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Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology

Author : Michele Kiely
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First Published in 1990, Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology reviews topics that are central to reproductive and perinatal epidemiology, as well as the methodological issues surrounding research in maternal and child health. Important topics covered include prenatal care, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), epidemiology of neonatal brain hemorrhage, early pregnancy, methodological issues in drug epidemiology, environmental exposures and reproduction, and occupational exposures and reproduction. This book is essential reading for clinicians, researchers, obstetricians, pediatricians, and graduate students in public health.

Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology

Author : Germaine M. Buck Louis
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The definitive textbook on the subject, offering a core curriculum that addresses the epidemiology of major reproductive and perinatal outcomes.

Perinatal Epidemiology

Author : Michael B. Bracken
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The only in-depth survey of perinatal epidemiology, this book reviews a number of currently active fields of research and areas of public health interest in the epidemiology of perinatal disorders and covers recent advances in research methodology. A thorough and timely look at a burgeoningfield, this volume is an ideal textbook and a valuable reference for practitioners.

Perinatal Epidemiology for Public Health Practice

Author : Melissa M. Adams
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Perinatal Epidemiology synthesizes perinatal knowledge through the lens of public health practice. This comprehensive text uses a consistent, logical format to offer readers: (1) A spectrum of topics affecting maternal and infant health: reproductive health concerns, maternal and infant morbidity and mortality, and gestation and fetal growth. (2) Information on timely issues, including infertility, gestational diabetes, preterm delivery, postpartum depression, and SIDS. (3) Detailed discussions of current epidemiological trends, measures and measurement issues, data sources, and risk and protective factors for each condition covered. (4) In-depth consideration of public health interventions and their availability, strengths and limitations. (5) Emerging areas of interest and directions for research. (6) Text boxes, definitions of key terms, discussion questions, appendices, and other helpful features. Perinatal Epidemiology is a valuable, ready resource for public health professionals in maternal and child care, reproduction and fertility. Its accessibility and easy-use format make it an equally strong textbook for courses in these fields as well as for advanced medical and nursing students in OB/GYN and pediatrics.

Reducing Racial Ethnic Disparities in Reproductive and Perinatal Outcomes

Author : Arden Handler
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Among women’s health concerns, reproductive issues, both prenatal and postpartum, hold particular prominence. Yet despite the many programs dedicated to improving women’s reproductive health, maternal and infant morbidity and mortality rates in minority communities remain unchanged—or have increased. Confronting this alarming statistic head-on, Reducing Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Reproductive and Perinatal Outcomes is the first book systematically examining public health interventions designed toward meeting this important and elusive goal. Its contributors offer the best thinking and practice on this complicated topic, clarifying the relationship between evidence-based medicine and evidence-based public health and its potential for increasing parity, considering interventions in the multiple contexts of women’s lives, reviewing the evidence base for each program or initiative featured, and describing methodologies for evaluating interventions. The resulting volume advocates for an integrative lifespan approach, including topics related to: Family planning STI and HIV/AIDS screening and treatment Smoking cessation and reducing exposure to environmental smoke Preconceptional well-woman care Depression screening and treatment Labor/delivery approaches and intrapartum care Emerging prenatal care interventions, from centering pregnancy to doula support For professionals and graduate students in psychiatry, psychology, sociology, women’s health, and public health, Reducing Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Reproductive and Perinatal Outcomes reframes a set of ongoing issues and guides the reader toward state-of-the-art solutions.

Guidelines for reproductive toxicity risk assessment

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Fetal and Neonatal Pathology

Author : Jean W. Keeling
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Written in a concise and easy-to-read style this third edition of the classic reference in the field of fetal and neonatal pathology provides the essential clinical and pathophysiological information and discusses the pathogenesis of abnormalities as a basis for appropriate methods of investigation. Fully revised and up-dated, the book retains the overall format of previous editions, presenting the same practical approach to the examination of both fetuses and perinatal deaths. Part 1 deals with the examination of the products of conception after the termination of pregnancy for fetal anomalies. Part 2 is organised by system, describing and illustrating those pathological problems which are likely to be encountered in the fetus and neonate.

