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The Fate of Muslims Under Soviet Rule

Author : Erich W. Bethmann
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Sacrificing Truth

Author : Nachman Ben-Yehuda
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No Marketing Blurb

Made in Mexico

Author : W. Warner Wood
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The story behind the international trade in Oaxacan textiles

Central Asian Review

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Hippocrene U S A Guide to America s South

Author : Tom Weil
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Write to the Point

Author : Michael B. Goodman
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Applies the process of writing to the workplace. Considers brainstorming techniques, word choice, audience analysis, grammar, sentence and paragraph construction, illustrations and organization. Emphasis is on strategies and their impact, not on external format. Covers oral presentation and the automated office.

A Garden of Bristlecones

Author : Michael P. Cohen
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An engaging, well-illustrated natural and cultural history of the oldest living organism--the bristlecone pine. Since Edmund Schulman discovered in 1958 that individual bristlecones live nearly 5,000 years, the trees have been investigated primarily for the elaborate record their rings contain. The trees have been ""read' closely, with major consequences for natural and human history. Historians have read local and global environmental change. Archaeologists have rewritten the history of civilization. Writers have transformed them into figures pertinent to the human dilemmas of time and eternity. A Garden of Bristlecones investigates professional and popular conceptions as a set of narratives drawn from the outside and inside of the trees. It reveals the premises of the investigators, the nature of their inquiry, and the extent of their knowledge, while also revealing the Great Basin bristlecone itself. Illustrations by Valerie Cohen.

Questions We All Ask

Author : Gottfried Purucker
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Author : Beth Josephson
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What Price Paradise

Author : Wayne S. Wooden
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Romantic Antiquarianism

Author : Christopher Scalia
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Digging Holes in Popular Culture

Author : Theoretical Archaeology Group (England). Conference
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What would Howard Carter have thought of Lara Croft? and why do archaeologists feature so prominently in Star Trek? Douglas Adams, author of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy writes the preface to this unusual collection of papers dedicated to exploring the role of the archaeologist in popular culture. The clichés and stereotypes of archaeology that abound in popular culture, the sense of mystery and adventure, the excitement generated by a dangerous treasure hunt or a thrilling detective story, rarely hint at the monotonous hours spent by modern archaeologists researching in laboratories and libraries and filling out paperwork. Yet the role-models provided by fictional characters such as Dr Who, Indiana Jones, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lara Croft have had a powerful influence on how archaeologists and the practices of archaeology are viewed by the general public. At times hilarious, these papers nevertheless address serious cultural issues relevant to archaeology today: colonialism, the indigenous voice, gender roles, objectivity, and ownership of the past.

Varanasi at the Crossroads

Author : Swami Medhasananda
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History of Vārānasi, Uttar Pradesh, India between 1781-1857 B.C.

Remnant of Victory

Author : Jeri Odell
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The Oxford Handbook of Isaiah

Author : Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer
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"The book of Isaiah is one of the longest books in the Hebrew Bible. It contains some of the most hauntingly beautiful passages in the entire Bible, and it has influenced Judaism and Christianity to an exceptional extent. Many of its passages feature in the liturgies of the synagogue and of the church. In Jewish tradition, the threefold acclamation of God's holiness in Isa 6:3 is recited in prayers throughout the day: it is, for example, among the benedictions framing the recitation of the Shema' in the morning and part of the central prayer called the Amidah. In Christian tradition, Isa 7:14 is understood to predict the virgin birth; and Isa 9:1-7, the incarnation. Isa 40:3-5 is identified as speaking about John the Baptist, and Isa 52:13-53:12 is read on Good Friday to illustrate Jesus's suffering, death, and resurrection"--


Author : United States. Dept. of Commerce. Office of Technical Services
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Translations of scientific and technical monographs and articles.

Italy Italy

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Skeletons in Her Cupboard

Author : A. T. Clason
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The 22 essays on various aspects of archaeozoology in this new volume form a Festschrift dedicated to Juliet Clutton-Brock. Contributors include: J Altuna (Northern mammals in the southern Pyrenees during the Upper Pleistocene) ; L Chaix (Environment and ecology of the Mesolthic hunters inn the northern Alps) ; C S Churcher (Dogs from Ein Tirghi cemetery, Balat, Egypt) ; J Paters and A von den Driesch (Mesolithic fishing in Central Sudan) ; A M Muniz (Ancient Iberian fishing industries from an archaeozoological perspective) ; H Muller (Horse skeletons of the Bronze Age in central Europe) ; E Tchernov (From sedentism to domestication in the southern Levant) ; H Uerpmann (Proposal for a separate nomenclature of domestic animals) ; E S Wing (The realm between wild and domestic) ; P Wyrost (The fauna of ancient Poland) .