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Research in Media Promotion

Author : Susan Tyler Eastman
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Eastman has assembled this exemplary volume to spotlight media promotion and to examine current research on the promotion of television and radio programs. The studies included here explore various types of promotion and use widely differing methods and approaches, providing a comprehensive overview of promotion research activities. Chapters include extensive literature reviews, original research, and discussion of research questions for subsequent study. Research in Media Promotion serves as a benchmark for the current state of promotion research and theory, and establishes the role of promotion as a primary factor affecting audience size. Appropriate for coursework and study in programming, marketing, research methods, management, and industry processes and practices, this volume offers agenda items for future study and is certain to stimulate new research ideas.

Advertising and Promotion

Author : Chris Hackley
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This textbook introduces the key concepts, methods and issues within advertising and promotion for students taking courses on the subject at universities and colleges. It offers first-hand examples gathered from leading international advertising agencies and brand campaigns, and it is told from the perspective of the agency to give a fun and creative insider view which helps the reader to think beyond the client position and understand what it might be like working within an ad agency. The authors draw not only from management and marketing research but also from other disciplines such as cultural/media studies and sociology to offer a rounded and critical perspective on the subject for those looking to achieve high grades and understand advertising as social phenomenon in addition to its business function and purpose. New to the third edition: chapter on strategy and creativity additional case studies with increased global coverage including emerging markets images of classic and recent ads from the street, print, online and television increased coverage of the internet, social media and their effects on advertising companion website materials including relevant videos, journal articles and a Jeopardy-style game for the classroom The textbook is now also supported by a new author-written blog which keeps readers updated on interesting, topical examples relating to advertising and promotion from current affairs and popular culture:

Authorship As Promotional Discourse in the Screen Industries

Author : Leora Hadas
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This book discusses the use of authorship discourses and author figures in the promotion and marketing of media content, dealing with the U.S. mainstream media, including franchise film, network television, and triple-A video games. The research takes a unique approach studying ideas of authorship in promotion, diverging from extant approaches looking at the text, production, or reception. Conceptualizing authorship within the logic of media branding, the book studies the construction of ideas around creativity and the creative person in marketing and publicity content where media industries communicate with audiences. A cross-media approach allows the book to take a broad look and make comparisons across the increasingly integrated media industries. The book will be of great relevance to academics in the fields of film, television, and media studies, including postgraduate students, conducting teaching and research around authorship, media industries, and media promotion.

Advertising and Promotion

Author : Chris Hackley
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This bestselling text offers a new synthesis of literature, theory, practice, and research in advertising and promotion. It brings together the managerial focus of advertising and agency operations with a consumer cultural focus on the social and ethical role of advertising. The Second Edition provides a stronger focus on integrated marketing communications and the promotional mix, more coverage of e-marketing and social media, and a focus on the implications for advertising of the continuing changes in the media infrastructure and the new media funding models emerging. Packed with case studies and first-hand examples gathered from leading international advertising agencies, Chris Hackley succeeds in providing a lively and stimulating introduction to the rapidly evolving advertising environment.

Advertising and Media Research

Author : Justice Hamilton
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Advertising research is a systematic process of marketing research conducted to improve the efficiency of advertising. Advertising and media research explains the complexities of planning in a fast-moving non-complex style. As we enter the new century of transformed advertising techniques and marketing challenges. Research is to find out something new, and advertising research is to find out how advertising works effectively and guide in making effective advertising decisions. There are various kinds of advertising research, and these include pre-testing, post-testing, campaign research, and measuring advertising effectiveness. Advertising follows logically after listening to consumer requirements, introducing productive conditions, distributing the goods. However, the actual sequence - and emphasis deriving from the diverse sub-cultures - can be quite differentiated. The effects of the different mass media on social, psychological and physical aspects. Research survey that segments the people based on what television programs they watch, radio they listen and magazines they read. Media research makes use of scientific methods of research. It aims at providing an objective, unbiased evaluation of data. First the research problem is identified, and then a prescribed set of procedures of research is followed to investigate the problem. Only thereafter comes report of the findings. This book is more catered to readers who have no background on the media. It is more informational than instructional. It's great if you are looking into learning about how the media works per se but not if you are concerned about effectively positioning your products in the market.

Media Promotion Marketing for Broadcasting Cable the Internet

Author : Susan Tyler Eastman
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This fifth edition of the successful Promotion and Marketing for Broadcasting, Cable, and the Web, 4ed takes an important, timely look at the newest media venue, the Internet. Under its new title, Media Promotion and Marketing for Broadcast, Cable and the Internet, 5ed it takes a fresh look at the industry and the latest strategies for media promotion and marketing. The book explores the scope and goals of media production from the perspectives of network and local television, cable, Internet and radio, including public broadcasting. Topics include: goals of promotion; research in promotion; on-air, print, and Web message design; radio promotion; television network and station promotion and new campaigns; non-commercial radio and television promotion; cable marketing and promotion; research and budgeting for promotion; syndicated program marketing; global and international promotion and marketing; and online marketing and promotion.

