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Research Handbook on Trade in Services

Author : Pierre Sauvé
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This Research Handbook explores the latest frontiers in services trade by drawing on insights from empirical economics, law and global political economy. The world’s foremost experts take stock of the learning done to date in services trade, explore policy questions bedevilling analysts and direct attention to a host of issues, old and new, confronting those interested in the service economy and its rising salience in cross-border exchange. The Handbook’s 22 chapters shed informed analytical light on a subject matter whose substantive remit continues to be shaped by rapid evolutions in technology, data gathering, market structures, consumer preferences, approaches to regulation and by ongoing shifts in the frontier between the market and the state.

Research Handbook on Climate Change and Trade Law

Author : Panagiotis Delimatsis
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The interaction between climate change and trade has grown in prominence in recent years. This Research Handbook contains authoritative original contributions from leading experts working at the interface between trade and climate change. It maps the state of affairs in such diverse areas as: carbon credits and taxes, sustainable standard-setting and trade in ‘green’ goods and services or investment, from both a regional and global perspective. Panagiotis Delimatsis redefines the interrelationship of trade and climate change for future scholarship in this area.

Coherence and Divergence in Services Trade Law

Author : Rhea Tamara Hoffmann
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This book addresses topical questions concerning the legal framework of trade in services, and assesses how these issues are dealt with in GATS and in selected preferential trade agreements. In addition, the chapters discuss whether the differences and similarities (if any) are evidence of greater coherence or greater divergence. The book combines the individual analyses to provide a more comprehensive picture of the current law on services trade liberalisation.A quarter of a century after the conclusion of the General Agreement on Trade and Services (GATS), international law on trade in services is still in a state of flux: on the one hand, countries increasingly conclude bilateral and regional trade agreements with sections on trade in services that aim at a further liberalisation of services trade. On the other, the GATS structure remains the dominant model and serves as the basis for many preferential trade agreements. In addition, new aspects such as electronic commerce, data protection and taxation are now emerging, while issues that had already manifested in the mid-1990s such as financial services regulation, labour mobility, and telecommunications continue to be problematic. Usually, the debates focus on the question of whether preferential trade agreements serve as a stepping-stone or stumbling block for trade liberalisation at the multilateral level. However, it can be assumed that rules on trade in services in preferential trade agreements will coexist with the global GATS regime for the foreseeable future. This raises the question of whether we’re currently witnessing a drive towards greater coherence or more divergence in agreements on trade in services.

Research Handbook on Environment Health and the WTO

Author : Geert van Calster
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ÔThis edited collection brings together an impressive array of authors from the world of international trade, the environment and public health. Each of them is eminently well-placed to bring their own particular expertise to bear on the issue at hand, and to do so in a knowledgeable and stimulating manner. This Research Handbook is a must for anyone interested in these overlapping fields of law and policy whether as a basis for learning or as a resource for further research.Õ Ð Mary Footer, University of Nottingham School of Law, UK ÔThis fantastic collection of essays explores the multiple intersections between trade and environment in the WTO. The contributions by leading scholars are theoretically engaged whilst practical in their focus. It is a Òmust readÓ for those concerned to ensure that trade liberalisation does not stand in the way of sustainable development, including urgently needed action to mitigate the risks and consequences of climate change.Õ Ð Joanne Scott, University College London, UK ÔGeert Van Calster and Denise PrŽvost have managed to induce virtually all the great experts on health, environment and WTO law to contribute to their Research Handbook on these subjects. The result is undoubtedly an excellent volume that should adorn the bookcase of any and all interested in the important problem of the relation between international rule-making and regulatory autonomy of states in this area of international economic law.Õ Ð Pieter Jan Kuijper, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands This Handbook provides state-of-the-art analysis by leading authors on the links between the international trade regime and health and environment concerns Ð concerns that make up an increasing proportion of WTO dispute settlement. Research Handbook on Environment, Health and the WTO surveys fields as diverse as climate change mitigation, non-communicable diseases, nanotechnology and public health care. The volume brings to the fore the debates and complexities surrounding these issues and their implications for the international trading system. The Handbook begins in Part I with a survey of general issues that sets a context for the more specific sectorial studies. Part II considers the most pressing issues within health regulation and trade law, whilst Part III is devoted to environmental regulation and its interface with trade law. Part IV looks specifically at aspects of the dispute settlement process and in particular standard of review, and the book concludes in Part V with a consideration of the impact of trade measures on the health and environment regimes of emerging economies. This comprehensive yet concise Handbook will appeal to academics and researchers in international trade law and environmental law, as well as trade law practitioners.

