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Resident Chef

Author : John Standridge
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This collection of mouth-watering recipes is for people who enjoy entertaining. Each chapter supplies a dinner party theme, complete with appetizer(s), first course (usually a soup or salad), an entree and side dishes, a dessert and wine pairing. There is also a chapter providing all of the essentials for a wine tasting, and another that focuses on party appetizers. With whimsical titles such as Thai One On, On the Lamb, and Kickin' Chicken, the mood is set for a fun evening. These recipes are the authors' favorites, tried and true, and sure to please. The flavors of these meals are outstanding. The wine pairing is made easy with suggestions for delicious varietals. Many of the suggested wines are reasonably priced and readily available. Any wine merchant can suggest a suitable alternative for wines that are not available in the reader's locale. If you enjoy cooking, or especially if you enjoy cooking while your friends hang out with you in your kitchen, and if you enjoy great times, fun times and memorable moments, this "novel cookbook" is for you. If you are new to cooking, perhaps even thinking you cannot cook, this instruction manual with its delicious outcomes is for you. Bon appetit!

Cool Restaurants

Author : Haike Falkenberg
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Cool Restaurants a The Cookbook features highlights from the highly successful Cool Restaurants series, which has grown to encompass more than 30 cities across the globe. World-class cooking stars such as Jamie Oliver and Jean-Georges Vongerichten share their favorite recipes with easy-to-follow instructions. Now fans can recreate the deluxe dining experience of the top restaurants worldwide in the comfort of their very own homes. Become part of the gastronomic process as stunning photographs showcase the stars, their awardwinning restaurants a and their delectable masterpieces! Each culinary celebrity imparts the true essence of these sumptuous dishes a what makes them special and how to get it just right. A truly inspiring and international selection of mouthwatering delicaciesa]

Customizing Chef

Author : Jon Cowie
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Take advantage of Chef’s highly customizable design to tackle specific automation issues that you can’t solve by simply using Chef’s tools, resources, and services out of the box. With this practical guide, you’ll examine the internal structure of this configuration management technology and learn where, how, and why to add custom code. Author Jon Cowie not only provides code snippets and practical advice for customizing Chef, but also helps you determine case by case whether it’s in your best interests to customize at all. If you have intermediate-to-advanced Chef experience, this book is indispensable. Explore Chef’s typical setups and why you’d want to customize them Learn the Ruby concepts needed to write customizations Customize the Chef run process and explore Chef’s internal classes Gain more insight into your Chef runs through handlers and Chef’s event stream Level up your Chef recipes by writing your own resources and providers Create and extend plugins for Knife—Chef’s command-line tool Interact with the Chef API to write scripts and reports Learn how to contribute customizations to the Chef community

Chef s Secrets

Author : Francine Maroukian
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In Chef's Secrets, 80 leading chefs and food authorities share their shortcuts, innovations and insider information about the foods for which they're best known. Perfect for Food Network junkies, aspiring chefs and home cooks, this illustrated volume delivers 80 tricks of the trade, such as stove-top smoking and intensifying sauces, in chapters covering broad categories like Fish and Shellfish, Baking and Desserts, and Equipment.

Great Chefs Cook at Barbara Jo s

Author : Barbara-Jo MacIntosh
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Chefs from around the world have cooked memorable meals for the special events hosted by Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks. The heart of the shop is the fully appointed demonstration kitchen, which features cookbook-related evening events with guest chefs and visiting authors of new and notable books, who together represent a who’s who of international culinary achievement. Readers will enjoy the descriptions of the warm, friendly and enlightening ambiance as celebrated chefs inform, amuse, entertain and delight while preparing a menu from one of their cookbooks. These demonstration meals are a wonderful way to share the pleasures of the table with fellow enthusiasts. This outstanding and unusual collection of more than one hundred recipes from forty of the world’s best-known chefs offers menus and dishes that are a widely appealing combination of the ethnic and familiar, the comfortable and innovative.

