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Researching Discourse

Author : Christopher Hart
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This book offers a ‘how-to’ guide to conducting research in discourse analysis. Organised around different approaches to discourse analysis and working with different types of discourse data, the book will help students answer questions such as: Which approach should I take? What kind of data should I analyse and how do I set about collecting it? What consideration should I give to ethics? How do I make my analyses systematic and rigorous? How do I report my findings? Both qualitative and quantitative (corpus-based and experimental) methods are covered. Illustrated with far-ranging, detailed, and original case-studies, each chapter follows a consistent format that takes readers step by step through the research process, from design to implementation and presentation. Chapters can be read independently of one another. This is the ideal companion for any student undertaking research in discourse analysis within English language, linguistics, applied linguistics, and communication studies programmes.

Researching Classroom Discourse

Author : Christopher J. Jenks
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This practical guide to doing classroom discourse research provides a comprehensive overview of the research process. Bringing together both discourse analysis and classroom discourse research, this book helps readers to develop the analytic and rhetorical skills needed to conduct, and write about, the discourse of teaching and learning. Offering step-by-step guidance, each chapter is written so that readers can put the theoretical and methodological issues of classroom discourse analysis into practice while writing an academic paper. Chapters are organized around three stages of research: planning, analyzing, and understanding and reporting. Reflective questions and discourse examples are used throughout the book to assist readers. This book is essential reading for modules on classroom discourse or thesis writing and a key supplementary resource for research methods, discourse analysis, or language teaching and learning.

Researching Language and Social Media

Author : Ruth Page
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Researching Language and Social Media: A Student Guide introduces the linguistic frameworks currently used to analyse language found in social media contexts. This highly accessible guidebook outlines the practical steps and ethical guidelines entailed when gathering linguistic data from social media sites and platforms. In this new edition, the authors update the range of social media interactions used as examples and draw attention to important developments such as “fake news” and new areas of debate such as hate speech. Expanding the geographical and multilingual aspects, this edition also includes examples from Asia and the Arabic-speaking world. With updated methods that help students study the language of social media from a multimodal perspective, the recent uptake in image sharing, video-chat, and graphicons will also be addressed. Each chapter begins with a clear summary of the topics covered and also suggests sources for further reading to supplement the initial discussion and case studies. This timely book is an essential guide for students of English language and linguistics, media, and communication studies.

Teaching and Researching Translation

Author : Basil A. Hatim
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Teaching & Researching Translation provides an authoritative and critical account of the main ideas and concepts, competing issues, and solved and unsolved questions involved in Translation Studies. This book provides an up-to-date, accessible account of the field, focusing on the main challenges encountered by translation practitioners and researchers. Basil Hatim also provides readers and users with the tools they need to carry out their own practice-related research in this burgeoning new field. This second edition has been fully revised and updated through-out to include: The most up-to-date research in a number of key areas A new introduction, as well as a new chapter on the translation of style which sets out a new agenda for research in this field Updated examples and new concepts Expanded references, bibliography and further reading sections, as well as new links and resources Armed with this expert guidance, students of translation, researchers and practitioners, or anyone with a general interest in this fast-developing field can explore for themselves a range of exemplary practical applications of research into key issues and questions. Basil Hatim is Professor of Translation & Linguistics at the American University of Sharjah, UAE and theorist and practitioner in English/Arabic translation. He has worked and lectured widely at universities throughout the world, and has published extensively on Applied Linguistics, Text Linguistics, Translation/Interpreting and TESOL.

Teaching and Researching Reading

Author : William Grabe
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Written for language professionals who have a special interest in reading, this volume helps teachers understand the complex nature of reading and provides basic research inquiry to their expertise as teachers.