Research Handbook on the WTO and Technical Barriers to Trade

Author : Tracey Epps
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The bookês comprehensive and accessible approach makes it a first point of reference for all trade law practitioners, policymakers and regulators. For scholars and students, the Handbook will prove essential reading for a deeper understanding of trade

Research Handbook on Transparency

Author : Padideh Ala’i
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The expert contributors identify the goals, purposes and ramifications of transparency while presenting both its advantages and shortcomings. Through this framework, they explore transparency from a number of international and comparative perspectives.

Research Handbook on Foreign Direct Investment

Author : Markus Krajewski
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Increasing international investment, the proliferation of international investment agreements, domestic legislation, and investor-State contracts have contributed to the development of a new field of international law that defines obligations between host states and foreign investors with investor-State dispute settlement. This involves not only vast sums, but also a panoply of rights, duties, and shifting objectives at the juncture of national and international law and policy. This engaging Research Handbook provides an authoritative account of these diverse investment law issues.

Research Handbook on Emissions Trading

Author : Stefan E. Weishaar
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Research Handbook on Emissions Trading examines the origins, implementation challenges and international dimensions of emissions trading. It pursues an interdisciplinary approach drawing on law, economics and at times, political science, to present relevant research strands regarding emissions trading. Intermixing theoretical insights with experiences from existing trading systems, this Handbook offers insights that can be applied around the world. It identifies key bodies of research for both upcoming and seasoned people in the field and highlights future research opportunities.

Research Handbook in International Economic Law

Author : Andrew T. Guzm¾n
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This major new work consists of carefully commissioned original and incisive contributions from leading scholars in the field of international economic law. Covering a full range of topics, the Handbook provides an accessible treatment of the law in each area, as well as a thoughtful synthesis and discussion of related public policy issues from a broadly social science perspective.

Research Handbook in International Economic Law

Author : Andrew T. Guzmán
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'This book is an absolute gem. It takes the term international economic law seriously. Unlike any other book that I know of, this Handbook transcends the traditional, narrow focus on public trade law to include private commercial law, investment, competition, tax, IP, finance and international environmental law. In 14 comprehensive chapters, the law, policy and economics of 14 different issue areas are covered. Written by absolute leaders in their field, the Handbook offers an entry point for newcomers in each of those subject matters, yet does so at a level of sophistication, insight and comprehensiveness that should equally delight and enrich specialists.' - Joost Pauwelyn, Duke University School of Law, US

Aid for Trade at a Glance 2017 Promoting Trade Inclusiveness and Connectivity for Sustainable Development

Author : OECD
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This edition focuses on trade connectivity, which is critical for inclusiveness and sustainable development. Physical connectivity enables the movement of goods and services to local, regional and global markets.

Research Handbook on International Law and Migration

Author : Vincent Chetail
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Migration is a complex and multifaceted issue, and the current legal framework suffers from considerable ambiguity and lack of cohesive focus. This Handbook offers a comprehensive take on the intersection of law and migration studies and provides strat

Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Investment Law

Author : Christophe Geiger
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This innovative Research Handbook explores the complex and controversial interactions between intellectual property (IP) and investment law. In light of recent developments at national, European and international levels, the chapters critically examine the legitimacy of current practices with regard to the social function of IP rights and the regulatory autonomy of States to undertake measures in the public interest.

Research Handbook on EU Health Law and Policy

Author : Tamara K. Hervey
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The steady expansion of the European Union’s involvement in health over the past 20 years has been accelerated by recent events. This handbook offers an up-to-date analytical overview of the most important topics in EU health law and policy. It outlines, as far as possible, the direction of travel for each topic and suggests research agenda(s) for the future.

Research Handbook on International Taxation

Author : Yariv Brauner
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Capturing the core challenges faced by the international tax regime, this timely Research Handbook assesses the impacts of these challenges on a range of stakeholders, evaluating various paths to reform at a time when international tax policy is a topic high on politicians’ agendas.