Chef Tell

Author : Ronald Joseph Kule
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Before the heyday of the Food Network, there was Chef Tell—nickname of Friedemann Paul Erhardt, America’s first TV showman chef. Big on personality and flavor, Chef Tell was once called by Philadelphia magazine the “affably roguish Bad Boy of the Philadelphia restaurant world.” Chef Tell explores how a young German American chef became America’s biggest TV celebrity chef of his time. Most of Chef Tell’s forty million baby boomer viewers—a number comparable to Julia Child’s—never knew his fascinating, hardscrabble life story. Until now. This winning biography brings us “behind the line” into his kitchen and into his, at times, turbulent personal life. Tell was known as a charmer, as he worked the audience for live television shows, but also a quick-witted perfectionist, who demanded only the freshest ingredients for his life of food, fame, fortune, and women. Chef Tell’s life—his colleagues would agree—was a managed, complicated, and mercurial affair, which changed two industries and millions of home cooks. An absorbing account of an extraordinary man, Chef Tell takes us through his personal and professional highs and lows; and his glorious successes that explain why so many loved, or hated, him then and miss him now. The day Chef Tell died messages of surprise and shock flooded the media, including “Chef Tell has died? Stick a fork in him, he’s done.” Chef Tell would have loved that. Readers will know why and agree.

Accidental Chef

Author : Chef Charles Oppman
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Accidental Chef is a sobering account of what it's really like to be a professional chef, not the glamorized, sugar-coated depictions we see on cable television. This book offers a glimpse of what it really like to work in a hotel patry shop and a busy restaurant. When you read Accidental Chef you can't help feeling that you right there with Charles in the kitchen. Through his vivid descriptions you'll be able to imagine the sights, sounds and smells of a real kitchen. Accidental Chef puts a real face on the hospitality industry in America. Charles reveals many of the unsavory aspects of the hotel and restaurant business. For example, he relates true life stories about how our food supply isn't always as sanitary as we might believe. You'll get an idea of just how prevalent drug abuse and sex are in the food world. Through Accidental Chef, Charles also shares some of stories of the colorful characters he's worked with thoughout his long career. He illusrtates how professioanl cooking attracts a variety of characters. Charles introduces you to some of the bizarre people he's worked with. In his own words, Charles gives us the captivating story of how he abandoned a prosperous career in hospital adminstration to become a chef in New Orleans. It's an inspiring story for those who are disenchanted with their career, but are afraid of the risks of a career transition. Above all, Charles reveals the irrepressable determination and genuine love of cooking that made his success possible.

Moylan V Meadow Club Inc

Author :
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Time Out Las Vegas

Author : Editors of Time Out
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Time Out Las Vegas is the only crib sheet travelers need to the world's most outlandish city. Whether going for a short or extended visit, this guide is an invaluable companion through the neon maze that awaits in Las Vegas. With the lowdown on all the hotels and casinos, money-saving tips, extensive restaurant reviews, hints on the hottest nightlife, and a full guide to gambling, it leaves nothing to chance. This seventh edition proves that there is more to Sin City than just sequins and slots — the dramatic expansion in hotel accommodations, fine dining, and shopping is attracting tourists from every economic strata, not just those with gambling as their sole agenda. The guide contains a detailed explanation of what games are available in the casinos, as well as tips on how to play them. There is also a chapter on suggested side trips to Hoover Dam, as well as other sights in Nevada and Arizona.

The Sunnybrook Ballroom

Author : Thomas Sephakis
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As one of the last major ballrooms located in this great nation, the Sunnybrook Ballroom is a historical and intricate part of Pennsylvania’s past. Since 1926, the Sunnybrook Ballroom has been an established landmark in its community and is recognized nationwide. Opening its doors in 1931, the grand ballroom was built as an addition to the swim club and dance pavilion. For years, Sunnybrook has served as a viable piece of Americana and has seen many big-name performers upon its stage, including Glenn Miller, Cab Calloway, Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Stan Kenton, Lawrence Welk, Frank Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey, Chubby Checker, and even Bill Haley and the Comets. Using vintage photographs, The Sunnybrook Ballroom traces the history of this cherished haven for big band fans, rock and rollers, and music lovers alike.