Research Methods in Applied Linguistics

Author : Brian Paltridge
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Research Methods in Applied Linguistics is designed to be the essential one-volume resource for students. The book includes: * qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods * research techniques and approaches * ethical considerations * sample studies * a glossary of key terms * resources for students As well as covering a range of methodological issues, it looks at numerous areas in depth, including language learning strategies, motivation, teacher beliefs, language and identity, pragmatics, vocabulary, and grammar. Comprehensive and accessible, this is the essential guide to research methods for undergraduate and postgraduate students in applied linguistics and language studies.

Discourse The Basics

Author : Angela Goddard
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Humans are social animals and through conversation, written communication, symbols and other expressions are constantly interacting with each other. 'Discourse' is an accessible and engaging introduction to the analysis of those interactions and the many forms, expressions and meanings they can take. The book draws on a range of international case studies and examples from literature, political speech, advertising and newspaper articles to address key questions such as: What is discourse? Why are there different approaches to understanding discourse? What issues affect the collection and management of discourse? How can discourse be represented?

Researching Religious Education as Social Practice

Author : Geir Afdal
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The aim of this book is to contribute to an understanding of research in religious education as a practice. Therefore, the author discusses the relationship between the practice of RE research on the one hand and the practice of teaching RE on the other. The understanding of education as a research discipline and the status and role of educational theories are increasingly debated. One key question is whether educational theories are in any respect different from other theories in the social and human sciences. Are theories created in educational research "practical" or "normative" in the sense that they should aim at prescribing or developing better practice? These are also important questions for research in religious education. The issue at stake is the identity and self-understanding of religious education research. In the English language "religious education" may refer both to the school subject and to the research discipline. The author argues that it is essential to distinguish these as two different practices. This means that clarifying what religious education as a school subject is does not automatically give an answer as to what religious education as a research discipline is. The book is divided into two parts. In part one a theoretical framework is established that will give a better understanding of the discussions in part two. The second part analyses the character of the research on religious education in relation to the practice of religious education, in the light of social scientific research. The chapters argue for a hermeneutically empirical understanding of research in religious education and a dialectical relationship between RE research and RE practice.

Researching Interpersonal Relationships

Author : Jimmie Manning
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Researching Interpersonal Relationships: Qualitative Methods, Studies, and Analysis, by Jimmie Manning and Adrianne Kunkel, explores and demonstrates methodological tools and theories used to guide relationships research, especially studies of interpersonal communication. Featuring chapters illustrated by research studies conducted by leading communication scholars, this book introduces both classic and cutting-edge methodological approaches to qualitative inquiry and analysis. Each chapter highlights a particular method, context, and analytical tool. Through the methodological and analytical overviews, illustrative research studies, and post-study interviews with the researchers, readers can better understand how qualitative research approaches can expand and solidify understandings of personal relationships.

Researching Social Life

Author : Nigel Gilbert
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`This new edition of this excellent guide maintains the standard of the original whilst taking full account of developments in both methodological discussion and the techniques of social research. The organization of the text around the research process is a great strength of the text' - David Byrne, University of Durham Preview the Third Edition's opening chapter and guide to its teaching and learning features designed to stimulate student engagement with the content here The Third Edition of Nigel Gilbert's hugely successful Researching Social Life covers the whole range of methods from quantitative to qualitative in a down-to-earth and unthreatening manner. Gilbert's text offers the best coverage of the full scope of research methods of any of the leading textbooks in the field, making this an essential text for any student starting a research methods course or doing a research project. This thoroughly revised text is driven by the expertise of a writing team comprised of internationally-renowned experts in the field. New to the Third Edition are chapters on: - Searching and Reviewing the Literature - Refining the Question - Grounded Theory and Inductive Research - Mixed Methods - Participatory Action Research - Virtual Methods - Narrative Analysis A number of useful features, such as worked examples, case studies, discussion questions, project ideas and checklists are included throughout the book to help those new to research to engage with the material. Researching Social Life follows the 'life cycle' of a typical research project, from initial conception through to eventual publication. Its breadth and depth of coverage make this an indispensable must-have textbook for students on social research methods courses in any discipline.