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Renegade Westerns

Author : Kevin Grant
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The Western is America's definitive contribution to cinema, a bullet-spattered blueprint for the nation's image of itself and its place in the world. To watch a western is to witness the birth of a nation, overseen by square-jawed sheriffs and steel-nerved gunfighters, armed with six-guns and a clear moral vision. Their victories against outlaws and Indians were proof that might was right -- so long as it was in the correct hands. Renegade Westerns shows the shadowy side of this picture, where heroes behaved like villains, where Indians were not always the savages we'd been led to expect. From injustice in The Ox-Bow Incident to racism in The Searchers, numerous films criticised the methods behind the myths and the personalities behind the legends. They questioned the simple belief that the destiny of the United States was to expand right across the continent, regardless of other peoples' claims to the land. The cast of characters includes cynical mercenaries and ageing cowhands, gun-toting cattle queens and teenage outlaws. We encounter western superstars -- John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, Gary Cooper and Robert Mitchum -- and icons of modern film -- Brad Pitt and Samuel L. Jackson, Johnny Depp and Michael Fassbender. More than 100 films are dissected and discussed, from the hidden depths of High Noon and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance to the ferocity of The Wild Bunch. There are skewed biopics of Billy the Kid and Jesse James, acid westerns and Cold War parables. The book ranges over 70 years of movie-making, right up to the biggest westerns of recent times -- The Homesman and Slow West, and a double-barrelled blast of Tarantino: Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight. Complete with a foreword by western expert Edward Buscombe and first-hand accounts by Wild Bunch stars Bo Hopkins and LQ Jones, Renegade Westerns offers a fresh perspective on a genre that continues to attract both large audiences and critical acclaim.

Universal International Westerns 1947 1963

Author : Gene Blottner
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From 1947 through 1963, the merged studios of Universal and International produced mostly highly entertaining westerns that ranged from classics like Winchester '73 to forgettable films better left unmade. Entries on the 114 Universal-International westerns of the period are collected here. While other films may have contained western elements, only films that truly fit the genre are included. Films are arranged alphabetically by title, and each entry includes release date, alternate title, cast, credits, songs, location of filming, source if the film was an adaptation, running time, plot synopsis, commentary from the author and from the actors and directors, and representative excerpts from contemporary reviews. Also included are tag lines used in the original advertising for each film. An introduction to the book provides details on the Universal-International merger and a history of the studios' productions.

THE WAYS OF THE WILD WEST The Best Ballantyne Westerns

Author : R. M. Ballantyne
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R. M. Ballantyne is best known for his westerns. As a young boy Ballantyne spent few years on American continent learning the local customs, trading for fur with Native Americans, sleighing and canoeing across the America. These experiences served as a source for his western novels that span from cowboy tales and gold mining stories to tales from Canadian wilderness. Content: Snowflakes and Sunbeams (The Young Fur Traders) The Dog Crusoe and his Master The Golden Dream Away in the Wilderness The Wild Man of the West Silver Lake Over the Rocky Mountains Digging for Gold The Pioneers Fort Desolation The Red Man's Revenge The Prairie Chief Charlie to the Rescue The Buffalo Runners Wrecked but not Ruined

Bowman s Kid Renegade s Trail

Author : Gordon D. Shirreffs
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In Bowman's Kid, a search for a boy who was abducted by the Mescalero Indians twenty years earlier proves difficult, while in Renegade's Trail, Kershaw begins a fight to the death with his ex-partner. Original.

Renegade Sisters

Author : Beverley Zalcock
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Brand new and completely updated, this edition retains its coverage of the classics, but also includes new chapters on Charlie's Angels, Carry On Films, and contemporary films such as Coppola's Virign Suicides. 'This book is an absolute must for the cult movie enthusiast. Creation Books do for cinema what Taschen did for art. Renegade Sisters is fun, informative and not too heavy duty.' 6degrees 'With details on catfights, cowgirls, biker women and the heavily armed Pam Grier, this has it all.' The Guardian

Westerns and the Trail of Tradition

Author : Barrie Hanfling
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Tracing the history of the western from the advent of the talkies in 1929 to the end of the genres golden age (1962), this book provides a year-by-year account of cultural and industry trends, Hollywood careers, and technical innovations. Hanfling (a writer for Nostalgia Westerns, deceased) places the western in its cultural context, considering its relation to and impact on American society in the middle part of the twentieth century. c. Book News Inc.

Television Westerns Episode Guide

Author : Harris M. Lentz
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Since Hopalong Cassidy and the Lone Ranger blazed their first trails on television in 1949, Westerns have been the genre of choice for 180 series. Some ( Gunsmoke, Bonanza, and Maverick, for example) were classics; others, such as 26 Men and Shotgun Slade, were quickly forgotten. From Adventures of Briscoe County, through Zorro and Son, this comprehensive reference work covers all 180 Western series. Each entry opens with a listing of the broadcast history of the series, including original network, day and time. This is followed by a listing of the regular cast members and a brief premise of the series. The individual episodes are then covered, with the title, original air date, leading guest stars and a brief synopsis given. An exhaustive index completes the work.