Cooking In Paradise

Author : Joel Naftali
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Cooking in Paradise is a rich, definitive guide to hands-on gourmet cooking vacations around the world. Ever dream of sauteing in Sicily? Or having a master divulge the secrets of perfect patisserie in Paris? How about mincing in Morocco? Cooking in Paradise will show you how to get there, and scores of other places, with over 150 listings for cooking-vacation programs around the world (and a handful right here in the United States, too). Joel and Lee Naftali give details about famous courses--like Patricia Wells's "at home" in her eighteenth-century Provencal farmhouse--but have also unearthed truly unusual fare, from a kosher-cooking course in Tuscany to an Australian country house gourmet retreat to a Mexican cuisine class held at a working hillside farm in Oaxaca. Cooking in Paradise provides all the information you need to book a cooking vacation today, but with its evocation of far-flung locales and over 50 unusual recipes from the schools included, it's perfect for the stay-at-home chef as well.

Farms and Foods of the Garden State

Author : Brian Yarvin
File Size : 24.69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This second in Hippocrene's line of state cookbooks is a comprehensive look at the incredibly diverse and bountiful state of New Jersey. The author captures the essence of the Garden State by profiling some of its most interesting farms, including a vineyard, a buffalo ranch, and a trout hatchery. More than 100 simple easy-to-follow recipes feature products from the profiled farms, making the direct but often overlooked connection between farmers and cooks. Recipes such as Chicken Vindaloo, Italian style stewed Peppers, and Portuguese Kale Soup also reflect New Jersey's ethnic diversity. An ingredients glossary and a shopping guide are also included.

The Hidden Places of Wales

Author : Joanna Billing
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This beautifully illustrated guides explores the country in a relaxed narrative style by guiding the reader to some of the established visitor attractions but also focusing on the more secluded and less well-known places of interest and places to stay, eat and drink.Also known as the "Red Dragon", Wales is a country blessed with some of the most dramatic landscapes in Britain. To the north lies Snowdonia, a land of awe-inspiring mountains, wild moorlands and enchanting lakes. Further south the land is abundant with deep valleys and vast forests. Wales also has a rich cultural heritage full of myths and legends founded on Celtic ancestry but has an equally strong industrial past.

Rituals for Love

Author : Shamara Ray
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In a sequel to Recipe for Love, lovers, friends and competitors Cain and Jade team up to open a new eatery and spa in New York City where mistakes are made that put their trust, honesty and commitment to the test as they try to save both their restaurant and their relationship. Original.

A Practical Guide for Translators

Author : Geoffrey Samuelsson-Brown
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is the fifth revised edition of the best-selling A Practical Guide for Translators. It looks at the profession of translator on the basis of developments over the last few years and encourages both practitioners and buyers of translation services to view translation as a highly-qualified, skilled profession and not just a cost-led word mill. The book is intended principally for those who have little or no practical experience of translation in a commercial environment. It offers comprehensive advice on all aspects relevant to the would-be translator and, whilst intended mainly for those who wish to go freelance, it is also relevant to the staff translator as a guide to organisation of work and time. Advice is given on how to set up as a translator, from the purchase of equipment to the acquisition of clients. The process of translation is discussed from initial enquiry to delivery of the finished product. Hints are given on how to assess requirements, how to charge for work, how to research and use source material, and how to present the finished product. Guidance is given on where to obtain further advice and professional contacts. This revised edition updates practices in the translation profession and considers the impact of web-based translation offerings. Industry and commerce rely heavily on the skills of the human translator and his ability to make intellectual decisions that is, as yet, beyond the capacity of computer-aided translation.

