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Coordinating Religious Education Across the Primary School

Author : Derek Bastide
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Provides support for RE Coordinators who are trying to get religious education properly established in their primary schools. The text focuses upon issues of planning, implementing and resourcing and aims to be a user-friendly guide.

Religion in the Primary School

Author : Peter Hemming
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Religion and its relationship to schooling is an issue that has become more and more topical in recent years. In many countries, developments such as the diversification of state school sectors, concerns about social cohesion between ethnic and religious groups, and debates about national identity and values have raised old and new questions about the role of religion in education. Whilst the significance of this issue has been reflected in renewed interest from the academic community, much of this work has continued to be based around theoretical or pedagogical debates and stances, rather than evidence-based empirical research. This book aims to address this gap by exploring the social and political role of religion in the context of the primary school. Drawing on original ethnographic research with a child-centred orientation, comparisons are drawn between Community and Roman Catholic primary schools situated within a multi-faith urban area in the UK. In doing so, the study explores a number of ways in which religion has the potential to contribute to everyday school life, including through school ethos and values, inter-pupil relations, community cohesion and social identity and difference. At the centre of the analysis are two key sociological debates about the significance of religion in late modern societies. The first is concerned with the place of religion in public life and the influence of secularisation and post-secularism on the relationship between religion and schooling. The second relates to the increasingly multi-faith nature of many national populations and the implications for religious citizenship in educational settings. Religion in the Primary School will be a useful resource for academics, researchers and students as a key addition to existing knowledge in the disciplines of education, sociology and human geography. It will also be of value to both policy-makers and educationalists interested in the role of religion in schools and the implications for the wider community and society in a range of national contexts.

Catholic Primary schools and their ability to promote religious identity

Author : Laura Beirne
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Research Paper from the year 2013 in the subject Theology - Didactics, Religion Pedagogy, grade: 80% at masters level, , course: PGCE, language: English, abstract: In England levels of religious practice are rapidly declining. this raises the question of how we are able to promote religious identity across England. This paper explores the religious identity in Catholic primary school in England. this research project found that children that attend Catholic school, despite the religious ethos, are usually unaware of their religious identity and what being a Catholic means.

Primary Religious Education A New Approach

Author : Clive Erricker
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The role of Religious Education within the primary school and how it should be implemented has been the subject of worldwide debate. Responding to the delivery of the non-statutory framework for RE and the recent emphasis on a creative primary curriculum Primary Religious Education - A New Approach models a much needed pedagogical framework, encouraging conceptual enquiry and linking theory to its implementation within the wider curriculum in schools. The book outlines this new conceptual approach to Religious Education and is based upon the Living Difference syllabus successfully implemented in Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and Westminster. It demonstrates how to implement the requirements of the new QCDA curriculum and Ofsted criteria for effective RE and is rapidly gaining both national and international support. Through this approach, Religious Education is discussed within the larger context of primary education in the contemporary world. This book will help you to teach RE in a creative way in the primary classroom by providing: historical commentaries an overview of existing approaches case studies based upon developments in religious literacy connections to initiatives such as Every Child Matters and cross-curricular links to other areas of the curriculum, including PSHE. With an all-encompassing global context, this book provides tutors, students and practicing teachers with a firm basis for developing their thinking about the subject of RE, how it is placed in the primary curriculum and how it may be successfully implemented in schools.

Inter Faith Dialogue by Email in Primary Schools

Author : Julia Ipgrave, Ursula McKenna, Robert Jackson
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Religious Education in the Primary School

Author : Elizabeth Hughes
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The companion volume to "Making a World of Difference", takes a classroom teaching approach to the management of difference in religious belief and background. The author questions the adequacy of dealing with plurality simply through the RE curriculum, and proposes a cross-curricular approach.