Epidemiology for Public Health Practice

Author : Robert H. Friis
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Now in its third edition, Epidemiology for Public Health Practice provides a comprehensive look at all major topics, from study designs and descriptive epidemiology to quantitative measures and termin

Assisted reproductive technology in Australia and New Zealand 2010

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The Adult Hip

Author : John J. Callaghan
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This major two-volume reference provides comprehensive coverage of the evaluation and surgical management of problems of the hip. It begins with a thorough review of clinically relevant basic science, including the anatomy and biomechanics of the hip, the biomaterials used in hip reconstruction, the sequelae of wear, and the biology of bone autografts and allografts. A section on clinical science covers the clinical and radiological evaluation of the hip, the pathology of the hip, osteonecrosis of the hip and related disorders, perioperative considerations, surgical anatomy, and surgical approaches to the hip. Subsequent sections provide complete information on all current surgical procedures, including arthroscopy, resection arthroplasty, arthrodesis, osteotomy, total hip arthroplasty, complex total hip arthroplasty, procedures for the treatment of sepsis, and revision total hip arthroplasty. Complementing the text are more than 1,300 full-color and black-and-white illustrations, including drawings by a noted medical illustrator. Compatibility: BlackBerry® OS 4.1 or Higher / iPhone/iPod Touch 2.0 or Higher /Palm OS 3.5 or higher / Palm Pre Classic / Symbian S60, 3rd edition (Nokia) / Windows Mobile™ Pocket PC (all versions) / Windows Mobile Smartphone / Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP/Vista/Tablet PC

Reproductive Health Care for Women and Babies

Author : Benjamin P. Sachs
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The formulation of health-care policies takes place in a climate of constant pressure and conflicting priorities: from physicians, administrators, insurance companies, legislators, and not least the patients themselves. Not surprisingly, there is often considerable disparity between the provision of health care for women, and what women want for themselves. However, few - if any - texts have concentrated on the ethical, economic, and health issues which need to be understood before cogent health policies can be developed. At a time when these issues are increasingly receiving attention not only from public-health experts, but also from politicians, pressure groups, and the media, Reproductive health care for women and babies addresses all the medical and social aspects of health care that contribute to the formulation of health-care policy for women. This book will allow physicians and women to go beyond diagnosis and treatment to take a broader view of their role in the health service and make an informed contribution to health service planning, while providing administrators and policy-makers with the background information they need. For anybody involved in providing health care for women, this book is essential reading.

Epidemiology of Human Reproduction

Author : Bengt Kallen
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This comprehensive overview covering the field of reproductive epidemiology examines the impact of environmental factors related to embryonic and fetal development. Innovative techniques are highlighted, illustrating special problems related to reproductive epidemiology. Specific environmental risks are addressed sepa-rately, concluding with a chapter on risk assessment and information problems. Throughout, the text is supported with over 70 illustrations of new findings, never before published. This is an invalu-able resource for scientists in the field of reproductive epidemiol-ogy.

Rothman Simeone The Spine E Book

Author : Harry N. Herkowitz
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Rothman-Simeone The Spine helps you achieve optimal outcomes in the clinical practice of spine surgery in adults and children. Drs. Harry N. Herkowitz, Steven R. Garfin, Frank J. Eismont, Gordon R. Bell, Richard Balderston, and an internationally diverse group of authorities help you keep up with the fast-paced field and get the best results from state-of-the-art treatments and surgical techniques, such as spinal arthroplasty and the latest spinal implants and equipment. An all-new full-color design and surgical videos online at make this classic text more invaluable than ever before. Get the best results from the full range of both surgical and non-surgical treatment approaches with guidance from the world’s most trusted authorities in orthopaedic spine surgery. Find important information quickly through pearls, pitfalls, and key points that highlight critical points. Watch experts perform key techniques in real time with videos, on DVD and online, demonstrating minimally invasive surgery: SED procedure; thorascopic techniques; lumbar discectomy; pedicle subtraction osteotomy (PSO); C1, C2 fusion; intradural tumor; cervical laminoforaminoty; and much more. Apply the newest developments in the field thanks to expert advice on minimally invasive surgery, spinal arthroplasty and the latest spinal implants and equipments. See procedures clearly through an all new full-color design with 2300 color photographs and illustrations placed in context. Access the fully searchable contents of text online at