Handbook of Research on New Media Applications in Public Relations and Advertising

Author : Esiyok, Elif
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As competition between companies increases, the need for effective public relations and advertising campaigns becomes imperative to the success of the business. However, with the introduction of new media, the nature of these campaigns has changed. Today’s consumers have more awareness and diversified ways to obtain knowledge, and through new media, they can provide feedback. An understanding of how to utilize new media to promote and sustain the reputation of an organization is vital for its continued success. The Handbook of Research on New Media Applications in Public Relations and Advertising is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the application of new media tools for running successful public relations and advertising campaigns. While highlighting topics such as digital advertising, online behavior, and social networking, this book is ideally designed for public relations officers, advertisers, marketers, brand managers, communication directors, social media managers, IT consultants, researchers, academicians, students, and industry practitioners.

Advertising Promotion and New Media

Author : Marla R. Stafford
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Today, new media enter our lives faster than ever before. This volume provides a complete, state-of-the-art overview of the newest media technologies and how they can be used in marketing communications - essential information for any organization that wants to maintain an effective advertising program, as well as for experts and students in the fields of advertising and mass communications. Advertising, Promotion, and New Media offers crucial insights on the use of cutting-edge techniques including 3-D advertising, mobile advertising, advergames, interactivity, and netvertising images, as well as more familiar Internet advertising formats such as banner ads and pop-ups. It also discusses such important topics as how to select online affiliates, and how to assess the effectiveness of new media advertising and compare it with traditional formats. Throughout the book, the chapter authors offer up-to-date information and thought provoking ideas on emerging technology and how it can be used effectively for advertising and promotion in the future.

Advertising and Promotion

Author : Dr. Chris Hackley
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"A readable and absorbing account of what advertising people try to achieve (whether or not they know quite how or why), grounded in Chris Hackley's real and recent acquaintance with the practicalities of advertising, as well as its principles.... He minimises the inevitable jargon of linguistics and communication theory. His own language is always accurate and clear, and often engaging. The well managed flow from chapter to chapter sustains interest and enjoyment. I read the book from cover to cover in one sitting." - INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVERTISING "Professor Hackley's book provides a timely reminder to student and practitioner alike that advertising continues to play a key role in the successful planning and implementation of marketing communications. Underpinned by a series of topical and often thought-provoking illustrations, this work not only explains how advertising is developed, but also presents the discipline in the wider context of socio-cultural and linguistic research. Working from a practical advertising management basis, the text raises some key issues for advertising as focus for academic and intellectual study." - Chris Blackburn, The Business School, Oxford Brookes University, formerly Account Director at Foote, Cone & Belding, Leagas Delaney and Boase Massimi Pollitt "Dr Hackley has an uncommon approach to advertising. His book combines the abstract theory of advertising and its effects with a hard-nosed practical approach. It is a guide to understanding and appreciating advertising and a way to understand how and why advertising works or why it does not. I think that this book is a fine text for students. Even more, it deserves to be read by advertising practitioners." - Arthur J. Kover, former editor of the Journal of Advertising Research, Management Fellow at the Yale School of Management Advertising and Promotion is not only a detailed and insightful account of how advertising is created; the book also explains how advertising comes to cast its all-enveloping shadow over contemporary consumer culture. Many case examples drawn from major international campaigns are used to illustrate the power of advertising to portray brand `personalities' in terms that resonate with consumers across many cultures. It contains detailed coverage of the major areas of advertising and marketing communications but it is not a simplistic treatment. Advertising and Promotion takes a novel intellectual approach and draws on concepts from the wider humanities and social sciences to cast fresh light on an over-familiar subject matter. It uniquely combines detailed case information, current research and lively topical issues to offer an authoritative and comprehensive account of advertising's pre-eminent role in contemporary marketing communications. It is an advanced student text, a reflective practitioner's handbook and an insightful account for the general reader.

Handbook of Research on Effective Advertising Strategies in the Social Media Age

Author : Ta?k?ran, Nurdan Öncel
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Social media pervades people’s awareness and everyday lives while also influencing societal and cultural patterns. In response to the social media age, advertising agents are creating new strategies that best suit changing consumer relationships. The Handbook of Research on Effective Advertising Strategies in the Social Media Age focuses on the radically evolving field of advertising within the new media environment. Covering new strategies, structural transformation of media, and changing advertising ethics, this book is a timely publication for policymakers, government officials, academicians, researchers, and school practitioners interested in furthering their research exposure and analyzing the rapidly evolving advertising sector and its reflection on social media.