Foundation Subjects and Religious Education in the Primary School

Author : Peter D. Pumfrey
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First published in 1993. This volume brings together writings of specialists in the key components of both the whole and the basic curriculum. It sets out to describe and discuss cultural diversity and the whole curriculum from a variety of perspectives and to consider how the concerns of ethnic groups may be addressed within the framework of the national curriculum. To this end, specialists in areas of the curriculum consider some of the challenges and describe promising practices in the secondary school. Much remains undecided concerning the structure, content, pedagogy and assessment of many components of the primary-school curriculum. Despite these considerations, the multicultural nature of the population and of schools will develop. These developments and their educational implications must be considered if the educational system is to respond adequately. Although the ‘rules of the curricular game’ are still being negotiated in relation to a number of aspects of the curriculum, the editors have deliberately ventured into this controversial field. They do so because of the increasing importance of ethnic diversity of the school population and of the country.

Good Practice in Religious Education in Europe

Author : Peter Schreiner
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Case studies from different countries are presented in this book with examples of successful and innovative classroom practice in religious education in Primary Schools in Europe. Religious education contributes to learning about religions that focuses on knowledge and understanding of religions and beliefs in the world today and learning from religions that offers students opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual developments and also to learning through religions that brings these aims together in a more integrated way, different approaches to religious education in the countries. The articles underline the relation between religious education, the wider curriculum and whole school initiatives.

Openness with Roots

Author : Caroline Renehan
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This book considers the historical legacy and current debate concerning Education in Religion in the Republic of Ireland with specific reference to the primary school sector under Catholic denominational patronage. Given Ireland’s increased religious, non-religious and cultural diversity today, it is no longer tenable that approximately ninety percent of the country’s schools should remain largely under the control of one particular patronage. On the one hand, it is the duty of the State to provide for diverse forms of school management in order to cater for the educational needs of Irish school children. On the other hand, it is the business of the Catholic Church to realise its moral responsibility towards children in their schools whose parents and guardians do not wish for them to be educated in, or witness celebrations of, a faith tradition or set of values other than that to which they espouse. The purpose of the book, therefore, is to consider two contrasting issues by way of contribution to the current debate arising from the complexity of Ireland’s relatively unique context. The first questions the appropriateness of Irish State primary schools to continue to provide for denominational religious education given the changing situation in Irish life. The second enquires if it is appropriate to expect denominational schools to provide an exclusively phenomenological programme of religion without undermining their mission to educate in a given faith tradition. Therein, however, is the kernel of the problem and one which the book explores.

The Foundation Subjects and Religious Education in Primary Schools

Author : Peter David Pumfrey
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Good Practice in Primary Religious Education

Author : Derek Bastide
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Intended for the use of primary head teachers, class teachers and teachers in training, this book examines the requirements of the 1988 Education Reform Act in respect of religious education in schools. It offers guidance on ways in which religious education can be developed successfully.

Teaching Religious Education

Author : Elaine McCreery
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Many trainee primary teachers are uncertain as to the place and purpose of RE in primary schools. This book is designed to alleviate such fears and give trainees the security and confidence to teach RE effectively. Trainees are encouraged to recognise their own religious position and understand how they handle their own beliefs and commitments in the classroom. In addition, they will learn how to be sensitive to children's religious viewpoints, allowing children to share their beliefs in a secure and supportive environment. A range of strategies help readers to provide engaging and appropriate RE across the primary age phase.

Religious Education in a Multicultural Europe

Author : Emer Smyth
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Drawing on a major EU-funded research project, this book examines how religious/secular beliefs are formed at school and in the family across different European countries, offering insights into key policy issues concerning the place of religion in the school system and illuminating current debates around religion and multiculturalism.

Readiness for Religion

Author : Ronald Goldman
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In this study, first published in 1965, the author explores the implications of research for an alternative approach to religious education. The book deals with the psychological bases of religious development, reviewing the natural limitations as well as the basic needs of the young, and how religious education should be affected by educational theory and practice. The author also examines what content and methods of teaching are consistent with the healthy development of children and adolescents. Teachers in schools, students in training, lecturers, clergy and ministers, and local education authority committees will welcome the book as an important aid to the task of rethinking syllabuses and the need for more child-centred methods of teaching.