Research Handbook on International Insurance Law and Regulation

Author : Julian Burling
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'Global insurance and its rapidly evolving law and regulation demands international research. To this aim, the Handbook offers a truly international collection of essays. Highly renowned experts analyze the key topics currently under international discussion and development. While representing a diversity of national jurisdictions, the focus lies on the largest insurance jurisdictions (USA, UK and Germany) but newly important jurisdictions like Brazil and China are considered as well a most valuable and important contribution to international insurance law literature.' Manfred Wandt, Director of the Insurance Law Institute, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany 'This Research Handbook is published at an opportune time. A global review of insurance law and regulation is underway. Much reform happens locally with little reference to developments elsewhere and this Research Handbook brings the strands together. It is a comprehensive review by distinguished authors from different backgrounds including both leading academics and practitioners. They consider the definitions of insurance, its economic underpinnings, comparative law and regulations, actual and proposed reforms, the effects on underwriting and claims and how insurance is studied and taught. Good laws and regulation benefit the market and its customers. Bad laws and regulation do the opposite. This book is required reading for all involved in the reform process.' David Hertzell, Law Commissioner 'Globalisation has had no greater impact in the commercial world than on insurance, the law which governs it and the risks it seeks to address. Those who inspired this publication and the contributing authors, are to be thanked for providing such a necessary and useful reference source. It covers so much of what insurance professionals need to be aware of in the insurance/law world of the twenty first century.' Michael Gill, President of the International Insurance Law Association Given its economic importance, insurance is a field that has been underserved as an area of academic study. This detailed book provides much needed coverage of insurance law and regulation in its international context. Produced in association with Lloyd's, it draws on the expertise both of academics and practising lawyers. Containing 30 comprehensive chapters, it provides in-depth studies on key areas, such as the role of international organisations, the judicial interpretation of insurance contract clauses and transnational regulatory recognition. It also provides thorough introductions to important jurisdictions, including the EU, US and Japan as well as focusing on newly emerging economies such as China and Brazil. Specialist topics covered include regulation by and of Lloyd's, the tort of bad faith in the US, microinsurance and takaful insurance. This well-documented resource will appeal to academics and students in insurance law and regulation, policymakers and private practice lawyers. The book also aims to stretch the imagination of anyone with an interest in insurance law and regulation, providing detailed analysis and avenues for further investigation.

Research Handbook on the European Union and International Organizations

Author : Ramses A. Wessel
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Over the years, the European Union has developed relationships with other international institutions, mainly as a result of its increasingly active role as a global actor and the transfer of competences from the Member States to the EU. This book presents a comprehensive and critical assessment of the EU’s engagement with other international institutions, examining both the EU’s representation and cooperation as well as the influence of these bodies on the development of EU law and policy.

Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Climate Change

Author : Joshua D. Sarnoff
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Written by a global group of leading scholars, this wide-ranging Research Handbook provides insightful analysis, useful historical perspective, and a point of reference on the controversial nexus of climate change law and policy, intellectual property law and policy, innovation policy, technology transfer, and trade. The contributors provide a unique review of the scientific background, international treaties, and political and institutional contexts of climate change and intellectual property law. They further identify critical conflicts and differences of approach between developed and developing countries. Finally they put forward and analyse the relevant intellectual property law doctrines and policy options for funding, developing, disseminating, and regulating the required technologies and their associated activities and business practices. The book will serve as a resource and reference tool for scholars, policymakers and practitioners looking to understand the issues at the interface of intellectual property and climate change.

Research Handbook on Freshwater Law and International Relations

Author : Mara Tignino
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Recent decades have seen pivotal changes in the management and protection of water resources, with human rights, environmental and water law each developing a strong interest in the conservation of fresh water. This surge in interest has meant that dispute settlement mechanisms, along with diplomatic tools, are becoming increasingly necessary for conflict resolution. This Handbook offers an analysis of the interaction between law and various forms of knowledge and expertise, ranging from economics to environmental and social sciences. Leading scholars examine general and specific water legal regimes and analyse the interplay between various disciplines in order to establish the extent to which law is informed by each.

China s Implementation of the Rulings of the World Trade Organization

Author : Weihuan Zhou
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Amid the ongoing crisis surrounding the WTO, China's role and behaviour in the multilateral trading system has attracted overwhelming attention. This timely monograph provides the first comprehensive and systemic analysis of China's compliance with the rulings of the WTO's dispute settlement mechanism (DSM). It covers all the disputes in which China has been a respondent during its 17-year WTO membership and offers a detailed discussion of China's implementation of adverse WTO rulings, its approaches to settling WTO disputes, the possible explanations for such approaches, and post-compliance issues. The book shows how China has utilised the limitations and flexibilities of WTO rulings to ensure that its implementation of the rulings not only delivers adequate compliance but also maintains its own interests. Overall, this book argues that the issues relating to the quality of China's compliance and post-compliance practices concern the loopholes within the DSM itself which may be utilised by all WTO Members. However, despite the loopholes, China's record of compliance suggests that the DSM has been largely effective in inducing compliance and influencing domestic policy-making. It is therefore in the interest of all WTO Members and other stakeholders to protect the DSM as the 'crown jewel' of the multilateral trading system.