of economic and reliable supplies of electricity a tremendous challenge. Faced by an increasingly complicated existence, power utilities need efficient tools to ensure that electrical energy of the quality desired can be provided at the lowest possible cost. Operation of Market-oriented Power Systems provides effective computational tools for the efficient operation of restructured power systems covering all the major operational issues such as: • congestion management; • available transfer capability calculations; • price forecasting and optimal bidding strategies; • a review of international research and world-wide industrial practice covered in each chapter gives the reader a broader understanding of the state of the art in this exciting field. Operation of Market-oriented Power Systems will be a useful reference for professional engineers and researchers in the operation and control of modern power systems as all within the power industry face up to the changes required to provide safe, reliable and profitable electricity in an increasingly competitive market.

Power Systems and Restructuring

Author : Nouredine Hadjsaïd
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The development of electric power systems has been made up of incremental innovations from the end of the 19th century and throughout the 20th century. The creation of deregulated electricity markets has brought about an emerging paradigm in which the relationships between producers, power system operators and consumers have changed enormously compared to the monopolistic case. The scope of this book is to provide fundamental concepts of the physics and operation of transmission and distribution lines, which is the content of Part 1, followed by the models and tools for the description and simulation of large electrical grids for steady state and transient operation. These advanced tools allow the physics and technology of power systems to be described and the algorithms of Ybus and Zbus matrices to be built for various studies such as short-circuit studies and load flow or transient phenomena analysis. Part 3 deals with the new organization concepts in the frame of deregulated markets. In this part the restructuring of the power industry is presented where various actors interact together through market places or bilateral contracts. In addition, the operation of the power grids under this deregulated context is detailed and the relationships between power system operators and market actors (energy producers and providers, traders, etc.) is explained with several examples. The ancillary services, congestion management and grid access concepts are also described. A large number of exercises and problems disseminated throughout the book with solutions at the end enable the reader to check his understanding of the content at any time.

Power System Operations and Electricity Markets

Author : Fred I. Denny
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The electric power industry in the U.S. has undergone dramatic changes in recent years. Tight regulations enacted in the 1970's and then de-regulation in the 90's have transformed it from a technology-driven industry into one driven by public policy requirements and the open-access market. Now, just as the utility companies must change to ensure their survival, engineers and other professionals in the industry must acquire new skills, adopt new attitudes, and accommodate other disciplines. Power System Operations and Electricity Markets provides the information engineers need to understand and meet the challenges of the new competitive environment. Integrating the business and technical aspects of the restructured power industry, it explains, clearly and succinctly, how new methods for power systems operations and energy marketing relate to public policy, regulation, economics, and engineering science. The authors examine the technologies and techniques currently in use and lay the groundwork for the coming era of unbundling, open access, power marketing, self-generation, and regional transmission operations. The rapid, massive changes in the electric power industry and in the economy have rendered most books on the subject obsolete. Based on the authors' years of front-line experience in the industry and in regulatory organizations, Power System Operations and Electricity Markets is current, insightful, and complete with Web links that will help readers stay up to date.