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Religion Science and Culture

Author : P. Adelumo Dopamu
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Religion Science and Culture

Author : Dr. S Radhakrishnan
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A masterly review of the evolving relationship between religion, science and culture, and the need to create a spiritual unity which will transcend and sustain the material unity of the world order. 'Dr. Radhakrishnan's sweep is as wide as the world, and wider.' — Tribune 'This book is not only meant to promote interpeople understanding but to awaken mankind to the danger of extinction of homo sapiens by nuclear destruction, the abyss it has reached by spiritual involution.' — Times of India

Religion Culture and Methodology

Author : Groningen Working-Group for the Study of Fundamental Problems and Methods of Science of Religion
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Paul Tillich s Philosophy of Culture Science and Religion

Author : James Luther Adams
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An introduction to Tillich's thought.

God Religion Science Nature Culture and Morality

Author : Yemant and Friends
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Plain Talk about Us and Our Dealings with the Creator of Everything Most of us have never bothered to find out why we believe what we believe. That’s especially true for our thoughts and convictions about religion. Perhaps we were otherwise too engaged. Perhaps we simply adopted what our elders and peers appeared to believe. Whatever the case, isn’t it time for us all to examine matters of religiosity more carefully? At least we—a bunch of retired professors, no longer absorbed by professional duties—thought the time had come to ponder why we had taken so much for granted. No, we did not see the need to dive yet deeper into ancient scriptures to find the ultimate truth. We focused, instead, on universal convictions. Why, for instance, do humans around the globe believe in creator gods? Why do they envision kind gods who turn nasty on occasion? And why do most people believe that the gods watch and judge every single one of us, discern merit, and then set our fortunes? Can we really converse with the gods and, if need be, bribe them with good deeds and sacrifices? And finally, why are the gods inclined to grant us life after death? If so, why do we have choices between various forms of self-continuance and recurrent physical existence in other organisms? Given that some religions proclaim resurrection with retained identity whereas others propose alternating reincarnation, how can such discrepant projections be equally true? But we also examine the behavioral implications of adherence to a religion. Could it be that devotion to a creed empowers in rendering hope, confidence, and contentment? And could such reactivity squelch fear, inspire happiness, and ultimately elevate health and longevity? In these terms, how would those fare who fail to enlist the help of supernatural forces? Is it conceivable that humanity would be better off with religiosity than with secularism in which each individual determines what is good or bad for him or her, what for their communities, and what for the world at large?

Origins of Religion Cognition and Culture

Author : Armin W. Geertz
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Attempts to understand the origins of humanity have raised fundamental questions about the complex relationship between cognition and culture. Central to the debates on origins is the role of religion, religious ritual and religious experience. What came first: individual religious (ecstatic) experiences, collective observances of transition situations, fear of death, ritual competence, magical coercion; mirror neurons or temporal lobe religiosity? Cognitive scientists are now providing us with important insights on phylogenetic and ontogenetic processes. Together with insights from the humanities and social sciences on the origins, development and maintenance of complex semiotic, social and cultural systems, a general picture of what is particularly human about humans could emerge. Reflections on the preconditions for symbolic and linguistic competence and practice are now within our grasp. Origins of Religion, Cognition and Culture puts culture centre stage in the cognitive science of religion.

Religion in Contempory Culture

Author : Purnell Handy Benson
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Culture and the Cognitive Science of Religion

Author : James Cresswell
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Culture and the Cognitive Science of Religion is the first book to bring together cultural psychology and the cognitive science of religion (CSR). Containing much-needed discussion of how good research should do more than simply follow methodological prescriptions, this thought-provoking and original book outlines the ways in which CSR can be used to study everyday religious belief without sacrificing psychological science. Cresswell’s pragmatist approach expands CSR in a radically new direction. The author shows how language and culture can be integrated within CSR in order to achieve an alternative ontogenetic and phylogenetic approach to cognition, and argues that a view of cognition that is not based on modularity, but on the dynamic connection between an organism and its milieu, can lead to a view of evolution that makes much more room for the constitutive role of culture in cognition. As a provocative attempt to persuade researchers to engage with religious communities more directly, the book should be essential reading for academics, researchers and postgraduate students, as well as psychologists interested in the cognitive science of religion, theological anthropology, religious studies and cultural anthropology.

Islamic Philosophy Science Culture and Religion

Author : David Reisman
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This collection of essays covers the classical heritage and Islamic culture, classical Arabic science and philosophy, and Muslim religious sciences, showing continuation of Greek and Persian thought as well as original Muslim contributions to the sciences, philosophy, religion, and culture of Islam.

Rethinking Media Religion and Culture

Author : Stewart M. Hoover
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The growing connections between media, culture and religion are increasingly evident in contemporary society, but until now have rarely been theoretically linked. The contributors to this volume effectively combine these areas into a coherent whole. The issues they examine include: the decline of religious institutions during the late twentieth century; the increasing autonomy and individualized practice of religion; and the surge of media and media-based icons that are often imbued with religious qualities, and the ensuing effect on cultural practices.