Romancing the Renegade

Author : Ingrid Weaver
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Romancing the Renegade by Ingrid Weaver released on Sep 27, 2005 is available now for purchase.


Author : Paul Varner
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Whatever we might think of them, popular Westerns, both movies and cheap paperbacks on the newsstand racks, have had a powerful impact on both U.S. culture and Western European culture in general. Collected here are new studies from a variety of critical approaches of popular Westerns by scholars from the U.S., the U.K., and Europe, new studies of classic William S. Hart, John Ford, Clint Eastwood, and Sam Peckinpah film Westerns as well as new studies of seldom studied writers such as James Warner Bellah, Clarence Mulford, Charles Portis, and Oakley Hall.

Crossfire and Renegade

Author : Clifford T. Farrell
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Western Movies

Author : Michael R. Pitts
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A comprehensive reference volume of the most popular, enduring film genre: feature-length (over 40 minutes) Westerns, including 16mm, 8mm, Super 8mm, videocassettes and videodiscs. Each entry has film title, release company and year, running time, b&w/color notation, cast listing, plot synopsis, brief critical review. A master list of cowboys and their horses is provided and the book is comprehensively indexed.

Bowker s Complete Video Directory 2000

Author :
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The Cumulative Book Index

Author :
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Historical Dictionary of Westerns in Cinema

Author : Paul Varner
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When the earliest filmgoers watched The Great Train Robbery in 1903, many of them shrieked in terror at the very last clip when one of the outlaws turns directly toward the camera and fires a gun, seemingly, directly at the audience. The puff of smoke was sudden and it was hand colored so that it looked real. Today, we can look back at that primitive movie and see all the elements of what would evolve into the Western genre. Perhaps it is the Western's early origins--The Great Train Robbery was the first narrative, commercial movie--or its formulaic yet entertaining structure that has made the Western so popular. Whatever the case may be, with the recent success of films like 3:10 to Yuma and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, the Western appears to be in no danger of disappearing. The story of the western is told in the Historical Dictionary of Westerns in Cinema through a chronology, a bibliography, and an introductory essay. However, it is the hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries on cinematographers; composers; producers; films like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Dances With Wolves, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, High Noon, The Magnificent Seven, The Searchers, Tombstone, and Unforgiven; such actors as Gene Autry, Kirk Douglas, Clint Eastwood, Henry Fonda, James Stewart, and John Wayne; and directors like John Ford and Sergio Leone that will have you reaching for this book again and again.

Renegade Justice

Author : Judd Cole
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Torn between his Cheyenne blood and his love for his adoptive white settler parents, Touch the Sky risks his relationship with the Cheyenne to protect his adoptive parents from a gang of ruthless outlaws. Original.

The Renegade

Author : Donald Clayton Porter
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Renegade s Lady

Author : Bobbi Smith
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In search of the perfect Wild West hero for her new book, Sheridan St. John finds a dark, dangerous man who guards his heart as carefully as he does Sheridan's life, and the furious attraction between them changes her life forever. Original.

Westerns 2011

Author : Library of Congress. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
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"A survey of Western-themed books, both fiction and nonfiction, produced in audio and braille by the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress"--Provided by publisher.

The Western Films of Robert Mitchum

Author : Gene Freese
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Robert Mitchum was--and still is--one of Hollywood's defining stars of Western film. For more than 30 years, the actor played the weary and cynical cowboy, and his rough-and-tough presence on-screen was no different than his one off-screen. With a personality fit for western-noir, Robert Mitchum dominated the genre during the mid-20th century, and returned as the anti-hero again during the 1990s before his death. This book lays down the life of Mitchum and the films that established him as one of Hollywood's strongest and smartest horsemen. Going through early classics like Pursued (1947) and Blood on the Moon (1948) to more recent cult favorites like Tombstone (1993) and Dead Man (1995), Freese shows how Mitchum's nuanced portrayals of the iconic anti-hero of the West earned him his spot in the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Westerns Women

Author : Boyd Magers
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This collection features a diverse mixture of leading ladies of Westerns, along with several who are not quite as well known. Some toiled in B westerns, others worked exclusively at the A level, and a few were relegated to television. Those interviewed are Jane Adams, Julie Adams, Merry Anders, Vivian Austin, Joan Barclay, Patricia Blair, Pamela Blake, Adrian Booth, Genee Boutell, Lois Collier, Mara Corday, Gail Davis, Myrna Dell, Ann Doran, Faith Domergue, Dale Evans, Beatrice Gray, Coleen Gray, Anne Gwynne, Lois Hall, Kay Hughes, Marsha Hunt, Eilene Janssen, Anna Lee, Joan Leslie, Nan Leslie, Kay Linaker, Teala Loring, Lucille Lund, Beth Marion, Donna Martell, Kristine Miller, Peggy Moran, Maureen O'Hara, Debra Paget, Jean Porter, Paula Raymond, Jan Shepard, Marion Shilling, Roberta Shore, Elanor Stewart, Peggy Stewart, Linda Stirling, Gale Storm, Helen Talbot, Audrey Totter, Virginia Vale, Elena Verdugo, Jacqueline White and Gloria Winters. Gwynne, Hall, Storm and Vale provide forewords to the work.