Religious Education in the Primary School Curriculum

Author : Sian Frances Horleston
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Teaching Religious Education Creatively

Author : Sally Elton-Chalcraft
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Teaching Religious Education Creatively offers a brand new approach for the primary classroom and is crammed full of innovative ideas for bringing the teaching of RE to life. It helps teachers understand what constitutes a healthy curriculum that will encourage children to appreciate and understand different belief systems. Perhaps most importantly, it also challenges teachers to understand RE as a transformatory subject that offers children the tools to be discerning, to work out their own beliefs and answer puzzling questions. Underpinned by the latest research and theory and with contemporary, cutting-edge practice at the forefront, expert authors emphasise creative thinking strategies and teaching creatively. Key topics explored include: What is creative teaching and learning? Why is it important to teach creatively and teach for creativity? What is Religious Education? Why is it important for children to learn ‘about’ and ‘from’ religion? How can you teach non-biased RE creatively as a discrete subject and integrate it with other curriculum areas? Teaching Religious Education Creatively is for all teachers who want to learn more about innovative teaching and learning in RE in order to improve understanding and enjoyment and transform their own as well as their pupil’s lives.

Religious Diversity at School

Author : Ednan Aslan
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This volume features chapters by international experts in education, sociology, and theology who consider a range of challenges faced by educators in primary and secondary schools that are becoming increasingly diverse in terms of the ethnic and religious backgrounds of pupils. From the non-religious, to the refugee, to student fundamentalism and even radicalization—these multiple, fresh approaches analyze the dynamics of the changing pedagogical landscape in an age of ever increasing globalization and cultural plurality. Today’s classrooms are often the most crucial spaces where children and adolescents encounter new cultural, religious, and other worldviews. Increasingly, teachers are called on to empower their pupils with the tools and competencies necessary to reflect on and process this plurality in ways that are productive for their intellectual growth and moral maturation. Regional case studies provide extensive data while offering insights into developments in school settings across Europe, in Turkey, and in the United States. In addition, a number of the contributions address the delivery, content, and policies of Islamic Religious Education in European contexts, the educational strategies employed in multi-religious societies, and interreligious dialogue in schools, whether intentional or spontaneous.

Metacognition Worldviews and Religious Education

Author : Shirley Larkin
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Religious Education (RE) holds a unique place within the state education system. Yet, the teaching of RE has often been criticised for its tendency to present simplified and stereotypical representations of religions. Bringing together the theory of metacognition with RE curriculum content, this book offers a coherent and theoretically supported approach to RE and beyond that is applicable to a range of subjects and students of various age groups. Metacognition, Worldviews and Religious Education seeks to support teachers in creating a new and exciting classroom approach. With a focus on putting children and teachers’ worldviews back on the RE agenda and developing awareness of these through metacognitive processes, it includes • Tables, frameworks and checklists to make it easy for teachers to adapt the approach to their own context • Concrete examples of how the approach can work in the classroom, including case studies from teachers • Call-out boxes for teachers and others to reflect on their own practice and to consider their own beliefs and values in relation to teaching and learning Co-authored by three researchers from Exeter University and one experienced advanced skills RE primary school teacher, this book explains in a jargon-free way the theories of metacognition and worldviews which underpin the creation of a unique learning environment, making it an essential read for students, experienced teachers, researchers in RE and anyone interested in taking a thinking skills approach to pedagogy.

Teaching Religion in the Primary School

Author : Irish National Teachers' Organisation
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Religious Education Topics for the Primary School

Author : John Rankin
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Religious Education Topics for the Primary School offers an overall view of religion. It is also a practical handbook for teachers and has been broken down into 3 sections. *Topics are drawn from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism but with the emphasis on Christianity sections in order to meet the usual practice in most primary schools *In self-contained spreads; the topics are clearly organised and easy to use as either one-off lessons or as extended projects with plenty of flexibility *At a glance, each spread includes AIMS, INFORMATION, APPROACHES and ACTIVITIES, offering a clear purpose and just enough information to introduse the topic, leading to ideas for pupil-based activities *Real help with approaching world religions, especially for teachers who are just making a start *Offers many ideas for further development of the topics through suggested resources *Written by members of the Chichester Project in consultation with groups of primary teachers throughout the UK