Last Scene Alive

Author : Charlaine Harris
File Size : 78.2 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In the first installment of Charlaine Harris's Aurora Teagarden series, Real Murders, the small town of Lawrenceton, Georgia, was beset by a series of horrific murders. Librarian Aurora "Roe" Teagarden teamed up with true crime writer Robin Crusoe to catch the killer, and the results of their investigation have gone down in Lawrenceton history. Now, in Last Scene Alive, Robin is back in town, set to begin filming the movie version of the terrible events of so many years ago. Of course he's not alone-he brings with him a cast and crew the size of which nearly overwhelms the tiny excitement-starved town. Roe is disturbed to discover that the film's crew includes her stepson, who despises her, as well as an actress set to play her in the film. Everyone in Lawrenceton suddenly goes movie crazy, mentally composing awards-acceptance speeches while prancing around the fringes of the set awaiting discovery. Roe's not so crazy about the whole thing...and neither is a secret, vicious murderer. When bodies start dropping, it's up to Roe to reprise her role as amateur sleuth and stop the carnage before it gets out of hand. It's no problem for the beloved small-town librarian in this wonderfully cozy installment in the adored Aurora Teagarden mystery series.

Captivate Activate and Invigorate the Student Brain in Science and Math Grades 6 12

Author : John Almarode
File Size : 64.95 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Banish boredom once and for all! If your STEM lessons are falling on disinterested ears, mix things up with engaging, brain-based science and math strategies that captivate students’ attention, activate prior knowledge, and invigorate interest. Blending current research on the student brain with practical methods for teaching science and math, Almarode and Miller identify six essential “ingredients” in a recipe for student success. You’ll discover: A customizable framework you can use right away Classroom-ready, content-specific attention grabbers Overt and covert strategies to boost behavioral, emotional, and cognitive engagement Techniques for making relevant connections that maximize retention

Our Twelve Days Before Christmas

Author : Christopher White
File Size : 20.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A hilarious and moving account of one family’s frantic countdown to Christmas Eve. Follow in the author’s footsteps as he wrestles with giant Christmas trees, scrambles to get to his children’s concerts, is swallowed up by the mobs in the mall, sings his choirs first tentative attempt at Handel’s Messiah and enters into a desperate nationwide search for goats for his church’s Christmas pageant. Christmas is a time of joy and memories, memories that are both sweet and tinged with sadness. In this book we share both the happiness and the grief that can accompany this season. Our Twelve Days of Christmas is a book that will resonate with every family, as it shares a story that is both unique and universal, a story of family and the genuine meaning of this holiday.

Private Justice

Author : Marie Ferrarella
File Size : 24.47 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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When a senator is disgraced by scandal, his hotshot attorney son, Dylan, rushes to pick up the pieces for the sake of the splintering Kelley family. Dylan's only ally is the feisty Cindy Jensen, whose loyalty to her boss is as compelling as her drop-dead-gorgeous looks. The senator's not the only one whose world is in disarray: Cindy's grappling with an unexpected pregnancy and bears scars from the past. The last thing she's looking for is romance, even with a man who's as sweet as he is steely. But little do she and Dylan know, Senator Kelley has even more secrets…secrets that might cost the newfound lovers their lives.

Decolonizing Anarchism

Author : Maia Ramnath
File Size : 47.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Decolonizing Anarchism examines the history of South Asian struggles against colonialism and neocolonialism, highlighting lesser-known dissidents as well as iconic figures. What emerges is an alternate narrative of decolonization, in which liberation is not defined by the achievement of a nation-state. Author Maia Ramnath suggests that the anarchist vision of an alternate society closely echoes the concept of total decolonization on the political, economic, social, cultural, and psychological planes. Decolonizing Anarchism facilitates more than a reinterpretation of the history of anticolonialism; it also supplies insight into the meaning of anarchism itself. Praise for Decolonizing Anarchism: “Maia Ramnath offers a refreshingly different perspective on anticolonial movements in India, not only by focusing on little-remembered anarchist exiles such as Har Dayal, Mukerji and Acharya but more important, highlighting the persistent trend that sought to strengthen autonomous local communities against the modern nation-state. A superbly original book.”—Partha Chatterjee, author of Lineages of Political Society: Studies in Post-colonial Democracy “[Ramnath] audaciously reframes the dominant narrative of Indian radicalism by detailing its explosive and ongoing symbiosis with decolonial anarchism.”—Dylan Rodríguez, author of Suspended Apocalypse: White Supremacy, Genocide, and the Filipino Condition