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation E Book

Author : Randall L. Braddom
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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation presents today’s best physiatry knowledge and techniques, ideal for the whole rehabilitation team. This trusted reference delivers the proven science and comprehensive guidance you need to offer every patient maximum pain relief and optimal return to function. In this new edition, Dr. Randall L. Braddom covers current developments in interventional injection procedures, the management of chronic pain, integrative medicine, recent changes in the focus of stroke and brain injury rehabilitation, and much more. Access the complete contents online along with 1000 self-assessment questions at Gain a clear visual understanding of important concepts thanks to 1400 detailed illustrations—1000 in full color. Find and apply the information you need easily with each chapter carefully edited by Dr. Braddom and his associates for consistency, succinctness, and readability. Access the fully searchable text online at Expert Consult, as well as 1000 self-assessment questions. Master axial and peripheral joint injections through in-depth coverage of the indications for and limitations of these therapies. Make optimal use of ultrasound in diagnosis and treatment. Get a broader perspective on your field from a new chapter on PM&R in the international community.

Biological and Health Effects from Exposure to Power line Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

Author : Hiraku Takebe
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The possible health effects of electro-magnetic (EMF) from high-voltage electric power lines have been discussed sine the 1970s. The concern was triggered by epidemilogical studies in the United States and Europe that suggested a slightly increased incidence of leukaemia's and brain tumours occured among those living and working near high-voltage power lines. Although studies can indicate an associate between factor and effect, the studies themselves cannot confirm a cause-effect relationship. Whether EMF is producing these ill effects must be confirmed by experimental studies.

Developmental and Reproductive Effects of Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke

Author :
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Effects of Organochlorine Compounds and Heavy Metals on Male Reproductive Health

Author : Julia Jennifer Wirth
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Modern Epidemiology

Author : Kenneth J. Rothman
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Offers a straightforward yet rigorous presentation of epidemiologic concepts and methods. Fundamental concepts such as causation and causal inference are covered, as well as basic measures and study types (including cohort and case-control studies)and several sophisticated approaches to data analysis. The second edition has been updated and expanded to reflect recent technical developments and conceptual advances.

Fanaroff and Martin s Neonatal Perinatal Medicine

Author : Richard J. Martin
File Size : 43.60 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Tackle your toughest challenges and improve the quality of life and long-term outcomes of your patients with authoritative guidance from Fanaroff and Martin s Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine. Drs. Richard J. Martin, Avroy A. Fanaroff, and Michele C. Walsh and a contributing team of leading experts in the field deliver a multi-disciplinary approach to the management and evidence-based treatment of problems in the mother, fetus and neonate. New chapters, expanded and updated coverage, increased worldwide perspectives, and many new contributors keep you current on the late preterm infant, the fetal origins of adult disease, neonatal anemia, genetic disorders, and more. "...a valuable reference book and a pleasure to read." Reviewed by BACCH Newsletter, Mar 2015 Consult this title on your favorite e-reader, conduct rapid searches, and adjust font sizes for optimal readability. Be certain with expert, dependable, accurate answers for every stage of your career from the most comprehensive, multi-disciplinary text in the field! See nuance and detail in full-color illustrations that depict disorders in the clinical setting and explain complex information. Obtain more global perspectives and best practices with contributions from international leaders in the field of neonatal-perinatal medicine. Get comprehensive guidance on treating patients through a dual focus on neonatology and perinatology. Spot genetic problems early and advise parents of concerns, with a completely new section on this topic. Make informed clinical choices for each patient, from diagnosis and treatment selection through post-treatment strategies and management of complications, with new evidence-based criteria throughout. Stay at the forefront of your field thanks to new and completely revised chapters covering topics such as: Principles and Practice l Immune and Non-immune Hydrops Fetalis l Amniotic Fluid Volume l Enhancing Safe Prescribing in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit l Role of Imaging in Neurodevelopmental Outcomes of High-Risk Neonates l Patent Ductus Arteriosus l Gastroesophageal Reflux and Gastroesophageal Reflux Diseases in the Neonate. Find and grasp the information you need easily and rapidly with indexing that provides quick access to specific guidance.

Reproductive Epidemiology

Author : Ray Merrill
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Reproductive Epidemiology explores the range of methodologies used to collect data and conduct analysis on the distribution and determinants of reproductive-related health states or events in human populations. This unique book explores real-world reproductive health problems and provides readers with a guide on the use of methods appropriate for challenging and sensitive research topics, which include: sexual behavior, abortion, illicit drug use, and sexual abuse. Readers will come away with a clear understanding of the practical applications of epidemiology in the promotion of complete physical, mental, social, spiritual, emotional, and environmental health as they relate to the reproductive health system and its functions and processes.