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Renaissance Revit

Author : Paul F. Aubin
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Leverage the power of the Revit family editor to create complex forms drawn from classical architecture. This book brings together three of the author's favorite things: architecture, history and Revit in a hands-on manual like nothing else available! From the foreword: "Paul Aubin has carved out a distinctive niche in the overlapping worlds of BIM, Revit & Education. He offers support to self-directed learners who have caught the BIM bug and are seeking greater fluency & deeper knowledge. To a large extent I think his success is rooted in his own eagerness to explore and learn; plus his ability to share that enthusiasm with others. In this book he has taken that approach to a new level, seizing on one of his long-term interests, embarking on a journey of discovery, and sharing the results with his audience...And there is no better way to deepen your insight than to build your own versions of the classical orders using a programme like Revit. I think Paul has hit upon an explosive combination. Let him draw you in and take you on two rides for the price of one. Let the synergy generated by the disparate worlds of software & history drive your learning experience forward. You may well find that, like a child, you learn new skills and knowledge in an effortless riot of exploratory play...So buy the book, make the journey and take your BIM pencil for a walk across the virtual pages of history."

Rome and the Renaissance

Author : Julian Klaczko
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Author : Émile Bertaux
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Conservation Restoration and Analysis of Architectural and Archaeological Heritage

Author : Inglese, Carlo
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Cultural heritage identifies and preserves past achievements for the benefit of future generations. Examining the extent to which heritage preservation is feasible in an era governed by modernism and globalization is essential for both regional development and cultural conservation. Conservation, Restoration, and Analysis of Architectural and Archaeological Heritage provides innovative insights into digital technologies that have produced important methodological changes in the documentation, analysis, and conservation of cultural heritage. The content within this publication represents the work of digital restoration, inclusive communication, and reality-based representation. It is a vital reference source for software developers, sociologists, policymakers, tourism managers, and academicians seeking coverage on digital technologies and data processing in cultural heritage.

Graphical Heritage

Author : Luis Agustín-Hernández
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This book presents the proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Graphic Design in Architecture, EGA 2020, focusing on heritage – including architectural and graphic heritage as well as the graphics of heritage. This first volume gathers selected contributions covering theories, and new technologies and findings to help shed light on current questions related to heritage. It features original documentation studies on historical archives, 3D and solid representation of architectural objects, as well as virtual graphic representation and applications of augmented reality, all documenting and/or reconstructing the present, past and future of architectural objects. As such, this book offers extensive and timely information to architectural and graphic designers, urban designers and engineers, and industrial designers and historians.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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Civil and environmental engineers work together to develop, build, and maintain the man-made and natural environments that make up the infrastructures and ecosystems in which we live and thrive. Civil and Environmental Engineering: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications is a comprehensive multi-volume publication showcasing the best research on topics pertaining to road design, building maintenance and construction, transportation, earthquake engineering, waste and pollution management, and water resources management and engineering. Through its broad and extensive coverage on a variety of crucial concepts in the field of civil engineering, and its subfield of environmental engineering, this multi-volume work is an essential addition to the library collections of academic and government institutions and appropriately meets the research needs of engineers, environmental specialists, researchers, and graduate-level students.

Handbook of Research on Visual Computing and Emerging Geometrical Design Tools

Author : Amoruso, Giuseppe
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Visual computing and descriptive geometry are multidisciplinary fields addressing the handling of images, 3D models, and other computer graphics. These ideas are experiencing a revival due to emergent technologies and applications available to developers. Based in traditional forms of design and architecture, these fields are currently experiencing a bounty of new research based on old principles. The Handbook of Research on Visual Computing and Emerging Geometrical Design Tools seeks to add to this knowledge base by considering these technologies from a designer’s perspective rather than reiterating the principles of computer science. It combines aspects of geometry and representation with emerging tools for CAD, generation, and visualization while addressing the digital heritage of such fields. This book is an invaluable resource for developers, students of both graphic and computer-generated design, researchers, and designers.

Handbook of Research on Emerging Digital Tools for Architectural Surveying Modeling and Representation

Author : Brusaporci, Stefano
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Technological revolutions have changed the field of architecture exponentially. The advent of new technologies and digital tools will continue to advance the work of architects globally, aiding in architectural design, planning, implementation, and restoration. The Handbook of Research on Emerging Digital Tools for Architectural Surveying, Modeling, and Representation presents expansive coverage on the latest trends and digital solutions being applied to architectural heritage. Spanning two volumes of research-based content, this publication is an all-encompassing reference source for scholars, IT professionals, engineers, architects, and business managers interested in current methodologies, concepts, and instruments being used in the field of architecture.

Renaissance Et R forme

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Classical Mythology in the Netherlands in the Age of Renaissance and Baroque

Author : Institut interuniversitaire pour l'étude de la Renaissance et de l'Humanisme (Bruxelles)
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Mythology has played an important role in the age of Renaissance and Baroque. The classical myths have provided themes and subjects for the arts in their different expressions: painting, sculpture, literature, music, theatre, ... Mythological figures and stories have often served as moralistic examples, in bono or in malo, and as allegorical points of reference, e.g. in education. The pluridisciplinary study of these phenomena throws light upon the intellectual climate of the period. La mythologie a joue un role important aux temps de la Renaissance et du Baroque. Les mythes classiques ont procure des themes et des sujets pour les arts dans leurs expressions differentes : peinture, sculpture, litterature, musique, theatre, ... Les figures et les histoires mythologiques ont servi souvent d'exemples moralisateurs, en bon ou en mal, et comme points de reference allegoriques, entre autres dans l'education. L'etude pluridisciplinaire de ces phenomenes eclaire le climat intellectuel de l'epoque.


Author : Louis Hautecoeur
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Introducing Revit Architecture 2009

Author : Greg Demchak
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Revit Essentials for Architecture

Author : Paul F Aubin
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Revit Essentials for Architecture combines a straightforward, reader-friendly style with detailed project-focused exercises that encourage you to learn by doing. Gain practical, firsthand experience with Autodesk(R) Revit(R) software purpose-built for Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Prints of the Italian Renaissance

Author : Jay A. Levenson
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The Marne Battle fields 1914

Author :
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Acta Technica

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Social Sciences Humanities Index

Author :
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An author and subject index to publications in fields of anthropology, archaeology and classical studies, economics, folklore, geography, history, language and literature, music, philosophy, political science, religion and theology, sociology and theatre arts.

The Architects Journal

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Multiple Vie

Author : Jean Revel
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